The Future of Diablo
Behind The Necromancer
What's New in Patch 2.6.0
KuKoKaNuKo Před 10 hodinami
Heck I still have my original CDs. Ooooooh, can't wait to do some cow runs.
v1kort Před 11 hodinami
Linux or Wine\Proton support pls!!!🙏
Francois d'Auzon
Francois d'Auzon Před 11 hodinami
This seems so well done. I really hope they don't let me down, because blizzard has dropped multiple lemons of late. But everything about this seems right. My only worry is that the ladder only rune words enabled by things like RWM won't be enabled in the new single player, and that new mods enabling it won't be support. I (sort of) get why they would want to incentivize ladder play. But these things have been such a part of my SP play for - literally - decades, that it would be awful to loose them. Same question with saves. Saves can be imported, which is amazing. But what about ladder rune words enabled on SP saves though mods? I assume they're worthless now? Very disappointing. A /lot/ of time went into my getting those words put together for my SP characters. I'll be really sad if this is no longer doable, at least via mods. But the graphics, and playing, and everything else. They seem to have /nailed/ it. I'll absolutely buy this. I hope it makes way more than D3. Because this was, simply, such a better game. I'm thrilled everyone gets a beautiful version of it now.
TheZuk23 Před 13 hodinami
Paladin !!!!
Peter Koncz
Peter Koncz Před 13 hodinami
Have you considered playing with the detectability, invisibility of a rogue character? Good old fashioned "sneaking" or "stealth" would add a fun new dimension to experiment with and extend the conversation from just a debate about the ration of melee vs ranged attacks.
ᴀ x ᴏ ʟ ᴏ ᴛ ʟ
ᴀ x ᴏ ʟ ᴏ ᴛ ʟ Před 14 hodinami
its not april
Artem Nahornyi
Artem Nahornyi Před 14 hodinami
That's the GAME we were waiting for!
Artem Nahornyi
Artem Nahornyi Před 14 hodinami
Hurray! Hardcore is coming!
Artem Nahornyi
Artem Nahornyi Před 14 hodinami
Finally something worthy! I am in! Also, I hope this game will keep developing.
D D Před 15 hodinami
Seems they don't like mobile?
phantumgrey Před 17 hodinami
What Diablo 3 should have been
S Misu
S Misu Před 18 hodinami
I AM 33 years old, i was hanging on diablo 2 very hard and later on diablo 3 also, now if it relase i will be hanging on it MUCH HARDER than before :D XD
kimchi4life Před 18 hodinami
I'm not crying, you are crying.
Deconstructor Escéptico
Deconstructor Escéptico Před 19 hodinami
⚔ SWORD OF THE NECROMANCER new indie game with touches of Dark souls and dungeons. VERY GOOD with a lot of soul..
Willy Beamish
Willy Beamish Před 20 hodinami
We need personal loot, or I'm going to have to get kolbot pickit
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez Před 20 hodinami
Mau Vasconcellos
Mau Vasconcellos Před 20 hodinami
2021 and no sign of this game yet. What happened?
XD3ADX Před 20 hodinami
Big question for me, can I play this offline? I don't speak for everyone, but not everyone cares about pvp or playing with other people in general. Just make the game playable offline or online. We can purchase the game from the app store, everyone wins. Cause ya know, theres a huge factor at play. If theres going to be micro transactions and I'm sure there will be, why waste money on a game we can't own? You guys could always close youre doors and the time and money invested by the players will have been for nothing. Not to mention something happens and peeps lose internet connection due to storms or ya know, covid 19 draining the insurance card leaving many without internet at all. A concern, people are already playing this game logging in countless hours as shown in this video. How will that be fair to players when the game is released and people discover that they cant win a pvp event because the beta testers are already overpowered at max ranks wielding overpowered legendaries?
JuGGerNauTT32 Před 21 hodinou
Ideas are so important! Everybody seems to skip this step and go directly to the drawing board out of fear of not making a deadline or filling in the hours... I cherish the moment when I read a small quote from a family member of Frank Frazetta, in one of the introductions to his work... Said that whenever Frank was having a commission to do, even if it was due in a day, he would spent most of that day away from his canvas, just thinking and gathering information. Frank's genius was that he could make a mental image inside his head of what he wanted to achieve and then had the skill to execute it... So his actual work of finishing a complete oil painting, only took him a few hours, most of the time for a couple of hours during night time. So be wise and spend your time perfecting your skills and tools beforehand, so that the only thing bothering you, when doing the actual work, is the idea, the anatomy and the story behind your drawing ;) . Great demo and great tips! Thanks guys, you rock!
Alatra hatril
Alatra hatril Před 21 hodinou
40€ is too much for a remaster....max. 20€ would i pay. And btw. Whats with the owner of D2 + LoD ? Become we a discount or something like an upgrade ?
drno0o7 Před 21 hodinou
Can I buy this game now please!?
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Před 21 hodinou
Remember, Warcraft Reforged was a warning
Woo Ji
Woo Ji Před 22 hodinami
just don't mess this up please. If you mess this up i am done with blizzard
O Před 23 hodinami
Nty. I'll buy d2r instead :)
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Před dnem
Finally. I've been waiting 20 years for this and still playing Diablo 2 until this day. I'm excited. NOT EVEN THE DEATH OF BLIZZARD CAN SAVE YOU FROM REMASTERING DIABLO 2!
J A Před dnem
Sad where not going to get this game
LTJ Production Official
LTJ Production Official Před dnem
I am looking forward to see another red shirt guy to speak on behalf of pc gamers
Atmos Quake
Atmos Quake Před dnem
can't wait for blizzard to monetize the battlepasses to pick up loot off the floor :)
Syntax Sandbox
Syntax Sandbox Před dnem
"It can't be done." - David Brevik
Wolfgang Weller
Wolfgang Weller Před dnem
YES!!!! Forget all the other Diablo games, this was the ONE!!!!
Origin Reviews
Origin Reviews Před dnem
This still looks way too much like D3. It seems they just aren't having any luck capturing the D2 feel.
shark cartoon
shark cartoon Před dnem
D2R is the real D3. D3 & D4 are not diablo, they are bad dilablolike games.
Shunsha Před dnem
Surprised Rathma summoned her
Gary McFarez
Gary McFarez Před dnem
hope your level developers are better than last time on d3
Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson Před dnem
i wanna see the remastered cows! MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD Před dnem
I've been ready to wipe my tears, pick up my sticks and play some Diablo for years. Please please please don't Actiblizz this up. NGL, "ON PC" lingering there for a couple seconds felt like an apology for the thing that came before
DD Před dnem
Only 1.4 mil views? Bliz's reputation has taken huge nose dive. Took your players for granted much? While it's true there are other outlets. It's still very low.
badastig Před dnem
I'm so excited
Vadim Noir
Vadim Noir Před dnem
Map hack please! Sockets in rings and amulets More pace in STASH and in a CHEST MORE MONSTERS ADD MORE CHALLENGING DUNGEONS ! ADD SERYNGES FOR RARELY USED SKILLS ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE
Ole Jakob Aune
Ole Jakob Aune Před dnem
Its time for Imperius to become the villain and turn Malthael from death.
Peter Designificance
Peter Designificance Před dnem
P L E A S E - R E M O V E - T H E - S T A M I N A - B A R (no one needs this, really)
Alexander Před dnem
I hope that dodge roll we saw was an intrinsic part of the class' kit rather than one out of 6 abilities to choose from. It'd be cool if each class had a unique ability like that which remains baseline.
jankerzone Před dnem
my childhood heree
Timothy Hill
Timothy Hill Před dnem
I would like to play a good, M rated RPG. Gibbing and Elder Realms are usually limited to FPS titles. Hopefully D4 can fill that void. D3 came out in 2012, that was 9 years ago. It doesn't seem like that long ago but it has been some time. It would also be nice if we could play at 240+ FPS consistently, even with monsters filling up the screen.
Yanko Choynev
Yanko Choynev Před dnem
the staff of kings!!!
BlazingDeath420 Před dnem
I just played it last year because I hadn't played it in like 15 years lol shoulda waited for this
林喵喵 Před dnem
JorgeLiYoO Před dnem
Frédéric Trudel
Frédéric Trudel Před dnem
Just fix the character models for the heroes, especially the Amazon and we're set. This project almost looks perfect. I'm so excited to play this!
Tom Loon
Tom Loon Před dnem
Please let long time players of D2 play this game before releasing any versions..... please...
Ruslan Kadiev
Ruslan Kadiev Před dnem
You know .... Ammm you know.. you know.....
koila maoh
koila maoh Před dnem
Wow can't wait, I'll buy several copies.. Hopefullly we can run ABOVE Monitor resolutions properly lol. AnD FPS can keep up.
adrenaline Před dnem
Well my life is over.
adrenaline Před dnem
Please keep it the same. PVP/hostiling/everything else. The stash change is cool to help muling but please nothing else. Thank you.
NOOOKevin Před dnem
meh wake me up once its got a release date
Syeed Ali
Syeed Ali Před 2 dny
Smyrtuś Před 2 dny
Make Auction Hause in D2
Merrick Miller
Merrick Miller Před 2 dny
Only thing worth doing in Diablo is gathering the shards of the black soulstone, reassembling it and invading it. Fighting all of the lords of Sin at the same time and rescuing Leah.
KEK W Před 2 dny
Oh yeah you tapped into the core of the class so hard , you gave it combo points that never existed in Diablo games .
jon arbuckle
jon arbuckle Před 2 dny
mugly manish broad. guess all those activists from DC comics had to wind up somewhere
J V Před 2 dny
THE REAL COW LEVEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REMASTERED
J V Před 2 dny
One word ...... Enigma
SIRA063 Před 2 dny
If this version is more woke im gonna burn my blizzard account
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Před 2 dny
i usually turn game volume down to 5%... this is one of few games ill be listening to ; TURNT UP
Madness?.. Před 2 dny
Do you guys not have Path of exile?
Madness?.. Před 2 dny
When El Diablo achieved Resurrección...
Johnny Watson
Johnny Watson Před 2 dny
Characters' movements don't seem as natural as the original to me...
A F Před 2 dny
No I wont buy this game! as a Roman Catholic I hate to see this unholy reference to the Holy Eucharist and Tabernaculum, it's just so jewish and so masonic to use it in the game that it borders on blasphemy. Why don't you go with mosques or synagogues instead???
NeuRofreak Před 2 dny
rogue looking very cool cant wait to play it!
Imtygaming Před 2 dny
Why waste more than 10 years on a mobile game instead of Diablo 4?
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. Před 2 dny
torrents !!!!
Imtygaming Před 2 dny
Cmon you are 5 years behind. D4 not even close to release.....
Ricardo Moran
Ricardo Moran Před 2 dny
Please blizzard do the same with Diablo 1
Wacho Před 2 dny
They screwed up with the game cell phone and now they come with this horrendous cinematic and feminazi character to sell to basics possers gaymersgirls.
Caleb B
Caleb B Před 2 dny
This better not be digital only across the board. Please give us a boxed cartridge at least for switch.
Raul M.
Raul M. Před 2 dny
Get this right, Blizzard. You have to. You simply HAVE TO.