was "TWILIGHT" always this CRINGEY?? (re-watching marathon)

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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the longest day of my life
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Ciara O'Mahony
Ciara O'Mahony Před 3 hodinami
Heh....why did he say swear I’m like a drug addict or something
Charli Brannigan
Charli Brannigan Před 3 hodinami
i hated eclipse because its like the one where jacob couldn't take a hint and it bloody pisses me off
Charli Brannigan
Charli Brannigan Před 4 hodinami
what i meant was: yes i am 12 yes i am loving this and yes, you are so right
Charli Brannigan
Charli Brannigan Před 4 hodinami
dylan: i can see how every 12 year old is loving this me: loving this
גילי גלייזר
גילי גלייזר Před 6 hodinami
Avery Henderson
Avery Henderson Před 6 hodinami
Cedric Diggory be using his last breath to say he regrets these movies
Jamie_Jewel Před 7 hodinami
“Just let her open it!” Yeah cause that ended well...
BARBARA LEE Před 7 hodinami
This is going to sound bad but I JUST watched all the movies on Showtime. They are showing ALL of them ALL the time and in chronological order. There was nothing else on that I hadn’t already seen and so I sat down on a Saturday and watched all of them. First of all they aren’t as bad as some people made them out to be. There are some very curious things about the characters and the choices they make, but people make strange choices in real life when it comes to love and relationships. As for Team Edward or Team Jacob.....well I wouldn’t have picked either one of them for a variety of reasons. First reason being at the age Bella was she was too young to make such a life changing decision and especially where Edward was concerned. The man WAS a vampire living with a family of other vampires who also answered to a bunch of vicious, ostentatious vampires who thought she smelled delicious. I believe I would pass. As for Jacob he was a cute young man as well as a handsome wolf. The problem is when it’s time to go for medical treatment do we go to a doctor or veterinarian? Also I wouldn’t want to be following this giant wolf around picking up giant piles of.....well you all know I mean. And I wouldn’t be crazy about buying clothes all the time because the wolf boy keeps ripping his clothing off while changing. None of this sounds very appealing to me. Just sayin’....
Erin Maiorana
Erin Maiorana Před 9 hodinami
Seth is the light brown one Leah is the white one and Jacob is the dark brown one
asdcr Před 12 hodinami
yes, shouting & manipulating someone who tried to kill herself
asdcr Před 12 hodinami
i love how he cringes at the same time and squeals when a dope shot come up
asdcr Před 13 hodinami
edward is an abuser stalker psychopath 😭 i’d be more okay with hot blond doctor
asdcr Před 13 hodinami
i hate that this movie is cringy af even though it had amazing side characters & color matching 😭 plot is so CRINGE
Josie22! !
Josie22! ! Před 17 hodinami
60% of the Wedding scene is spent talking about her dads mustache 🤣
Josie22! !
Josie22! ! Před 17 hodinami
1 ChArLiE... .............. 2 everyone .......
Josie22! !
Josie22! ! Před 17 hodinami
Did he ever touch how pathetically boring Bella is ?
Morgan McCary
Morgan McCary Před 20 hodinami
I’m absolutely cackling at your commentary thank you for this
Aximay Sosa
Aximay Sosa Před 22 hodinami
Let's face it. Twilight just wasn't good. It was a guilty pleasure. I used to be all Team Jacob too until he turned into an aggressive asshole after becoming a werewolf. He wouldn't take no for an answer and pushed himself onto Bella REPEATEDLY. Yea Edward was angsty, suicidal, and a fucking idiot, but he would never disrespect Bella or be intentionally reckless with her like how Jacob was. If Jacob had just matured a bit and didn't turn into an asshole, I would have never strayed
Queen Angel
Queen Angel Před dnem
Fievel Mousekewitz
Fievel Mousekewitz Před dnem
Sierra Beverly
Sierra Beverly Před dnem
You genuinely looked dead inside toward the end. I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible it is you got through all this in one day.
Erika Burns
Erika Burns Před dnem
24:04 “he’d make a good joker” Funny how rob is playing Batman instead
Iris Planqué
Iris Planqué Před dnem
Carlisle: "Waylon was found dead in a boat" Dylan: *Makes a joke about Waylon* Also Dylan: *Realise Waylon was the santa when Bella was 4*
X._Mikaelson_Petrova. Před dnem
“Bro is he in her room!?” Not yet... Bella: you dont even say hi to me Edward: hi
XXGoblinsRBLXGamingXX Před dnem
XXGoblinsRBLXGamingXX Před dnem
@X._Mikaelson_Petrova. im just joking
X._Mikaelson_Petrova. Před dnem
No no Stefan is amazing.
Margaux Mdaghri alaoui
Margaux Mdaghri alaoui Před dnem
“That’s batman bitch” lol
Jo Schwanitz
Jo Schwanitz Před dnem
the funny thing is no one hates twilight more than robert pattinson himself
Neethu Choudhary
Neethu Choudhary Před dnem
Why is no one talking about the fact that he said, "Jacob Lautner"? LMAO!😂
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Před dnem
"You don't deserve Jacob" Yes Dylan I live by this statement .
Erica fabulous
Erica fabulous Před 2 dny
you need do let it shine
Patrick Cromwell
Patrick Cromwell Před 2 dny
They Child the baby because yheybwanted it to look like Mackenzie Foy all throughout the movie. They aged and de-aged her face for every stage of her growth.
Patrick Cromwell
Patrick Cromwell Před 2 dny
Boo Boo Stewart is Seth Clearwater, dude.
Patrick Cromwell
Patrick Cromwell Před 2 dny
I think you CAN pepper spray animals, I just wouldn't advise it. You might just kiss them off.
Patrick Cromwell
Patrick Cromwell Před 2 dny
Okay honestly dude, Edward is talking about the subject of their thoughts. In order to set an example. He's not telling Bella what they are specifically thinking about. When he says money and sex, the dudes are probably thinking about something they own, or something about work. It's a broad, generalization.
Patrick Cromwell
Patrick Cromwell Před 2 dny
Firstly, the "rapists" were all drunk as fucks, but second they backed off because Edward growled at them. It's poorly edited in, but the growl of a vampire is in theory - since vampires aren't real - supposed to have a primal effect on the potential victim to make them afraid. Like I said it very poorly edited in there but there you go.
Mae Garrett
Mae Garrett Před 2 dny
he kinda does look like the joker
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda Před 2 dny
you are sooo funy!!!! love from brasil
Q.L. Před 2 dny
When I saw the last movie in theatres (yes, I know), everyone clapped when Jane died and I think about that sometimes.
Violet Tuckey
Violet Tuckey Před 2 dny
I'm so oddly attracted to this guy
Ana Clara Soares
Ana Clara Soares Před 2 dny
I'm LMAO in the office that I work at, thank you Dylan.
Nitish NK
Nitish NK Před 2 dny
"He can be a good joker" Pat- "I am batman"
Mariam Huffines
Mariam Huffines Před 2 dny
Just to clarify, in the first movie at the diner - “Here’s your veggie plate Stephie” That’s a shot of the author Stephanie.
Duru Uçar
Duru Uçar Před 2 dny
15:00 26:36 56:50 his reaction lol
E M Před 2 dny
*cars about to hit bella* Dylan: *laughing*
Rhiannon Dimaggio
Rhiannon Dimaggio Před 3 dny
dylan: she’s what, 17? and your like 117 me: 109* he is 109😬
Lucia Lahr
Lucia Lahr Před 3 dny
-Førever- Před 3 dny
Dylan said is team Jacob. But after knowing that Jacob fall in love with a baby is he still in his team ? Ps: I can't even imagine how much time you spent editing the video, so thank you for allowing us to watch it without being bored one a second 😊.
Felicity Před 3 dny
In all the years, I have NEVER connected that it was Waylon from the restaurant! god dang it.
TwilightSagaFan Centre
TwilightSagaFan Centre Před 3 dny
I can’t get enough of this video I love twilight!!!🥰🥰
Jo Marie
Jo Marie Před 3 dny
Thanks for this I wanted to re watch them but not alone ! :)
Britney Hemmings
Britney Hemmings Před 3 dny
The cynical sailor thessaly mine because slipper contemporaneously subtract between a thundering pleasure. judicious, noiseless specialist
Praise Ipinmoye
Praise Ipinmoye Před 3 dny
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels Před 3 dny
tricky baee
tricky baee Před 3 dny
I remember watching this in a movie marathon at like 11-12 years old with my mom and after the 5 movies ended I told her that this movies suck and they boys we’re super weird, dumb and boring... after 7 years, they’re indeed really weird. I could say I like the girls with my bisexuality entering the chat, but they’re weird, boring and dumb too. But my mom loves Jacob tho, I kiiiinda like him more too, but he’s to clingy sometimes
When I was 12 I honestly didn’t like this movie lol
Liiyyaaahh Před 3 dny
okay just now realizing... did anyone else notice Edward right by Bella door hiding at 17:49?!?! wtffff
InkkInko The Inkblot
InkkInko The Inkblot Před 3 dny
You know as an actual 17 year old watching this movie, I can confirm the only person who even vaguely resembles a 17 year old is Jane
Melissa Scomparim
Melissa Scomparim Před 3 dny
Ok found your channel yesterday by accident and I've seen fifteen videos, I never laughed so much
alice jones
alice jones Před 3 dny
Can’t believe ‘sour patch teenagers’ got me smh
callagothly Před 4 dny
lol twilight is the best movie ever, just change all the conversations to stuff about music, bands, art, & drugs, the "baseball" game to going to a concert... the werewolf & vampires to metal & rock bands, you got yourself the best movie ever. makes sense actually.
Haley Issette
Haley Issette Před 4 dny
“That’s not how small towns are.” Okay, yeah tell that to the people who put me in a locker. 🥴
Michelle Serenade
Michelle Serenade Před 3 dny
I got locked in a locker by my friends. I've never been the new kid in town tho, I grew up in a small town and yes they are very judgemental. I think the instant acceptance of new kids ends at high school tho. Everyone kind of waits to see if the new kid turns out to be cool or not. There's no automatic "ya come be in our group!" Unless it's from the stoners.
jhose castro
jhose castro Před 4 dny
24:06 turns out to be batman instead
Suzann Addison
Suzann Addison Před 4 dny
I live in Arizona too. We don't just carry about cactus
Fay Leblans
Fay Leblans Před 4 dny
like, i would like it, but when your watching those things it's so much better, cuz you make it so much funnier. If i watch your video when you react to After ( We Collided) i'm laughing so hard cuz of your reaction.
Kir Před 4 dny
Jacob lautner 😂
Pancake Před 4 dny
He hella hilarious
Aikotitilai Před 4 dny
17:25 That guy is just crab walking I can't 😂😂😂
Tinuviel Před 4 dny
"I want him to have shorter sideburns" Me literally everytime I see Edward in this movie.
You were good to me
You were good to me Před 4 dny
angel_gaming Před 4 dny
Twilight Breaking dawn 1 and 2 are the best. The ones before that I'm iffy on, my favorite part is where Taylor Lautner gets thrown across the front yard because he called her nessy.
Aditi Gulati
Aditi Gulati Před 4 dny
When there are most of Twilight fans in a forum: Me- *I hate you, Twilight haters. You are the absolute worst! Twilight is the BEST* When there are most of the Twilight haters in a forum: Stranger- That guy/girl named Aditi or something just supported Twilight! Is anyone a hacker here? Anyone who hates Twilight? Stranger 2- I am-- Me- *What the hell? You have got to be kidding me! I fucking hate Twilight* Stranger-Oh, good! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . So whether I love Twilight or not totally depends on the number of fans and haters.
SaraMillerDK Před 4 dny
I never noticed but that women at the bar 14:11 isn't that Stephanie Meyer?! The author?????
sarah daw
sarah daw Před 4 dny
Yes...it has ALWAYS been cringe......Vampire DON'T Sparkle...
Jarra Naing
Jarra Naing Před 5 dny
“ she ain’t goin have kids is she.......oh wait she does have a kid😭”
aholman 102
aholman 102 Před 5 dny
Ok am I the only person that noticed that they use a dog whistle to get the wolves' attention before the meeting? I feel like no one talks about this
aholman 102
aholman 102 Před 5 dny
"You broke his heart, leave him alone. You don't deserve Jacob" I felt that 😙👉 33:46
Yasmin Stb
Yasmin Stb Před 5 dny
Me* when i saw the beginning of the video *:1 hour who is so stupid to stay an hour watching a men react to Twilight Me *watch until the last minute 🌚
Summer Wang
Summer Wang Před 5 dny
Charlie deserves so much better. Justice for Charli✋🏻
Aphra Anderson
Aphra Anderson Před 5 dny
The worst thing about the CGI baby is that they did have a real baby on set, and it was a super cute kid. They thought facial continuity was more important than a baby that looked even close to real. Odd choice.
Jessica Tarau
Jessica Tarau Před 5 dny
I just watched this whole thing
Petra Prokopcová
Petra Prokopcová Před 5 dny
Can you please watch first episode and last episode of The Originals?? It’s a spin - off the vampire diaries, I would say it’s better, fans would be happy.
chichu d
chichu d Před 5 dny
I’m rewatching this for the 4th time since it came out... you could say my mental health is going well, mhm
Akleidius2's Gaming Channel
Akleidius2's Gaming Channel Před 5 dny
Every single guys reaction when we finally get to that amazing showdown after suffering through all the movies.. and it's all a fucking vision.
kiarrah anjanay
kiarrah anjanay Před 5 dny
not you predicting edward being the joker
Annika Schwartz
Annika Schwartz Před 5 dny
Bella: how long have you been watching me sleep? Edward: a few months lol Bella: OMFG i love you so muchhhhhhhh Me: and that folks is what we call a red flag, for more examples just watch these movies
mikhaila Před 5 dny
bella where the hell have you been l0ca 😩😩
Bella & jo Thomas
Bella & jo Thomas Před 6 dny
I was just watching some of your old Episode videos and if you were to ever bring that series back I think you would really like the limelight version of “wrapped in lies” it has vampires, a phoenix, violence, deaths, assassinations, threesomes, love, and throuples, it is also one of my favorite episodes stories. Just based of watching your videos I feel like you would really like it if u were to bring the series back for us. I love your vid’s!😁💕
Zahrah Ahmed
Zahrah Ahmed Před 6 dny
Dylan not understanding the rules of imprinting irks me every time I watch this video: DYLAN! They have no choice over who they imprint on, it's a supernatural force of nature,! And you're supposed to have read the books dawg
Bear Flipper
Bear Flipper Před 6 dny
I wish we had a book or movie about Carlisle’s story especially with him being in the volturi at one point, I think it would’ve been so interesting with the theme of morality as a vampire or something like that
Cheese McCheesey
Cheese McCheesey Před 6 dny
The only reason I don’t want that fight scene to be true is because I love Carlisle 🤷🏼‍♀️
Aditi Gulati
Aditi Gulati Před 4 dny
And my Jazz? Jazzy? Jaspy? Jasper?
Really Nibba
Really Nibba Před 6 dny
I'm one of those people who have like naturally cold hands and I remember telling EVERYONE who mentioned it as a child that I was a vampire and I believed it 👁️👁️
누리 Před 6 dny
this is the 14th time I’ve watched this
_.Avacado._ Před 6 dny
“She’s never coming back to this world” Me watching in 2021: 👁👄👁
Atipriya Dev Sinha
Atipriya Dev Sinha Před 5 dny
OMG I finished watching this is just now
Kirsten Love
Kirsten Love Před 6 dny
The fact that my school has a third of the town’s entire population....
Just Maddie
Just Maddie Před 6 dny
Ah Love the OC reference.
mitch brown aesthetics
mitch brown aesthetics Před 6 dny
aww fetus dylan... DETUS
Fern Tyerman
Fern Tyerman Před 6 dny
How long did this take I really want to try it? ❤️❤️❤️ I know I’m really late but I only just started liking Twilight.
Merve Korkmaz
Merve Korkmaz Před 6 dny
I swear the books are so much better
KE WF Před 6 dny
Dylan: "That's so cringy" Also Dylan: Calls everyone and everything Dawg
Hello Youtube hihi
Hello Youtube hihi Před 6 dny
Pls react of BEILIGHT!!!!
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