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Weird Amazon Movie Trailers
Cody Ko

Chase Bailey
Chase Bailey Před dnem
youve been watching too much drew gooden dog
yo boi Jerry
yo boi Jerry Před 2 dny
Hey Cody love your vids God bless you and follow Christ Jesus he loves you and plz don’t use his name in vein
Colton Jobes
Colton Jobes Před 2 dny
Actually Cody, the trailer makes perfect sense.
livalil Před 4 dny
bro it’s gotta be satire. there’s too much fucked up for it to be a genuine movie
livalil Před 4 dny
i think the white guy is the “white fox”
RSiRooR Před 4 dny
How could you skip over RollerGator? Great, there goes 20 bucks. Now I gotta buy it
Cooked_Makeup_ Jennifer
Cooked_Makeup_ Jennifer Před 4 dny
*Well, Cherie Johnson is in it! That's why it's $15. She's totally FAMOUS.*
Cooked_Makeup_ Jennifer
Cooked_Makeup_ Jennifer Před 4 dny
*This trailer reminds me of "Zack and Miri make a porno." Only with NO BUDGET.*
Mariah Fleming
Mariah Fleming Před 5 dny
did not expect to see talking cat here, if you're interested in that one, jontron has a video over it, and kurtis conner did twisted pair
Soumya Sathe
Soumya Sathe Před 5 dny
The second one was at least better than the first
Short Stakk
Short Stakk Před 6 dny
I love that the bbq gang leaders name is Bobby Q... nailed it
Rachel White
Rachel White Před 7 dny
ok caroushell was actually sick
Sarah Bosy
Sarah Bosy Před 7 dny
I was distracted by his super white teeth :0
Ghassan Filimban
Ghassan Filimban Před 8 dny
porn has better plot than this
Omnia A.
Omnia A. Před 10 dny
5:45 it’s mark✋🏽🙄
SYYNCEPTION 37 Před 11 dny
Not Cherie Johnson! Shes on a bunnch of shows from my childhood and I’m 😂😂😂
Bankrol Jayden
Bankrol Jayden Před 13 dny
Barbecue gang for life
Adam Manzi
Adam Manzi Před 14 dny
Cody really trying to be slick using that book as a tax deductible
Sami Duran
Sami Duran Před 16 dny
Cade Rosenkranz
Cade Rosenkranz Před 17 dny
is it bad i want to rent and watch this ?
ซอมบี้ Před 20 dny
this movie is my ADHD manifested into a movie
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra Před 20 dny
diamond cobra vs the white fox is bonkers. go watch the RedLetterMedia review
DoteeGeo Před 20 dny
I am sorry Cody Ko, but the Fox vs the Snake actually makes sense... perfect sense. You see, the characters have all been asked to be in a porno, and the movie is actually a documentary of the Brazzers dress rehearsal.
Thunder Před 20 dny
Gary's Review
Gary's Review Před 21 dnem
Caroushell looks like it would slap honestly. My kinda movie.
BabyI'mANightmare DressedLikeADayDream
BabyI'mANightmare DressedLikeADayDream Před 21 dnem
but but but but... the trailer made sense to me cause i went to law school ;)
attlas567 Před 21 dnem
is it weird that i want to watch "Butt Boy"? its looks like a legit good movie
lottie —
lottie — Před 21 dnem
i watched that and it was actually good 😭 it’s weird bc it’s so eerie but funny
John Fayard
John Fayard Před 21 dnem
andy Před 21 dnem
everyone asking for a new That’s Cringe video is missing whats right in front of their eyes: cody paid fifteen whole dollars for that trainwreck of a movie and we’re not even gonna get a reaction video out of it?
skrooge mc. Duck
skrooge mc. Duck Před 22 dny
The you don't have a charger girl gives me earl sweatshirt vibes
Rhia Bayer
Rhia Bayer Před 22 dny
We have the manatea diffuser too lmao
lexi claire
lexi claire Před 23 dny
i think this is my favorite video i’ve seen on youtube ever❤️
[blank] Před 24 dny
i mean does it need to makr sense? aren't there like 30 sharknado movies some of which entail time traveling sharknados in space and shit?
Mean Peen
Mean Peen Před 24 dny
Twisted pair hit different 😃🤚🏽
Jason Kameo
Jason Kameo Před 25 dny
The devastating realization of Cherie Johnson, the childhood star from Punky Brewster, is in Diamond Cobra Vs. The White Fox
adjoa Před 10 dny
i also recognized her as maxine from family matters. a tragedy.
Reverend Robert Parsimony
Reverend Robert Parsimony Před 25 dny
Angle Ambrose...
Yellow Mellow
Yellow Mellow Před 26 dny
React to the barbecue gang movie I forgot the name😂
ArduinoBen Před 26 dny
How are there that many people involved??
Who Knows
Who Knows Před 26 dny
Well it makes perfect sense to me but it might just be because I go to law school...
Stupid idiot
Stupid idiot Před 27 dny
I don’t appease you
kendrick thomas
kendrick thomas Před 27 dny
"Chicken feet, this is blue snowcone, come in-" *MACHETE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD*
Jordan Berke
Jordan Berke Před 29 dny
Alisha Rampersad
Alisha Rampersad Před 29 dny
Anyone else notice the Neil breen movie in the recommended section? Petition for Kurtis and Cody to collab
Livi Hoffman
Livi Hoffman Před měsícem
Livi Hoffman
Livi Hoffman Před měsícem
Cody and the detective literally have the same ear pierced with a ring... he's the detective but younger.
Jacob Lammering
Jacob Lammering Před měsícem
We not ganna talk about Chicken Feet as one of the dudes code names🤣🤣
Brookie cookie
Brookie cookie Před měsícem
Did anyone else notice the girl from family matters in the BBQ gang trailer?
basim mp4
basim mp4 Před měsícem
y there an echo
Julie F
Julie F Před měsícem
Isn’t Sheri Johnson (seen in two of f the trailers) from Family Matters?
Alex Fallot
Alex Fallot Před měsícem
So this is how red letter media find movies
Piccleface222 Před měsícem
No Cody of course this trailer makes sense, what do you mean? I go to law school and I’m a smart man... Wait, wait wait what? What does that mean?
gabehaven Před měsícem
Nah man that makes sense I go to law school. And I am a smart person person
Yours Not Truly
Yours Not Truly Před měsícem
dude yeah it does man yeah it makes sense total makes sense to me i'm genius i go law school
Ameen hcr2
Ameen hcr2 Před měsícem
LVBBoi Před měsícem
That guy in the Barbecue Gang is just chilling with his bros and I love him.
LVBBoi Před měsícem
Can't believe they got Johnny Cage in the Barbecue Gang.
Gr8sc0tt Před měsícem
Ngl, that last one sounded really interesting aside from the last bit and the title. A recovering alcoholic detective whose sponsor is the chief suspect in a murder case? But also he consumes his victims literally up the ass.....
Amir.Emadian Před měsícem
Love the 3 seconds of Mr.robot music at 14:19
eduardo mendoza
eduardo mendoza Před měsícem
Video starts at 4:00
Little Miss Fluffles
Little Miss Fluffles Před měsícem
I ended up watching Caroushell and Llamageddon with a friend before, and boy were they rough. They were soooo bad, but so fun to make fun of.
Bryson Cochran
Bryson Cochran Před měsícem
Yo isn’t that Laura’s friend in family matters
Androgynous Maggot
Androgynous Maggot Před měsícem
He really bought the movie? Madlad!!
mangew :3
mangew :3 Před měsícem
9:38 ahh I have one of those! It’s really fun but putting red tea in it looks like it’s bathing in blood which kinda scared me as a child
Abbie Catania
Abbie Catania Před měsícem
Please watch 'Llamageddon' it's the best thing I've ever seen.
Quentin Cappa
Quentin Cappa Před měsícem
Still no fat goatee Cody to honour the amazing, "butt boy"
First Last
First Last Před měsícem
I would suggest you check out the low budget monster movies. Best three hours of my life and every trailer ends with the destruction of a helicopter, plane, or boat.
Nicholas Simmons
Nicholas Simmons Před měsícem
I was thinking of frictionless then you pulled out the book lmaoooo
Wilder-Skylar Webb
Wilder-Skylar Webb Před měsícem
If you haven't seen this movie, comment viewer, please good god watch it. Absolutely life-changing. Everything my friend and I read about Deaundra hurt our brains. Fucking wild as hell.
Phoebe Spencer
Phoebe Spencer Před měsícem
I’m in agreeance with you
Anal Fissures
Anal Fissures Před měsícem
I have Fred manatee
Tommolotapus Před měsícem
Where do they keep that book in the library? The Non-Friction section? 😎
Mr. Miller
Mr. Miller Před měsícem
For real, the CarousHell trailer was awesome
gamble2709 Před měsícem
Cody. Please listen to me. CSposts movie Twisted Pair. Please
Expensive Taste
Expensive Taste Před měsícem
That one girl is from a 90s sitcom “family matters” n there’s another from like a Madea movie or something
sucks to suck
sucks to suck Před měsícem
I am in agreeial cody that this does not make sense
Mr boss dog7441
Mr boss dog7441 Před měsícem
you don't have a charger 7:20 8:12
Mega Stinky DooDoo
Mega Stinky DooDoo Před měsícem
This makes perfect sense. can’t explain the barbecue Gang is after me.
Undead Kraken
Undead Kraken Před měsícem
That trailer slamming
OverTheLine Comics
OverTheLine Comics Před měsícem
I think these people bought the props and made the films around them
Jasmine Re
Jasmine Re Před měsícem
Just noticed your hairy arms for the first time ever after literal years...
Big Boi
Big Boi Před měsícem
This video was made frictionlessly
Jackenape Před měsícem
Im they’re just making funny movies and ur being a hatter
Alexa Koz
Alexa Koz Před měsícem
Cody lmao. There are literally so many shot out mf’s and your videos keep me sane I swear 🤣 same mind.
LTGryphon Před měsícem
Wait is that Cherri Johnson from Punnky Brewster?
Jack DiGreg
Jack DiGreg Před měsícem
THEJTMAZZ Před měsícem
And you don’t have a charger 🔌
THEJTMAZZ Před měsícem
I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yoko French
Yoko French Před měsícem
plz react to who killed captain Alex
Kaija Mannie
Kaija Mannie Před měsícem
This is one pissed off unicorn😂😂. I died
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters Před měsícem
My second question was for me: Where was my stash of crack (JK)
Monti Korbelle
Monti Korbelle Před 2 měsíci
Yeah so I watched Diamond Cobra vs the White Fox and I promise you the trailer makes more sense than the actual film. There are probably dozens of subplots and they introduce a new character every other scene and the music is so loud that you can barely hear the dialogue at times, and the special effects are a mockery. The entire movie is a fever dream, and it's difficult to put into words how bad the movie is. There's just so much happening at once; there's no way to keep track of it all. It's hard to imagine the movie even making sense to the person who wrote the movie
Lillian Rose
Lillian Rose Před 2 měsíci
omgsh no way my roommate has that manatee tea infuser and i love it sm
Pearlyq22 Před 2 měsíci
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Před 2 měsíci
The one girl in that trailer is Maxine from Family Matters lol
Reno Před 2 měsíci
i get it and i go to law school
Saltboi Před 2 měsíci
The different times being because of what I’m guessing is a time machine and the plots all come together by the near end. The charger she had been asking about could have been for the time machine which would be important to the plot line.
Henry Zamore
Henry Zamore Před 2 měsíci
You gotta check out birdemic. Best trailer ever
jessica roos
jessica roos Před 2 měsíci
Not me getting an Amazon prime video ad 😂
Hus Před 2 měsíci
You should check out "This is the End" on Amazon. The min long one, not the Seth Rogen one.
Yawning Lion
Yawning Lion Před 2 měsíci
Fun fact. In second grade, inspired by Goosebumps, I wrote stories of my class and myself being tormented by "the barbecue ghost". Yes, that was his name. No, I don't know where I got it from either. Hearing "Barbecue Gang" gave me flashbacks, and the funniest part is that I think my second-grade self-insert fanfic was more coherent and well-written than the film.
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