Рр Пук пук
Рр Пук пук Před 9 hodinami
Ryan Yoak
Ryan Yoak Před 10 hodinami
It's two week later, I know it lands safely, and it's still nerve wracking to watch
Francis pauL
Francis pauL Před 11 hodinami
Nasa i need toppat rocket form completing the mission
Golden Guy 2020
Golden Guy 2020 Před 11 hodinami
I'm just a poor man with a universal vision to explore the know galaxies.
Golden Guy 2020
Golden Guy 2020 Před 11 hodinami
It should be allowed for any person who is willing to serve. shouldn't be for just the educated, but for those of us who have Spirit to journey out and off the planet.
P Q Před 12 hodinami
P Q Před 12 hodinami
M H Před 12 hodinami
Guys, what if the moon landing itself still happened but they filmed the moon landing in a studio because one of the astronauts accidentally dropped the tape out of the spaceship?
M H Před 9 hodinami
@Dan Severns I was making a joke but that’s really nice to know.
Dan Severns
Dan Severns Před 10 hodinami
The live signal was broadcast to earth. They did not bring back video tape. The did bring back 16mm film.
AlDi Před 13 hodinami
OH MY GOD ...! only NASA could make this video ..smile!
Lars Games
Lars Games Před 13 hodinami
Ever heard about Starship?
NEGRÃO DO WATSAPP Před 13 hodinami
Ta bom... tá bom... deixa para lá vou escolher em qual mentira vou acreditar🙄🙄
Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson Před 13 hodinami
Burger King is going to the moon great
Alexander van Wyk
Alexander van Wyk Před 13 hodinami
Out of South Africa...Salute NASA!!!
s2nlogain99 Před 14 hodinami
So...is it flat?...or not?
Julian Griffiths
Julian Griffiths Před 14 hodinami
maybe this time let an esa astronaut go itd be cool to see one up there
pyromcr Před 14 hodinami
But don't worry guys Elon is going to skip all of this and send people straight to Mars in just a few years. He promises it's not hard! Elon is such a con artist.
Gamer noxWG
Gamer noxWG Před 14 hodinami
Comment section cleaner
Comment section cleaner Před 14 hodinami
The people at 5:10 will DIE
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez Před 14 hodinami
Why would anyone dislike this video?
daljit sroya
daljit sroya Před 14 hodinami
We no need a more robot, thinking about on the last step.
daljit sroya
daljit sroya Před 15 hodinami
2026 to late.
Eptanyosi Sevastyan
Eptanyosi Sevastyan Před 15 hodinami
You saved the RAT?
SnLGAMER Před 15 hodinami
just imagine having to go to the restroom after putting the space suit on
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela Před 16 hodinami
so awesome..
swaraj tayade
swaraj tayade Před 16 hodinami
Why the flames of that small rocket doesn't seem
Murray Parker
Murray Parker Před 16 hodinami
DaBeb Před 16 hodinami
It's so crazy you can't even tell how high the rover is
Stephens Farms
Stephens Farms Před 16 hodinami
Never will go to the moon, SpaceX will be there first.
full3nzo Před 16 hodinami
Hatalmas újítás ez a kamerákkal körülövezett Marsot érés! Köszönet érte! A huge innovation is the maturation of Mars surrounded by cameras! Thanks for!
Self-Education Methodology
Self-Education Methodology Před 17 hodinami
Deep Space - Programming Tutorials
Deep Space - Programming Tutorials Před 17 hodinami
Ok what the hack, NASA? We need a video, walkthrough etc.
Ransomware Před 17 hodinami
Martians: yo stop trashing on our planet.
Ross Před 17 hodinami
This is the most informative music video I've ever watched
Scientist Albert Einstein
Scientist Albert Einstein Před 17 hodinami
One day we will look back and say: "Remember when we used to go to the moon on rockets? Now we have teleportation stations across the universe!"
Aditya Joshi
Aditya Joshi Před 17 hodinami
Life on moon
Wayne Myers
Wayne Myers Před 18 hodinami
The earth is hurtling through space at over 66,000 MPH. The rocket takes off vertical. So, it's above the launch pad going up and up gaining speed. So, It should ALSO be going over 66,000 MPH sideways to keep up with the earth below. Question: at what point does it stop going sideways at 66,000 MPH and sees the earth speed off in the distance? When weightlessness occurs? Think about this. The moon is orbiting the earth while it, too, is traveling over 66,000 MPH in the direction of earth's orbit. If you watch the video of the rocket hitting the dome, it goes straight up with the earth still below. So, all the while the earth and the rocket are traveling 66,000 MPH in the same direction? You would have thought the astronauts would have mentioned it.
สานุ ดีสานุ
สานุ ดีสานุ Před 18 hodinami
Most Thai people love China.
สานุ ดีสานุ
สานุ ดีสานุ Před 18 hodinami
Most Thai people love China.
สานุ ดีสานุ
สานุ ดีสานุ Před 18 hodinami
Most Thai people love China.
Pomba Voadora
Pomba Voadora Před 18 hodinami
I miss the international system of units
Rick Schwab
Rick Schwab Před 18 hodinami
This is so exciting !
Mhandisi Mobile
Mhandisi Mobile Před 18 hodinami
davidbernadine Před 18 hodinami
I was moved by Collin's concern for the environment and the detrimental impact of overpopulation. RIP Neil.
Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim
Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim Před 18 hodinami
I'm asmelash gebremariam (below) from Ethiopia tigray
Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim
Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim Před 18 hodinami
AmazonBall Před 18 hodinami
Imagine this moment in the future history books
4vediotube Před 18 hodinami
Go Victor! Next man on the moon!
Kjell Beilman
Kjell Beilman Před 19 hodinami
sheer awe
Mikołaj Trebeusz
Mikołaj Trebeusz Před 19 hodinami
Come on. Building only engine for 5 years and "we are focused " haha.
s e n d f o o d s
s e n d f o o d s Před 19 hodinami
how tf is the control center getting real time live video from the rover when it takes forever to send a signal from mars to earth?
Steve Adams
Steve Adams Před 16 hodinami
The was no real time video. At the time of EDL, the one-way light travel time was 11 minutes and 22 seconds. The rover recorded the various EDL videos and downloaded them to Earth a day or two later. JPL took those videos and merged them with the Mission Control commentary to produce this video. The controllers had only basic telemetry to monitor the rover and that is what they are commenting on.
Mike P
Mike P Před 16 hodinami
It was not a real time video.
Elon Musk: I'm about to end this mans whole carrier.
Kevin Kiesel
Kevin Kiesel Před 18 hodinami
@Mega Meesh obviously
Mega Meesh
Mega Meesh Před 18 hodinami
funny u say that because its wrong....
Kevin Kiesel
Kevin Kiesel Před 18 hodinami
Madao Před 20 hodinami
POG! <:O
Mike T
Mike T Před 20 hodinami
Did we waste our time with the space shuttle program ?
Kevin Kiesel
Kevin Kiesel Před 18 hodinami
Kinda yeah
Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim
Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim Před 20 hodinami
Long life for all worldwide humabing asmelash gebremariam from Ethiopia tigray
Ritesh Malik
Ritesh Malik Před 20 hodinami
@1:30 spaceX vehicle visited her in 2012 ?
Wahab Files
Wahab Files Před 21 hodinou
Kirisuto Ken
Kirisuto Ken Před 21 hodinou
So the next after Modern Generation is Artemis Generation?
MUGAMBI DUNCAN MD Před 21 hodinou
Hello Future, I hope that CSposts wont do away with comments section. The year is 2021, we first see MARS in HD, ooh you live there? for us it was just a legend. I hope life there is fantastic. No diseases like Covid 19 and such. Kindly start replies in the year 3021 and above
Jacky boi
Jacky boi Před 21 hodinou
godspeed John Glen RIP
Günther Lehmann
Günther Lehmann Před 22 hodinami
and only 20k souls watch....what CHarles Bolden say .PRAY!
Xanthos Před 22 hodinami
All these inspirational comments are good and all, but where are the flat earthers?
Отогрев Авто Красноярск
Отогрев Авто Красноярск Před 22 hodinami
Почему в момент открытия парашюта мимо не пролетели щит и часть отделившаяся ведь их скорость была выше. Вы опять обманули весь мир как с луной и роботами.
Habib Rahman
Habib Rahman Před 22 hodinami
What a acting man!!! Nasa think we all the people are fool
Niez Ember
Niez Ember Před 22 hodinami
Jonny Kim took inspirations from Johnny Sins
Jan Krška
Jan Krška Před 23 hodinami
American talent !!! I love you Lindsey. Beautiful lady !!! NASA - Amazing video !!! Thank you. Johnny
Ramautar Choudhary
Ramautar Choudhary Před 23 hodinami
NASA = $651 million 2013 ISRO = $74 million 2013
JaellanTheHat Před dnem
Ray30 Před dnem
People will be watching this in future history lessons. That’s kinda Cool
Shadman Chowdhury
Shadman Chowdhury Před dnem
Yay, science!
Mike Shin
Mike Shin Před dnem
"Tango-Delta. Touchdown confirmed. Perseverance safely on the surface of Mars, ready to begin seeking signs of past life". Hearing that is always a tear jerker.
Mohd Ramizi
Mohd Ramizi Před dnem
I don't know why but it looks unreal to me.
Релёкс84 Před 23 hodinami
it could be because the landing of a robot onto another planet is not exactly something you see everyday
Demo_ Před dnem
A moon base?
Voyager 2
Voyager 2 Před dnem
9 years later Perseverance was lauched at the same rocket as Juno.
Varun Shankar
Varun Shankar Před dnem
Just imagine some dude from 2000 years ago seeing this footage
Viktor Kharkivskyy
Viktor Kharkivskyy Před dnem
Why no fire from busters and where fuel tank, it must be big one 🤔
Viktor Kharkivskyy
Viktor Kharkivskyy Před 17 hodinami
Steve Adams they have any video of testing this crane on earth?
Steve Adams
Steve Adams Před 20 hodinami
The sky crane uses a mono propellant called hydrazine. It decomposes into nitrogen and hydrogen and a little ammonia. These gases are all transparent. That is why the rocket plumes are clear. The sky crane has 4 propellant tanks loaded with a total of 401 kilograms of hydrazine.
Релёкс84 Před dnem
Please learn to use google
César Duarte
César Duarte Před dnem
pankaj bhandari
pankaj bhandari Před dnem
Shut up your mouth
krishna krishh
krishna krishh Před dnem
I'm excited to know the atmosphere Composition (air) on Mars.. which gases are existing on that planet..
Sounchit Singh
Sounchit Singh Před dnem
Test a plant will alive in Mars
معروف بخيت نبيل
معروف بخيت نبيل Před dnem
Puisqu'il y a le feu sur l'appareil qui porte persévérance , donc l'oxygène est présent sur Mars ! N'est-ce pas ?