VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)

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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Zach King's zestiest CGi magic moments!
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Abdulla Khan
Abdulla Khan Před 3 hodinami
What's the name of that instrument thing they were playing at the end of the video ?
Duck _
Duck _ Před 10 hodinami
whos playing as daisy
Col. Choros
Col. Choros Před 16 hodinami
My guess is that not even Zach knows how the latter sketch works and he just won't admit to it.
Daniel McElroy
Daniel McElroy Před dnem
Can you/ has Zach made a super cut of the extras?
NOVA_VIPER Před dnem
what is the instrument you played in sponsor segment called
Lion Lord
Lion Lord Před 2 dny
I think that he painted the ladder how it showed in the end and then put a real ladder over the top of it then took the ladder away after
Nathsu29 Před 3 dny
Randy's Nuts
Clawpelt The Cat
Clawpelt The Cat Před 3 dny
An ad just rickrolled me... how
Simplicity ROBLOX
Simplicity ROBLOX Před 4 dny
my guess for painting: minecraft painting
Jacob Vlogs
Jacob Vlogs Před 4 dny
What’s that music in the beginning
Larry Ganz
Larry Ganz Před 5 dny
That percussion instrument is wonderful! I need one.
Zach Burns
Zach Burns Před 5 dny
Do a VFX artists reacts to a beginner csposts.info/flow/gp00FdjM6ZxuR-dpozK7kw
Monstah77 Pockets
Monstah77 Pockets Před 5 dny
I think you should react to crypt tv they do cool horror stuff
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller Před 6 dny
Nothing bad against Zach the magic or sorry the illusions he does are amazing
joeelikescoffee Před 6 dny
10:13 a magician never reveals his secrets hehe
thrillerboyz Před 7 dny
Zack മച്ചാനെ
BRUHTARO•50 years ago
BRUHTARO•50 years ago Před 7 dny
I know lg tv.... Fuck lg tv
Stephanie Kennedy
Stephanie Kennedy Před 7 dny
I just got an LG tv
Ramza Alexander Fajardo
Ramza Alexander Fajardo Před 7 dny
9:35 Nobita?
Rodante Agustines
Rodante Agustines Před 8 dny
0:30 why the hell is zach sitting like a girl
Sabari Suresh
Sabari Suresh Před 9 dny
my guess- there was an actual ladder without a side kept there for the first scene and traced it for painting
Andrew Grulke
Andrew Grulke Před 9 dny
Plot twist: Zach was never there
DRK ravanan
DRK ravanan Před 10 dny
That was done by removing a portion of ladder through editing and add it at times as the spray can is pulled downwards.and it's all about perspective.
Sean Před 10 dny
Interview Jach King next pls
Aryan More
Aryan More Před 11 dny
I guess he would have painted on real ladder and then when the other man comes there is no ladder as there is cut
Ryan Timms Jr
Ryan Timms Jr Před 11 dny
The ladder is wiped by his back leg
THE VFX king
THE VFX king Před 12 dny
Wowwwwww i like you but slowly
The boss VEX!
The boss VEX! Před 14 dny
Spray-painted the ladder next frame put it with a real ladder climb up it draw the little bit more of the hot person comes go up switch the ladder to a fake one just when he hits it.
TanvirEditz Před 15 dny
Ppl Knows Zach King As A Magician But Actually He Is VFX Specialist
Mayank Sinha
Mayank Sinha Před 15 dny
Get Captain Disillusion!
Yash 1322
Yash 1322 Před 16 dny
Why does Zach look weird here like something about him seems off but I don’t know what
Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max
Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max Před 16 dny
I didn't know jump cut editing existed in the 1920s-1930s!
Xaonic Infinity
Xaonic Infinity Před 17 dny
Movies made by several professionals for many months: vfx easily defected A video made by a common youtuber and his team: vfx insanely hard to detect
Aron Castillo
Aron Castillo Před 17 dny
The ladder is green screen
FenrisEx Tilda
FenrisEx Tilda Před 18 dny
2:00 is not convincing. The hills would still be at the same place at nighttime. Where does half of the city come from?
Fares Rock
Fares Rock Před 18 dny
The amount of times i watched this video just to listen to the space drum It is amazing. What is the instrument he blew into before the drum ?
Surya Devarakonda
Surya Devarakonda Před 19 dny
Surya Devarakonda
Surya Devarakonda Před 19 dny
@surya devarakonda
anshu is live12
anshu is live12 Před 19 dny
I Down Know
Eagle Gaming Mech Arena
Eagle Gaming Mech Arena Před 20 dny
5:15 its gods magic
Mihai Ştețco
Mihai Ştețco Před 21 dnem
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16: 16 “.....Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2
Прогноза за времето
Прогноза за времето Před 21 dnem
7:35 he is thinking with portals!
EASY NORMAL HARD EXTREMELY HARD then comes 2020😂😅😄 And u passed it Like for u.
Jawanen Před 23 dny
I think there is reverse painting
Tranquil Před 25 dny
The first guy with the ladder was clearly lagging.
Sam Philip
Sam Philip Před 25 dny
I guess the ladder was placed such that the painting and ladder aligned together and ladder was editing in and out....😜🤔
I think he go up with rope
Um Před 26 dny
The theory here is the ladders fake. because they sprayed the ladder close so no one can see that they’re not even pressing on the spray can at 4:01 but still you can see the paint come out and that was actually CGI. Then at 4:05 you are really good at staying still so you just waited for someone to get the real ladder so you can climb it to colour the ballon heart. Then at 4:13 there’s a ladder thats how he got up the building while the guard was chasing him. Then at 4:16 the ladder disappeared and also there were two clips merged together. The real ladder and the fake ladder thats why it was so smooth. If you go back to 4:13 now you can see that he did use it.
Jackson MIlls
Jackson MIlls Před 27 dny
I have the answer MAGIC !!!!!
Emerson Obordo Jr
Emerson Obordo Jr Před 27 dny
My gues in the ladder magic: 4:01 first there is no ladder or painted ladder there they just layered a photo of the same ladder and mirrored it and adjust color and opacity for shadows and they cut the image for like how zack is painting. 4:05 before the shot like i said they layered a photo and they did a jump cut (in my time stamp) and put a real ladder while zack is standing still there. 4:16 after zack climbes up the "police" is not there yet so they remove the ladder and the camera is on the same position and they painted a ladder there so when the police rans put he ran "through" the ladder. 4:21 zack didnt climbe that painted ladder maybe he goes inside the building and go at the roof top and go there and pretend.
Sinisa Duka
Sinisa Duka Před 28 dny
Im guessing the ladder was there then he cut it and added another ladder but not visible. 😁
ANDRO GAMER Před 29 dny
14:39 person behind opens door 14:50 person behind closes door
Eriko Ramadhan S.
Eriko Ramadhan S. Před měsícem
the subtitles are very helpful 😐
elliot 37
elliot 37 Před měsícem
Someone pulled him with rope kinda..
EthanM Před měsícem
I think he made a real ladder but it’s invisible and made the fake one look like 3D with the white then you paused then changed the white part and took away the ladder and then added the fake ladder the rest I don’t know
Blackwater Boys
Blackwater Boys Před měsícem
You guys rock!
LightningGamez Před měsícem
Nice job!
king gov the company
king gov the company Před měsícem
Mad Cubester
Mad Cubester Před měsícem
They were playing smash
Kinsley Nguyen
Kinsley Nguyen Před měsícem
csposts.info/cd/video/x7evmLBrj6CJx7M Trust me
Jacob Austin
Jacob Austin Před měsícem
Am supit so ai dot no
Sumita Das
Sumita Das Před měsícem
I know how... MAGIC !!!
Leon Youm
Leon Youm Před měsícem
What is that instrument at the end. I need it
Leon Youm
Leon Youm Před měsícem
Plot twist: he was lying the entire time. He can do all of this in real life
Humd Plays
Humd Plays Před měsícem
why is Zach king in here???
Clutch_ Myth
Clutch_ Myth Před měsícem
Sorry 4:59
Clutch_ Myth
Clutch_ Myth Před měsícem
The trick at the end of 5:08 is they cut when he is on the building he is already there and he is hanging over to make it seem he is climbing
Muhd aidil Mohd azizan
Muhd aidil Mohd azizan Před měsícem
What instrument is dat, i gave me the coolest asmr
Aster Aleem
Aster Aleem Před měsícem
He is cutting the phrase and replacing them with other ones
BE NATURAL Před měsícem
Rovic Arceno
Rovic Arceno Před měsícem
I thought I have a alarm and press it at the 10:50 part and then before I press it just break and I was like my phone is breaking!!! But it was just the video lol ;)
DSOUZA YT Před měsícem
I spend my most of time in "recording","gameplay","editing and uplaoding. I need all my brothers and sisters support 🙏... Thank you.😢😣.......................
Cool Bro
Cool Bro Před měsícem
Just. How do you copy and paste things and mirror tricks
Cobble Ztone
Cobble Ztone Před měsícem
8:13 if the post-it notes were not there though editing that would a great magic trick
Christian Gallegos
Christian Gallegos Před měsícem
At I the only one who finds the guy on the left annoying?
DeKota The Boss
DeKota The Boss Před měsícem
Yes you are
DeKota The Boss
DeKota The Boss Před měsícem
Chiragh Arora
Chiragh Arora Před měsícem
The ladder one is simple... Parkour!!!
Gerardo De Avila
Gerardo De Avila Před měsícem
I want to use his editing to make it flat
Gerardo De Avila
Gerardo De Avila Před měsícem
Remember that painting thing world thing I think on what happen is that he was in a room then he got out and then you put the flowers out of her room and then he went inside the photo because if you look closely when he pulls out the flowers you can kind of see like a little room so that’s why that’s my prediction
Temo - M8
Temo - M8 Před měsícem
I just noticed.zach looks like the pog champ guy
SingleOne TV
SingleOne TV Před měsícem
Zach your the best it is mind blowing
Greg Bailey
Greg Bailey Před měsícem
Harry O'Brien
Harry O'Brien Před měsícem
Well done. You found a way to make me watch your sponsored segments!
MatchstalkMan Před měsícem
Prestidigitation has become prestidigitalization. Another great video from Da Crew! Thank you!
pavan sai
pavan sai Před měsícem
pavan sai
pavan sai Před měsícem
I am seeing SS Rajamouli In Zach❤️
Mike Goodman
Mike Goodman Před měsícem
Is zach really there in the studio???
Assured Devil
Assured Devil Před měsícem
My theory is Zack sold his soul to the devil
Ashley Burks
Ashley Burks Před měsícem
You two should play that instrument more often at the end of vids, it was absolutely lovely and Was so pleasing to listen and daydream to.
Ashley Burks
Ashley Burks Před měsícem
I just loved the vid, I know nothing of the beautiful witchery you guy's have done.
Stoic 111
Stoic 111 Před měsícem
zach sounds like ryan reynolds
Judy Fauth
Judy Fauth Před měsícem
David Blaine actually stabs his hand, it's not a magic trick, he literally does stab his own hand with the ice pick
HOBOJACK45 Před měsícem
Wat is tht instrument
Kane Divon
Kane Divon Před měsícem
Guys my suggestion is to watch the movie "Bigil"
Minecraft And more
Minecraft And more Před měsícem
It was paint then he place real ladder
Rithwik Rithwik
Rithwik Rithwik Před měsícem
Did anyone else hear old town road in the fbi part?
Rod Alexander
Rod Alexander Před měsícem
Zach: "I wanna know-- other videos-- what you guys think; how it was done." Internet: "...yeah no we're just gonna make jokes."
Bruh what's that
Bruh what's that Před měsícem
_Wait it's all a mini movie combined?_
Aziek Před měsícem
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Aziek Před měsícem
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Aziek Před měsícem
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