We Try the World's Weirdest Pies (Eat It or Yeet It #15)

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Eat It or Yeet It is back, and this time we’re spinning the wheel and trying what may just be the world’s weirdest pies! Thanks, Garrett.
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit Před 3 měsíci
Zink Zoodles
Zink Zoodles Před 21 dnem
Thomas Berman
Thomas Berman Před 26 dny
Damian, who hurt you?
[Katsuki Bakugo]
[Katsuki Bakugo] Před 2 měsíci
Charlibaby Xcx I adore your pfp
J Ts
J Ts Před 2 měsíci
Should do a crossover episode with Sortedfood, Garrett working with the 2 chefs to make the food, Damie, Shayne and the Sorted boys eating from the wheel.
Gabby Bubbles
Gabby Bubbles Před 2 měsíci
Smosh Pit _D_ _i_ _e_ _d_
Jabberwocky Před 16 hodinami
Garrett is so cute. "I grew the basil myself" of course you did you beautiful nightmare goblin boy
Sectr Reptile
Sectr Reptile Před 2 dny
that bug pie is hardest one omg love it 👌
Grand_Admiral_ Henrich
Grand_Admiral_ Henrich Před 4 dny
Top 3 favorite eat it or yeet it meals: bug pie from this episode. Cookie thing looking like dog s***. And who cant forget "burger..... but cold"
TatoTimez Před 5 dny
ok damien desperately wanting to eat the pies he doesn't get is hilarious
Phil Luttrell
Phil Luttrell Před 5 dny
Garrett.... is like evil lol
Fitz Před 5 dny
I love that embarrassed Garrett becomes a turtle
Pandagurl364 Před 6 dny
Damien looks nice in yellow
K M Před 6 dny
Props to Jackie for even getting the bug in her mouth.. I didn't think she had it in her
Chynna Alexa Monte
Chynna Alexa Monte Před 7 dny
Everyone’s hair looks like they were born in different eras. And I’m living for it🥰
Lia Booth
Lia Booth Před 9 dny
15:15 what a queen
Phoebe Humble
Phoebe Humble Před 9 dny
Who else likes pie😌👇🏻
Cassius King
Cassius King Před 12 dny
I'm the third dude who watched pushing daisies...lol
C2DAJAY Před 14 dny
“I can’t believe it’s JUST butter.” Is an underrated Shane quote
Buhhrinaa Před 14 dny
I almost threw up for the first time watching this series when she had to eat the bug pie. 🤢🤢🤢 That was diabolical Garrett.
Leslie Zapata
Leslie Zapata Před 15 dny
I think they should do pizza rolls next!!!
AIR 666
AIR 666 Před 16 dny
Christopher Bartko
Christopher Bartko Před 20 dny
Oh my God, pushing daisies reference... I love mah boys ❤
Ashlynn Moon
Ashlynn Moon Před 21 dnem
BEHOLD THE QUEEN, Jackie. Who ate bug pie.
Ashlynn Moon
Ashlynn Moon Před 21 dnem
And then behold the king, who ate the bug for jackie
Ashlynn Moon
Ashlynn Moon Před 21 dnem
Damien just staring at the pies wistfully and sadly because he cant eat them is just gold
aviaryforever Před 21 dnem
PUSHING DAISIES REFERENCE YESSS I loveeee Lee Pace- no wonder Shayne and Damien feel like kindred spirits
ian Před 22 dny
its the sims building menu music for me
Aaron Cherry
Aaron Cherry Před 22 dny
8:05 the shade
Landon Garit
Landon Garit Před 23 dny
Cant hold hand because of COVID but your are not even 6 foot part
BoB Před 24 dny
I only just came to the realisation that Garrett looks like if you were to combine Onision with David Tennant
Yolanda Perez
Yolanda Perez Před 25 dny
When Jackie screamed "COVID!" I felt that 😂😭
Kenny Guy
Kenny Guy Před 26 dny
whomever it landed on should've been safe... that's a lot of pie for one person to take a single bite.... seems silly
yurxr Před 26 dny
Jackie, "im gunna eat it bc im not a little bitch." Also jackie 10:50
VenomPro360 Před 27 dny
Did Jackie first appear on eat it or yeet it
Abby Agustin
Abby Agustin Před 27 dny
10:34 No one: Literally no one: Jackie: COVIIDD!! COOVVIIIDDDDD!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
EmmyblackbloodedQueen Před 27 dny
I love Jackie's face expressions so much lol
Phillip Tritz
Phillip Tritz Před měsícem
Anyone who doesn’t like Jackie for being extra must not like Tommy, shayne or Courtney
Kyle Waller
Kyle Waller Před měsícem
Go back to where everyone has to eat something! :-)
Kyle Waller
Kyle Waller Před měsícem
I loved Pushing Daisies!!!
Michael Delarosa
Michael Delarosa Před měsícem
bagel boppity
bagel boppity Před měsícem
Shayne looks like he's got some kind of eye makeup going on, but I'm not complaining.
Lonely Little Wolfie
Lonely Little Wolfie Před měsícem
"ARE YOU HURTING GARRETT?!?" Jackie is savage
JJ T Před měsícem
Imagine being vegan on this channel
Jack Garity
Jack Garity Před měsícem
@smosh yall should make one where only Garrett eats and everyone makes the worst possible dish they can jus for pay back
Amber Glow
Amber Glow Před měsícem
I’m so glad Jackie’s with Smosh! She’s hilarious, she’s gorgeous, and she ain’t a scaredy-cat! 🙌🤘
Kimberly Anne C. Ibarra
Kimberly Anne C. Ibarra Před měsícem
Can we just acknowledge Damien giving big bro energy 💕
Rose Quinzel
Rose Quinzel Před měsícem
I fucking loved pushing Dasies & I love Damian & Shane even more now
chefjess1234 mythical beast
chefjess1234 mythical beast Před měsícem
Time to get Rhett and Link on here...please🙏😁
Justin Gold
Justin Gold Před měsícem
The glare Jackie gave, that's the "I'm coming for you."
Sydney Mitrecic
Sydney Mitrecic Před měsícem
Garrett is adorable and terrifying
Morene Firewolf
Morene Firewolf Před měsícem
Shayne every round. It's landing on me. PTSD
Lady Death
Lady Death Před měsícem
Pushing daisies is one of my fave shows lol
Germarie Cartagena
Germarie Cartagena Před měsícem
Sorry if I spell her name but Courtney’s outfit looks AMAZING on her❤️
Dylan Denney
Dylan Denney Před měsícem
Jackie is so goddamn annoying
blueberries Před měsícem
Kaitlyn Baptiste
Kaitlyn Baptiste Před měsícem
okay but damien is even s w e e t e r in this video
Kaitlyn Baptiste
Kaitlyn Baptiste Před měsícem
i grew the basil myself 🥺
Kaitlyn Baptiste
Kaitlyn Baptiste Před měsícem
okay but why is no one talking about @4:20
Gabriel Ceja
Gabriel Ceja Před měsícem
Things they do foe views 10:36
Sven Wolfstrom
Sven Wolfstrom Před měsícem
Press 'F' to pay respects to the beatles that gave their lives to become an extra icky pie
Mafia Rat Jr
Mafia Rat Jr Před měsícem
Jackie trying to hold Damien's hand was so wholesome oh my god-
its_marvelous _mia
its_marvelous _mia Před měsícem
I just saw that this came out on my birthday this year and I was sick in bed all day so omg what if this cursed my birthday
Joseph Rafiq
Joseph Rafiq Před měsícem
from the maker of "burger but cold".......
FrostyRPGT Před měsícem
Honestly, Damien liking everything is annoying as fuck.
Tetra Byte
Tetra Byte Před měsícem
Still waiting on that mayonnaise pie.
Jason LoVallo
Jason LoVallo Před měsícem
Shayne with the "pink guy" impression lol
Hooha Heeha
Hooha Heeha Před měsícem
This entire video is just Damien going "I wanna eat that" and "I dont wanna eat that"
Hanna Johnson
Hanna Johnson Před měsícem
So aren’t people animals so OMG bug are animals so Jackie is a cannibal.... I’m scared
Mafia Rat Jr
Mafia Rat Jr Před měsícem
Shane's "But what if its good?" during Jackie's bug pie sent me.
Elijah Mcclenahan
Elijah Mcclenahan Před měsícem
Garrett: how can I try and force shayne to eat every bite without it seeming like it. Ah yes. The wheel. We shall bring in the wheel of food punishment. Enjoy shayne. *maniacal laugh*
MrRavenHollywood Před měsícem
Make a bunch of the worst dishes, and put them around the spinner, and Garrett gets to eat which ever the spinner lands on.🤣
rickenbacker40011 Před měsícem
Every single “contestant” has a 4 letter last name woww
Das Coo
Das Coo Před měsícem
keith and court are flaming garbage, literally flaming garbage
blueberries Před měsícem
How so
M Fikri Nadhif
M Fikri Nadhif Před měsícem
suggestion on the game system to add when the same person got choose twice they can pick a person to eat with
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Před měsícem
As I said, the Garret cam needs to bo it's own youtube channel!
sarah sweet
sarah sweet Před měsícem
I adore Jackie so much. She's hilarious.
Trippy Skillets
Trippy Skillets Před měsícem
Is Damian secretly a pregnant woman??? He's always so excited for the weirdest foods.
GameyScorpio Před měsícem
It's funny how the Smosh crew make a big deal about beetles on a pie, while Rhett and Link eat pig anus, fish eyeballs, blood, balut, cow bile pie, etc.
bibliofanatic Před měsícem
Poor Jackie. What a trooper.
Puppet Master
Puppet Master Před měsícem
I didn't understand any thing I think I had a stroke during the whole video
Lillian Stigers
Lillian Stigers Před měsícem
I'm sooooo glad that Shane brought pushing daisies that was such a good show.
Dakota Dad
Dakota Dad Před měsícem
“Alright well do you want to know what was in the pie you just ate?” “Nah I’m good”
Dakota Dad
Dakota Dad Před měsícem
Paper cuts are a conspiracy theory
ZaneofAustin Před měsícem
next episode damien exclusive
Jocy Betta
Jocy Betta Před měsícem
So like does Damien not like Jackie lo
David KDM Tundra
David KDM Tundra Před měsícem
"sorry to insult the maker of "burger, but cold"!"
S W Před měsícem
Akira Sewgambar
Akira Sewgambar Před měsícem
Omg I thought I imagined watching Pushing daisies
Left4DeadFanatic Před měsícem
3:17 "It's just budder" I lost it.
Jade Jeppsen
Jade Jeppsen Před měsícem
I love that Keith is like "That looks disgusting, let me try it" 😂
BrothersmokeGaming Před měsícem
Why is Keith looking like the funkalicios afro man?
I LUV DONUTZ Před měsícem
7:30 “It’s just a salty ass bottom” Hehe that’s me
ThePyroGamer4 Před měsícem
Legit you should rig the wheel so it always lands on the same person
Trenton Randall
Trenton Randall Před měsícem
When she said “it’s a salty ass bottom,” I was waiting on Tommy to screech, “Same, sis!”
Papa Carson
Papa Carson Před 2 měsíci
8:10 I hope everyone find this as HILARIOUS as I do, I literally started crying and wheezing, which usually isn’t good but it was rn
Īmpåštå Před 2 měsíci
Ok sorry if I spell something g wrong but Dameon is like Grell, and the food is Sebastian if you know, you know Like if you understand, only true fans will
The christian embassy
The christian embassy Před 2 měsíci
The 80s called they want Keith’s hair and glasses
FISSLE MuShizzle
FISSLE MuShizzle Před 2 měsíci
I love Jackie! What a great addition to the show!
Mike Du Pont
Mike Du Pont Před 2 měsíci
I feel like if they do the wheel, then at the last round, those that haven’t eaten anything have to share the last dish.
Mike Sweeney
Mike Sweeney Před 2 měsíci
is it just me or does jackie look like a female Drake...
Zarayviaa Zarawa
Zarayviaa Zarawa Před 2 měsíci
Why is Garrett so cute
Poka Cake
Poka Cake Před 2 měsíci
I was jealous of Jackie. I wanted to eat the bug pir
Poka Cake
Poka Cake Před 2 měsíci
Andrew Schohl
Andrew Schohl Před 2 měsíci
That face at 13:19 will forever be in my mind
Scott Young
Scott Young Před 2 měsíci
Jackie was screaming COVID when she reached her hand out for Damian
starlight1789 Před 2 měsíci
Shayne is somehow even sexier with the longer hair
Xavier Před 2 měsíci
“You were the other dude that watched that show?!” HILARIOUS comedy wittiness at its finest
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