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Why the new TCL phones matter
Prasojo Jiwandono
Prasojo Jiwandono Před 19 hodinami
Thank you Mr Sundar :)
El Dewgz Borracho
El Dewgz Borracho Před 19 hodinami
Kinda makes me feel like I'm going backwards in time, Better off just skating.
Artemyx449 X
Artemyx449 X Před 20 hodinami
Why apple take out the wireless charging from the iPhone 12 and know we have to pay for it?? Dont make any sense for me this is Android old tecnology
panoramas Před 20 hodinami
Very nice video bravo and full support dear lady all the best Regards from Croatia Europe
FaZe Porterbeans
FaZe Porterbeans Před 20 hodinami
My iPhone 6 works the same the only difference is the camera and design
Diyon Ransidu
Diyon Ransidu Před 20 hodinami
i am your fanpage
Samrat Babu Koirala
Samrat Babu Koirala Před 20 hodinami
What is so new about this is beyond me.
Nep Nep
Nep Nep Před 21 hodinou
i'll just buy a tesla so i can be happy while using fsd.
Alex Tan
Alex Tan Před 21 hodinou
Spotify and pocket casts, same choice
Dissifate Před 21 hodinou
bro i thought this was made like a few days ago. but 5 YEARS?!
Matías Gabriel Maldonado Gonzales
Matías Gabriel Maldonado Gonzales Před 21 hodinou
You should do IPhone 11 Pro vs 12 Pro! Před 21 hodinou
7:56 who was that cutie ?
Abdul Qadir Bobadia
Abdul Qadir Bobadia Před 22 hodinami
One plus battery life are a delight in the starting days but they detoriate after a year of use. Otherwise they make smooth phones 👍
Mike Jay
Mike Jay Před 22 hodinami
The new standard? it's almost exactly the same as the last one, which is almost the same as the iphone 10. These iphone updates are a joke. I dont understand why people keep buying these.
Jerrica Phone
Jerrica Phone Před 22 hodinami
I believe there's more then what we know out there.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Před 22 hodinami
Next, a phone will fold 7 times to turn to a portable tv. Jk it's cool tho
Lego Maniac
Lego Maniac Před 22 hodinami
Check my chance please🙏🙏
Lego Maniac
Lego Maniac Před 22 hodinami
Wait that’s real😱😱
Nilay Ojha
Nilay Ojha Před 22 hodinami
Iphone 12 pro max
Romeo G
Romeo G Před 23 hodinami
Im getting the escabar fold 2. Costs much less, and comes with a sample gram of coke.
Kavon Nowroozi
Kavon Nowroozi Před 23 hodinami
is the oled pwm flicker issue still relevant with the iphone 12?
GamingOrange Před 23 hodinami
Once they decide to defund the police I'm driving 140 down every highway, no help in trying to stop me when they don't have the resources to!
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson Před 23 hodinami
Put your mask on! For crying out loud!
elotrolado Před 23 hodinami
I have a Pixel 3 and really want the 5 for it's size and display, but the speakers:( I use them all the time for calls. I think I'll wait for speaker improvement in the 5A or 6.
Emily White
Emily White Před 23 hodinami
Honestly I don't really care about all the fancy stuff on a phone. What I look for is a good battery life and a good camera. This phone seems to have it - think I'll go with the 5.
Micah Keller
Micah Keller Před 23 hodinami
RadeTcg Před dnem
Amoled screen plus all day battery is only good but LCD screen with 4 hour battery life on iphone se is great. Please stop reviewing phones
njoud art
njoud art Před dnem
Thank you so much 😊 your video is very helpful 👍👍👍👍
HARI PALAT Před dnem
When will iPhone 12 pro max review come?
Skept1ks Před dnem
I just started digital art today and i have been drawing on paper for a while but im already better ln digital art
John Believe
John Believe Před dnem
Sorry for me I love the iphone 11 pro picture details than iphone 12 pro because I personally like the colors and clarity like its vibrant and natural
Rebakia Tille
Rebakia Tille Před dnem
BR815 Před dnem
Anyone know the source of the wallpaper with the wavy white lines?
Charles Belcher
Charles Belcher Před dnem
More Tesla hate. Love it. We BULLs have this ten bagger well in hand.
ANDY Martinez
ANDY Martinez Před dnem
This has to stop just that is y cops get killed I have black friends and they are people to I would shoot a cop for doing this
Trena Jorgensen
Trena Jorgensen Před dnem
I was victimized by court appointed lawyer and judge for a crime i didnt do wtf can i do about it? NOTHING ugh
Spartan2x Před dnem
UWB is like the new WiMax. Anyone Remember that?
meh Před dnem
I’m glad they DIDN’T replace Lightning with a USB-C port, because that way I’ll actually be able to charge my phone while use wired headphones. Some of us still largely prefer to use that!
Ghyslain Rodrigue
Ghyslain Rodrigue Před dnem
That top speaker issue is a deal breaker for me....
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Před dnem
5 years later look who got the historic launch pad 39A & Contracts with NASA & more than 1 rocket
Ascension Developer
Ascension Developer Před dnem
If it had 120hz screen, I would have bought it.
hamilton vazquez
hamilton vazquez Před dnem
nbcnews wwetop10 lily yongyea
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy Před dnem
Classy phone as always.
Jules 069
Jules 069 Před dnem
Yes,if it comes to the US. I hope it does. This is what has been missing from OnePlus.
Peter Bond
Peter Bond Před dnem
Really love your completely neutral, yet totally comprehensive review and personal comments. Feels like you already owned one. Incredibly useful review. Thank you 💫
Creeper Freak
Creeper Freak Před dnem
I think that 32gbs is enough
HispanicGinger Před dnem
I feel like they should reduce the price a bit
MilkyDrops Před dnem
Should I sell my iPad Pro.. and get the air
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Před dnem
Movie wasn't really good...
Brenniman65 Před dnem
Actually, proper use of the word is still "vice versa" not vica versa.
mova kalin
mova kalin Před dnem
Is 64 GB big enough? In case of software updates?
Kaviya Patel
Kaviya Patel Před dnem
Ahhh my fellow Patel 😌
Mark Dickson
Mark Dickson Před dnem
Interesting review, somehow missed that these got released finally. Separately, gods she is just impossibly adorable
3-in-1 Charger
3-in-1 Charger Před dnem
Matt Maxwell
Matt Maxwell Před dnem
Anyone know where I can find the desk used in these videos. I love it.
Jey Val
Jey Val Před dnem
can you link that dope wallpaper?
Kingofmphs Před dnem
What does a pandemic have to do with upgrading a phone???
Gold Holder
Gold Holder Před dnem
I thought Linux was about making people feel powerful? o.O Sweet vid.
Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation
Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation Před dnem
He will just be in another police department doing this to other people next week government doesn't like it when you expose them using video
miko foin
miko foin Před dnem
Love watching all of the verge's video reviews!
Lauren Reese
Lauren Reese Před dnem
I plan to upgrade but I just wish they wouldn't act like it costs $600. 64GB is way too low to pretend it's a computer, which means it's $750 before accessories. (unless you just want it for your kids, then sure go for the $600 model)
James Hunt
James Hunt Před dnem
It’s so easy to see who knows about this stuff and who doesn’t, and the verge does not
Blaise Dahl
Blaise Dahl Před dnem
Three years later, what os is the note 8 running? iPhone X is on iOS 14
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith Před dnem
Does nobody ever consider how polluting rare earths are, furthermore how polluting China is who monopolizes rare earths through the state/military..
Oliver Ahrndt
Oliver Ahrndt Před dnem
I cant get over the fact that the host sounds like Tyler Stalman :D
Jim Jam
Jim Jam Před dnem
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Miguel Jaramillo
Miguel Jaramillo Před dnem
LOL Welcome to 2020 (AKA the future)..... The future is now... Going to buy a Gaia today
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Před dnem
All shld b fire plus sued fr kneeing that young man in his face pig brown BBQ u say....
Peter Ernst
Peter Ernst Před dnem
I think they should have included a 90 or 120hz screen here. That puts this phone behind most of the high end Android competition. But I love your review style
slayer_of_ants 87
slayer_of_ants 87 Před dnem
DO NOT UPDATE TO ANDROID 11. My Pixel 3 XL is pretty much broken thanks to the update I have some tactile response problems and i already try all the troubleshooting steps in the google support page and nothing happend. I had to do a factory reset and the problem still there. The phone is pretty much uselless in the lower right quadrant so i can't use the I K M in the keyboard.
Loganm2007 Před dnem
woah. didn't know cars from ps1 games was real
naitikka Před dnem
I dont think so... in Europe it is 1179€ = 1392,97$...
Edsel Billones
Edsel Billones Před dnem
The cops turn off their body cam or refuse to make it public, so put your phone on use.
Ruthie Frazier
Ruthie Frazier Před dnem