Who Actually Knows Courtney Best?

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Před 12 dny

In this ultimate test of friendship, we’ll find out who ACTUALLY knows Courtney best!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
Keith Leak: keithleakjr
Olivia Sui: oliviasui
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Editor: Rockerline Coleman
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Jacqi Jones
Assistant Director: Garrett Palm
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
PA: Andrew Harmon
PA: Austin Barrett
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit Před 11 dny
¿ʎɐp ,slooɟ lᴉɹdɐ ʎɐs ǝuoǝɯos pᴉp
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Před dnem
My bosses at work and a CSpostsr named Robotrichie prank me.
Bianca Covino
Bianca Covino Před 4 dny
@Trashy same i could have sworn this was upside down the other day, relieved im sane
Trashy Před 7 dny
Thank god this comment proves I’m not crazy
Jack7 !
Jack7 ! Před 7 dny
Liliana Sabatier
Liliana Sabatier Před 8 dny
How do you do this
Nia Lassiter
Nia Lassiter Před 2 hodinami
Who else thinks Keith and Courtney would make a cute couple
ProAmateur Gaming
ProAmateur Gaming Před 3 hodinami
Courtney looks like someone threw pink powder on her
Isaac Outland
Isaac Outland Před 3 hodinami
I didn’t know that Courtney did comedy sportz! I love finding people who also do it!
Harris Mitchell
Harris Mitchell Před 7 hodinami
Can someone pls explain the “did Michael Jackson do it?” Joke
Sleepy Slugg
Sleepy Slugg Před 9 hodinami
Is no one gonna talk about how good Keith’s handwriting is?
Meizind Před 22 hodinami
"are you sure that's not Johnny" never gets old
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Před dnem
Do a challenge game show where you have 3 people at a table that buzz in similar to Jeopardy, and the question are based on the host's personality, and the winner gets a gift card. For example, if Shayne the host, the question should be about him and his personality, hobbies, and dislikes.
Sketchy Před dnem
16:50 Forgot to censor Keith's answer
WolfMan831 Před dnem
I feel like Courtney would kill Shane because that means Courtney Fricken Miller will never haunt her again.
Kev Dar
Kev Dar Před dnem
Felt so bad for Shayne with the FMK
Levi Bardoquillo
Levi Bardoquillo Před dnem
¿ʇᴉ sᴉ ɹo˙˙˙uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sᴉ ʇxǝʇ sᴉɥ┴
Bob Jim
Bob Jim Před dnem
So is the shartney ship just not a thing anymore?
bluegreen2809 Před dnem
this accurately proves that your best friend knows everything ACCEPT your favourite colour lmao
AvaPlayzROBLOC Před 2 dny
i ship courtney and olivia for life
Saron Aanders
Saron Aanders Před 2 dny
Safe answers 🙄
Amanda Karn
Amanda Karn Před 2 dny
Did you say totally queer???? Right here ✋✋✋ 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🤪
Eli Gregg
Eli Gregg Před 3 dny
Why did they talk about Jango in the past tense. Please somebody answer this😬😬😬
Yusuf Aditya
Yusuf Aditya Před 3 dny
14:35 this bit got dead bruh. porkchops my child..... 🤣🤣🤣
Fred Rainey
Fred Rainey Před 4 dny
i see the smosh crew like i see the funhaus crew there is not a member i don't like but man everytime Keith is in a video i have to watch cause i think deep down he's my favorite
Fred's Treads, LLC Lexington, KY
Fred's Treads, LLC Lexington, KY Před 4 dny
Me not have friends 🥲😔
Christina Case
Christina Case Před 4 dny
Shane knows her so well
JA9019 5
JA9019 5 Před 4 dny
She gives keith 2 points when he thinks the rainbow is a colour and then gives Shayne who said the actual colour since pink is a shade of red
Sean Hu
Sean Hu Před 4 dny
does anyone remember the burping episode in "the good doctor"
Fire Bot
Fire Bot Před 4 dny
16:50 they missed burling one XDD
Brady Beckley
Brady Beckley Před 4 dny
I made a prediction of what the FMK was going to be. F: Shayne M: Olivia K: Keith I will come back and later and see if I'm correct. Edit: Never got a straight answer, so this is just going to be the answer I'm assuming she had because I want to be right lol🤣🤣🤣
Annie Bee
Annie Bee Před 4 dny
Is she not flirting with Keith
Gold Award by Lauren
Gold Award by Lauren Před 5 dny
what was the answer to the last question
Kayoni pecina
Kayoni pecina Před 5 dny
did anyone notice that on the question " what do i do when im in a bad mood" his hair waved at us XD lol!
Sophie otoole
Sophie otoole Před 5 dny
I ship county and shane
Mya V.
Mya V. Před 5 dny
I’d love to see this type of video with other members of Smosh!
Baal Amar
Baal Amar Před 5 dny
Make the next one about Shayne With- Damien, Olivia, Courtney THIS WILL BE 💣
dinelka dananjaya1
dinelka dananjaya1 Před 6 dny
to be honest Shayne and Olivia were right on FMK Question😂😂
Michael Guerra
Michael Guerra Před 6 dny
I loved Keith's vibes
Nate Foltz
Nate Foltz Před 6 dny
Garret’s bear laugh in the background doh
Wasn't it dead bed wed😂😂😂
Oswald Buttery
Oswald Buttery Před 6 dny
I love Courtney’s hair recently 👌
The Majestic Manatee
The Majestic Manatee Před 6 dny
The difference in routine mostly has to do with gender differences and the gender beauty gap (women spend a lot more time, energy and money on beauty)
Colin Kniss
Colin Kniss Před 6 dny
16:50 they forgot to censor Keith’s board XD
Reosaurex Gaming
Reosaurex Gaming Před 6 dny
Actually hated the ending, how you gunna ask fmk then give the guy who didn't answer it the win?
Aurora Flores
Aurora Flores Před 6 dny
I can see now
Brandon Seligman
Brandon Seligman Před 6 dny
When olivia said "it's 11:11 make a wish" it was actually 11:11 when I was watching it
Axis Films
Axis Films Před 6 dny
That red & black Smosh logo is sus
nikki_bear Před 6 dny
I just came back to this video to tell how they changed it back cause it's no longer upside down and is was posted on April FOOLS and that's clever
Ritu Zoldyck
Ritu Zoldyck Před 6 dny
Wait Courtney is engaged to Keith??
Ritu Zoldyck
Ritu Zoldyck Před 5 dny
@Kelly Jokanovich ooooo
Kelly Jokanovich
Kelly Jokanovich Před 6 dny
They got engaged in a vlog a few years ago as a joke
Lilly Lapriore
Lilly Lapriore Před 6 dny
Gizela du Plessis
Gizela du Plessis Před 6 dny
Shayne and Courtney have both said they'd murder each other now
Hansi Kursch
Hansi Kursch Před 5 dny
No. Shayne said he'd kill Damien instead of her. Like he said, courtney is opposite of Damien.
Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon Před 6 dny
I really expected Olivia to win that 🤣
Julia Paloni
Julia Paloni Před 6 dny
Eat it or yeet it?
KingKol Před 6 dny
I’m surprise Courtney didn’t call the currency Courtney Coins😂
GoblinSlayer 9996
GoblinSlayer 9996 Před 6 dny
"she's like two face" you mean two pit? pa danch
Ofir Izhar
Ofir Izhar Před 6 dny
Shayne Bottomm
Droggone Před 6 dny
@GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios *laughs in commment*
GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios
GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios Před 6 dny
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 🤣 I laughed at that more than I should’ve
nomdeguerre2030 Před 6 dny
Omfg, Olivia is looking FANTASTIC! wtf?!
SS Red Umbra
SS Red Umbra Před 6 dny
Lmao on the FMK question I thought exactly the same as Shayne and Olivia 🤣
OhBoysPaintball Před 6 dny
Shayne Topp looks like Logan Paul and Cassidy Campbell’s love child....
LadyNightmare13 Před 6 dny
As long as Courtney is comfortable with it I think y'all should bring back the little skits of the diary entries 😅 Also 16:50 & 17:08 those "lazy editing" f bombs 😂😂
Addie Noble
Addie Noble Před 6 dny
I forgot that they are engaged!
Droggone Před 6 dny
miguel freeman
miguel freeman Před 6 dny
Wow Its Courtney's turn to ask.
Tatum Mae
Tatum Mae Před 7 dny
Inmydreamsimhunglikeabear 2
Inmydreamsimhunglikeabear 2 Před 7 dny
Kaz Před 7 dny
smosh pit more like mosh pit
Skid’ n Pump
Skid’ n Pump Před 7 dny
My first cat was also named Jango- hearing Courtney say that made me flinch- Did the dead rise and I steal it something like-
A Rot
A Rot Před 7 dny
Tell me why i was expecting someone to put stfu for the question about the bad mood and then thats what she said after 💀💀💀
21Chapters Před 7 dny
So Courtney is a Pisces lol
My only personality trait is One Direction
My only personality trait is One Direction Před 7 dny
Keith is literally adorable
Nolan Long
Nolan Long Před 7 dny
I want to see Courtney play Harley Quinn after the laugh at the beggining
diego rodriguez alvarado
diego rodriguez alvarado Před 7 dny
16:51 look at keith's board
Kenneth Hill
Kenneth Hill Před 7 dny
Um Keith, you HAVE to pick someone to "kill" in FMK, you can't just cop out and say "none"
Aidan Jinks
Aidan Jinks Před 7 dny
We love you Keith!!
Pickle Juice
Pickle Juice Před 7 dny
genuinely cant figure out whether that studio is full or whether its a crappy laugh track..
AJW 05
AJW 05 Před 7 dny
u guys are just trying to get some use out of the chips u bought :)
Chelsea Cheyanne
Chelsea Cheyanne Před 7 dny
I love how they so carefully blurred the f word the the entire section and then forgot at the very end.
Out Of Step
Out Of Step Před 7 dny
16:50 One of these white boards is not like the rest...
Heather and Don Mantush
Heather and Don Mantush Před 7 dny
first question burp lit my sister
SecretAgent Chris
SecretAgent Chris Před 7 dny
Is no one going to talk about the upside down text
Sasha Meldrum
Sasha Meldrum Před 7 dny
Yo wait SOMEONE REMIND ME WTF HAPPENED TO JANGO!!!!! They said JANGO WAS her baby.... where’s Jango???
Kyle Cueto
Kyle Cueto Před 7 dny
Did anyone else think of Code Lyoko when they heard Xanadu?
Robert Stine
Robert Stine Před 7 dny
Anyone else notice they forgot an blurred word at 16:50. Stood out like the bat signal to me.
Sil Kiv
Sil Kiv Před 7 dny
Wait wait wait, what's this about keith and courtney being technically engaged- I WANNA SEE
Allison Fields
Allison Fields Před 7 dny
Thought I was having a stroke
Xwerecat Před 7 dny
0:12, Lulu? Is that you?
Frank Ruballos
Frank Ruballos Před 7 dny
You are in Sam and cat
dc74156 Před 8 dny
That Upside Down Text WOW
Cactus Manhill
Cactus Manhill Před 8 dny
I miss when everyone thought Shane and Courtney should be together
HomeButtonGaming Před 8 dny
Keith got diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. Stay strong and get better, bro.
Empress Arcana & Her Tarot Storytelling Journey
Empress Arcana & Her Tarot Storytelling Journey Před 8 dny
Yay, here's to the Gemini club! 🙋✨
Elizabeth Mann
Elizabeth Mann Před 8 dny
14:30 "Was" my son? What happened to Jango?
Leafy Před 8 dny
Shayne Olivia Courtney Keith The first letter of their names spell SOCK
convict gamin
convict gamin Před 8 dny
Yall forgot to bleep one of the f words towards the end lmfao
joel quinn
joel quinn Před 8 dny
Courtney is so adorkable
Atk Uig
Atk Uig Před 8 dny
Courtney: " you saw the title~" Me: yes I did.... But did I understand it no ...no I didn't
Emmanuel J
Emmanuel J Před 8 dny
I love their relationship... 😍
Space Cow
Space Cow Před 8 dny
Courtney's hair is beautiful when it's pink
The Pigeon
The Pigeon Před 8 dny
Sad to hear Keith just got a tumor in his intestine, get well soon my man. My prayers are with you, Keith.
AgentFire -_-
AgentFire -_- Před 8 dny
Initially, I felt this video was targeted at Australians. It's the only youtube video to not be upside down.
Cheese AMOUGUS Před 8 dny
How do I get the Australian font?
Xrapzz Před 8 dny
14:58 shayne : ok Me: Matthew scott?
The cheese Burgering lord
The cheese Burgering lord Před 8 dny
Why did they spell colour without the u, this is..... Unacceptable
Soul Angela
Soul Angela Před 8 dny
I can't believe Courtney is going to marry her best friend, that's lovely
The Gaming Lord
The Gaming Lord Před 8 dny
Cocomelon will exceed
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