Try Not To Laugh Challenge # 41 w/ Critical Role

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It’s time for another Try Not To Laugh challenge with our friends Sam Riegel and Matthew Mercer from Critical Role!
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DrawnCap Před 58 vteřinami
I like that any Smosh fans who look in the comments are gonna insanely confused as it’s flooded by Critical Role fans.
LH-Gaming Před 5 hodinami
14:06 this dude really good at acting
LH-Gaming Před 6 hodinami
courtney is like female version of cherdleys
Maria Fuentes
Maria Fuentes Před dnem
There were so many jokes in Harry Potter joke at 2:11 I was watching power puff girls when he said get me the power puff girls
Khanofthesea Před 2 dny
Try and get the cast from bill and ted
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau Před 5 dny
My cat is so upset about the mouse noises 😂
Zack W
Zack W Před 5 dny
*everyone trying to make the person laugh *sam just wanting to workout
Damian Farrer
Damian Farrer Před 5 dny
I absolutely love critical role! Watched all of campaign 1, and will be cought up with campaign 2 shortly. Hope Smosh watches critical role!
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno Před 5 dny
First smosh video I’ve watched in years. This shit is asscheeks now
Kookie Dough
Kookie Dough Před 5 dny
“ Go ratatouille! I know you can do it! You can escape! ” * Squeak of pain * *“ c r a p - ”*
Xx CHivEyO xX
Xx CHivEyO xX Před 5 dny
4:40 I kinda want to know what this translates to.
Jason Hanlan
Jason Hanlan Před 6 dny
its funny that right after mercer, who plays jotaro, appeared, damien immediately said "good grief"
Betty Abensour
Betty Abensour Před 6 dny
brandon rogers
Sarah Griffin
Sarah Griffin Před 7 dny
wtf r you guys fucking ding 😂
somberhoney Před 7 dny
I want them to do this again with Laura, Ashley, and Marisha as the guests
Jonathan Flanagan
Jonathan Flanagan Před 7 dny
I just want a montage of all of Sam's bits.
Bee Sea
Bee Sea Před 8 dny
“You can bark up my tree” Greatest bit from Olivia?
Chase Dunafon
Chase Dunafon Před 8 dny
do one with penguiz0
Darwin Jaevi Davin
Darwin Jaevi Davin Před 8 dny
Reigal just Shayne'd Shayne
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones Před 9 dny
5:59 i finally got to laugh!!!
Sawyer Paul
Sawyer Paul Před 10 dny
14:14 Flashbacks to his DND campaign
Sawyer Paul
Sawyer Paul Před 10 dny
You need to *APOLOGIZE* Slayed me
Linlupin Před 10 dny
Anyone else just watch just Sam and Matt?
The_Red_Ditto Před 11 dny
They got McCree on Try Not To Laugh. This is amazing.
Alex Jobe
Alex Jobe Před 12 dny
No surprise Sam is the clear champion here, at least for me!
Miklós Pál Márton Molnár
Miklós Pál Márton Molnár Před 12 dny
The intro of mighty nein stirs more emotions in me - probably cause of the awesome music - than this. If I'dve been one of the participants I'm sad to say I'm more jaded that to find these funny enough. The reason I smile is cause I see the smiles and happiness and hear the laughter. On my own I would only find these attempts...mildly annoying. Spitting water...yeah nah. Still entertaining tho so keep it up ;)
Alientang3 Před 14 dny
He be an announcer damn boi
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook Před 14 dny
When the Gm has seen some sht
Sabreman854 Před 14 dny
4:40 Matt legit just saw: -Baby Doll -Cultist Robe -Plague Doctor Mask -Shakeweight and said, "yeah, I can work with this." *_AND THEN DID_*
Bucket of Gondor
Bucket of Gondor Před 14 dny
McCree That's all I have to say
MIQO bro
MIQO bro Před 16 dny
how many furys do u saw
Anoahmous Před 16 dny
Yes we are brave to come back to Olivia trying a bit too hard and being funny anyways. Olivia is kind of underrated.
Kalistia Parks
Kalistia Parks Před 16 dny
15:30 it’s even funnier because he loves birds... and has a pet bird 😆😆
Matt D
Matt D Před 16 dny
Mercer just destroys everyone else in both acting and stamina
Cameron Callahan
Cameron Callahan Před 17 dny
The no touching rule hits different 8 months later
Sombsie Před 17 dny
Voice actor for McCree
michael schuller
michael schuller Před 17 dny
This is still the best episode ^^
Kyle McElroy
Kyle McElroy Před 17 dny
12:43 what really happens in prison *dials dominos* Dominos you’re my favorite pizza place
FoxStrom Před 18 dny
Matt is completely immune to Sam’s tomfoolery
TheDiamondDevil 8
TheDiamondDevil 8 Před 19 dny
Courtney out here looking like a bucket of chicken with them shorts
underscoreHank Před 19 dny
Just learned that mat Mercer is jotaro KUJO?!?
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Před 19 dny
I'm guessing if they had Travis instead of Sam, Matt would just use the voice he made for Orly (or however tf you spell it).
Thequite _kid
Thequite _kid Před 20 dny
8:28 Some weird jotaro x dio fan thing 8:42 *time resumes* Kakyoin:
Mark Power
Mark Power Před 20 dny
I love how Shane instantly goes into his Tom Cruise face when Damien says it
Spiritual Geek
Spiritual Geek Před 20 dny
15:12 LOL
Jada Mundt
Jada Mundt Před 21 dnem
These guys inspire me to play d&d and become a nerd and just.....have fun! My heros smosh and cridical
Luke Howel
Luke Howel Před 21 dnem
I think about Matt's baby shakeweight bit literally every day.
MeltedCroissant Před 22 dny
I miss Anthony when they'd have a new video and not the same thing for the 41st time
Gobl1nz Před 22 dny
Try not to laugh #837
hecc mcgee
hecc mcgee Před 22 dny
The skit at 10:30 I'm fucking crying
Mysterious Legbeast
Mysterious Legbeast Před 23 dny
4:20 The final boss you have to beat after all the other Karens
ChadM4n Před 23 dny
Put em up and nock em down
Hunter Leal
Hunter Leal Před 23 dny
4:45 This is why people think DnD is satan worship
Missy Cat
Missy Cat Před 24 dny
I need someone to take Matt’s ritual but and edit dorime over it
DerpyDaringDitzyDoo Před 25 dny
Pretty sure Matt's Avengers skit would have made anyone laugh to be fair
Andrew Bryk
Andrew Bryk Před 25 dny
The Charlie brown one made me laugh!!
Seth Canning
Seth Canning Před 26 dny
Damn bro you got the whole squad laughing 😐😐😐
Kim Partee
Kim Partee Před 27 dny
This vid came out when my parents divorced
Dalton Akers
Dalton Akers Před 27 dny
The way Matt looked at Sam looked like he was about to give him disadvantages on all his rolls for the next session.
The Protean Geek
The Protean Geek Před 28 dny
Good to see Matt going back to his roots with Smash Bros references.
sagesaria Před 28 dny
I feel like even on easy mode Sam, having Matt do anything is cheating. He's been playing with this guy for years, he knows how to tickle his funny bone.
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor Před měsícem
I just realized that any character shayne creates is a perfect side character for Rick and Morty .
Moosh King
Moosh King Před měsícem
someone should've mentioned the Chasity nook
Dudeman9339 Před měsícem
Olivia is crazy.
Guy Person
Guy Person Před měsícem
These rules sum up Henry crabgrass
Mahayla Shanell
Mahayla Shanell Před měsícem
2020 be like 0:49
Little Red Kermit Gaming
Little Red Kermit Gaming Před měsícem
Lily Kirkpatrick
Lily Kirkpatrick Před měsícem
Damien is brilliant in this ep ,love this
Navonnod ecirp
Navonnod ecirp Před měsícem
they didn't do any mcree jokes
Miss. Tosser
Miss. Tosser Před měsícem
Why does that pink and purple disaster exist still, she dresses like my middle school gym teacher and chances are he still has a track suit like that... don't let your clothing defy your personality...which is boring...
J Flinxh
J Flinxh Před 24 dny
Someon seems a little pressed lmao.Let people wear whatever the fuck they want.
Nate Dogg
Nate Dogg Před měsícem
That “Sakuraiii” has been stuck in my head forever now
Juliebigloops Silverstein
Juliebigloops Silverstein Před měsícem
I played along on my phone I'm writing this on my computer
Eitain Hzaeil2
Eitain Hzaeil2 Před měsícem
4:20 shayne forgot about the part where she obnoxiously repeats "CaLm DOWn! CalM DoWn!"
BlueSylveon Před měsícem
Sill Wullivan
Sill Wullivan Před měsícem
I knew Matt was gonna do the best out of the group, considering the amount of shit he’s powered through on Critical Role. But I wasn’t expecting him to be the funniest.
Dragon Ball Joey
Dragon Ball Joey Před měsícem
when the water too cold 1:03
Ava Wolf
Ava Wolf Před měsícem
You guys need to get the actors of Sam and Dean from Super Natural.. they will make you laugh, trust me lol
NavyWolf24 Před měsícem
Matthew Mercer is Daddy. Prove me wrong.
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches Před měsícem
that's actually a high-budget fursuit head
Dohvanetwork Smith
Dohvanetwork Smith Před měsícem
With all Matt has seen and dealt with, that man is a steel trap of composure
guacamole on toast
guacamole on toast Před měsícem
15:03 LOL
Izstrella Před měsícem
The shake-weight sacrifice is still one of my all-time favourite bits, ahaha.
Rodrigo Santos Valeriano
Rodrigo Santos Valeriano Před měsícem
Damien is the best.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Před měsícem
Why does Courtney keeps wearing shorts, tight pants, tight shorts (I think), I’m not against that nor saying she can’t wear it I’m just wondering why
Christopher Roberts
Christopher Roberts Před měsícem
They should invite me, I haven’t laughed once in any of these I’ve seen. 🤷‍♂️
Alan Hoek
Alan Hoek Před měsícem
CJGamr01 Před měsícem
I'm offended no one came out dressed as mcchromshot for matt
RadioRylie R.
RadioRylie R. Před měsícem
😂😂😂Damian’s bit was amazing
Fenix Meaney
Fenix Meaney Před měsícem
All you have to do to make Matt Mercer lose it is to shout WE PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGOooNNNS!
Conner Peterson
Conner Peterson Před měsícem
I love that Olivia not only pulls people in and tells them nothing but she also ignores instructions when they bring her in 😂
bubblefish Před měsícem
Just imagine Matt's face if Sam launched into a dnd beyond ad
Aldurin Fireheart
Aldurin Fireheart Před měsícem
That “i don’t know where she went” sounded soooo much like David Schwimmer, very Ross-like.
Flitz Smith
Flitz Smith Před měsícem
Matthew Mercer is beautiful I'm so glad hes in this episode
Bolt the Super-Pony
Bolt the Super-Pony Před měsícem
9:12 PAW is the original WAP. Change my mind.
Couch Time
Couch Time Před měsícem
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Před měsícem
Travis Cummings
Travis Cummings Před měsícem
You're telling me that Matt Mercer was there, and not ONE JoJo's reference was made?!
Lily Stephans
Lily Stephans Před měsícem
Welcome to Applebees! 😂
Kim Atsma
Kim Atsma Před měsícem
I think Shayne said I'm real sad all the time when it was unintelligible during the Wonder Wall bit
SeeLann Před měsícem
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