Why Don't More People LOVE This Movie?? *Maleficent Commentary*

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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Meenakshi Nair
Meenakshi Nair Před 22 minutami
Why does the pink fairy remind me of umbridge?
Cookie Mocher
Cookie Mocher Před dnem
The baby in this movie, poor baby, it must of been confused and scared by all the weird shit on set
Gxli 07
Gxli 07 Před dnem
bruh is the pink fary honestly Umbridge from Harry Potter??
Callie Stapp
Callie Stapp Před 2 dny
"OH Stefan, you'd better NOT!" HMM I mean he DID bc, he ends up being PRINCESS aurora's DAD (King is IMPLIED) I absolutely LOVE his reactions to the FEW plot twists he didn't see coming
Anonuevo Yen
Anonuevo Yen Před 4 dny
I feel like people would like remakes of these disney movies if they had a little twist in it like this movie!
XXGoblinsRBLXGamingXX Před 4 dny
Maleficent could had made stefen a floating castle HE BE DUMB!
Britney Hemmings
Britney Hemmings Před 5 dny
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Mariam Alumayri
Mariam Alumayri Před 6 dny
Maleficent isn’t evil she’s like this because people treat her bad
Prior2Popular Před 6 dny
Still beyond disappointed Maleficent wasn’t a boss witch who could turn into a fire-breathing dragon that gets slain in an epic battle with the prince like in the original Disney movie.
wolf girl
wolf girl Před 6 dny
Don't y'all think it's funny that the when Aurora tried getting close to Maleficent, she doesn't let her, but when Maleficent was making sure 3 year old Aurora didn't fall of a cliff, Diavan was literally right next to her...
Sarah Tovey
Sarah Tovey Před 7 dny
Am I the only one who ships maleficent and diaval????
Britney Hemmings
Britney Hemmings Před 8 dny
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Hannah Trodden
Hannah Trodden Před 8 dny
Even if Maleficent did exclude herself from her own curse, the curse literally cancels itself out! "She will be loved by all who meet her!" and "Can only be awoken by true love's kiss!" muahahahahaha ... wait. So literally anyone who has met her will have the potential to save her? If anything the Dad screwed it all up by hiding her away from all of her potential saviors.
Dia B
Dia B Před 8 dny
Tanvi Vibhute
Tanvi Vibhute Před 10 dny
whats ubridge doing there shes evil than Malefiecent
Aurora Beasley
Aurora Beasley Před 11 dny
i just realised that the yellow fairy is one of the roommates from wild child
Karla Vanelys
Karla Vanelys Před 10 dny
omg i never noticed
GRACE CHENG Před 11 dny
iris appel
iris appel Před 11 dny
I was like: WOW, your so nice,...... but then you said poor kid .😫😣
Dora Vlogs
Dora Vlogs Před 11 dny
HOLD ON A SECOND Since when was Delores Umbridge in Maleficent😂?
Joanna Před 11 dny
And she's the PINK Pixie, out of all of them
Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee Před 11 dny
2:14 how did I not know umbridge from Harry Potter is in this
Will _Powers
Will _Powers Před 12 dny
So glad someone said it. Such a highly underrated and poorly reviewed film. I for one loved this flick and Maleficent is still my fav Disney villain.
Lecherous Librarian
Lecherous Librarian Před 12 dny
Dylan clearly has a fetish for fairies and elves and honestly, who can blame him?
Limit Break : Plus Ultra
Limit Break : Plus Ultra Před 12 dny
You know why people (I'm people) hate this movie?! Because Philip was one of 2 Disney princes who ACTUALLY DID ANYTHING. Man is supposed to fight a friggin dragon MANO E MANO. This movie turned him into a literal non entity. "Hi I'm Harry Styles!" Get outa here!
Sara Bahnam
Sara Bahnam Před 13 dny
stefan looks musty
WorthShades Před 14 dny
Malak Sheta
Malak Sheta Před 15 dny
I think the main reason this movie was hated on was because it 1) maleficent was a classic terrifying Disney villa and they distroyed that by making her a truly lovable 2) it destroyed the classic "happily ever after" sleeping beauty story By the way Unpopular opinion iam not a fan of sleeping beauty classic or Cinderella or all these cheesy cliche Disney movies
#Don'tKnowWhatToNameMyChannel Před 15 dny
Me coming to this after watch the Mistress of Evil video, any remember, MELEFICANT!
0x13horizon Před 16 dny
This movie is so wonderful as it explains so many plot holes of the original cartoon. In the cartoon Maleficent refers to the 3 fairies as "the rebels". There is no further hint as to what that meant the rest of the movie but this live action explains it PERFECTLY.
yuri ramirez
yuri ramirez Před 17 dny
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b. jadde
b. jadde Před 17 dny
So we’re not gonna talk about the fact that the lady that plays umbridge in Harry Potter is the red fairy- no? Ok
Subhadra Nair
Subhadra Nair Před 19 dny
I have a feeling that Dylan is the kind of person who doesn't shut up while watching a movie
Nova Gremory
Nova Gremory Před 19 dny
The whole movie portrays how powerful is the mother’s love
lizzy Rank
lizzy Rank Před 20 dny
So what happened in. between when maleficent was a child and an adult. The three godmothers didnt like humans and now they like them to the point of taking care-ish for years. Also always kill the enemy cause they comeback for blood
Meghan Perkins
Meghan Perkins Před 21 dnem
It kinda ruined the original villain of Maleficent which already was a fantastic archetypal character. The original story is a wary tale to not over protect your young daughter, else she becomes unprepared for the world and whatever malevolence she may face as an adult. That is why you should invite the evil queen to your child’s birthday party. Better to be introduced to malevolence at a young age and be guided through it with love and support than to be thrown out into the world “asleep” and naive to it. It’s an amazing story with such depth within it. Turning Maleficent into a sympathetic character cut against the point of the lesson being taught in the original tale.
Mischa Maas
Mischa Maas Před 21 dnem
6:48 🤣😂 I’M DEAD
Archie Sparrow
Archie Sparrow Před 21 dnem
"Is it Flynn Rider?" Dylan's so obsessed 😂😂😂
Queen_ Sea
Queen_ Sea Před 21 dnem
You see if she would have said “ this curse will last till the end of time, no power on earth can change it, except……..for mine.” This movie would have gone differently 😂Lol
Cessi makes
Cessi makes Před 22 dny
These peeps really like zooms huh
Madison Vartuli
Madison Vartuli Před 22 dny
Also DYLAN you know how you lose a limb it’s like that she can’t create wings because it was apart of her(also she gets them back).
Madison Vartuli
Madison Vartuli Před 22 dny
You know what king Stefan did he went to Maleficent knowing that she still loved him AND he was like ummm I’m going to regain your trust and kill you, oh wait i can’t kill you, oh I know I can take your wings knowing that you love them and let me tell you this DYLAN you don’t understand what it feels like to be trusted know that you are the one that is going to betray that trust knowing that if you do that it will destroy it forever!!
Oy Fuck off
Oy Fuck off Před 22 dny
Her wings bring her happiness and wings means everything to fairies tru some fairies don’t have wings but the other who do they cherish them and for maleficent case in the first movie she thought she was the last and only dark fairy and her wings I think reminds her of ppl the only thing that gives her joy was taken away from her her wings were like her family and yeah
u dont know me
u dont know me Před 23 dny
The lana del rey song is my favourite part
Oy Fuck off
Oy Fuck off Před 23 dny
She is not evil nor she is good she is just maleficent
Aoi Před 23 dny
I just realized we were fooled by the sleeping beauty movie to think that the fairies who helped aurora was fairies they were pixies
Aoi Před 22 dny
@Brandy Johnson i meant they made us think they were fairies but they were actually pixies
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson Před 22 dny
their pixies I don't remember the original being pixies
cooking time Khan
cooking time Khan Před 23 dny
(wait steff 'silent' steffiii) hahahhah😘🤣🤣
Eleanor McFaul
Eleanor McFaul Před 23 dny
I think The king Is the Villan Now
Lucy Nivison
Lucy Nivison Před 24 dny
12:56 yeah... You can only like this if you know what ‘minger’ means
rosé Před 24 dny
The fact that maleficent chose to make true love's kiss as the only way to break the curse because she doesn't believe its real after stefan betrayed her is so-
Juliette the pickle
Juliette the pickle Před 26 dny
꧁༺ Bailee Ferguson ༻꧂
꧁༺ Bailee Ferguson ༻꧂ Před 27 dny
I like this version better than the cartoon cause the cartoon to me felt short.
Shannon O'Gara
Shannon O'Gara Před 27 dny
Fun fact: The actress for the fairy in red is the actress who plays Professor Umbridge in OOTP
kevin the pigeon
kevin the pigeon Před 28 dny
Maleficent is kinda a bad bitch though. Like if sleeping beauty came out in 2021 instead of some time in the 1900s stan twitter would be obsessed with her lmao
Super Abi
Super Abi Před 28 dny
12:03 I mean imagine the only person you trusted cutting off both of your arms in your sleep- I would be pretty mad wouldn’t you? Lol
Peter Kitten
Peter Kitten Před 28 dny
Fun fact While filming they had to use Angelina Jolie real daughter, as none of the children liked the way that she looked
Natya Před 29 dny
Omg Umbridge.......
Annsley Givan
Annsley Givan Před měsícem
Me just sitting here loving that Dylan is loving this magnificent movie like: 6:14
lili ks
lili ks Před měsícem
i don' like the movie( i didn't rate it anywhere)because before it aired i was expecting a full fleshed villain , or at least a mostly villain character but this movie wants to push me to sympathize with her , to start hating aurora's father over bad plot (king philipp isa rapist now, pouf!), and worse it made me not care about Aurora . the movie gave me bad vibes... but i understand why others love it : - fans of angelina jolie - it's a fairytale - they love the outfits - they love those "drawing a villain disney character as a good guy" youtube videos ( me too but as long as they remain fanfic and don't become canon) - some people just like stories revolving around rape , even it's a disney movie , even if all subtlety is erased.
brandi3981 Před měsícem
that scream was emotional pain cause her wings were gone if it was physical she'd of woken up before he got the second wing screaming
brandi3981 Před měsícem
this was a movie theater release descendants was a series of tv movies MASSIVE difference in budget you'll never see angelina jolie in a D-com her salary is probably more than the full budget in a Disney Channel Original Movie
brandi3981 Před měsícem
well in the cartoon she turned into a dragon who she said had all the powers of hell to stop the prince she kidnapped from reaching the princess she cursed cause she wasn't invited to the christening stephan was the good king this is BASICALLY her side of the story cause prince phillip's kiss of true love wasn't was revived her
DragonGoddess18 Před měsícem
I love this movie too. For some reason, my mom won't watch because she hate Angelina Jolie and she won't tell me why
jelly guts
jelly guts Před měsícem
Lmao I didn’t even notice the zooms when I watched the movie but he made me crack up.
GalaxyKatJen Před měsícem
I would pay 1mil just to watch Dylan react to 1 video in person 😂
GalaxyKatJen Před měsícem
I loved this movie and I’m so sad it’s not on Tv and I can’t find it anywhere 🥺
Sammy ́s Storys
Sammy ́s Storys Před měsícem
I was hoping Diaval would be Prince Charming tho 😭
Margarita Pelaez
Margarita Pelaez Před měsícem
The bird is like the father figure
Just kye
Just kye Před měsícem
abbey jones
abbey jones Před měsícem
abbey jones
abbey jones Před měsícem
Celia Rod Jim
Celia Rod Jim Před měsícem
19:08 I won't get tired of dylan tempting the characters to commit murder haahhaha
L Teck
L Teck Před měsícem
i love that this moovie was not predictable to dylan (i mean the kiss part)
2020 is Crazy, man!
2020 is Crazy, man! Před měsícem
The reason why Stefan sent Arouca away as well as burning all of the spinning wheels was because that he felt that Maleficent would come after the kid but in actuality, Maleficent ended up raising his kid to be kind and everything Stefan was not since he wasn’t there to teach her that Maleficent was evil.
Ryder Schroeder-Theoret
Ryder Schroeder-Theoret Před měsícem
Racquel Lizzul
Racquel Lizzul Před měsícem
who knew that the pink pixie fairy was Umbridge from Harry Potter she's even still wearing the pink wow
RottenCandy Studios
RottenCandy Studios Před měsícem
finally, someone else who loves this movie!
Sashwathi Sriganesh
Sashwathi Sriganesh Před měsícem
This is the best Disney live action to me❤️
Jarah Smith
Jarah Smith Před měsícem
Maleficent isn’t even the villain she just wanted revenge on Stephan for taking her wings. Stephan is the real villain. I understand maleficents anger. Think of it like someone cutting off ur manhood. The thing that made u a man. That’s how maleficent felt when Stephan took her wings. Also because it was just to become king
Just Monika
Just Monika Před měsícem
Jeez ;-; your reaction is kinda annoying
M K Před měsícem
My favorite movie
moon glazer
moon glazer Před měsícem
istg dylan makes up the 50% of my happiness
Cool Kid
Cool Kid Před měsícem
Is it just me who saw the baby it was like that’s a big forehead
Tookie Před měsícem
Can we talk about her not being the villain, like she only tried to protect her people + her being drugged and tricked for no reason. She is innocent I don’t count her as a villain. 😔
Umji's Bangs
Umji's Bangs Před měsícem
I remember loving this movie
Brendon Solomon
Brendon Solomon Před měsícem
What is it with you and Flynn Rider
Wolf Blood
Wolf Blood Před měsícem
Your not very nice you you called somone poor and that isn’t friendly I’m unsubscribing
Lauren Rodger
Lauren Rodger Před 22 dny
Ok bye 5 year old
Cupid Sucks At Archery
Cupid Sucks At Archery Před měsícem
Lol. The child was a villain and he was just being funny and joking around. He knows what he's doing.
desiree kerpel
desiree kerpel Před měsícem
Dylan: stop the movie and shows the face of the pink fary me: OMG UMBRIDGE
Jesus Cortes
Jesus Cortes Před měsícem
Okay, I’m not saying who, but one of the replies in this comment section is basically a very long essay on why the Aladdin remake was better than the original. I can’t stop thinking about it. The guy is literally wrong on every single point he makes. He even mentions at one point that he also really like the JUMANJI reboot. I want to strangle something so bad right now. His reply makes me want to commit more crimes than usual. God help me
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone Před měsícem
The red fairy looks like Umbridge in Harry Potter
Chiara Lello
Chiara Lello Před měsícem
Wait isn’t one of the fairy godmothers played by the lady who played umbridge (umbitch)
Sabrina Grosina
Sabrina Grosina Před měsícem
dylan predicting deaths of children bc they are ugly lmao
Melissa Mulkeen
Melissa Mulkeen Před měsícem
Fun fact: The actress playing the pink fairy is also the one who plays Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter.
austin sylvester
austin sylvester Před měsícem
Delores Umbridge as a cgi fairy witch
jdogzero silverblade
jdogzero silverblade Před měsícem
no power on earth can stop the curse. she will be loved by all. both spells she casted backfired on her. she fell in love with the child because everyone means her too and she couldnt undo the spell after falling in love.
austin sylvester
austin sylvester Před měsícem
I think Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchet should narrate all the live action Disney remakes
STANQUEENB Před měsícem
lots loved the movie, rotten the media is just sad
Potato Lolita
Potato Lolita Před měsícem
I still watch this today Dylan is the best commentary channel ever fight me
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Před měsícem
We all love It when Dylan bullies kids for being poor
mLouied Před měsícem
WAIT WAS THAT PINK FAIRY UMBRIDGE FROM HARRY POTTER? that zoom in on her face made me realize that LOL
taegi ships
taegi ships Před měsícem
That kid is her daughter irl
zainab salim
zainab salim Před měsícem
well well well what is umbridge doing here
Jackal Ayuzawa
Jackal Ayuzawa Před měsícem
*Maleficent 2* is SO UNDERRATED
Dylan Is In Trouble
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