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Před 26 dny

From Internet Famous to Smosh: The Movie, we’re critiquing the way CSpostsrs and influencers are represented in movies!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
Intro: 0:00-1:32
Smosh: The Movie: 1:33-6:37
Ralph Breaks the Internet: 6:38-11:42
Internet Famous: 11:43-17:21
Deadcon: 17:22-24:35
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
Noah Grossman: noahgrossman214
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Producer: Courtney Miller
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Editor: Rock Coleman
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Jacqi Jones
Assistant Director: Alicia Gaynor
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
PA: Andrew Harmon
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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aleeya Před 17 minutami
Shayne roasting Shane is the best part of this video
Taylor H
Taylor H Před 2 dny
Is it sad that I've seen deadcon
Jewlz Bowling
Jewlz Bowling Před 3 dny
I can’t be the only one who’s so offended that he thought Christian Delgrosso was David Dobrik😭 Christian was such a big part of vine and I literally love himmm
Pavel Rosendorf
Pavel Rosendorf Před 3 dny
Noah looks like watermelon Wolverine
Vannasr Před 4 dny
Courtney do be in sage mode tho
ITrain Před 4 dny
I love this video
ITrain Před 4 dny
The CSposts comment section in 2 comments
Zune Před 4 dny
I know you guys wont read my comment anyway , but you guys blessed Smosh
Kakashi Gaming
Kakashi Gaming Před 5 dny
Shayne if you don’t memorize me username in 2.8 seconds we have a problem..... a big problem
foreshadowing_panda Před 5 dny
Ok but Shane could play a grown up Robbie in Cobra Kai...
Tijason 5 0
Tijason 5 0 Před 6 dny
no joke that seen in Ralf Breaks the Internet. in the theater I already knew what was going on and I was like I see where this is going but more exaggerated. I mean I may be crazy but I don't scream in the movie theater.
John Smith
John Smith Před 8 dny
Jeeeez people still trynna take down shane dawson huh?......How's that goin for ya'll XD
IcyLightning3000 Před 9 dny
Closest thing that we'll ever get to getting him back
Penelope Treece
Penelope Treece Před 9 dny
Shayne's face at 1:17 looks like he ate something really sour
Cupcakers 26
Cupcakers 26 Před 9 dny
I think the sad part is that there actually was an s at the end of the "welcome influencers" sign
Reagan Huber
Reagan Huber Před 10 dny
The Ralph movie feels like it came out last year.
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Před 11 dny
How time change for youtube from 2008 to 2021 is crazy!
Landree Dunn
Landree Dunn Před 11 dny
Me- *making a living at home depot* Shane- "fuck you" Me- :(
Nightwing84 Před 11 dny
I feel like they want to say some stuff Shane especially but they don't want to get canceled or blacklisted by the almighty CSposts 😅
Xavier Tyler
Xavier Tyler Před 12 dny
Lol pile of bricks isn’t a euphemism he literally just lives on a pile of bricks. Like literally.
Jacopo Soffientini
Jacopo Soffientini Před 12 dny
They reference Sawcon?
eabha dalton
eabha dalton Před 13 dny
Scawy comment section
alfredo canchola
alfredo canchola Před 14 dny
The Vengeful Spirit of Anaheim Convention Center :^)
DZ@J Před 14 dny
Maybe Escape the Night will get a movie or something....?
generalxanos Před 15 dny
oh-em-gee, I'm being held hostage right now, I'm calling a grownup as I watch famous people demand I join their cult, I don't know what that means, but it includes I-scream and I like mine with the strawberry dip. So anyways, love y'all that didn't kidnap me and dispose of my body, and to the ones that did, I'm going to haunt you for the rest of eternity.
Woax Před 15 dny
Look at this lonely bum just sitting on a couch watching movie scenes
generalxanos Před 15 dny
It isn't about you, Ralph, it's about Disney De-tox, accusing users who simply ask for something to be changed that they don't like, like subliminal messages in Disney movies saying things like "Teens want to have sex", or "Buy more popcorn!". There seriously needs to be a regulatory agency that screens Disney movies for subliminal frames, it works against the weak minded. Disney has been airing subliminal messages since the 1950's. You're subjecting your kids to that every day? Go ahead and call me Mr. Conspiracy, but it's FACT. Google is your friend.
Audrey Eagle
Audrey Eagle Před 15 dny
Noah literally blew shayne's mind
AceNINJA _CUT Před 15 dny
never go to deep into YT
AceNINJA _CUT Před 15 dny
123ozzied2 Před 15 dny
Y'all should check out Its All Good by FND Films its a pretty good movie made by youtubers
Tayla Marie
Tayla Marie Před 15 dny
That was a great John C. Reilly impersonation
Bloo57999 Před 15 dny
Everyone remembers DONGxSQUEEZE from twitch chat
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath Před 15 dny
The Smosh movie sequel should definitely be called "SMOSH THE LIKE BUTTON"
David McKinney
David McKinney Před 16 dny
I rate smosh the movie 9/10 because it doesn't have the same vibe as other movies
Savannah Wilson
Savannah Wilson Před 16 dny
Shayne wants hello influencer signs but I want hello vengeful spirit signs
#anime_ simp!
#anime_ simp! Před 17 dny
Did you guys know that Shayne played in the Goldberg's
Hannah Watts
Hannah Watts Před 17 dny
Remember me plz
The Peepeepoopoo Man
The Peepeepoopoo Man Před 17 dny
Please Shayne remember my name.
Tatertotinator Před 18 dny
Once I heard the SHUT UP I knew I’m getting old
*Dabs Flirtatiously*
*Dabs Flirtatiously* Před 18 dny
how is Shayne's hair so perfect?
Presley Ellis
Presley Ellis Před 18 dny
you can count on me to bring a “welcome influencer!” sign
Steve Irwingull
Steve Irwingull Před 18 dny
Sam St-pierre
Sam St-pierre Před 18 dny
Has a set painter... the Home Depot thing got me
Audrey Cheese
Audrey Cheese Před 18 dny
hey shane, just waiting for you to memorize 🙄🤚
April Parks
April Parks Před 18 dny
😆 I love smosh btw Courtney you look nice in pastel pink hair 💗 I just dyed my hair hot pink anyway i never knew you guys made a movie 😂😁😅
Liz Lemon
Liz Lemon Před 18 dny
If you don’t remember my username, you can call me Loz Lemler, Lesbian Sour Fruit, or Tina Fey.
America Thomas
America Thomas Před 19 dny
Cosmo and Wanda think they’re slick
KaOs 01
KaOs 01 Před 19 dny
"ryan and sean's not so excellent adventure" is the best one
Pandamonium Před 19 dny
Noah: “is that david dobrik?” Courtney: “no he wasn’t even alive yet” David is only one year younger than her lmao
AGames Před 19 dny
Is anthony dead?
AGames Před 19 dny
Macy Alkema
Macy Alkema Před 19 dny
Smosh is da bomb
H.P. LoveLift
H.P. LoveLift Před 19 dny
(Collective WTRMLLN ) is my favorite Indie duo band.
Girl Human
Girl Human Před 19 dny
23:35 he sound like the bisque character from Studio C
allison marie
allison marie Před 20 dny
Kai Před 20 dny
I love when Shane’s eyebrows just go 🦐
Conor Horn
Conor Horn Před 20 dny
This almost has show with no name vibes
mApLe Před 20 dny
courtney looks like she got an eye infection
notjustlaura Před 20 dny
Jacksfilms' song "We're all just assholes talking to a camera" sums it up pretty well
bigboy69 420
bigboy69 420 Před 20 dny
uber Movies
Hungrypiemonger Před 21 dnem
DAMNIT, I want a Boneless T-shirt and its all sold out!
Fred's Treads, LLC Lexington, KY
Fred's Treads, LLC Lexington, KY Před 21 dnem
Just wanted to watch the movie why did you interrupt so much ehhh by the way I love you guys
Aimee Dauphinais
Aimee Dauphinais Před 21 dnem
Where can I find those parody songs.
Braelyn Gwozdz
Braelyn Gwozdz Před 21 dnem
eathan shout do serous spider man for a trynot to laugh
Emily Dawson
Emily Dawson Před 21 dnem
Courtney's makeup is
Unicorn Rainbow
Unicorn Rainbow Před 21 dnem
Y’all should react to some episodes of bizardvarrk to see if there are similarities to their version of CSposts to real life CSposts
SuperMegaLamp Před 21 dnem
20:04 Is Shane the one who will end the hundreds of years of Marley's suffering?
Lasharye Whitworth
Lasharye Whitworth Před 21 dnem
My face hurts from cringing so much at the Shane Dawson part 😂😅
Tyler Robblee
Tyler Robblee Před 21 dnem
And that’s why I’m not subscribed. Got em
LEUN BLSX Před 21 dnem
Blue Fang
Blue Fang Před 22 dny
I have a giant question!! Was Shayne part of the iCarly show? It's on Netflix season 1 episode 22 he acts the part of Philip Brownly. The kid looks just like him and I'm not sure...
Blue Fang
Blue Fang Před 21 dnem
@Maya Theis that's so cool, I never would of that he was on iCarly
Maya Theis
Maya Theis Před 22 dny
yup that's him! that was one of his first gigs
WM - 12GJ 930562 West Credit SS
WM - 12GJ 930562 West Credit SS Před 22 dny
I love your videos. Keep up the great work oh and you have smoshafied me
The Jacoby Show
The Jacoby Show Před 22 dny
Smosh The Mo✌🏻ie with the current line up would be amazing!
Manoug Minassian
Manoug Minassian Před 22 dny
Yo I’m gonna be real why is Noah and Courtney lookin like Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly odd parents
georgia jacobs
georgia jacobs Před 21 dnem
And shayne is grown up timmy turner
Good Oman
Good Oman Před 22 dny
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the first people to do "Experts REACT in their field" types of videos were Corridor Crew VFX Artists REACT
Jordyn Eldred
Jordyn Eldred Před 22 dny
If I ever go to a vidcon I will for sure have a “welcome influencer” sign
ella s
ella s Před 22 dny
just a comment so you will someday memorize my name.
wilmau Před 22 dny
They said the thing lmaooo
Raahi vadgama
Raahi vadgama Před 22 dny
Cosmo Wanda and Timmy back again😂😂😂
Faris Haidar
Faris Haidar Před 22 dny
Courtney got a tan line from wearing a mask
zash doesstuff
zash doesstuff Před 22 dny
Can you do the among us game again but there is one jester (whos drink is empty) who has to get voted off to win
Christopher Bowser
Christopher Bowser Před 22 dny
Imagine if they were in an animated tv series.
Shaq in the woods
Shaq in the woods Před 22 dny
Can you make a reaction to your old smosh videos pls
Hayley Weir
Hayley Weir Před 22 dny
Definitely thought the candles were carrots
BONES4406 Před 22 dny
The Shane Dawson thing was so obvious Bart baker
Alicia Rosebeary
Alicia Rosebeary Před 22 dny
Noah is stoner vibes
Daniel Sozio
Daniel Sozio Před 22 dny
u need to react to ksi and caspers lee movie
ShadowZeus Před 22 dny
not gonna lie they should watch alpha beta
M C Před 23 dny
Can we not give a known SA a shout out on this channel? Thanks. Fk James Charles.
Garnet Rose
Garnet Rose Před 23 dny
Smosh the movie being a treasure, I've heard it called a lot of things but treasure is way nicer than the words I've heard it called
Ace Anzaldua
Ace Anzaldua Před 23 dny
look. i get that shane was a big part of that movie. but they're only commenting on small parts of each film. They could have picked a different part. Shane does not need to be perpetuated. Love smosh and I get that he might have been friends with some of the employees at some point. but putting him in this video was a wrong decision.
TheNinjaRaccoon Před 23 dny
Shout out to the dude playing Titanfall 2 in the background of the Shane Dawson part.
Sandyandi Před 23 dny
Memorize this username: I love this video!
Ciaran is commenting
Ciaran is commenting Před 23 dny
Why does everything have to end in "con", like vidcon or whatever? Why can't it end in like "biz"? VIDBIZ!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Jamie_Jewel Před 23 dny
I just watched DeadCon it was AWFUL
Mariane marangão
Mariane marangão Před 23 dny
I absolutely LOVE Courtney's reaction when shane dawson says "i just have a really deep connection with my fans". Yeah, it didn't age well, girl... kajushgtfadscfav
Robertas Gar
Robertas Gar Před 23 dny
Not the first time remember Phineas and Ferb roast? 🤣
XxStarshinexX X
XxStarshinexX X Před 23 dny
Memorize this 😏
Sengkeo Sengarun
Sengkeo Sengarun Před 23 dny
why not watch ghost mates, its better lmao
Sabrina Renee
Sabrina Renee Před 23 dny
Smosh the movie was the first smosh/Ian and Anthony content I ever saw 😂
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