Top 0.3% Ranked Pimpologist
Top 0.3% Ranked Pimpologist Před hodinou
Mike got a heart of gold.
Gda Rippa
Gda Rippa Před hodinou
Great to see Chandler be this big He was one of the only reasons why I watched Bellator
anthony curry
anthony curry Před hodinou
Oh he looks like a bigger version of that other BOY Anthony Johnson😡😡😡😡
J Lang
J Lang Před hodinou
Every time i see this, I think to myself: "How does Chandler ICE this guy"??? Charles looks tough
Car Rdog
Car Rdog Před hodinou
Who y'all got ??? My Gut says Michael Chandler but You never know with Charles Olivera
salvie5 Před hodinou
foda-se dana dubranco vamos Charles dubronx!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Daniel Deng
Daniel Deng Před hodinou
I kinda wanna see Khabib return to fight the new king
GIF BR Před hodinou
Somos todos Oliveira!!!
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr Před hodinou
Woooooooo 🔥🏆
S0 Basically
S0 Basically Před hodinou
I'm a casual so I watched a bunch of Chandler highlights after his debut and honestly it's a crime that they can only show 1 fight over and over again.
jalber hiphop
jalber hiphop Před hodinou
Oreo Před hodinou
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to close the fridge with his hips
DenialSANA Před hodinou
i'm starting to skip chandler's parts. last episode was only about him.
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan Před hodinou
Tony is the type of guy to get close to uncle chael
Devon Frye
Devon Frye Před hodinou
I think I would wanna be in the UFC solely just to get all the gear they acquire...
Asimobi Emmanuel
Asimobi Emmanuel Před hodinou
99% sure this fight ends in a finish either way
waqqodonkey Před hodinou
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to ask the UFC seamstress if she needs any alterations done
Ana Кузнецова
Ana Кузнецова Před hodinou
Much Love to Poland from Kyiv 💙💜
Hassan Usmani
Hassan Usmani Před hodinou
“There can only be one king of the jungle” -Khabib
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan Před hodinou
Tony is the type of guy to get close to uncle chael
Brendan Fitzgerald
Brendan Fitzgerald Před hodinou
Hope you guys enjoyed this. Fun to pinch hit for the Q&A. Katlyn is a pleasure and great to chat with Michael Chandler for the first time! Can't wait for Saturday!
lucas ribeiro
lucas ribeiro Před hodinou
#charlesdobrons #andnew
Dickmond Dickelheimer
Dickmond Dickelheimer Před hodinou
Lol at 1:24 the chick in the crowd having a meltdown watching Michael Johnson get tko'd hahaha I'm dying
Zen Diab
Zen Diab Před hodinou
Michael Chandler is truly marketable and he resembles the NEW face of the UFC. His wrestling is first class, he resembles a maniac set for Significance. His striking is fair and he has a brilliant overhand and his in and out development, explosiveness and dynamic could truly make him a champion one day. Therefore, I anticipate Charles Oliveira by flying knee in the third round.
Nightwing_x02 Před hodinou
0:42 *Damn, you can tell Conor wanted to apologize & shake hands w Eddie but BIG dumb John stopped him to go for the interview lol.*
Mike Skidmore
Mike Skidmore Před hodinou
The 155# Class is so stacked ... It's time to make a 162# Class..
lucas ribeiro
lucas ribeiro Před hodinou
Charles do bronx champion word
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin Před hodinou
Jesus, is this UFC 262 Embedded or Michael Chandler Embedded?
Sotdot Před hodinou
Fan of both. Sucks ones got to lose.
Abdou Jidab
Abdou Jidab Před hodinou
أعتقد أن أوليڤيرا سيسحقه في الجولة الثانية.
Abdou Jidab
Abdou Jidab Před hodinou
أعتقد أن أوليڤيرا سيسحقه في الجولة الثانية.
Bryan Garcia
Bryan Garcia Před hodinou
Chandler will become the champ, I just can't see oliveira winning.
Sideshow B.A.B.S.
Sideshow B.A.B.S. Před hodinou
Tony ferguson is the champion of my heart
Mr. Path
Mr. Path Před hodinou
Where’s Candice in this video??
MW Furniture Outlet
MW Furniture Outlet Před hodinou
Dude I wanna run into chandler, he's jogging 5 min away from me, discovery green Htown let's gooo
Emiroviski Kadir
Emiroviski Kadir Před hodinou
Don't let this video distract you from the fact that ben askren is still a complete embarrassment to mma.
Happy Chickenpow
Happy Chickenpow Před hodinou
That frog actually looks like Oliveira lol
Aaron Lobato
Aaron Lobato Před hodinou
I'm red blooded American but I hope Oliveira gets the belt. Chandler got fast tracked and win or loose I'm still a Oliveira fan. Chandler is like a nice cejudo.
Vlog Ngoceh
Vlog Ngoceh Před hodinou
Tristan Horne
Tristan Horne Před hodinou
You've got this Chandler do your thing! Love the energy this card has too. Lots of legends and future legends
That dude
That dude Před hodinou
This is such an exciting fight. I'm going for Chandler but who knows how it plays out
Solomon Tilahun
Solomon Tilahun Před hodinou
Nick Orris
Nick Orris Před hodinou
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to have like 30 seconds total airtime on the first 3 embedded’s
Poppin Před hodinou
tony order doordash and drive to the restaurant to eat it
King Howell
King Howell Před hodinou
Bruh whats up with these ads, yall really need every penny like a normal youtuber
Dylan Hammerle
Dylan Hammerle Před hodinou
Chandler vs khabib after Chandler knocks out Olivera in the 1st round. Mark my words..
re30sti Před hodinou
LETS GO OLIVEIRA!!! just watch.
Alldread Productions
Alldread Productions Před hodinou
Charlie Olives must be camera shy
Z Rod
Z Rod Před hodinou
Y’all do realize Charles doesn’t speak English right? Probably why he’s not getting as much time as Chandler lol
george razor
george razor Před hodinou
All that PR for chandler goes to waste if Charlie olives wins
_Vortex Emin
_Vortex Emin Před hodinou
Man, this one is interesting...both of them predicted a 1st round finish
The real Controller
The real Controller Před hodinou
I would love to know the percentage of predicted first round finishes in mma history that actually ended up being a first round finish 😂 Hmm I think if if there's a first round finish it will probably be chandler getting it. But I hope Oliveira finishes him by submission in a later round
G W Před hodinou
In woman's flyweight there's Valentina... And then there's everybody else.
Football & MMA
Football & MMA Před hodinou
Khabibs debut was defo more memorable that some of these guys
Low Rake
Low Rake Před hodinou
Tony is the type of guy to sew together his own fight kit
Stephen Irons
Stephen Irons Před hodinou
Michael Chandler and Kevin Lee look similar. Tell me I'm wrong
Anthony Před hodinou
Chandler is a bum. Belongs in the g-league where he was the past decade. Full of steroids and lucky DP wanted the money fight instead
Ag21 Před hodinou
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Andrew Fondy
Andrew Fondy Před hodinou
tony the type of guy to lose a fight on purpose to help his opponents self esteem
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel Před hodinou
Shaikh Abdul Gafur
Shaikh Abdul Gafur Před hodinou
Ali Shaiek
Ali Shaiek Před hodinou
Tony the the type of guy to wake up just to tell you that hes going to sleep
Darío Aguilar
Darío Aguilar Před hodinou
¡Oliveira will win him!
Iagner Alves
Iagner Alves Před hodinou
Oliveira new champ
JR Escobedo
JR Escobedo Před hodinou
Khabib messed up. Could have been the best but oh well.
sainttrunks1982 Před hodinou
Where The ,F, Is CHARLES??
sensen qai
sensen qai Před hodinou
Where is "Hold on brother im talkin"
Generic Username
Generic Username Před hodinou
The UFC, without fail, always finds the corniest music for their promos. Are these songs written just for the UFC?
Ana Кузнецова
Ana Кузнецова Před hodinou
Polish Hollywood 😄😄
Piotr Romański
Piotr Romański Před hodinou
I guess i kinda like Chandler now
LiquiD DiuqiL
LiquiD DiuqiL Před hodinou
I like Michael Chandler for this fight. I've been watching a lot of his videos the last few days and I don't think Charles grappling will be overwhelming. Also, he seems like a really good dude. Putting a grand on you this Saturday, let's go!
S.K. SPORTS Před hodinou
0:01 isn't that commentator (his voice) now works for Dazn
BrogCanadian Před hodinou
Gaethje an absolute savage
John Cadwalader
John Cadwalader Před hodinou
Chucky Olives is criminally underrated
WEST COAST Před hodinou
i love chookagian
Christopher Stam
Christopher Stam Před hodinou
I fucking love Michael Chandler he’s such a beast and a great all around guy
Sarthak Panda
Sarthak Panda Před hodinou
When Chandler callled out Conor in balletor I thought he was an asshole but I was totally wrong.
A new king - ranked 3 and 4...
Vladimir Peter
Vladimir Peter Před hodinou
I have no idea who I want to win!!! damn...
Diego Pons
Diego Pons Před hodinou
Watching Anderson Silva debut made me realize that ninjas were once very real. Heck, the guy made me think that maybe unicorns could be real. Insane! Spider, you'll always be my favorite fighter. ❤
Silent Majority
Silent Majority Před hodinou
Charles Oliveira is gonna give Chandler the same treatment that Will Brooks did!