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Savage Jho
Savage Jho Před 9 hodinami
Me when I see he didn’t punch someone at the start- *WHAT?!?!?!?*
JJ Ani
JJ Ani Před 9 hodinami
I like how he said that their hunters but half of the time dream is hunting them
Maggie Lin
Maggie Lin Před 9 hodinami
Dream is one with the dolphins now, pray down to him. xDDDDDD
therese gibbons
therese gibbons Před 9 hodinami
Mr beast is Dream WHAT
hybrid choose
hybrid choose Před 9 hodinami
i just started watching and i saw this and was so hyped up... i am started to love this channel in the first video i watched :D
sean pascua
sean pascua Před 9 hodinami
What's more cursed Crafting tools: like Creeper explosion:comment
Mr. Obsidian
Mr. Obsidian Před 9 hodinami
the fastest way to mine iron: Dream: blow it up
Skyeiscool BG
Skyeiscool BG Před 9 hodinami
I love ur vids dream i keep on watching ur manhunt vids for 12 hours
{ `Gacha_ Socks` }
{ `Gacha_ Socks` } Před 9 hodinami
dream : step 1 : make a iron pic also dream : and step 2 is : make a portal also also dream : nothing that isnt that dream : and step 3 is : break a tree :D
EPIC blox dude
EPIC blox dude Před 9 hodinami
This is Dreams first ever video WOW!
Skyeiscool BG
Skyeiscool BG Před 9 hodinami
bruh when u will upload the grand finale and 1 speedrunner vs 5 hunter and who will be the next hunter u will add Clay?
TheGoldenNuke Před 9 hodinami
Tell me I'm not the only one who screams AGHHH when George screams
Shakira Moreno Hernandez
Shakira Moreno Hernandez Před 9 hodinami
Hey. I want your merch. I'm your cousin. And u r my cousin
Nicøle Weeb
Nicøle Weeb Před 9 hodinami
Can you make a hunt but if you lose you have to show your face
Aayush Naik
Aayush Naik Před 9 hodinami
best line that he said13:37 "hes got nothin but hes scary"
Unnamedgaming Před 9 hodinami
At 9:09, Dream gets set on fire with a bucket of water in his hot bar. At 9:14, the bucket of water is just a bucket which means Dream tried to use water in the nether lol
a m a good
a m a good Před 9 hodinami
Dream: Remember what strength 2 feels like? The potion: Strength 1 *INTIMIDATION 100*
biscuitwolfy 127
biscuitwolfy 127 Před 9 hodinami
MY - 07LN 761020 Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS
MY - 07LN 761020 Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS Před 9 hodinami
2:10 come to papa ;)
Mia Cannon
Mia Cannon Před 9 hodinami
george forgetting hes not a 10 yr old girl 11:08
james roberts
james roberts Před 9 hodinami
Malcolm X
Julian Mark
Julian Mark Před 9 hodinami
dream says redstone is rare me ever turn redstone
Paul LeBlanc
Paul LeBlanc Před 9 hodinami
Eden, the Misfortunate
Eden, the Misfortunate Před 9 hodinami
xD Lol. I just realized this was uploaded the day before my birthday.
Miguel Ferraz da Fonseca
Miguel Ferraz da Fonseca Před 9 hodinami
Dream meake video 200 hunter vs dream
Aayush Naik
Aayush Naik Před 9 hodinami
he is a legend-13:00
Henry The Alpaca
Henry The Alpaca Před 9 hodinami
And you're telling me video games call violence huh.
jeremy kilgore
jeremy kilgore Před 9 hodinami
Martin Luther King Jr
Quant Q
Quant Q Před 9 hodinami
That terminator is very lucky
Brazilknight3847 Před 9 hodinami
you still give them a compass when youre already outlined
Kars99 Plays
Kars99 Plays Před 9 hodinami
If you like this comment I will be happy :)
Omg HeIcy
Omg HeIcy Před 9 hodinami
But...but the horsies :(
el tete
el tete Před 9 hodinami
The piquant message behaviorally squash because twig logically empty like a scientific swan. eminent, ugly tanzania
Mr Stogner
Mr Stogner Před 9 hodinami
Dream get in a private chat with me
João Lucas
João Lucas Před 9 hodinami
I am brasil
João Lucas
João Lucas Před 9 hodinami
Eu sou braileiro
Ben Dantes Aquino
Ben Dantes Aquino Před 9 hodinami
Nice story Dream!🥳
Christofer Juarez Rodriguez
Christofer Juarez Rodriguez Před 9 hodinami
Can we play minecraft
Rebecca Ashworth
Rebecca Ashworth Před 9 hodinami
I think I know who dream is Logan Paul
paul goncharenko
paul goncharenko Před 9 hodinami
Sylvain Sylvain
Milan Mistry
Milan Mistry Před 9 hodinami
I love how there are more top comments that came from a week ago even though the video came out 5 months ago.
MegaHulk ;D vieira
MegaHulk ;D vieira Před 9 hodinami
dream explain this 3:34 water ;-; glichig|?? 3:42 oh never mind its glich
LeafyGamer Před 9 hodinami
I think that dream went to her 1% of power in this video cuz if he was playing seriously he'll won too ez
Derp Tabuna
Derp Tabuna Před 9 hodinami
I think herobrine is a largest myth in minecraft
albert albert
albert albert Před 9 hodinami
Imagine if vr added this feature
Shawna Failey
Shawna Failey Před 9 hodinami
been having a bad day thank you :(
Krynitine Před 9 hodinami
I wann see an animation with the horses pls...
HARV3Y Před 9 hodinami
Hahaha no one in your friends can defeat you
KOMODO_85 Před 9 hodinami
I saw the code for dream it is darn-BAEFD64F that’s just one of them lol
NimzyTheNarwhal Před 9 hodinami
George is on 'easy mode'. Dream is on 'you're fucked mode' xD
Qamar Razi
Qamar Razi Před 9 hodinami
Dream why not do the video
novifelix lee
novifelix lee Před 9 hodinami
Great old jack
Nora Brabant
Nora Brabant Před 9 hodinami
Please give us this link!
Narato Uzumaki
Narato Uzumaki Před 9 hodinami
Rip dream
Imar Gilkes
Imar Gilkes Před 9 hodinami
I think if dream was the hunter they well die before they beat the game
Garcio Mullings
Garcio Mullings Před 9 hodinami
This is like watching rambo
Zaidee Youtube
Zaidee Youtube Před 9 hodinami
It’s a gast dream no don’t brake the Obe your bass gone
MustyZane Před 9 hodinami
ThatOneYoutuber Před 10 hodinami
A little more than 10.1 m
Zaidee Youtube
Zaidee Youtube Před 10 hodinami
DREAM Y Do you have so many torches get rid of them now
Yee Man Cheung
Yee Man Cheung Před 10 hodinami
Freedom Horses
Freedom Horses Před 10 hodinami
I like how Dream just stops talking when he sees the creeper and after it exploded he stayed like 5 sec in total silence before he burst in laughter. My favorite part.
Zaidee Youtube
Zaidee Youtube Před 10 hodinami
I am cringing so bad
Gaming Central
Gaming Central Před 10 hodinami
I would love to see a hunters POV
XxBlue SlashxX
XxBlue SlashxX Před 10 hodinami
If u do it i will sub and like all ur vids
Tameka Williams
Tameka Williams Před 10 hodinami
Sony Rewards
Zaidee Youtube
Zaidee Youtube Před 10 hodinami
Dream y do u have that many torches ahhhhhhhhhhhh
XxBlue SlashxX
XxBlue SlashxX Před 10 hodinami
Wait can u do 4 hunters vs speedrunner but...IT HARCORE MODE
Jessica Clark
Jessica Clark Před 10 hodinami
Let tommyinit go to the lamanberg
Zaidee Youtube
Zaidee Youtube Před 10 hodinami
Some Torches dream you had like four stacks
Brittany Beier
Brittany Beier Před 10 hodinami
Hey dream ever scenes I saw your runner vs hunter I loved it then I lookt up dream and I loved your videos then I lookt up gorge then I loved his videos and then I'm a subscriber an now you are my 2 favorite youtubers
octokw Před 10 hodinami
Isnt this creative mode?
Ann Castro
Ann Castro Před 10 hodinami
How did that strider have a saddle
Danielle Hall
Danielle Hall Před 10 hodinami
When he said Skeleton he said they would drop a bunch of STRING. 🤔 🤔
yande odank
yande odank Před 10 hodinami
You are the berst dream
Stephanie Courteoreille
Stephanie Courteoreille Před 10 hodinami
dream pretty much said, " *it's big brain time .* " when it came to the end.
AT - 05OP 805866 Beryl Ford PS
AT - 05OP 805866 Beryl Ford PS Před 10 hodinami
Dreams catchphrase should be "Dreamers gotta Dream""
yoyo debes
yoyo debes Před 10 hodinami
Why do you look up at him? You would better look down at these assholes
Todoroki's Used Toothbrush
Todoroki's Used Toothbrush Před 10 hodinami
"aRe YoU iN?" ⬆️😏😏
ItzKawaiiMochi Před 10 hodinami
the end be rip head phone users
Anthony Před 10 hodinami
Where did this come from