We gave history presentations while drunk... ft. jschlatt

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We invited jschlatt to join us and give history presentations, this is how it went.
➭jschlatt: jschlatt
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Joseph Feliciano
Joseph Feliciano Před hodinou
ngl i was actually interested on schlatt's presentation lol
Raven Thesing
Raven Thesing Před 6 hodinami
15:33 my fav part
Silent Asmodeus
Silent Asmodeus Před 9 hodinami
Kacey sprinting back to her computer: are we talking shit about minx?!
ToeSucker24 Před 2 dny
shlatt wouldve stayed for the pink hair minx
Dikbutt Magee
Dikbutt Magee Před 3 dny
Now the question is, is that THE pink wig?🤔
Slater 360
Slater 360 Před 3 dny
I'm only here for jschlatt
Aiden French
Aiden French Před 4 dny
Im doing this kind of a presentation in school rn
Tade Subaru
Tade Subaru Před 5 dny
Modern drunk history
Grayson Fletcher
Grayson Fletcher Před 6 dny
Skyrim map
Jordan Suks
Jordan Suks Před 6 dny
I was just watching a Weekly Slap video where Schlatt said something along the lines of “ and I’m not telling you to go around the square flaunting a fuckin plague doctors mask or some thing” then I watched this video
Giant Dad
Giant Dad Před 6 dny
i would like to know Schlatt's personal opinion on the beginning of life on earth, i feel like hes someone i could get into a lengthy coversation with about the sort of subject
Benji Benji
Benji Benji Před 6 dny
imagine not being romain catholic, the only way to worship god under christianity
Benji Benji
Benji Benji Před 6 dny
the girl to the top left seems like she’s so mad shclatt didn’t dress up
Meme Dealer420
Meme Dealer420 Před 6 dny
"They were all old racists" *Literally Abraham Lincoln*
Meme Dealer420
Meme Dealer420 Před 3 dny
@ajnr6 Lincoln believed that American democracy meant equal rights and equality of opportunity. But he drew a line between basic natural rights such as freedom from slavery and political and civil rights like voting. He believed it was up to the states to decide who should exercise these rights. Source: www.crf-usa.org/bill-of-rights-in-action/bria-22-4-b-slavery-civil-war-and-democracy-what-did-lincoln-believe.html#:~:text=Lincoln%20believed%20that%20American%20democracy,who%20should%20exercise%20these%20rights. As I said, he wasn't a racist. You're purposefully mischaracterizing him to push a narrative. Abraham Lincoln had done more to help the black community than any other human being ever (maybe with the exception of MLK and the civil rights movement, but considering the fact that Abraham Lincoln paved the way for that by actually abolishing slavery, you could still say he did the most.)
ajnr6 Před 3 dny
@Meme Dealer420 not a mischaracterization, the man was racist
Meme Dealer420
Meme Dealer420 Před 3 dny
@ajnr6 That's a mischaracterization. Abraham Lincoln did believe that black people should have the same rights as white people, he just held off from guaranteeing them their rights to prevent another uprising in the south.
ajnr6 Před 4 dny
abraham lincoln was still racist. he may have abolished slavery but he still didn't believe that black people should have the same rights as white people
Bree The Tree
Bree The Tree Před 7 dny
Dear future self: 7:29
AngryMilk_Chan Před 7 dny
Tit starter already exists not by that name but that’s seriously a thing where guys pay for girls to get new tits
Geazy Breezy
Geazy Breezy Před 7 dny
This seems like any zoom class trying to present something
Maryanne Dzvonik
Maryanne Dzvonik Před 7 dny
Low-key annoyed that they keep on interrupting his presentation. I'm actually learning something
Dolphinman 300
Dolphinman 300 Před 7 dny
How come nobody mentions how Thomas Jefferson was one of the few advocates for abolishing slavery. In the original declaration he had made a whole part of it but it got removed so others would still support it. I mean obviously he wasn’t great considering he could’ve freed all his slaves or actively done anything but Washington and other founding fathers were way more racist than he was.
Meme Dealer420
Meme Dealer420 Před 6 dny
@Dolphinman 300 I don't even think he was racist, or white supremacist per say. I also think he truly did believe that slavery was bad. It's okay to believe that, but also acknowledge that he was indeed hypocritical for owning slaves.
Dolphinman 300
Dolphinman 300 Před 6 dny
@Meme Dealer420 but he did write a version of the declaration advocating for abolishing slavery, he clearly didn’t care much about having slaves but he did want to gradually get rid of the system. All I’m saying is he’s better than other people at the time and I don’t think he actually had a sense of superiority like most racists do
Meme Dealer420
Meme Dealer420 Před 6 dny
Thomas Jefferson is one of the worst examples of someone that was anti-slavery. The majority of the founding fathers were anti-slavery, surprisingly. A better example of a non-racist founding father is John Adams. He never owned a slave, and regularly condemned slavery. His son, John Quincy Adams was also a fierce abolitionist. Also: Washington was [probably] a lot less racist than Jefferson, considering he actually freed the slaves he owned upon dying.
soukie. Před 8 dny
17:15 Simon is like 8-16 years old lmfao
Kenzie l Grace
Kenzie l Grace Před 8 dny
“They were all rascist” Alexander hamilton- 👁👄👁
BLI Beats
BLI Beats Před 9 dny
he shouldve talked about what happened in 1999...
A Literal Lamp
A Literal Lamp Před 9 dny
The plague doctor mask stays on
Adrian Canete
Adrian Canete Před 9 dny
I'm only here for schlatt
Lily Elkings
Lily Elkings Před 9 dny
”the plaque mask is blocking your tits” jShlatt 2020
kenzie acacia
kenzie acacia Před 9 dny
Why does Jschlatt sound smart wtf
Sylvanus4296 Před 10 dny
What dont you like about the patriarchy lol about to debate
Maxi me
Maxi me Před 10 dny
minx is pretty tbh
Samuel Phillips
Samuel Phillips Před 10 dny
America was built on slavery
Samuel Phillips
Samuel Phillips Před 6 dny
@Meme Dealer420 exactly
Meme Dealer420
Meme Dealer420 Před 6 dny
That's like saying the Roman Empire was built on slavery, or the Ghana Empire was built on slavery, or South Africa was built on slavery, or the Ottoman Empire was built on slavery, or China was built on slavery, or all of the UK was built on slavery, or Brazil was built on slavery, or Columbia was built on slavery, or literally any African country was built on slavery. I can keep going.
Frosty Bean
Frosty Bean Před 10 dny
Did they really say it’s fine she’s friends w Snoop Dogg?💀
SlendyMusicProductions SMP
SlendyMusicProductions SMP Před 10 dny
My thoughts, the founding fathers were racists true. The issue was back in that day everyone was so it was normal. Racists only started to vanish in the 1920's
yoseline pena
yoseline pena Před 11 dny
Schlatt and minx...real or not real... I FUCK WITH IT
jivel dyhaeris
jivel dyhaeris Před 12 dny
4:27 what did kacey say? Pls someone tell me, English is my second language and it's been a while since I encountered a word I didn't know ;-;
Blue Před 9 dny
@jivel dyhaeris of course no problem! :)
jivel dyhaeris
jivel dyhaeris Před 9 dny
@Blue ooooh no wonder I didn't get it lull, thanks! :)
Blue Před 9 dny
She said "Are those Mike and Ike's?"
diego lopez
diego lopez Před 12 dny
I'd lose my shit if I had to go through this, respect to schlatt for having a cool head
diego lopez
diego lopez Před 11 dny
@Hmm yea I know but it's funny because it's like watching toddlers poke at the babysitter
Hmm Před 12 dny
Bruh he’s literally their friend...he comes onto the stream because he wants to hang out with them.
Duuv Před 12 dny
17:45 Minx prophet.
Trumperino Před 12 dny
Jesus Christ, who rolled those poor ass joints. At least get prerolls if you cant roll
Meme Dealer420
Meme Dealer420 Před 6 dny
Seriously. I haven't smoked in a while, and it pissed me off.
Shadilay Warrior
Shadilay Warrior Před 13 dny
Wouldn't be surprised if the chick in the top left had blue hair under that wig
Shadilay Warrior
Shadilay Warrior Před 13 dny
these girls have the maturity of a teenage boy in the angstiest of years.
Rex Davies
Rex Davies Před 13 dny
They're not drunk
Jonah Sammon
Jonah Sammon Před 14 dny
The stream didn’t start until Schlatt joined
Vinnie TheTrashPanda
Vinnie TheTrashPanda Před 15 dny
bruh i'm not a fan of how that chick was talking about minx
Cindy Juntunen
Cindy Juntunen Před 15 dny
Jschlatts presentation were actually interesting ngl
Robert Williamson
Robert Williamson Před 16 dny
I've been in Schlatt's shoes so many times before
rocky Před 12 dny
was it annoying ? ngl this situation seems fun
Sarah Farid
Sarah Farid Před 16 dny
To the person who kept moving the camera views: STOP IT....JUST STOP ITTTTTTTTTT
Robert Bowman
Robert Bowman Před 17 dny
Margaret thatcher is dead
KevvEh Před 19 dny
I agree with Shclatt
Junito Master
Junito Master Před 21 dnem
Kacey looked soo disapointed of schlatt when he came without a costume
Alex 44x
Alex 44x Před 22 dny
I will be using Schlatts presentation as a base for all my future projects. It was well put together
Quinciee Před 24 dny
“Don’t tell her” “ I won’t tell her” Kacey : “I’ll tell her “
MiName Jeff
MiName Jeff Před 24 dny
Whats this? 6th grade?
FelixResili Před 24 dny
Their fathers must be so disappointed..
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Před 16 dny
Yeah they must be, geez.
Miguel Před 25 dny
is the one on the bottom in the beginning a guy ?
Rachel Dolezal
Rachel Dolezal Před 26 dny
Why does that chick laugh like Ludwig. They actually have the exact same laugh.
Alexandre Pelletier
Alexandre Pelletier Před 27 dny
Qt looks like james charles
Isaiah Townes
Isaiah Townes Před 27 dny
Lmao they all think he’s mad because of his intimidating stature
Ethan Před 27 dny
schlatt wasnt joking with the soup
Laura Santos
Laura Santos Před 27 dny
Why Schlatt looks like the Gay Friend that got invited so they could talk about Boys
Diogenes Před 28 dny
The stupidity in this is astonishing
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Před 16 dny
I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Před 28 dny
15:45 me going to heat up pizza rolls at 1 am after taking a fat steamy shit
monsterized Před 28 dny
hey schlagg i’m stealing your presentation’s points for my presentation in highschool
PiggyMan156 Před 29 dny
“We’re trying to destroy Mount Rushmore because They were all old racists” *shows Abraham Lincoln*
logan s
logan s Před 14 dny
he was indeed an old racist.
aly marshall
aly marshall Před 29 dny
so if i have to do a presentation on this i could just use this presentation... or at least paraphrase
starsforjan !
starsforjan ! Před 29 dny
schlatt is like.......what the fuck
Bigboi Eski
Bigboi Eski Před 29 dny
Btw it gets cringe at 19:15 thank me later
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Před 16 dny
The cringe starts at 0:01 actually
tine kese
tine kese Před 29 dny
is it just me or does that girl thats smoking weed not know how to inhale. I must admit tho thats one fat joint. I mean dont get me wrong i like a stoner chick but that shiz dont look right
Clumsy Xd
Clumsy Xd Před 29 dny
Top left girl You scare me
sixtoe wolf
sixtoe wolf Před měsícem
This video should be titled three privileged spoiled brats get schooled by a drunken ass hole in a wig
StayPlay Před měsícem
Actually I am would react just as Schlatt while in this convo. Also: how can you say that he is lying about the theory in the beginning, when it is being taught in middle school? At least in my country.
tornfeather1 Před měsícem
Jack Bridges
Jack Bridges Před měsícem
22:45 Ludwig!
smol buns
smol buns Před měsícem
Kacey looks awesome though
Alex Santoro
Alex Santoro Před měsícem
The amount of inaccuracies in this annoyed the hell out of me too
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Před měsícem
Is that the girl from the hex girls?
Nujojis Před měsícem
When the gay guy is invited to the girl sleepover
Baba Booey
Baba Booey Před měsícem
This is awful. Bored schlatt was more interesting
Cj Pulver
Cj Pulver Před měsícem
this is actual comedy
x.e Před měsícem
2 women 1 jschlatt and 1 irish person
Coteh Před měsícem
The word racist wasn’t invented until the 1930s so that means the founding fathers couldn’t be racist, they were just based
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Před 16 dny
Based founding fathers, heck yeah
Sophie Tommerdahl
Sophie Tommerdahl Před měsícem
¨ SOOT ¨ was so waiting for her to go ¨ LIKE WILBUR ¨
LowResolution Před měsícem
"you wouldn't know what a fat cock looks like" Jschlatt: *W H E E Z E*
thatguy22sam Před měsícem
Bruh everyone was racist back then
Amos Před měsícem
JSchlatt had to do just 3 things and he did none of them. He did not dress up, he did not get drunk, and he did not give a historical presentation. What he presented was pre-historic. My man just does what he fuckin wants I guess.
Trikkster Před měsícem
The foreshadowing by QT at 15:33 is crazy
Bean Simmons
Bean Simmons Před měsícem
23:40 Ludwig POV if no one else is going to take the easy shot, then I will
Ishanator Před měsícem
I’m definitely dumber for this
Andrew Wooldridge
Andrew Wooldridge Před měsícem
Only two genuine ppl in this game
YaBroski Před měsícem
There is one funny person among us
The Ark
The Ark Před měsícem
If she represents America now wonder it’s ugly
GraymoreGaming Před měsícem
is kaceytron just braindead?
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Před 16 dny
Real Kirby
Real Kirby Před měsícem
let the man talk
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett Před měsícem
Didn’t Abraham Lincoln... abolish slavery?😂
TheMorbidHobo Před měsícem
The most basic bitch opinions. I really hope it's fascious.
Ai Před měsícem
oh myfucking gosh QT.................
David Gopaul
David Gopaul Před měsícem
Good thing these girls have some looks other they would be canceled for their shit they talk
Oompa Loopa
Oompa Loopa Před měsícem
They don’t say anything cancelled able lmao
Marshall Toby
Marshall Toby Před měsícem
oh my gosh, this was the presentation schlatt was talking about in that public speaking video on the weekly slap
The Mayor
The Mayor Před měsícem
Who dat sexy woman on the left of the thumbnail.
Wired_Lain Před měsícem
I just want a man to say my rack looks baller, y'know?
DUDE Před měsícem
TOPLEFT girl has the most shitty rolled joint ever
Voyded Před měsícem
This is lowkey god content. QT and the gang really making moves out here. This is basically shitty "Drunk History" (Old comedy central show) but with streamers you like to watch. I wish i could give every presentation drunk
Tristan Del
Tristan Del Před měsícem
"i'm gonna dress up for my favorite moment in history when minx got hot for a few seconds" he technically dressed up
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