Watching *DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD* Until I Lose My Mind

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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Noname Před 9 hodinami
Dylan, you're so good at knowing movies!
Mia Dawson
Mia Dawson Před 11 hodinami
you should watch enola holmes!!
Roopsha Roy
Roopsha Roy Před 15 hodinami
Any other Good Place fans, got really excited when he mentioned Jacksonville Jaquars? 👁️👄👁️✨
littlefangirl Před dnem
okay but i just love how they directly poke fun at the dora show we all knew from childhood
sinjin swimming
sinjin swimming Před dnem
Nana Love
Nana Love Před dnem
The joy when that man falls was so real, it was almost sad to see that joy destroyed when the guy happened to still be alive.
maya graham
maya graham Před 2 dny
Dylan: “...Jacksonville Jaguars..” Me: “*.. BORTLESSSSSSSSSSS*”
ruma begum
ruma begum Před 3 dny
okay ngl i always liked swiper in the cartoon
ruma begum
ruma begum Před 3 dny
the father of dora is the spanish guy from ant-man ( if you were wondering ) why tf is he here?
Fonseca Před 4 dny
leopard in america dylan honey
amillia Před 4 dny
i keep rewatching bc shawty bae look so fine right here 😏
sinjin swimming
sinjin swimming Před dnem
Sarah Tovey
Sarah Tovey Před 5 dny
5:09 Can you say ✨touch it✨
gene mambo
gene mambo Před 5 dny
Dylan: I want my hair to defy gravity Me: my 4C hair has entered the chat
Ida Jensen
Ida Jensen Před 6 dny
Dylan i'm sorry to say it, but it's on Netflex......
Daniel Knight
Daniel Knight Před 7 dny
You can see the pain in his eyes
Jadyn Před 7 dny
Children: are getting kidnapped Dylan:🕺💃🕺
Shayana Před 7 dny
ok but when Dylan said "I always crave children's movies" I should NOT have related as hard as I did... *Oh god-*
Nidhi Kumar
Nidhi Kumar Před 8 dny
Dylan, tigers can climb on tree - they just seldom do it because of they don't have to.
for the chicana
for the chicana Před 8 dny
Eugenio Derbez is the man Dylan, don’t get it twisted
Aniston Borden
Aniston Borden Před 9 dny
Watch the first and last episode of the 100
Jazmine Kasprzyk
Jazmine Kasprzyk Před 10 dny
I thought that’s what the sign meant too 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Nishita mandavi Mishra
Nishita mandavi Mishra Před 11 dny
i have no idea why I thought something was going on between dora and diego ...
Afton Pinote
Afton Pinote Před 11 dny
I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate a movie as much as I could. Why do they just think they can turn our childhood tv shows into movies?
Emma Rose
Emma Rose Před 13 dny
17:38 that shot reminds me a lot of H2O
SkulSmashre Před 13 dny
Dylan reminds of this one autistic kid at my school.
K Před 14 dny
The disappointment when it turned out he was alive was almost depressing.
-Førever- Před 14 dny
23:53 me found a moment who I clearly see his lips after he said to not watch it 😂.
turtlestan Před 15 dny
8:16 oh her parents arentt responding to her, oh they ditched her, i would too 😗
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity Před 15 dny
The villain voices donkey from shrek in the spanish dub, he's really good at it. But this role wasn't it he shines more in spanish roles
Isabella Charlotte
Isabella Charlotte Před 15 dny
i just randomly clicked on this video so i could escape his video about IT
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Před 17 dny
I watched this for 10 minutes then turned the TV off. I couldn’t anymore
JamieLearnsJP Před 18 dny
"They ditched her! I would too, though.." *SAME*
kenmaswife :D
kenmaswife :D Před 18 dny
I’m gonna give Dora some credit, because at least she tried to kill him...
kenmaswife :D
kenmaswife :D Před 18 dny
26:21 I looked away for two seconds and I thought he was kidding Dora...
Nacinesiama Pro.
Nacinesiama Pro. Před 19 dny
This movie is not for kids now but for kids then who grew up watching dora, so really it isn't a kids movie, its a specific generation movie.
Sam Harris
Sam Harris Před 19 dny
That audible segway pisses me off
T & R World
T & R World Před 19 dny
I’m disappointed he is questioning swiped but Swiper got some health issues or a workout routine cause he looking kinda ⏳
Potato Lolita
Potato Lolita Před 23 dny
Question why do I only eat sour patch kids during these vidoes
Emily Rangel
Emily Rangel Před 23 dny
Bella Anderson
Bella Anderson Před 23 dny
Qaris Wilson
Qaris Wilson Před 24 dny
Dylan desperately wanted this to be a horror movie
victoria.シ. Před 25 dny
dylan nailed. everything to do with this story. and im proud
Bulak'ya Hall
Bulak'ya Hall Před 26 dny
dylan: mosquitoes with malaria me: malarisquitoes
Victoria’s Univers
Victoria’s Univers Před 26 dny
27:22 what are you doing😳
No Thanks
No Thanks Před 26 dny
Damn Eva Longoria got fat.
No Thanks
No Thanks Před 26 dny
Oh god not Eugenio Derbez, I don't have the strenght.
No Thanks
No Thanks Před 26 dny
I wish they would dub it if the actor can't speak spanish naturally, it's way too obvious none of the people in this film knows a word of spanish.
Emma Deming
Emma Deming Před 27 dny
dylan, you are going to own the movie in ultra high definition for the rest of forever
Megan Clark
Megan Clark Před 28 dny
I had no idea Dylan voice could get that high
EE BCD I TVM Před 28 dny
dylan's face when he found out dora didn't kill the dude !!! priceless!!!
Miroslav božić
Miroslav božić Před 28 dny
Someone: Calls a circle a loop Dylan:who calls it a loop u psychopath
Alannah Green
Alannah Green Před 29 dny
When he saw swipe 🤣🤣
Alannah Green
Alannah Green Před 29 dny
The dancing when he that the lady and man were villains in the museum 🤣🤣
life with haihai
life with haihai Před měsícem
I was hoping Dora and Diego ended up together
Gretchen Kim
Gretchen Kim Před měsícem
24:47 Dylan's reaction to the villain still being alive is me when I thought I turned everything in and then realized I forgot to add one more thing.
Rayven_Artist Adams
Rayven_Artist Adams Před měsícem
Currently shipping u and Ash, also react to Cobra Kai and, Euphoria plz
Rabail Jehan
Rabail Jehan Před měsícem
I will ALWAYS love the cartoon Dora. This is silly.
GalaxyKatJen Před měsícem
Now I know that this movie is kinda worse than the animated series 😂😔 I’m honestly disappointed
Trace Tattoos
Trace Tattoos Před měsícem
I always thought the same thing about slow children signs... there's deaf children signs. So. Yeah.
that one creepy doll
that one creepy doll Před měsícem
The guy you thought was a good actor was in ant man and ant man and the wasp!
AA - 08HJ 902302 Great Lakes PS
AA - 08HJ 902302 Great Lakes PS Před měsícem
Worst joke ever
Edward Lara
Edward Lara Před měsícem
13:09 makes me laugh so much i dont know why😂
Myiesha Manzoor (220myimanz)
Myiesha Manzoor (220myimanz) Před měsícem
Dylan laughing at the movie, me laughing at Dylan
Emily G
Emily G Před měsícem
you got me on the audible ad.... I can't believe I felt tricked haha
Ashley Black
Ashley Black Před měsícem
Omg boots wasn’t wearing boots
Kate Katrīna Krūmiņa
Kate Katrīna Krūmiņa Před měsícem
you could see the happiness drain from his face when the man lived 😂
Eden Před měsícem
just me LOLing at Dylan’s final prediction
Anonuevo Yen
Anonuevo Yen Před měsícem
Dylan:Aww they ditched her,I would too! Me:Wutt?Savage!W-Wh- I have to wordsssss
Dalia Marme
Dalia Marme Před měsícem
Dylan: "a explorer from Spain... Or Mexico" Me, a mexican: wait... Isn't Dora american? What?
Leewoo Boi
Leewoo Boi Před měsícem
25:50 I call the intro to Indiana Jones to the booth, your honor.
Keegan Dureau
Keegan Dureau Před měsícem
why is half the time he keeps wanting to kill Dora?
Keegan Dureau
Keegan Dureau Před měsícem
props for Dora trying to kill the bad guy.
Jared Reyes
Jared Reyes Před měsícem
Oh okay
Nicole Etchie
Nicole Etchie Před měsícem
I think at 1:33 you can see Dylan regretting his life choices.
Mikaela7w7r Před měsícem
2:00 is delicioso not delisioso and nobody uses that word, is weird I'm spanish lmfao
Mone O
Mone O Před měsícem
This one was hillarious
Lainie Medina
Lainie Medina Před měsícem
Dylan: Don't trust this guy! Me who grew up watching XH Derbez: Wrong Sir! I trust Ludovico Peluche with My Life!
Karena Colon
Karena Colon Před měsícem
Dylan i think it would cheaper to by the platforms. To watch the movie. Instead of buying all these movies separately. But if u you like it then go right ahead.
TLI1817 Před 21 dnem
It's probably just cause it's simpler to claim buying the movie as a business expense than a streaming service thats also for personal use.
Bonnie Bottari 21
Bonnie Bottari 21 Před měsícem
Slow children at play is a common sign seen in American cities urging motorists to slow down. The signs are seen around areas where children frequent, such as playgrounds and schools. They are almost always characterized by the words 'Slow Children At Play' and a picture of a child running. They sometimes have a "suggested limit" posted on them.
Bonnie Bottari 21
Bonnie Bottari 21 Před měsícem
I Hate the Dora series😒
Elisheba Ekwunife
Elisheba Ekwunife Před měsícem
Love how he introduces the sponsors😂😂
Elisheba Ekwunife
Elisheba Ekwunife Před měsícem
Mosquitoes that are carriers of malaria
Shannon Lane
Shannon Lane Před měsícem
19:40 me, a theater kid 19:43 my sister when she’s driving us home from school
maria.h Před měsícem
Abigail Tibbits
Abigail Tibbits Před měsícem
Swiper, you can swipe my v-card
Puk van Leusden
Puk van Leusden Před měsícem
To be fair, I don't even think it's ment to be a for real kids movie. Also just a comedy for teens and young adults, aka people who watched dora growing up.
Khor Ai Ping
Khor Ai Ping Před měsícem
Dylan: I HOPE DORA DIES I HATE HER Dora: **kills a man on purpose** Dylan: I LOVE YOU! Dora: **uno reverse card** Dylan: YOU CAN'T EVEN KILL A GUY PROPERLY!
Nightmare _1011
Nightmare _1011 Před měsícem
Dylan: "I wish he was more audioable" Me: Has seen 3 other videos with the same sponcer "No please don-" Dylan: Talks about audioable Me: "Goddammit..."
Shawna Creature
Shawna Creature Před měsícem
did he say he was afraid to be “controversial” by saying that feminism is okay? what?
It’s Henka You Psycho
It’s Henka You Psycho Před měsícem
Dylan literally wrote this movie
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles Před měsícem
26:20 As a girl I kinda cringe at scenes like this cuz isn't technically sexual assault. Like they just met. He doesn't really know her like that. What if he didn't want to kiss her? Do you guys (boys) think it is? Cuz ik if they did to a girl ppl might say it's sexual assault. Idk.🤷🏾‍♀️
Kaivon Nix
Kaivon Nix Před měsícem
i feel like dylan missed some parts bc he thought that moving the monkey statue would destroy the temple but it’s actually the gods who are angry.
imane malqui
imane malqui Před měsícem
Omg this movie is so bad that i even had to fight to get through this commentary, even tho i LOVE Dylan
didi j
didi j Před měsícem
😂😂😂😂 I love how you introduced audible 😂, genius!
Blueberry Boy
Blueberry Boy Před měsícem
I just realized who you remind me of. Bijuu mike. I’m sorry but just the voice and you kinda look alike I-
Dylan literally simping over a murder
Leedrip TV
Leedrip TV Před měsícem
Could not stop laughing this whole time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Clay Harris
Clay Harris Před měsícem
Is that Temuera morrison? 😂😭
H C Před měsícem
i think ill never get over the part of the "slow children", i hate myself for laughing so much of that cause DUDE SERIOUSLY
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