Why I Said No To Ryan Reynold's Movie Offer

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This is the greatest movie role of All Time

Scott Palmer
Scott Palmer Před 5 hodinami
He wants a deep character when he chooses a "character" where all you can see is his hand in the hunger games. Also nobody should say he's humble when he just praised himself for the start of the video saying he is the best actor in the world.
Ben Petell
Ben Petell Před 12 hodinami
Now we all know the real reason, he was too busy being officer greg
Reece Potts
Reece Potts Před 15 hodinami
Charles white, never has there been a more accurate name
Bubbly Chubbly
Bubbly Chubbly Před 15 hodinami
"Sean's in the movie, I'll play you a clip from his video about it." Clip: Talks about Charlie
Peter Jensen
Peter Jensen Před dnem
I actually really wanted to see free guy because it’s just what Hollywood Execs think GTA Online is like.
PrizakΨ Před 2 dny
“There’s nowhere Shaun could put the crown where I couldn’t climb up and get it” Shaun:*rapidly shoves the crown up his ass*
Ashley Bent
Ashley Bent Před 2 dny
Looks awfully alot like keanu reeves
Ashley Bent
Ashley Bent Před 2 dny
Sounds like him too wowo
Bansheeman6100 Před 5 dny
Thank fucking God for among us uniting me with this magnificent man
Joel Simons
Joel Simons Před 5 dny
Am I the only one who thought Jacksepticeye’s name was Jack and not Shaun?
Major Dookey
Major Dookey Před 7 dny
I can totally see you as the male Dazzler or female if you do drag. I mean you've got that hair.
Emily Evans
Emily Evans Před 8 dny
I dont blame you Cr1tikal...Gotta save the talent as you are the dark savior Leonardo Dicaprio Meryl Streep hybrid beast we've all been waiting for
SykosymatiK Před 8 dny
Are you from Jersey?
Nintendope Před 8 dny
He was always the not free guy but they didnt make it not free enough...
Akash Patil-Terhune
Akash Patil-Terhune Před 8 dny
Pretty obvious this didn’t actually happened but it’s still hilarious
Glenn .P
Glenn .P Před 2 dny
What do you mean by "Pretty Obvious" ? He's popular enough that this could actually happen
Mr Glass
Mr Glass Před 9 dny
Martin Gouws
Martin Gouws Před 10 dny
If Robert Downey Jr decides to retire they can make him do sciency stuff to turn himself younger. You'd make a great Tony Stark
Glenn .P
Glenn .P Před 2 dny
Tony Stark is dead
Stemster Před 12 dny
sign up to be a young nicolas cage
Abu Nahim
Abu Nahim Před 15 dny
Axyuji Před 17 dny
With Charlie I can never tell if he's serious or not
D K Před 17 dny
I know he said Marvel and not DC, but I have high hopes he takes the offer for the Lobo standalone film.
Peacetime 420
Peacetime 420 Před 18 dny
They should have offered Charlie some Yu-Gi-Oh boxes. He'd be on set right now...
Clarissa Mirzeian
Clarissa Mirzeian Před 18 dny
bloody stream
Tre Tre223
Tre Tre223 Před 19 dny
I can’t tell if he’s memeing or not
Flame of Eons
Flame of Eons Před 19 dny
😂 self-awareness ftw
Jack Hatch
Jack Hatch Před 20 dny
pee peee poo poo
Harold Torres
Harold Torres Před 21 dnem
The memeory is real within this one!
ily Ricky
ily Ricky Před 23 dny
im 5'5 I'll just put on some high heels and I'll be like 5 foot 6inched with 3 centimeters 😌
Kayman McElhany
Kayman McElhany Před 23 dny
Is this a joke???
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson Před 24 dny
LMAO I still don't know who this guy is
Flirken1 Před 25 dny
It doesn’t matter whether or not this happened, but it’s Charlie, so it happened.
Anas Hussain
Anas Hussain Před 25 dny
Make him Wolverine
Your Average Fan
Your Average Fan Před 25 dny
After seeing the latest video, I’d rather you be a cool, sad and funny police man.
Yabimoku Před 26 dny
I love it
Dakoda Morris
Dakoda Morris Před 26 dny
Forgive my ignorance, is he really an actor?
yarn Před 24 dny
Yup. He is arguably the MOST famous actor in the USA.
Sleep Paralysis Demon
Sleep Paralysis Demon Před 26 dny
If Charlie uses a ladder to take the crown from Sean Sean: *you dare use my own magic against me, Potter?*
Alex Reyna
Alex Reyna Před 26 dny
I'm kinda concerned how much taller I am compared to Charlie im 14 and 6'1
Glenn .P
Glenn .P Před 2 dny
You're to high
Stitchgamer12 Před 26 dny
You voice in killer bean you win
Koraxis S
Koraxis S Před 26 dny
Oh, that makes more sense now. I was wondering how the fuck did this happen this whole time. But now, it’s clear. Like totally clear. Glass of water clear.
onefortheguns Před 27 dny
Is his hair growing acknowledged or just a thing? Stumbled upon this gem of a CSpostsr a few days ago, thanks!
Jaluca Bester
Jaluca Bester Před 27 dny
The only memorable thing about this entire video is that I'm taller than Charlie
Deadsoul Před 27 dny
I actually can't tell if he is serious.
Steamier Atom33
Steamier Atom33 Před 28 dny
Jennifer Lawrence is so lucky that she got to be so close to you
Ratyansh Garg
Ratyansh Garg Před 28 dny
I mean, they definitely couldn't afford Keanu Reeves for the movie.
let's protect mother NATURE
let's protect mother NATURE Před 28 dny
PLOT TWIST :-U rejected the offer SO THAT u can make a video on this topic which would get u more money and fame .
Fettuccine Před 28 dny
I want Ryan to reply to this
Cryztal Před 29 dny
brutalhonesty07 Před 29 dny
It certainly shook Hollywood. It was a delayed reaction but rumor has it, it collapsed their industry.
Just Jamie
Just Jamie Před měsícem
"I am picky about the movie id lend my expertise to." **Googles open movies to get into hunger games**
Maria Trixia
Maria Trixia Před měsícem
Dont worry no one's gonna steal your achievements in Passion of the Christ.
The Absurd Turd
The Absurd Turd Před měsícem
LMFAO! Great humor
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh Před měsícem
Okay. Let's just spam this video into Ryan Reynolds' DMs and see his reaction. I am sure it would be priceless
Caden Lacher
Caden Lacher Před měsícem
I can’t tell if this is real
Death Structor
Death Structor Před měsícem
I'm 5'4 and 15yrs old lol
Pitbull Před měsícem
Yooooooo i wanna see Charlie as Moon Knight
DESPAIR Před měsícem
Didn't know Keanu Reeves had a youtube channel
A random youtuber Meh
A random youtuber Meh Před měsícem
Charlie: 5,6 is a very average height Me: *gets flashbacks from his fleshlight slapping contest video*
mdbigboi191 Před měsícem
Sounds Legit.
Keegan Moraes
Keegan Moraes Před měsícem
His sarcasm abt his pride makes him humble
Argel Tal
Argel Tal Před měsícem
Or you go medieval and just kick him in the nuts. step up from the caveman stereotye penguinz0. :D ;) but seriously: If i think of ryan and charlie ... i actually am pretty sure that deadpool could have a dark haired brother. At least the punchlines SHOULD be written by charlie. Even if it wouldn't reach the epicness of your performance as john wick.
Robert 05
Robert 05 Před měsícem
Your names Charles White?
Ryan S
Ryan S Před měsícem
fuck yeah is that a redline poster! wow man of culture
Girito Uchiha
Girito Uchiha Před měsícem
Add the four Divine beasts
joshua mullaney
joshua mullaney Před měsícem
Hey bro, dont worry, ryan is getting old, your reign is coming
arjun ranjan
arjun ranjan Před měsícem
Just these tiny things makes us love charlie more "We have the technology in 2020. One could climb on a stool"
MogeOfficialTV Před měsícem
Glad that Charlie used his superior acting skills for the Killer Bean episode instead of free guy. A true work of art
Derploop Před měsícem
I legit thought he was like 6'4, he looks like he'd be tall as fuck.
fallen knight
fallen knight Před měsícem
i don’t know why i decided to watch this i knew charlie (hopefully i spelled his name right sorry if i didn’t) anyway i knew him from toast and i knew toast from hearthstone i don’t even know anything about hollywood even how to spell it
nikki libre
nikki libre Před měsícem
Charlie's talking like this makes me doubt my existinceeee!!! HIS SARCASM IS ON GALAAXYY
who inc.
who inc. Před měsícem
can you even imagine that this is the first video i watched for him and for 3 weeks now i cant have a normal life cause im so exhausted trying to catch up with his hilarious fucking shit man this human being has every single pillar on which my comedic taste stands on damn charlie you are amazing
Apocalyman Před měsícem
Youniverse Před měsícem
ofc people want jesus on their film
Bruuh Před měsícem
90 years later: Why did i chose not to become immortal
Azure Reborn
Azure Reborn Před měsícem
I think you hurt Ryan already by saying no
Franklin Wright
Franklin Wright Před měsícem
Seems legit
Louis Rothon
Louis Rothon Před měsícem
This is a joke right 😂
Andromeda Před měsícem
Just waiting for him to actually play in MCU
Hail Satan
Hail Satan Před měsícem
How can someone not believe this sincerity and humility.
Aleah Cookie
Aleah Cookie Před měsícem
can’t believe im so Blessed to watch this world renowned actor on this little play button website for free!
Goaty, the Cringey One
Goaty, the Cringey One Před měsícem
1:43 So what if he shoved it up his a-
Jesus Crist
Jesus Crist Před měsícem
You did a great work portraying me in the movie son of god
Loki Din
Loki Din Před měsícem
Charlie 26 and 5'6 me 16 and 6'4
MCMiracle Před měsícem
I can’t tell wether he’s being serious or is just a comedy genius
Dig Bick 69
Dig Bick 69 Před měsícem
I don't even know what's right or wrong anymore
Kevin VR
Kevin VR Před měsícem
Sarcasm at its best bro!
MeguminUwU Před měsícem
So a 3 Dimensional chair should do
DeltaBlaZe77 Před měsícem
lol :P
JesusPulledMeThrough Před měsícem
New here & don't know anything about this guy (who's fantastic) or his channel. But I must say, it would be In👏🏼Cre👏🏼Di👏🏼Ble if RR responded to this. Because he totally should. This is right up his alley AND he got an Aviation Gin shout out?! Come on! Somebody make it so!
ePuggie Před měsícem
Funny video man, would have been even funnier if it wasn't real because unfortunately, ryan cried that day.
CrummyDegree Před měsícem
I believe a CSpostsr once delivered the powerful line of "Oh it's on!" on a major film.
HOLLOWandMAGGANNN gaming Před měsícem
Why my profile stretched?
per min
per min Před měsícem
At this point, I question my and Universe' existence
Prashil Prakash
Prashil Prakash Před měsícem
Damn! this guy speaks well. Zero use of any fillers.!
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez Před měsícem
Critical is a stoner hobo Keanu Reeves.
NumoGamerNG Před měsícem
Im in 8th grade and im taller than Charlie
Arjun Před měsícem
Fact: The four dimensional beings in Interstellar were played by Charlie too
dr liz
dr liz Před měsícem
Def underrated
Alex Tfr
Alex Tfr Před měsícem
Underrated comment
Arjun Před měsícem
Who's Sean?
Reddyroe Před měsícem
My dumbass can't even tell if he is being sarcastic Edit - nevermind, just watched till the end, i still understand social things
Yeet Před měsícem
1:33 Not a very good comeback but I'll take it
Jonah Walpert
Jonah Walpert Před měsícem
What if you're in deadpool 3
Jonah Walpert
Jonah Walpert Před měsícem
Just wait a few years, I bet Ryan will make it happen
Jonah Walpert
Jonah Walpert Před měsícem
Wait no deadpool 69
For The memes
For The memes Před měsícem
My god hes Morbius
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