Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Crew-1 Mission | Return
Starlink Mission
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Crew-2 Mission | Coast
Crew-2 Mission | Launch
Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Transporter-1 Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Turksat 5A Mission
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NROL-108 Mission
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SXM-7 Mission
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CRS-21 Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Levi Wilkinson
Levi Wilkinson Před 18 hodinami
That was the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. Next to the birth of my children of course..
Big Mike
Big Mike Před 19 hodinami
Are those lined up two dozen or so objects in the night sky your starlink satellites ? I'm guessing so. They look like a comet in my dark sky where I live.
Dennis Murphy
Dennis Murphy Před 19 hodinami
China just ripped off your space ship and is stealing your technology and I think it serves you right for the opening a shop over there you know did the government just thieves and crooked people and you will allow or technology to fall into their hands . Until the Chinese people overthrow their government I believe we should isolate them! Before they kill everyone .
assimo Před 19 hodinami
1980: we will have flying cars in 2021 2021: *_launched vertically plane_*
sis sonolilloo
sis sonolilloo Před 19 hodinami
A flying CAN
marco max
marco max Před 19 hodinami
To those who come late like me 😂😂: I mean, I mean, this is the slogan of someone who followed you, I fly with joy My regards, how much do you love you 💔🥀🤗
Soyuz-Vostok SFS
Soyuz-Vostok SFS Před 20 hodinami
Me: 0:06 world of loudness... Merlin 1D:VRROOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna Sinicina
Anna Sinicina Před 20 hodinami
Выглядит как фантастика. Молодцы.
George Tsalwa
George Tsalwa Před 20 hodinami
I am Going to work with space X one day.... one day
Chippy Před 20 hodinami
I was never here!!!
Earll Jan Camino
Earll Jan Camino Před 20 hodinami
it quickly turn night time when it did the thing
Gary Lee
Gary Lee Před 21 hodinou
Thank the stars, Elon and all those who HAVE, ARE and Will contribute to (Space)X, have broken the old paradigm. Previously the future of space was only a CGI concept that was always 10 years away. (Always 10). One of the greatest things to come from this, is showing everyone! the status quo can always be changed, regardless of how intrenched, bureaucratic, dysfunctional and technically hard it is. Thanks for re-igniting the journey to becoming a civilization of space explorers and all the incredible wonders that will arise. The dream of looking at our own blue dot is now a real possibility for me, even within my potential life span. The future is definitely brighter, at least for those who understand.
Juya Android
Juya Android Před 21 hodinou
why should he always be sharp? why is the shape not just like U.F.O?
STEAMED PIGLIN Před 21 hodinou
1:55 forget to quick save?
AndrewdoesYT Před 21 hodinou
Cool, but I don’t think this will ever happen earth to earth. It’s wayyyyyy to expensive,
Philip J. Turner
Philip J. Turner Před 21 hodinou
Yeah I saw a water heater do that 30 yrs ago right through the roof
Nadiya Ravi
Nadiya Ravi Před 22 hodinami
TANMAY RAJ SINGH Před 22 hodinami
I can't wait it to mount on my Honda.
Icy Hawt
Icy Hawt Před 22 hodinami
I just cant even imagine the amount of engineering that went into making this thing
Icy Hawt
Icy Hawt Před 22 hodinami
WOW !!!
Zhaofeng Zheng
Zhaofeng Zheng Před 22 hodinami
Anyone noticed that there is no countdown before the launch. I think this is a low-key sign of progression.
Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah
Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah Před 21 hodinou
Pretty much everyone else noticed there IS a countdown
Holden Bass
Holden Bass Před 22 hodinami
I dont know much about spin launch, but i feel elon could benefit from getting to work with them vice versa if it isnt already happening.
moesphman mann
moesphman mann Před 23 hodinami
Yeah let's let a guy with a known disability to be dangerous with Asperger send people to another planet I'm done with this place everyone's crazy..
Holden Bass
Holden Bass Před 23 hodinami
Charge $50 installment option onto your antenna. And $50 per month for internet on phones and home internet.
AtheoGaming07 Před 20 hodinami
Wtf are you talking
Holden Bass
Holden Bass Před 22 hodinami
You will be able to always add levels onto your productions. Just like your tunnels. Aim for the stars. And you will have many planets to choose from. (metaphorically)
Holden Bass
Holden Bass Před 23 hodinami
Im only 17, I may be crazy. But remember, when there is absolute peace, something causes destruction. When things feel too good, just know the biggest obstacle may be on the way.
Holden Bass
Holden Bass Před 23 hodinami
You will make it there, just dont forget the levels the rest of this planet is on. We can start up there, but we also have to work much harder down here. In which im sure you are aware, but unifying in a time of multi-planetary things, it would help too. Which is an opportunity of your wifi kick. So please use it wisely, in matters of universal wealth. While keeping an eye on your mission ofc.
Holden Bass
Holden Bass Před 23 hodinami
but multiply $100 + tax to even just 4 billion people Mr Elon
Holden Bass
Holden Bass Před 23 hodinami
If- by Rudyard Kipling, im sure you read this poem. Read it again if you get a chance.
Holden Bass
Holden Bass Před 23 hodinami
I will take a walk in your shoes Elon
Stephen Harrell
Stephen Harrell Před 23 hodinami
How they don't have consistent on board video recording is beyond me though. Super BA regardless!
Play-YT Před 23 hodinami
But someone in front of you did not give him a summit, but if you know he's summit, the world will change for success
Play-YT Před 23 hodinami
I love human beings to evolve, but I thought humans did not depart from their position until the world expires. He returns to thinking
Play-YT Před 23 hodinami
They use things that you did not imagine, but this is useful to us in the development of human beings, even if the human mind is full, but the mind must be washed in order to think a lot
Play-YT Před dnem
But I have the experience of my trip in 1989 outside our planet Earth, but it was not with humans, and they use easy and successful methods that can help us in the development
Pelagius Tomàs
Pelagius Tomàs Před dnem
I'm Very exited for starlink project
Play-YT Před dnem
It is difficult to develop this waste in a dark path of waste that only 20% of the travelers survive
Reachmaster27 Před dnem
“Where’s the Kaboom? There’s supposed to be a Kaboom”- Marvin
N. Smith
N. Smith Před dnem
SN-15's simultaneous video cameras going out, or was it just the transmission back to headquarters? Obviously just the latter, so let's view the entire videos now that SN-15 is safely back, and we can then talk more intelligently about fires and Raptors.
Greg Nestor
Greg Nestor Před dnem
Looks like it's shedding a lot of paint flakes
SpaceXploration Před dnem
May 2021. I'm 12 I'll be back when we are on mars
Juan Giménez
Juan Giménez Před dnem
Elsie Hannam
Elsie Hannam Před dnem
Oh incredible, I never get bored of watching the 1st stage land safely; 10th time, whoop whoop. I'm more interested in that than the main mission lol. Congratulations Space X, and I didn't think Elon was tooooo bad on SNL, a little awkward but I love his geekiness and sense of humour. You need a modicum of smarts to understand him.
SFS Gamer
SFS Gamer Před dnem
Beautiful launch
Elsie Hannam
Elsie Hannam Před dnem
Can't wait to shut up those stupid flat earthers. Come on Elon, get us to Mars. Can we see the horizontal section of the vid?
AtheoGaming07 Před 20 hodinami
@Arthur Dungah erics new 'movie' video have been scimandanned.
Arthur Dungah
Arthur Dungah Před 21 hodinou
all cgi . eric dubay is right the earth is flat , you have been fooled by the globe indoctrination.
ricksson Leo braga
ricksson Leo braga Před dnem
não é muito pequeno para ir ao espaço ?
PH-SOS Před dnem
The Copycat C_o_r_o_n_a V_i_r_u_s C_h_i_n_a is watching this and wants to steal SpaceX's technology at all cost...
Richardo Franzie
Richardo Franzie Před dnem
I love watching this.
SCP Database
SCP Database Před dnem
Half year later they did the flip AND a land without explosion. Glad to be alive during this period.
Langton Industries
Langton Industries Před dnem
Who downvotes amazing new technology like this?
Richardo Franzie
Richardo Franzie Před dnem
Elon strikes me as a perfectionist - and will succeed to seed the future of interplanetary space travel. And with all the rotten apples - comes a Golden Delicious!
bluedolphin00 Před dnem
WoW! Congratulations!
Pablo Cortez
Pablo Cortez Před dnem
Pablo Cortez
Pablo Cortez Před dnem
Migue Před dnem
What's is the song?
Migue Před dnem
What's is the song?
Ytalo karvalho
Ytalo karvalho Před dnem
Wow pousou sozinho 👏
XxbradleyxX Před dnem
It didn't even move an inch what a failure
Rachhanon Sam
Rachhanon Sam Před dnem
Aylecorn Před dnem
Thanks. Now I know better for next time I try to land my orbital rocket booster.
one one
one one Před dnem
So how about the government in mars, and the rules, and who owns the land etc? should not all these be thought about too? like will they allow guns on mars? do they use money on mars? How can own and sell land on mars, who has the right to choose who owns land? or is it just there for the grabs? I really don´t understand this? also how will this 3x lower gravity affect the humans living in mars?
Mr.Stoney Archives
Mr.Stoney Archives Před dnem
A 10th successful booster recovery... Congratulations to all at SpaceX for achieving your goal of reusability. SpaceX - Nominal Spaceflight.
Arnaud MEURET Před dnem
And today the hands are tracked directly by a 300$ Oculus Quest. RIP Leap Motion.
A.C. Weisbecker
A.C. Weisbecker Před dnem
Unable to find even one comment pointing out that this is impossible and so a fraud, like his car in space. Scary.
BrunoZerra Před dnem
Best landings my opinion: 1:SN15 2:SN10 3:SN8 4:SN9 5:SN11(not even landed lol) Thanks by read my comment(don't go to your room, she is on the ceiling 🤫)
INSTA GOOD Před dnem
Ra'Heem Baines
Ra'Heem Baines Před dnem
Man that's some top-notch first grade CGI right there, SpaceX must have collaborated with Marvel to get this masterpiece. CGI has approved so much you can hardly tell they're faking all these rocket Landings and lunches it's so realistic I almost feel like I'm looking at real life.
Steve Adams
Steve Adams Před dnem
Man that’s some top-notch AI right there. It impersonates a dumbass so well you can hardly tell it’s not real. It even has the poor spelling and grammar of a real life dumb person.
XZenoRaptor Před dnem
@Ra'Heem Baines You can literally go watch it in person SMH.
Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips Před dnem
@Ra'Heem Baines you can go to Boca Chica and watch it in person
Ra'Heem Baines
Ra'Heem Baines Před dnem
They're faking all of this in one day you'll all see it's just all CGI with a few props and practical effects added for realism, NASA in SpaceX has diluted the public into believing these farces to distract people away from the reality of what's really going on.
Brent Smith
Brent Smith Před dnem
What's even more impressive is that they projected a hologram of this CGI in real life so that the thousands of people watching from South Padre could see it too!
Robert Meadows
Robert Meadows Před dnem
I got a metal shed that’ll do the same thing!
Robert Meadows
Robert Meadows Před dnem
GREAT commercial for a giant DDD size battery from EVEREADY!!!
Agent76 Před dnem
Just think of all of those spying eyes and nowhere on the planet will be safe except the underground and in caves!
Lou Bamforth
Lou Bamforth Před dnem
That was great viewing that much of stage 1 doing its thing. Congratulations Spacex on this Falcon 9's 10th successful launch and landing. It would be great if you could leave the camera on stage 2 running, just so we can see what becomes of it. 🚀😁
atom_1236 Před dnem
"Starship cant land" Starship:
Maniac Komplex
Maniac Komplex Před dnem
imagine working at SpaceX knowing your company broke the u.s. military industrial complex's stranglehold on failed space flight. #realpatriot
Diego Guimarães
Diego Guimarães Před dnem
B Manning
B Manning Před dnem
How long does it typically take to receive the equipment after paying the initial $99 down? I waited four months before requesting a refund.
Delta 74 Prins
Delta 74 Prins Před dnem
Lol 😂😂😂😂 yup we're in Space 🤣
rajan prashar
rajan prashar Před dnem
'Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.' - Interstellar
alexbojinov Před dnem
What a load of bollocks
Jacob LM
Jacob LM Před dnem
Between your ear's
Spotlizard 03
Spotlizard 03 Před dnem
You do know they do these in plain sight right? I’ve been there myself, I was less than a hundred feet away from the rocket before it launched.
Артём Попов
Артём Попов Před dnem
That is Amazing and Incredible! You are making the future, the 21st century! Let's become multiplanetar! Barking to the moon! It's inevitable! Thank You very much Elon Musk and SpaceX!
Jeff Sanchez
Jeff Sanchez Před dnem
that rocket is Falcon 9 version 1.1
منوعات zikrino
منوعات zikrino Před dnem
Long live Palestine free
Brian Monteagudo Pérez
Brian Monteagudo Pérez Před dnem
Sam Christie
Sam Christie Před dnem
When Superheated will land, will it land like the top part of starship or like the Falcon 9.