Watching All 3 "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" Movies For First Time!

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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we're all in this together. GO WILDCATS
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ACL 5678
ACL 5678 Před 4 hodinami
My order is 2,3,1. Easy!
James Estes
James Estes Před 7 hodinami
The biggest lie to come out of high school musical "the theatre waits for no one" As any actor would know, the theatre literally waits for everyone Waits for audience members to be seated For actors to be ready and everything is in place and ready to go for the show And that is why hardly any show ever starts on time Show time 7:00pm more so like 7:10-7:20pm
Phantom Před 12 hodinami
Let's not disrespect Chad's iconic afro please
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles Před dnem
My order: HSM 3 HSM 1 HSM 2
Oktavia Kaicak
Oktavia Kaicak Před dnem
I love how when Dylan made this the High School Musical movies were still on Netflix.
Deyna _HD
Deyna _HD Před dnem
I dont think you Wachting this Films on the First Time.Or?
Jaz Megan
Jaz Megan Před dnem
These are the only musicals I actually really love ❤️
Vinnie Quick Pokemon Gold Champion
Vinnie Quick Pokemon Gold Champion Před dnem
Have you done Shaun of the dead
Cora Henderson
Cora Henderson Před 2 dny
Miley Cyrus has a brief cameo during the last song. This movie ends with a huge poolside musical number which includes over 60 people. With so many characters singing and dancing at once, it's tricky to spot Miley Cyrus in the crowd, but she's visible from 1:48:52 to 1:48:55.
Camille Payne
Camille Payne Před 2 dny
i just realized that the troy mini me guy is the same guy who plays josh in Geek Charming
Chloe Goulden
Chloe Goulden Před 2 dny
“This ain’t high school talk...this is high school MUSICAL”😂😂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před 2 dny
Dylan singing along to all the songs and dancing GIVES ME LIFE Okay its my pet peeve when people comment “gives me life” and I have this thing where I like doing my pet peeves So yeah 😂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před 2 dny
Julia Landry
Julia Landry Před 2 dny
Dylan: Movies for 12 year olds🙄😤 Also Dylan at 1:25 : Get my, get my, get my head in the game🏀
Elisa Camou
Elisa Camou Před 3 dny
Troy's dad in HSM1: "What the heck are those two doing in the tree" HSM3: *Troy has a treehouse* HSM3: *Troy goes the The college Gabriella is at and hides in a tree to surprise her* Me: "Wow. So many trees"
Nicole Jb
Nicole Jb Před 3 dny
23:59 that is my plan🤣😼
Jackeline Tejada
Jackeline Tejada Před 3 dny
1:25 I was so convinced he was just stuttering 😂😂😂
Elisa Camou
Elisa Camou Před 3 dny
"Yeah. Let's get the fucking song going"
Elisa Camou
Elisa Camou Před 3 dny
Dylan: "Ms. Duvis, Drivis?" Me: "Ms Darbus"
kalib young
kalib young Před 3 dny
My friend went to that school it's in arizona
Falan Nichols
Falan Nichols Před 3 dny
24:02 "why are you in the fucking caynons?" 🤣🤣🤣 That place is literally less then 15 minutes from my house and my mom worked there for 3 years😂 (and it's all caynons here lmao)
Falan Nichols
Falan Nichols Před 3 dny
10:28 we have one of those at my school for the jettets😂
Berta Dellasala
Berta Dellasala Před 3 dny
Dylan: **thinking that Ryan is straight** Me: LMFAO Okay
Nathan Heaver
Nathan Heaver Před 3 dny
is there any comments on the paid movies on youtube and is their a view number count as well?
Anesipho Nkonkobe
Anesipho Nkonkobe Před 4 dny
The Google search for that actor😂😂😂😭😭😭 "Skinny white guy youtuber"
Ůniques Animation
Ůniques Animation Před 4 dny
My brothers name is troy so this is awkward to watch
Jennifer Rigsby
Jennifer Rigsby Před 4 dny
i’ve watched this like 16 times. you’re the best.
Lissa Siwa
Lissa Siwa Před 4 dny
me laughing because he said he had to get his head in the game hahahhaha
Amelie Mandl
Amelie Mandl Před 4 dny
my order is 1 3 2 as well :)
Bismarie Plasencia
Bismarie Plasencia Před 5 dny
Chad’s shirts are iconic
John Munoz
John Munoz Před 5 dny
23:37 “she gave the T back” Me: “I guess she don’t want the T nor the D”
John Munoz
John Munoz Před 5 dny
I was listening to Troy and Gabrielle song start to something new and then I thought man this sounds better than I remember. But then I realized Dylan was singing and was like that’s why.
Dino City
Dino City Před 5 dny
Is no one going to talk about how this is another film series where the only two main black characters inevitably end up getting getting together?
T H Před 6 dny
2 3 1
Sydnee Harris
Sydnee Harris Před 6 dny
i love how invested dylan was in this
Jana Eloff
Jana Eloff Před 6 dny
When these came out, and I was younger, HSM (the first one)'s music owned my mp3 player🎼🎼
ؘ Před 7 dny
"every song starts with take my hand" dylan it is the *same* song
xandernotharris Před 7 dny
At 11:48 I think you can see the camera crew because the movie was rerendered in widescreen for streaming. I remember the movie being in 4:3 initially because it was a TV movie but I may be wrong...
Chelsi Alaniz
Chelsi Alaniz Před 7 dny
If only Disney plus was available 2 years ago 😂
Jasmine Eugene
Jasmine Eugene Před 8 dny
Definitely 3 1 2 from most fave to least fave.
Katelyn Před 8 dny
dear person reading this, ur so loved and worthy 🦋
Star Lockhart
Star Lockhart Před 9 dny
My dad bakes for a living that’s an insult!!!!!
Star Lockhart
Star Lockhart Před 9 dny
And he died last year
Keira Young
Keira Young Před 9 dny
Dylan obsessed over the fuckin baseball game but didn't pick up on the homoerotic undertones and then had the audacity to assume Ryan was straight ksksks
Kourtlyn Doucet
Kourtlyn Doucet Před 9 dny
Did he not notice how it wasn’t zac efrons voice for the singing parts in the first movie?
Maya Daigle élève
Maya Daigle élève Před 9 dny
" I love watching people's feet when they dance". Me being an Irish dancer....well that's the whole point for me.
Mofemoluwa Maku
Mofemoluwa Maku Před 9 dny
Elite commentary lmaooo
bee Před 9 dny
ive never seen any of the HSM films...oops
gabe vilches
gabe vilches Před 9 dny
The pastoral advice covalently flood because factory commonly cycle without a open snowstorm. obsolete, precious employer
Mariana Aldave
Mariana Aldave Před 10 dny
you´re funny
Lou Styles
Lou Styles Před 10 dny
I agree, the first one is iconic but those movies are so cringeworthy ahahahaha
Chrissi Berndt
Chrissi Berndt Před 11 dny
he put out the situation where Troys said he choose Gabriela? That hurt
RunningIsntMyThing Před 12 dny
i looked at the mountain line and thought it looked familiar. no shit, i'm from utah.
Mackenzie Adams
Mackenzie Adams Před 12 dny
"$7.34 + $7.34, oh my god that's $34" what
Ella Před 12 dny
Idk if Dylan watched read it and weep but that’s where I first saw him from 5:49
Drèson Tv
Drèson Tv Před 12 dny
HS2 is the best then HSM1 then 3
Add Mar
Add Mar Před 12 dny
14 was also his fathers number I think
cay cay
cay cay Před 12 dny
no! you missed the best part ! when troy jumps in the bet on it song. I laugh every time
Toni Před 13 dny
I’m so glad you didn’t miss Miley’s guest appearance 😂👏🏾 I came here for this
Game Addict
Game Addict Před 13 dny
litteraly i cried in the ending
Armani Telismat
Armani Telismat Před 13 dny
Did anyone notice that at 9:45 they spelled receiving wrong??!!
The1MadSpirit Před 13 dny
Recently uploaded 2 years ago? Something doesn't add up
loglady Před 13 dny
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson Před 13 dny
Um ok, first time is obvs not true. Great, but hey, don't lie, lol.
mili Před 14 dny
Yo where is the song a night to remember???? You cut it
mili Před 14 dny
You cut the best songs
Vee B
Vee B Před 14 dny
"this is iconic to every 14 year old watching this" more like every 8 year old dylan lmao
Annie George
Annie George Před 15 dny
Just a jean jacket boy standing outside your window
IDontCareThatYouHateHarryPotter Před 15 dny
I am I the only one who noticed the '7.34 plus 7.34 is $34' part? LMAOOOO
Molly Gleeson
Molly Gleeson Před 15 dny
Dylan vibing to the music so hard is actually me
Elena Vukosavljevic
Elena Vukosavljevic Před 16 dny
the way the ‘what the heck are those two doing in a tree’ line has actually become a meme now..
Hala El-asmar
Hala El-asmar Před 17 dny
17:20- Dylan: Chill Dad Me: I think you mean DADDY CHILL
Justina Jenkins
Justina Jenkins Před 17 dny
3, 1, 2
Cait Inman
Cait Inman Před 17 dny
Falling in love with Dylan more and more with each Movie commentary I watch lol
Jasmin Topham
Jasmin Topham Před 17 dny
Vanessa Hudgens tears lmao
Briisa Hinojosa
Briisa Hinojosa Před 18 dny
1. HSM3 1000000% 2. HSM2 3. HSM it’s songs are iconic but the other two movies really do it for me
French Toast Man
French Toast Man Před 18 dny
Troy is the antagonist
doodles notfound
doodles notfound Před 18 dny
Alright I was worried for a bit, I wasn’t sure if he would cry in “Gotta go my own way” or not, but he got close enough to crying. I can still be a subscriber. Sorry I don’t support people who don’t cry in that song 🙄
Dr. Serafín Orengo Vega
Dr. Serafín Orengo Vega Před 18 dny
gymnast annabelle
gymnast annabelle Před 18 dny
The movies go 2-1-3 without a doubt
Rachelle Cham
Rachelle Cham Před 19 dny
I found Zac Efron so unattractive during bet on it. It killed my crush on him.
The Study Reckless
The Study Reckless Před 20 dny
My dose of serotonin today is Dylan laughing then saying “this song is so sick” with the purest smile on his face
JASMINE NADIF Před 21 dnem
The blueness of zac’s eyes is disturbing me
Jaini Teixeira
Jaini Teixeira Před 21 dnem
I love how the only shirt Dylan didn't read is the "Warning! Do not read this shirt" (15:25) hahahahhaha
Ihdalia Solis
Ihdalia Solis Před 22 dny
the way he reacted to the “TROOOOOYYYYYYYYY” scene was so amazing💀
KatCurb23 Před 22 dny
You left out the iconic Zac hip thrust in the getting ready for prom song
T E D ;-;
T E D ;-; Před 22 dny
my name is Trey I got a basketball game tomorrow
Autumn31 Před 23 dny
Dylan: she gonna kill somebody Also Dylan are they gonna have s3x Me: Dude it’s a DISNEY MOVIE
Alexandra Kleinfeldt
Alexandra Kleinfeldt Před 24 dny
i just realized im eating sour patch kids while watching this
Alex B
Alex B Před 25 dny
Juilliard person: I think we have a problem Me: Are we gonna have a problem? You got a bone to pick?
Sportart2259 !
Sportart2259 ! Před 26 dny
Dylan: : "7.34 plus 7.34 dollars is... 34 dollars". When it is only 14. 68 dollor. 😂😂😂
Shanzay Hasan
Shanzay Hasan Před 26 dny
how is 7.34 and 7.34 34 dollars-
Molly Palfini
Molly Palfini Před 26 dny
Why the heck was Miley Cyrus doing in High School Musical 😹
K M Před 26 dny
charpees brother was actually gay...with chad the switched clothes and the i don’t dance song was about coming out.
Wyatt Burchell
Wyatt Burchell Před 26 dny
ME:2007:Ryan and chad must be best friends Me:2020:JUST FUCKING MAKE OUT ALREADY!
Jess Newman
Jess Newman Před 27 dny
um im sorry but did he just say "$7.34 + $7.34= $34"??? and bro was making fun of the math teacher... 😂😂😂
SHREYA BASU Před 27 dny
14:08 that was a joke right?! 7.34 + 7.34 is not 34! Did I hear it wrong?
Camryn Veale
Camryn Veale Před 27 dny
Lona Shanaz
Lona Shanaz Před 27 dny
is no one gonna talk about how Dylan thought $7.34 +$7.34 was $34
Wyatt Burchell
Wyatt Burchell Před 27 dny
Honestly, yeah
Emma 02
Emma 02 Před 28 dny
Dylan: there’s no way there would be a big ass poster of basketball players in a high school My school: you would be surprised😌🤚
MB #_#
MB #_# Před 28 dny
Noo dylan I'm rewatching your vids and the intro hasn't aged well.
Dylan Is In Trouble
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