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Fung Lau
Fung Lau Před 21 hodinou
Gabriel Ralte
Gabriel Ralte Před 21 hodinou
I want this phone soooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh😭😭😭😭😭. But its just dream to have this phone on my hand. Sad😔😔
Kelvin mikel
Kelvin mikel Před 21 hodinou
I contacted HACKER_BROWN810 on Instagram and he fixed my iphone 8 icloud in no time.. Thanks man!.
Kelvin mikel
Kelvin mikel Před 21 hodinou
I contacted HACKER_BROWN810 on Instagram and he fixed my iphone 8 icloud in no time.. Thanks man!.
rj Assassin collection
rj Assassin collection Před 21 hodinou
I expect that it's going to crack when it comes to my hand 🙌
Jeb Před 21 hodinou
Iphone 12 pro is GORGEOUS ❤️
Aadarsh Kumar
Aadarsh Kumar Před 21 hodinou
Unbox therapy videos must lead apple to call for emergency meetings
Bidhan Roy
Bidhan Roy Před 21 hodinou
*Disclaimer* - no phones were harmed during filming this vdo.
kishan halwai
kishan halwai Před 21 hodinou
This time apple do incredible job. I like it.❤️ And you doing best test 👍.
Furn Před 21 hodinou
Happy ending
Amod Gawade
Amod Gawade Před 21 hodinou
iphones (after the 6 ) havent failed the jerryrigeverything bend test so i kinda expected this
Miguel Rosario
Miguel Rosario Před 21 hodinou
Damn, that thing is hard
34 Shubham Padte
34 Shubham Padte Před 21 hodinou
5:06 here you go
Lazim Alvi
Lazim Alvi Před 21 hodinou
How much you try Apple will not collab with you for sponser 😂
NAKIB SAYYED Před 21 hodinou
I initially thought that red was kinda sus.
OsmosisGaming Před 21 hodinou
4:56 thank me later
Adige Mane
Adige Mane Před 21 hodinou
Imagine if he forgot to on the camera
Diner0l Před 21 hodinou
This red iPhone 12 looks like coral iPhone XR
Miguel Rosario
Miguel Rosario Před 21 hodinou
I would go for green pastel
Nub Před 21 hodinou
Everyone: *GLASS IS GLASS* Apple: Imma pretend I never saw that.
Vamshi Reigns
Vamshi Reigns Před 21 hodinou
my heart goes boom boom boom when you are trying to bend but apple good job
Chocolate Chunkz
Chocolate Chunkz Před 21 hodinou
Wow 😳 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Krrish Status only
Krrish Status only Před 21 hodinou
Im big fan of you sir.....love from INDIA...😍😍
Tech J 37
Tech J 37 Před 21 hodinou
Bendgate made this strong.
aluwani moyo
aluwani moyo Před 21 hodinou
So you did that whole open letter to Apple lets kiss and make up shit just so that you could get access to repeat the same shit again? Seems kind of an asshole move and you were trying UNREASONABLY HARD to bend that thing, with the gloves and everything I mean come on dude - I wanna see you put that much effort into bending any other phone.
DANNY Gamer Z Před 21 hodinou
6:22 It goes to show you how much money apples has invested in paying youtubers🤣🤣🤣✌️
Jigna Shah
Jigna Shah Před 21 hodinou
Last time I was this early lew aldready has bent the apple iPhone 6
Bryan Yu
Bryan Yu Před 21 hodinou
Perhaps It's not bending because you're not strong enough
Jesus Aguilar
Jesus Aguilar Před 21 hodinou
It didn’t break ??!??! Good , now if you are done with the phone ... I’ll take it ! Thanks in advance 😉 👍🏽
Ashutosh Gupta
Ashutosh Gupta Před 21 hodinou
Awesome insight and probably the first and the best bend test of iphone12 & pro, kudos! 👍🏻
Samin Sikder
Samin Sikder Před 21 hodinou
I believe it when Jerry does it
Christo Parassery
Christo Parassery Před 21 hodinou
Nice reaction 😂
Sarhad vines
Sarhad vines Před 21 hodinou
I bought the phone In dream
Kevin Mathew
Kevin Mathew Před 21 hodinou
TriggerJigar Před 21 hodinou
Its not cup of tea for middle class person in india to pay 70000rs in india...
Sai Preetham M
Sai Preetham M Před 21 hodinou
You'll get next year review units
octavarium Před 21 hodinou
better watch it in twice of speed
Job Geo
Job Geo Před 21 hodinou
Bro instead of breaking it plz give me one... Its really expensive that I cannot afford it..💔💔🥺
SEMPIJJA RASHID Před 21 hodinou
Edward Fenn
Edward Fenn Před 21 hodinou
Legend says @Jerryrigeverything has been bending this phone for a few days but was unsuccessful hence no new video up yet.
Darren salim
Darren salim Před 21 hodinou
what happens to your hands after this vid haha
Sudhi CR
Sudhi CR Před 21 hodinou
More stronger
Adhnaan Riaz
Adhnaan Riaz Před 21 hodinou
every time he bends the iphone i feel pain.
FAHIM SUDHEER Před 21 hodinou
Sanket Agarwal
Sanket Agarwal Před 21 hodinou
Lew: bends the iPhone Jerry: hold my level 6
Umar Nadeem
Umar Nadeem Před 21 hodinou
*Tries to bend an iphone* Me: How rich are you
JUST UNBOX Před 21 hodinou
5:17 is the fast way to see the bend
JustAlmondys Před 21 hodinou
Waiting for the ipad air 4 bend test.
Bintang Esperanza
Bintang Esperanza Před 21 hodinou
Clark V
Clark V Před 21 hodinou
The phone look good no cap.
Tonmoy Das
Tonmoy Das Před 21 hodinou
Gift me one😐🤦‍♂️
Venom bgm_
Venom bgm_ Před 21 hodinou
Arjun sivadas k.p
Arjun sivadas k.p Před 21 hodinou
Its powerful devise not breakable 😍 Smooth display, camera is improved compared with i phone 11 lovely phone😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
James Luna
James Luna Před 21 hodinou
Fake. He didn’t even try
Eng-Ali AlGhabban
Eng-Ali AlGhabban Před 21 hodinou
do a scratch test for the frame in the 12 pro
userfern Před 21 hodinou
You want to keep the collection together? SO you really have no plan on giving any of it away.
KICK OFF Před 21 hodinou
Dharmendra Singh
Dharmendra Singh Před 21 hodinou
iPhone Mini looks like Phone 5
Shannan Alphonso
Shannan Alphonso Před 21 hodinou
How can I mend my relationship with Apple which ran into trouble after the original bending video that I posted? Let's post a video showing how they don't bend anymore.
Rupinder Singh
Rupinder Singh Před 21 hodinou
Giorgi Adeishvili
Giorgi Adeishvili Před 21 hodinou
Finally Apple got durable product
Ravi Jha
Ravi Jha Před 21 hodinou
What not to include in next iPhone box. And ipad Air4 unboxing?
Muhammad Agustian
Muhammad Agustian Před 21 hodinou
Pacific blue😍
Raygan Roby
Raygan Roby Před 21 hodinou
Lue: this is absolutely solid, there is no bend Jerryrigeverything : hold my beer.
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez Před 21 hodinou
Keep up the good work 👍
allen sabbir
allen sabbir Před 21 hodinou
Acting like next level
johnleonard domingo
johnleonard domingo Před 21 hodinou
penge naman isa lods pang online class lang
Cristobal Cuevas
Cristobal Cuevas Před 21 hodinou
Haha 😂
Blithe Dream
Blithe Dream Před 21 hodinou
The coolest case? I don’t think so. Have you seen the new sonix Care Bear cases?
mohd imran
mohd imran Před 21 hodinou
Need an iphone for gaming
John Xo
John Xo Před 21 hodinou
The best technology channel. WoW
HaloChief 337
HaloChief 337 Před 21 hodinou
I just got my iPhone 12 But I couldn’t get the pacific blue because it would’ve gotten here in December fucking 17th. I’m mad but still happy that I go one
Lebogang Mangena
Lebogang Mangena Před 21 hodinou
I really can't watch this, I feel like that's my phone he's bending
Keema Symone
Keema Symone Před 21 hodinou
I’d definitely go with either the blue iPhone 12 or the pacific blue pro max🔥
veronica andal
veronica andal Před 21 hodinou
Me cringing while lewis is bending the phone! Mygawwd that’s a 2000$ phone! 😰😰😰
N M Před 21 hodinou
Sir, what's the easiest way to own an iphone should I kill or should I steal it or both ???? Plz show the the light ....
Hamad Channa
Hamad Channa Před 21 hodinou
Finally apple revenged 😂 1-1
Marius Stangaciu
Marius Stangaciu Před 21 hodinou
Unbox Therapy: lets bend some iPhones 12! Apple be like: oh shit, here we go again...
Pragyasree DebBarma
Pragyasree DebBarma Před 21 hodinou
It’s not Product Red, it’s product Orange! 🙂
Kavindhu Harinda
Kavindhu Harinda Před 21 hodinou
I really like the graphite color 12 pro