Welcome to Food Theory!
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Landon Reffitt
Landon Reffitt Před 17 hodinami
Abortion is murder.
Somethingelse309 Před 17 hodinami
bruhhh, just get a hybrid gill and use whichever you feel to use on that given day
Tomato Ketchup
Tomato Ketchup Před 17 hodinami
not to brag but I never thought that froot loops had different flavors I was the type of kid to try and finish my cereal in three big spoonfuls no time for individual loops
Zohaib Zarrar
Zohaib Zarrar Před 17 hodinami
I thought the comment section would be a war zone... But OKKKKKKKkkkkkk
Demitri Brady
Demitri Brady Před 17 hodinami
It's Jus a commercial
Winston The Superpug
Winston The Superpug Před 17 hodinami
im still waiting for Brand theory.... But my genes are patented? Winston's genes®?
boba_ soba
boba_ soba Před 17 hodinami
Bla bla bla.. all I hear is space jam but with no aliens (or are there??) And without any Looney Tunes
Brennan Phillips
Brennan Phillips Před 18 hodinami
lol this is like almost how the northern lights are caused
manas patel
manas patel Před 18 hodinami
after watching this episode, the puns make me want to catch a .45 traveling at terminal velocity
Eric Birdboi
Eric Birdboi Před 18 hodinami
This is something that has pissed me off for a long time about matts content. Your a massive channel and you still assault people with "I'm gonna completely skip over the point of the video to shamelessly promote my channel" that has gotten 2 Million subscribers in what? 5? 6 months? at least wait until the end of the video
turtle21br Před 18 hodinami
From chucky cheese i got a pefectly round pizza
Jacko Chase
Jacko Chase Před 18 hodinami
Sometimes I think MatPat forgets that this is food theory not conspiracy theory
KinG Před 18 hodinami
Good. I was on Miley’s side anyway. This unimaginative cake maker os just someone playing the victim card for attention.
Kylie Andersom
Kylie Andersom Před 18 hodinami
No proof
Max A
Max A Před 18 hodinami
mat “who told you about coco fang!”
Magic MayHeim
Magic MayHeim Před 18 hodinami
Great job everyone raising 3 MILLION dollars for St. Judes ❤
Ptenarian Před 18 hodinami
Who is watching this in 2020 and cringing at people who are not wearing masks.
diana santos
diana santos Před 18 hodinami
Milk/dairy isn't kept in the back so that delivery trucks don't clog up the front of the store?
Kristina Catherine
Kristina Catherine Před 18 hodinami
Uh, Thomas Aquinas and many other great thinkers were in the"dark ages." That's just a title the"enlightenment" folks gave that time period to be disparaging and self-promoting, but it was far from a terrible, stupid, and dark time. 🙄
Ptenarian Před 18 hodinami
What the heck is windies?
Luke The Gamer
Luke The Gamer Před 18 hodinami
is fan art copyrighted
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo Před 18 hodinami
😂 What batshit meta-analysis spawned this channel?
Carrie Spencer
Carrie Spencer Před 18 hodinami
After seeing the intro. Why do l feel like that's something that fazbear's entertainment would do at one of the restaurants?
PurifiedMadness Před 18 hodinami
Gotta love the irony of "The *Sweet* Feminist" getting super pissed off and contemplating legal action over something so menial
chiaki nanami
chiaki nanami Před 19 hodinami
General Knight
General Knight Před 19 hodinami
pooter p
pooter p Před 19 hodinami
WHY IS THE UNICORN CAKE SO POPULAR LOL my mom had this cake and I see this cake on Pinterest all the time omg
trxy !
trxy ! Před 19 hodinami
What will the final half of you logo be
Claire Bridgman
Claire Bridgman Před 19 hodinami
sister channel? like...sister...location???!!!
HotChocoKing Před 19 hodinami
"Hey honey, we bought a zoo!" its just ingredients, dont worry
Waffles Xtreme
Waffles Xtreme Před 19 hodinami
7:77 anyone doing this
Max Powers
Max Powers Před 19 hodinami
I wonder if the existence of decision fatigue, means that people that have to make a lot of decisions at their jobs, also stop making logical decisions after about 40 minutes.
Carter Nemerson
Carter Nemerson Před 19 hodinami
3:40 bruh that bread has patch notes
Twinkie Studios
Twinkie Studios Před 19 hodinami
Another fun(not really) fact Disney trademarked "Hakuna Matata" even though they didn't come up with it, because it was already a common phrase in countries that speak swahili including Kenya and Tanzania.
HotChocoKing Před 19 hodinami
i still want music theory and you cant change my mind.
Leanna leung
Leanna leung Před 19 hodinami
Cake boss has been REAL quiet after this
Angela Wintering
Angela Wintering Před 19 hodinami
Also Matpat and Stephanie are the cutest people I think I’ve ever seen and if I could ever meet them I’d be so happy 😄
Angela Wintering
Angela Wintering Před 19 hodinami
Matpat: “Turkey makes me so happy.” He’s so pure 😂😂😂💚
Jt Tours
Jt Tours Před 19 hodinami
At my chucke cheese the pizza looked normal prob cuz they are in a rush to cook it so they have shakey hands and they mess up the perfect slices
LilRedDog Před 19 hodinami
IKEA is not the only place one can buy a MILF. Don't hate the messenger; he had to see this... ...ummm ... Had to of foreseen this comment. edit "no, this this isn't actually a real post" ROTFLMAO; you caught me!!!!
william steph
william steph Před 19 hodinami
Love u
Waffles Xtreme
Waffles Xtreme Před 20 hodinami
5:15 me
Waffles Xtreme
Waffles Xtreme Před 20 hodinami
Sam Youngs
Sam Youngs Před 20 hodinami
If you want a recipe for this, the food lab applied science to spatchcocking in 2015: www.seriouseats.com/the-food-lab
Avalon Page
Avalon Page Před 20 hodinami
ngl, i would eat it
It’s Me Gray
It’s Me Gray Před 20 hodinami
In a previous episode you said a good food theory would be if taste is subjective and I think it would be really cool to know if, how, and why taste is/is not subjective. Idk id hate to do any of my own research.
haris khan
haris khan Před 20 hodinami
So the rappers name is lil yuppy
Alex Bamberger
Alex Bamberger Před 20 hodinami
'Regardless of the filling or number of layers' Im gonna give you a hot take here: Cereal is a sandwich. Change my mind
Astin Argo
Astin Argo Před 20 hodinami
To be honest Mr.Sanders lived for 100 years that’s NUTS
camila restrepo
camila restrepo Před 20 hodinami
“gEtTiNg dRuNk iN ThE NaMe oF ScIeNcE WoO” I’m sorry wut
Sophie Gathercole
Sophie Gathercole Před 20 hodinami
If you ever make a full cover of the room where it happens I'll watch it
Melissa Lauryn
Melissa Lauryn Před 20 hodinami
You should of tested chocolate milk , sweat and ...... well milk
Angelic Zalithan
Angelic Zalithan Před 20 hodinami
"You don't have any other friends for any pong-related activities" Imagine having FRIENDS to play pong with! This post was made by Color TV-Game 15 gang.
toylover321 Před 20 hodinami
So thats why i perfer subway over jimmy johns, im still gonna eat subway tho
Decker Ames
Decker Ames Před 20 hodinami
I never thought I'd hear a flight of the chonchord references in here, THAT just made my day
Dan Traverse
Dan Traverse Před 21 hodinou
"it's all just cake?" 👨‍🚀🌎 "always has been" 🌎👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀
Az.E Před 21 hodinou
10:51 no... 10:52 Omi gosh. 10:53 YES!!!!!!
dxjxc91 Před 21 hodinou
6:33 I was today years old when I realized: THAT is why recipes are secret. They don't have legal protection against bring replicated and sold in competition.
CoconutbearYT Meme
CoconutbearYT Meme Před 21 hodinou
This dude is smort Like big brain 🧠
Random Guy
Random Guy Před 21 hodinou
Sakan Bushi
Sakan Bushi Před 21 hodinou
I might be missing something but....it’s literally just a cake?......
Strawberry_cow Extra nervous
Strawberry_cow Extra nervous Před 21 hodinou
The fries information dat is the data god of holiness
zemzem123 Před 21 hodinou
Alt title for the video: Harassment 101
Rosalind Gatto
Rosalind Gatto Před 21 hodinou
The psychology today article mentioned how you didn't need oil in the original cake mix either, so it would have been interesting to see what a cake mix with only water added would have turned out compared to the other two cakes baked (or even seeing what would happen with adding egg and oil but no water to the mix)
Unreasonably Random
Unreasonably Random Před 21 hodinou
Ann Reardon is QuAkInG
daddy spice
daddy spice Před 21 hodinou
so that means that hot dogs are tacos
TheAlarmGames 359
TheAlarmGames 359 Před 21 hodinou
Abortion is murder and healthcare shouldn’t be free
Avalon Page
Avalon Page Před 21 hodinou
yeah... copyright is weird
Az.E Před 21 hodinou
0:26 Vividly. My school played it EVERY Friday. So glad it isnt in middle school because of ✨copyright reasons✨
welsh Před 21 hodinou
I didn't know America could get The Great British Bake Off. If you've watched the bake off, let me know.
Addison Gomez-Bargas - TAE Student
Addison Gomez-Bargas - TAE Student Před 21 hodinou
Also, I have seen alot of food network, Duff vs Buddy, ect.
Thea Audine
Thea Audine Před 21 hodinou
there's a thing where people can actually come up with the same thing without knowing someone else has done it
ChocolateTNT Před 21 hodinou
The cake is a lie
Addison Gomez-Bargas - TAE Student
Addison Gomez-Bargas - TAE Student Před 22 hodinami
Copyright is all around me?! Hmmm, does that mean my phone is copyright?!
Cinnamon_ Studios
Cinnamon_ Studios Před 22 hodinami
I watched up until the Last round of Among Us
Jackie M
Jackie M Před 22 hodinami
Correction: Trey Songz is an R&B singer, not a rapper...
Kyle Vincent
Kyle Vincent Před 22 hodinami
So true!!!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Před 22 hodinami
kool aid man confirmed Emma Frost's son
missingindy Před 22 hodinami
What if you took clean soil from before the bombs and put it in pots and brought seeds down in the shelter
cuctu Před 22 hodinami
dud you changed my hole plans and I just watched the founder it really is a must watch thank you so much Mat Pat
thestarsinsideus 83
thestarsinsideus 83 Před 22 hodinami
Almost couldn’t make it past.... the voice from the very start