WHY DID THIS MOVIE MAKE ME CRY (Beauty and the Beast Commentary)

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Dylan Is In Trouble

Před 2 lety

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Dylan Is In Trouble
Dylan Is In Trouble Před 2 lety
*lots of hand gestures* GET MY FRIEND'S BOOK. I really want to be a dang movie star!! www.amazon.com/Dark-Glass-Alliance-Joanna-Hathaway/dp/0765396416
Star Lockhart
Star Lockhart Před měsícem
@Jasmine Houston Dylan come on!
Star Lockhart
Star Lockhart Před měsícem
@Jasmine Houston what!!!
Star Lockhart
Star Lockhart Před měsícem
@averie olin i’ve been dying to watch that movie!!!
Tik Tok Talents
Tik Tok Talents Před 4 měsíci
@Nina mine too
k i l l u a
k i l l u a Před 4 měsíci
that's my birthday
Hannah Z
Hannah Z Před 3 hodinami
Will forever be disappointed in the dress they chose for Belle in this movie
bob late
bob late Před 13 hodinami
Dylan be crying cause of the furniture and not the actual people
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před 20 hodinami
aw man i wanted to see Dylan’s reaction to the whole “belle and her dad used to live in Paris until a disease hit and the mom died so they left-“
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před 20 hodinami
the writers did say le fou wasn’t straight after the movie came out...but a lot of ppl didn’t notice that dance at the end cause if u blink u miss it
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před 20 hodinami
7:50 Dylan it’s the reprise 🧍‍♀️
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před 20 hodinami
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před 20 hodinami
u played kingdom hearts?! i love those games 💕 (if u haven’t played them in awhile u could do a commentary on them)
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před 20 hodinami
wait hold up...is the book like enemies to lovers? 👀
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před 20 hodinami
wait Dylan crying...at a movie???
Flurry-Jo Před 23 hodinami
The library owner should have been in a field. If you're smart, you will understand this comment.
Misty Mane
Misty Mane Před dnem
Dylan wants more romance scenes. This is me in every movie. I always want more romance in the Disney movies! :P
alex Před 2 dny
i cant even explain how obssesed i am over this channel love you!!
aholman 102
aholman 102 Před 4 dny
Belle to Philippe: "what happened?" Dylan: "ha she asks the horse as if it's gonna answer her" Literally the SILVERWARE, DRESSER, CANDELABRA, PIANO, CLOCK, COAT-HANGER, and the DUSTER talks in this movie I wouldn't think it is unrealistic for the horse to talk too lol
aholman 102
aholman 102 Před 4 dny
Philippe: *comes back to save Maurice* Dylan: "hOw DiD tHaT hApPen? iS tHaT a MaGiC hOrSe?" the beast who has a MAGIC SPELL on him: *....* all the inanimate objects in the castle that CAN TALK: *....* the enchantress who put a MAGIC SPELL on the beast: *....* Dylan lol a magic horse would probably be the most realistic thing in this story.
yolanda vizitiu
yolanda vizitiu Před 5 dny
watching someone react to the beauty and the beast story for the first time is so refreshing-especially bc it's dylan
Kylie Před 6 dny
Dylan during every disney movie: "I know everything I need to know from kingdom hearts" Also him: "I dont remember anything"
From v to u Vela
From v to u Vela Před 6 dny
Dylan can you pls do the movie murder mystery on Netflix
Nikki Cleveland
Nikki Cleveland Před 6 dny
this place is dusty as shit... can i come in? hahaha dead
wolf girl
wolf girl Před 6 dny
The reason they were so scared of the mirror was because they considered it witchcraft - something they were very afraid of.
Feria Sahlia
Feria Sahlia Před 6 dny
Dylan: "Who puts their butt out to a fire?" Me: "My grandpa.....:)"
Kristina Před 7 dny
Dylan: I forget these are musicals Me: It’s a DISNEY movie Dylan: Dose the monster kill the father! Me: It’s a DISNEY movie Dylan
Grace Porter
Grace Porter Před 7 dny
I was never really into the original beauty and the beast. But I like the twisted tails version where Belle's mother is the enchantress.
Alyssa Meraki
Alyssa Meraki Před 8 dny
Am I the only one who kind of liked Gaston in the beginning...?
Riahna Sidhu
Riahna Sidhu Před 8 dny
itsg ewan mcgregor as lumiere is my new religion
Sonja Ott
Sonja Ott Před 8 dny
Has anyone bought the book?
Julia Před 8 dny
Lawrence Frazier
Lawrence Frazier Před 8 dny
I see the movie it is so good and I’m In love With that Movie
Elly Anderson
Elly Anderson Před 8 dny
Frances Carrington
Frances Carrington Před 8 dny
Ngl a LOT of the questions Dylan asks when he does these videos I have the answer to. And I think other people do too but I can’t be bothered to answer all of them in the comment section but here’s one answer for one of the questions Chip is chipped because that’s the premise for his name not because he has a broken arm in real life. 🥀👍
Denise -
Denise - Před 9 dny
12:58 Dylan sounds like lafayette from true blood
Jennifer22 Před 9 dny
"Even beasts have urges" OMG, IM DEAD XDDD
A Robin Story
A Robin Story Před 9 dny
No recommendations allowed, I know, but since Dylan watched this in an opposite way to everyone else (he could barely remember the original so this is like his first contact with beauty and the beast), I'd be so interested in his perspective on the original, what with him not having that nostalgia factor to influence it. Can't help but notice a lot of the things he laughed at as ridiculous were film-only problems, like belle displaying the beast in the mirror. Just curious what his unique take on it would be!
Potato Lolita
Potato Lolita Před 10 dny
Hello still good in 2021
FaysalfromtheFuture Před 11 dny
Gravity Falls, watch please
Claire Danielle
Claire Danielle Před 11 dny
Minaminas CTFTLKHTTYDFan99 2.0
Minaminas CTFTLKHTTYDFan99 2.0 Před 11 dny
I honestly think the live action Beauty and the Beast film is underrated. Just my opinion.
Loki Lacaille
Loki Lacaille Před 11 dny
without glasses and with that Backstreet Boys haircut you look like such a fuckboy. Love the Nerdy Hipster look a lot better :'D
The Cavalier Panda
The Cavalier Panda Před 11 dny
Dylan: Who puts their arse to a fire? Me: 👀.......
Mr Panda
Mr Panda Před 12 dny
"Is it a musical??" Cmon dylan, every disney movie is a musical
Deathly Hallow
Deathly Hallow Před 12 dny
Makin’ clock’s and shit it’s actually a music box
Nargiz Amiri
Nargiz Amiri Před 13 dny
i watched this in theatres in 3D and i literally started tearing up when they were turning to objects too i dont even know whyyyyy
Nishita mandavi Mishra
Nishita mandavi Mishra Před 13 dny
plot twist: belle is a gold digger
Vannessa Takang
Vannessa Takang Před 13 dny
lmaoo dylan horses can kick forward too😂
Lucy M.
Lucy M. Před 14 dny
There gonna need a lot of prostetics and makeup right (Nervousr laugh) ? What do you mean no?! 🤣🤣🤣
lizzy Rank
lizzy Rank Před 15 dny
So I just realized, where do they get the food from? You tell me that without phones and it doesn't seem like mail people come by especially since they think its abandoned. A beast, plus moving furniture that they can get someone to come deep in to the woods with wolf's to deliver food to a place with no people?
Katarina Ernö
Katarina Ernö Před 16 dny
"Who puts their ass towards a fire" basically all women who are cold and have a fire nearby
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Před 16 dny
"Hello housekeeping This place is dusty as shit Can I come in?" IM ROLLING
yuri ramirez
yuri ramirez Před 16 dny
The complete broccoli acceptably grease because overcoat alternatively educate besides a oceanic softball. foregoing, splendid secure
K. B.
K. B. Před 17 dny
Lefou was Gaston's side chick and no one can convince me otherwise
Alucard99 Před 17 dny
Dylan: "I think the one thing that I would have done with this movie..." Let me finish your sentence I think the one thing that I would have done with this movie was NOT remake an instant classic with the many feels and slow time pacing of the characters emotions and decisions the animated version got right, instead of pacing in a millisecond to decide in this emotionless money making scheme this put on. Thus creating an ending where the witch was a complete goddamn psycho, punishing the servants with death if the beast doesn't fall in love, keeping families apart for many years altering the world, for what? To learn how to overcome prejudice coming down with beastly violence. Allowing Gaston to ruin things as she watches and does NOTHING. Secretly knowing doesn't making her an all knowing angel, it makes her a complete psychopath!
evilkitty2007 Před 17 dny
'how does belle earn her living?" *set in 1500s France* um.....
Landofsweet Před 19 dny
Hahaha the horse kicking the mud had me stumped too. Lol I have a horse that's not possible at all.
Alison Před 20 dny
I think this movie just confirms that Dylan is a horse girl
Lolli_Popples Před 20 dny
Just, the way Dylan's eyes light up at the prospect of the beast killing the father. Impeccable
equi Ana
equi Ana Před 22 dny
Wow she put out a candle... what kind of magick is this... Me "I didn't hear you say knox" 😂
Fiona HP
Fiona HP Před 23 dny
Dylan two years ago: cough=near to death Corona: 👀
saraya j.
saraya j. Před 24 dny
watching this video on feb 5th
Jimarie Anna Rivera Santiago
Jimarie Anna Rivera Santiago Před 24 dny
why was i dying when he said faleep
Helen Mesfun
Helen Mesfun Před 25 dny
The village so worried abt the beast meanwhile they all look musty... worry abt doing your laundry
Ruby Lillian Potter
Ruby Lillian Potter Před 26 dny
Whaaaa- I didn't know Dylan had feelings???
Rune Vancraywinkel
Rune Vancraywinkel Před 27 dny
If you listen to what Josh Gad's character is singing in the song 'Gaston' you just know it's the gayest thing haha
Rune Vancraywinkel
Rune Vancraywinkel Před 27 dny
pleaseeee watch the french beauty and the beast, that's my favorite one! It is the most beautiful and coolest tale ever
Hannah Eadie
Hannah Eadie Před 27 dny
Im so sad, because i got Belle in my year 6 production last hear but i wasn’t able to do it bc of stupid corona :(
Eva MallevaeyFieve
Eva MallevaeyFieve Před 27 dny
dylan; is that a pointy thumb me; no thats a glove
Kuzu Baa
Kuzu Baa Před 28 dny
I always hear Bella when they say Belle. What does Bella do for a living? Don't know, hunting and drinking animal's blood? Will she ever learn something and have a job? I really would like to know. Can't focus on THIS film, sorry.
Kamille Před 29 dny
Why is lumiere kinda fine tho
_Phantom_ Of_ _The_Oprea
_Phantom_ Of_ _The_Oprea Před měsícem
Pleunie Ruiters
Pleunie Ruiters Před měsícem
I just realised that the fairy person who changes the beast back is nanny McPhee😧
Pleunie Ruiters
Pleunie Ruiters Před měsícem
I just realised that the fairy person eho changes the beast back is nanny McPhee😧
AA - 08HJ 902302 Great Lakes PS
AA - 08HJ 902302 Great Lakes PS Před měsícem
the tail looks very dirty now that you've mentioned it
Jennifer Před měsícem
im definitely buying that book. imagine Dylan in a movie. he'll probs be critiquing everything 😂
brandi3981 Před měsícem
to be fair i think what scared everyone was the magic of the mirror being her proof more then omg the beast is gonna pop out of the mirror they see it via magic and now they know its around oh shit lets assume it's gonna come eat us
brandi3981 Před měsícem
that is not harry's owl he has a snowy owl that was a barn owl
brandi3981 Před měsícem
chip is a chipped teacup mrs potts his mother is the teapot
Alejandra Cid
Alejandra Cid Před měsícem
🎶 The Beast was in the friend zone ‘til he gave you his library 🎶
rOcKeY JiN JiN
rOcKeY JiN JiN Před měsícem
yasssssssssss my favorite princess
Susan Ayago
Susan Ayago Před měsícem
Belle’s father: your mother was fearless Dylan:🙂 Belle’s father: fearless Dylan: I heard you the first time Lmao
Mikey M :D
Mikey M :D Před měsícem
“For who could ever learn to love a beast?” People who are into monsters: *Cha Cha, real smooth*
Setayesh Farhadi
Setayesh Farhadi Před měsícem
But seriously though they could do alot better on belle's dress😶
Rayhana .A.Z
Rayhana .A.Z Před měsícem
“Never once affected y’all and you gonna go to his territory and kill it” hmm sounds like something the west would do lol
M a d d i e
M a d d i e Před měsícem
He called gaston gas 😂
itsMehBeella Před měsícem
dr mike and angel ganev had a child and this is the result.
April Moulton
April Moulton Před měsícem
did you notice that gaston's friend is the voice of olaf in frozen. so yea. josh gad.
N Sharma
N Sharma Před měsícem
Maybe could also Anastasia, Fox and the Hound, Brave and Swan Princess? Three are old and ones newish 🤔😅
Jericka Nicole Inte
Jericka Nicole Inte Před měsícem
Melissa Edwards
Melissa Edwards Před měsícem
Nobody: Dylan: GastEn, Le fooL, Philliper XD
Melissa Edwards
Melissa Edwards Před měsícem
I read the description of that book, it sounds like it would make a dope movie. I hope it becomes one.
The Void
The Void Před měsícem
Pronounce Gaston's name as Gastin one more time and you'll probably have a hoarde of angry Disney fans coming to murder you, you should probably hide
Rex King
Rex King Před měsícem
is he a slim jim
HaPpY_cloud mAh3890
HaPpY_cloud mAh3890 Před měsícem
“You’re a horse among men” I’m scarred 😂
HaPpY_cloud mAh3890
HaPpY_cloud mAh3890 Před měsícem
The dad: *says something nice* Dylan: Oh, is he gonna die? Yep. He’s too nice for this world. Belle: “be safe dad.” Dylan: yea he’s definitely gonna die
ConuGonzalez Před měsícem
"who puts their ass to the fire" me: "you have never been cold?"
ConuGonzalez Před měsícem
"who as a pointy thumb?! ... oh, it's a glove"
Exploding Mangos
Exploding Mangos Před měsícem
"I want them to have more romantic moments" honey just WAIT
Exploding Mangos
Exploding Mangos Před měsícem
Sir have you NEVER seen Beauty and the Beast?
Exploding Mangos
Exploding Mangos Před měsícem
Belle asked for a rose and Cinderella asked for the first branch his sleeve brushes against
Exploding Mangos
Exploding Mangos Před měsícem
You may know movies, but you do NOT have knowledge of musicals or disney movies lol
Elan E Clarke
Elan E Clarke Před měsícem
aye. aye. aye. aye. ayeayeyayeyaye
Audrey Před měsícem
People say Phillipe is not loyal but he went back to his house, got Belle and brought her back. He brought the person that could do something, if he was an idiot and stayed Belle would've never came to the castle and dad would be dead. Phillipe I like you, good horse.
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