Try Not To Laugh Challenge #53

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Smosh Pit

Smosh Pit

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“I’m not like the other girls. I know how to breathe.” Try not to laugh, we dare you!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit Před 2 měsíci
Y'all ready for this?!
Ariahna day
Ariahna day Před 3 dny
no i sh1t myself
Rift3d_ Před 15 dny
Twitch Alex_23FTW
Twitch Alex_23FTW Před 27 dny
I like to move it move it
Gabby Bubbles
Gabby Bubbles Před měsícem
@Larry The Lesbian ...
Gabby Bubbles
Gabby Bubbles Před měsícem
N o
Ross McPherson
Ross McPherson Před 10 hodinami
Love how Tommy always has a storyline
Marco Flemming
Marco Flemming Před dnem
Most of them try not to laugh but Noah is playing harmonica😂
Nic Blucher
Nic Blucher Před 2 dny
Nic Blucher
Nic Blucher Před 2 dny
Get the up in here
Joel Badger
Joel Badger Před 2 dny
Jackie is legit the worst thing they ever let happen to Smosh. She’s not even funny!
Diego Lofranco
Diego Lofranco Před 3 dny
Watching new TNTLs really show new contenders for MVP in the form of Tommy and Jackie.
Will Hautamaki
Will Hautamaki Před 3 dny
Olivia is hilarious
awesomeness10853 Před 4 dny
Some one needs to make a Tommy Bowe compilation bc his bits are Iconic/Legendary
Koneko Cosplay
Koneko Cosplay Před 5 dny
Fricking Tommy man... My gut hurts from laughter
Johndel ian t. Pagobo
Johndel ian t. Pagobo Před 5 dny
I love my red hat
Olivia B
Olivia B Před 5 dny
Tommy’s continuous bits are literally the best!!
Apologus Před 6 dny
The bizarre thing is that Masterchef USA actually had one contestant (I think season 3 or 4) who had only 3 fingers per hand. He lasted only a couple episodes.
Game Beast
Game Beast Před 6 dny
COVID stop just joking
Game Beast
Game Beast Před 6 dny
but no seriously don't stop 6 FEET WAY !!!
traffic cone
traffic cone Před 7 dny
Shayne looks like he had a midlife crisis before this episode
Teagan O'Connor
Teagan O'Connor Před 7 dny
I honestly thought Shayne was gonna do a Danny zuko impression
Misty Rat
Misty Rat Před 8 dny
I want to eat Noah’s hair. It looks like gummy bears.
pein260 Před 8 dny
She may not be funny, but Olivia has an apple
Vitor Gonzaga
Vitor Gonzaga Před 9 dny
Olivia does so much coke, like for reals
Juston Dement
Juston Dement Před 9 dny
The fact Tommy kept up with the same bit throughout was amazing lol
The Master Creator
The Master Creator Před 9 dny
8:53 I think we all heard "i grow cherries out of my piss"
Adam Davies
Adam Davies Před 11 dny
I think Shayne could really make Gus Johnson laugh with the harmonica instead of the water. Lol finally
Joe Peterson
Joe Peterson Před 11 dny
GodBear Před 12 dny
Honestly, I'd pay more attention if a commercial started with "Hey! Is your grandparent fucking old as shit and can't see nothing? Well shit! now she will for sure!"
Matilda Fries
Matilda Fries Před 12 dny
They need to make separate videos of Tommy's sketches just more put together and official
User Před 12 dny
The person who added the music at the end needs to get fired.
XLRX Jr. Před 13 dny
I like smosh pit episodes, it's just a group of college ppl having fun without context
Josh Groh
Josh Groh Před 15 dny
Why does Noah sound like he should be making Rick and Morty commercials
Mihaela Dulic
Mihaela Dulic Před 15 dny
I want more of prince Eric bits please
icecreamfairy8 Před 16 dny
Why did you get rid of the water bit?
haley 707
haley 707 Před 17 dny
yall realize everytime they breathe the harmonica go off right
FineLine Bae
FineLine Bae Před 18 dny
If your reading this Your reading this
gusey1397 Před 19 dny
3:45 I cringed a little as I was born with three fingers on my right hand, and the whole joke was that Olivia had three fingers. I know offense wasn't meant but just be mindful in the future :)
Daniel Herrick
Daniel Herrick Před 19 dny
OMG I love that Shane’s character returned, funnier than ever
Martin Yon
Martin Yon Před 20 dny
Imagine if game grumps were on this try not to laugh.
Lindsay Sluder
Lindsay Sluder Před 18 dny
It would be total chaos. I need it.
Naleia Burroughs
Naleia Burroughs Před 20 dny
“And there’s this other girl, her names TErRa AnD ShES KiNDa A sLUt AhHæahha” definitely one of my most favorite parts😂
Sarah Mayer
Sarah Mayer Před 21 dnem
whats with the loud music at the end, did somebody fart?
Mha _fan
Mha _fan Před 21 dnem
Brittney Danielle
Brittney Danielle Před 21 dnem
4:50 my cat looked at my screen like she was deeply offended
Zechariah Pace
Zechariah Pace Před 21 dnem
did you notice that tommy said the smallest vest possible even to big for me?
Sara Patterson
Sara Patterson Před 23 dny
F1 Fire
F1 Fire Před 24 dny
When did lil peep get respond what i miss
pollo sjr
pollo sjr Před 25 dny
1:02 what is it?
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug Před 25 dny
13:25 remember kids, it's important to name your friends.
tophat guy
tophat guy Před 25 dny
🛑STOP and leave a like
pein260 Před 25 dny
Olivia actually has a little apple 😏
pein260 Před 25 dny
Who's the black chick
Karrie Williams
Karrie Williams Před 26 dny
Noah are u apart of smosh or warpzone?
joaquin lirasan
joaquin lirasan Před 26 dny
Plz play secret neighbor plzplzpzlzpz
Seam Ronny
Seam Ronny Před 27 dny
Why is Jackie still ****ing here
Shannon Frasure
Shannon Frasure Před 27 dny
I LOVE Jackie and her energy!
Chris Payne
Chris Payne Před 27 dny
As usual, Shayne killed
Braxton Colling
Braxton Colling Před 27 dny
9:55 of video funny
Ava Alton
Ava Alton Před 27 dny
Shayne looks like if Darry, Soda, and Ponyboy had an even older brother.
Leonard Taylor
Leonard Taylor Před 27 dny
Tommy is awesome with his continuous storylines
•Void Gacha•
•Void Gacha• Před 28 dny
I was 75457 like ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Matjaz Mujdrica
Matjaz Mujdrica Před 28 dny
What the everloving fuck is up with the guy's hair
Khairah Před 28 dny
That beat during the outro was niiiiice anybody know what it is?
MrAFJones Před 28 dny
Olivia is the worst.
Chloe Gamer
Chloe Gamer Před 29 dny
Do this with gus and Shayne will break him
Fetiqe Před 29 dny
Go back to water it’s better 😂
Rigo Batiancila
Rigo Batiancila Před 29 dny
Wtf is this??? None of this was funny
Dustin Fearing
Dustin Fearing Před měsícem
Skinny Nugget Smith
Skinny Nugget Smith Před měsícem
In this video, shayne looks like buff Gus Johnson
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson Před měsícem
Luis Pereira
Luis Pereira Před měsícem
I prefer the water instead of the harmonica
Chunky Nuclear annihilation
Chunky Nuclear annihilation Před měsícem
get anthony as a guest for TNTL 54
Montana Bass
Montana Bass Před měsícem
9:58 I want the swat teams to break down doors in fortnite skins now, it'll confuse everyone in the building, and once they've succeeded. Default dance.
狼Yuuki Před měsícem
Is Ian still in smosh?
aulburc Před měsícem
Your my favorite
katie kat
katie kat Před měsícem
bob dylan watching this like 👁👄👁
The fox Box
The fox Box Před měsícem
This is awful bring back the water
Isabell Castle
Isabell Castle Před měsícem
Where’s kieth
Elizandra Depina
Elizandra Depina Před měsícem
Where is Anthony ??
Atomicflounder42 Před měsícem
Smosh: Black girl wears monkey ears Me: 👀
Serenity Menee
Serenity Menee Před měsícem
I believe they call video audio books... movies
Stampede 1308
Stampede 1308 Před měsícem
Couldn't tell if you were making fun of him but there was this guy who actually only had six fingers on masterchef
emo retard69
emo retard69 Před měsícem
who's the black chick
Ro Rob
Ro Rob Před měsícem
"HUH YEAH we totally got all the drugs in this area!" Noah Grossman 2020
spazz Duck
spazz Duck Před měsícem
I’ve been watching you guys for 2 years you guys are the funniest!
Z And Y News
Z And Y News Před měsícem
hello all my friends...
Marilyn Sullivan
Marilyn Sullivan Před měsícem
~The year was 1844~dobby is that you?
Enrique Jimmed
Enrique Jimmed Před měsícem
The Stop bit Tommy does is the best
LilliansDad Před měsícem
Is Tommy OK? Just checking. You need a COVID-safe air hug, bud?
Josh munoz
Josh munoz Před měsícem
Vindict1on Před měsícem
Did he say Tevin!?! I've never heard my name in a video before
Shawna Tyler
Shawna Tyler Před měsícem
You guys have to get on SNL one of you has to host!
Jared Handran
Jared Handran Před měsícem
I love you all every video and on
Emma Moore
Emma Moore Před měsícem
hey, i'm Emma, i'm a bit ditsy. (16:55)
Anthony Meriweather
Anthony Meriweather Před měsícem
i have never noticed before but Noah is really buff
Revan Před měsícem
Noah's hair looks like a Wonder Bread wrapper
Anna Domingo
Anna Domingo Před měsícem
It's kinda wild that there was actually a dude who went on master chef who had 3 fingers. He came on during the auditions part but I can't remember if he got in.
Joshua Bickerdike
Joshua Bickerdike Před měsícem
Not enjoying the harmonica thing tbh..
Canaan Stevenson
Canaan Stevenson Před měsícem
Noah out here looking like White Dennis Rodman
David Fortier
David Fortier Před měsícem
Anyone else super impressed with Noah(?) because he said "eight pounds of force" like he should instead of "eight pounds of pressure"?
Tylon Před měsícem
My first time watching. I thought it might be corny or something but ive been cracking up
Chloe MacCheyne
Chloe MacCheyne Před měsícem
My friend only has six fingers, she is the nicest person ever!!! Lysm Smosh!!
Chloe MacCheyne
Chloe MacCheyne Před měsícem
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Před měsícem
Isn't a 'video-audio book' just a narrated movie
Campbell Phoenix
Campbell Phoenix Před měsícem
The old traveler is back!
Malcolm Benjamin
Malcolm Benjamin Před měsícem
The way Tommy dropped the cup was masterful.
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