Vegan Food Can Be Good? | Eat It Or Yeet It #13: Vegan Taste Test

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Eat It Or Yeet It is back and we're gonna find out if vegan food can actually be good!
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Danny Drust
Danny Drust Před dnem
I want the recipe for the first meal. Garrett should post a video on how to make it
Marc Sergio G. Ilagan II
Marc Sergio G. Ilagan II Před dnem
10:08 Noah Grossman did it first.
bianey castillo
bianey castillo Před 2 dny
Ian asking Jackie if she wanted to try his dish and also breaking a piece of his cookie for her to try was really sweet! ily smosh dad
Gracie J
Gracie J Před 2 dny
Vegan food is just food that isn't gross
Garrit Stauts
Garrit Stauts Před 5 dny
I would go vegan but that means I can't eat meat.
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Před 5 dny
Give them Durian
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Před 5 dny
What Damien ate looks like a breast implant
Patricia Acheson
Patricia Acheson Před 10 dny
I've never cut my aloe that way but apparently everyone else does judging by these comments.
kakaboomboom Před 11 dny
notice how most of them are good because garret wants to convince them vegan food are delicious
Andy Silva
Andy Silva Před 11 dny
8:14 thank you Damien.
Christine Peace
Christine Peace Před 11 dny
I get that their close but when they share silverware omg xD I feel like someone would say shit but I never see comments about it lol oh well
KeyKey Rena
KeyKey Rena Před 13 dny
I love kool aid pickles
bruh boi
bruh boi Před 14 dny
I dislike the fact that garret made most of them good to turn them vegan😂
Poolside Toilet Productions
Poolside Toilet Productions Před 17 dny
Even Garret was like, "yeaaa~" to Sarah trashing Aloe
Colby Jago
Colby Jago Před 20 dny
The dish mari ate looks like tampons
zoey rose
zoey rose Před 22 dny
Jackie's lips look like a fucking beak
Chloe Stegenga
Chloe Stegenga Před 24 dny
Can someone tell me how she knows what swamp tastes like
Xian6402 Před 27 dny
Damien Hass.
Dr. A Preobrazhensky
Dr. A Preobrazhensky Před 27 dny
Just so you know, 'straight up Aloe' is toxic to ingest. 👍
Mahalia Smith
Mahalia Smith Před 28 dny
Love how the vegan cookies are shaped like animals
Macnatty Před 28 dny
Can we appreciate Keith calling his own ass out for telling Jackie not to eat the fauxducken? He like realized he did that. Most people don't realize when they do that.
burningphoenix36 Před měsícem
10:40 Jacky dinged before one was finished thats early start.
Alexander Před měsícem
as a vegan i really enjoyed this episode!
Juan Carlos Liberona
Juan Carlos Liberona Před měsícem
6:35 You know what that is, don't pretend
Brooke Judy
Brooke Judy Před měsícem
When Jacky asked Damien to lady and the tramp the pickle and he said no😰😭😭😭😭
Esa K.
Esa K. Před měsícem
Julia Maloney
Julia Maloney Před měsícem
I’m still shocked that they don’t know about aloe
wendy summer19
wendy summer19 Před měsícem
Y'all should do a ASMR foods next!!! Please!!
Trey Simms
Trey Simms Před měsícem
Looking back at this and the comments I'm just sad nobody remembers the put it in my mouth episode ft. L-corn where Sarah Submitted the pickles and kool-aid for them to eat cause corn hates pickles
Hades Miera
Hades Miera Před měsícem
Who is hungry watching these videos?
- Rearmostline95 -
- Rearmostline95 - Před měsícem
I love dunkaroos everyone should try it when you come to Canada
Daniel Clayton
Daniel Clayton Před měsícem
“Don’t decide for her” says the liberal who votes in politicians who decide for you
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera Před měsícem
When Damien said molasses I expected a “I barely know her!” when he didn’t say it my disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined
Carissa Simmers
Carissa Simmers Před měsícem
Ian is the smosh dad/big brother and I love it
Nocturnal Nikki
Nocturnal Nikki Před 2 měsíci
Guessing before its said first is a tofurkey
IDontWant ToLive
IDontWant ToLive Před 2 měsíci
It's the first time all the dishes are good and Shane is not there...
TennoHack Před 2 měsíci
"Here's the rules: The first to ding the bell eats-" *skips forward 5 seconds* "THE BIG BITE"
Dana Procell
Dana Procell Před 2 měsíci
Can Smosh sell a garret cookbook for the holidays?
Cherry Boi Noriyaki
Cherry Boi Noriyaki Před 2 měsíci
Dumbasses not knowing what aloe is
girlandumbrella Před 2 měsíci
Aloe Aloe itself is VILE
cecep chaerudin
cecep chaerudin Před 2 měsíci
Shanks nestle instead did burger right People I’m should nice food ok 😇😉
Daleisarock Před 2 měsíci
Vegan food is what it takes to keep Shayne from being on the show.
JYNXoner Před 2 měsíci
didnt noah eat koolaid pickles in his food show
abby ankrah
abby ankrah Před 2 měsíci
Aww I can’t watch this the same after the torture Jackie went through in the pie episode💀💀🥺
Derek Cote
Derek Cote Před 2 měsíci
Keith seems like the kinda guy who won't like stuff because vegan is in the name.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Před 2 měsíci
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Před 2 měsíci
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Horror Movie Scream Queen Před 2 měsíci
Does Courtney even play this game or is she only the food handler?
Lumos Reactions
Lumos Reactions Před 2 měsíci
Hehe tru
Erick Martinez
Erick Martinez Před 2 měsíci
Ian I swear is always getting something good
Kendyl Laumann
Kendyl Laumann Před 2 měsíci
love a good vegan representation
Leon M
Leon M Před 2 měsíci
vegan is pretty big in europe/germany and its growing about na?
Lee'sVoice Před 2 měsíci
I'm looking for the vegans with superiority complexes
Lil Immy
Lil Immy Před 2 měsíci
Give us another 'SHAYNE'S REVENGE' !!! love you guys so much, you are giving me light and happiness through my hard times so thankyou.
Tim Steinborn
Tim Steinborn Před 2 měsíci
Vegan dunkeroos shaped like animals. There's a joke in there somewhere.
Lucasthehamster Senpai
Lucasthehamster Senpai Před 2 měsíci
I always have aloe vera but I didn't know it's actually edible.
Dylan Castellanos
Dylan Castellanos Před 2 měsíci
It's better if you sprinkle a little bit of sugar or a little bit of salt on it (whichever you prefer) If you eat it plain, it is hands down the most bitterly disgusting thing ever.
Kausturi Chakrabarty
Kausturi Chakrabarty Před 2 měsíci
Aloe is bitter fight me
Dylan Castellanos
Dylan Castellanos Před 2 měsíci
It's soooo unbelievably bitter.
Penguinie Před 2 měsíci
wholesome padre
wholesome padre Před 2 měsíci
Garrett: vegetarian Also garrett: have some pig intestines and bull testicles
David KDM Tundra
David KDM Tundra Před 2 měsíci
*laughs in gluten intolerant*
Raging Gamer
Raging Gamer Před 3 měsíci
Sorry, Hippies in California...vegan food is garbage and will only ever be garbage. These kids put colors in their hair. So they can't be trusted to say what food is good.
Jahman Před 3 měsíci
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Courtney's sense of fashion?!Like so coool!🤩😁
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Před 3 měsíci
Bruh Damien so weird lol😂
Cynder Shade
Cynder Shade Před 3 měsíci
Jackie is adorable, her jacket kinda reminds me of the couch area on GMM
Amami Aiko
Amami Aiko Před 3 měsíci
they dont know what aloe vera is* come on guys omg.
fortnitemares toxic
fortnitemares toxic Před 3 měsíci
They don't know what aloe vera is?
oscar benitez
oscar benitez Před 3 měsíci
I'm from Las Vegas cool that they mentioned my 🏡 🏠
Camille Alvarado
Camille Alvarado Před 3 měsíci
sophief5 Před 3 měsíci
damien saying you can just call it a standoff. oh my gosh i love him
0KnightElfMohawk0 Před 3 měsíci
MOMMI MARI, ah I missed her in these
Marcus Morton
Marcus Morton Před 3 měsíci
Kool aid pickles Noah’s put it in my mouth Vietnam flashbacks
Psycho _ logical
Psycho _ logical Před 3 měsíci
I was like, how could you not know what aloe vera looks like? 😂
Alexander Marchus
Alexander Marchus Před 3 měsíci
Is ian notified ahead of time? I dont think ive seen him eat something truly awful yet.
Tabby Roles
Tabby Roles Před 3 měsíci
You guys should try pregnancy cravings version of Eat it or Yeet it
Gamer Ghost
Gamer Ghost Před 3 měsíci
Axo Před 3 měsíci
Not this but the normal
Axo Před 3 měsíci
Courtney has to do it
Nathaniel King
Nathaniel King Před 3 měsíci
I'm I the only one who new it was an aloe leaf
Lilly Livingston
Lilly Livingston Před 3 měsíci
Why they have a green bun??? Vegans can eat most breads
Grant Masters
Grant Masters Před 3 měsíci
First time I’ve seen Damien visibly grossed out over a food on this show 12:07
Hiecrashgeek Studios
Hiecrashgeek Studios Před 3 měsíci
Are animal crackers vegan?
holy knight of God and heaven
holy knight of God and heaven Před 3 měsíci
I ate a vegan burger from Tim Hortons and I was sick for like 3 hours not to mention it tasted..... strange. I will just stick with meat.
Donovan Simmons
Donovan Simmons Před 3 měsíci
Could you guys do a trick or treat episode of eat it or yeet it? They have Durian Fruit candies which would be hilarious to see what people think about it.
Mykl Bodnar
Mykl Bodnar Před 3 měsíci
Garrett Just fed them vegan food lol
Angel Canarte
Angel Canarte Před 3 měsíci
Vegan food episode is just a conspiracy to to get people to eat more vegan food
Jayden C
Jayden C Před 3 měsíci
Jacklyn is actually so cool and funny though. Haha
Mamodokod Před 3 měsíci
Felt like there was a lot of padding for time
Teodora Prokovic
Teodora Prokovic Před 3 měsíci
I want Courtney to be in one of these and Shayne to get the foods cooking lol
SPIDER 2004 Před 3 měsíci
I'm a vegetarian, and I do enjoy it. I've never eaten more vegetables in my life until recently. You may think it's a challenging lifestyle to have, but it's really not. So far I'm going on two weeks.
SPIDER 2004 Před 3 měsíci
@Naliah Rigby Thank you! I will.
Naliah Rigby
Naliah Rigby Před 3 měsíci
@SPIDER 2004 no worries hope you enjoy.
SPIDER 2004 Před 3 měsíci
@Naliah Rigby That is cool! Thank you for sharing your experience!
Naliah Rigby
Naliah Rigby Před 3 měsíci
I have been a vegetarian for over a year and it is hard at first but after that it just becomes a new normal.
Picachki Před 3 měsíci
Can we get a round of applause for Keith? He’s not afraid to try new things!
Mia kaori
Mia kaori Před 3 měsíci
Did anyone notice that they misspelled damiens lastname in the beginning
ELizabeth MOrgan
ELizabeth MOrgan Před 3 měsíci
Keith: is revolted by all the vegan food Keith after eating cookies: I might go vegan
sasha Před 3 měsíci
eat or yeet it prob wont be thing post covid for a while :(
you encountered A wild Shane Garret: go Jacklyn what should jacklyn do garret: jacklyn use replace jacklyn has replaced shane.... Shane: use appearance Shane appeared in the video
DankEZ Před 3 měsíci
Anthony would've loved this. Bless his little vegan heart :(
SchoolBorn Před 3 měsíci
vegan propaganda
Charlie Southwell
Charlie Southwell Před 3 měsíci
kieth is such a goddamn baby
Ali Mapes
Ali Mapes Před 3 měsíci
9:39 “it’s dark” Me: it’s a dickle!!! Reply if you know 😂
Kaleigh Nicole
Kaleigh Nicole Před 3 měsíci
Do they really not know what aloe Vera is
Jonah Mali
Jonah Mali Před 3 měsíci
But weren't those summer rolls? Aren't spring rolls supposed to be fried?
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