Try Not To Laugh Challenge #40 w/ CallMeCarson

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You know what time it is! CallMeCarson, Ted Nivison, and Slimecicle from Lunch Club are here to Try Not To Laugh!
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Elise Pieren
Elise Pieren Před 5 hodinami
LOL why isn't this deletedyet
Clifford Wilson
Clifford Wilson Před 21 hodinou
Plot twist: you didn't come back to reminisce on the CallMeCarson glory days
ZAMBOO MC Před 23 hodinami
Geuss what f er this baby a bom
Dyysmal Před 23 hodinami
I'm not sure if this aged well
jake_trap jake_trap
jake_trap jake_trap Před dnem
9:45 my baby is a bomb
green destroyer
green destroyer Před dnem
This didn't age well
Hailee Welsh
Hailee Welsh Před dnem
Grinning Před dnem
6:40 uh oh
Ethanator the Random Gamer
Ethanator the Random Gamer Před 2 dny
9:36 The reason people came here
Heh gey Gay
Heh gey Gay Před 2 dny
Sorry new phone i wasn't subbed
A Před 2 dny
Mortuus est
Mortuus est Před 2 dny
carson is gona come back
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Před 2 dny
Why tf is ted so tall how did I not know this-
Mismatched Socks
Mismatched Socks Před 2 dny
just saving my fav place :) 9:35
Verris Před 2 dny
i had to pause the video because i was in physical pain from smiling
RidescenceBlitz Před 3 dny
9:39 Just leaving this here for future reasons
Zero Před 3 dny
9:39 this is the thing that keeps me humane
Iphone Juice
Iphone Juice Před 3 dny
callmecarson is the carl wheezer to my judy neutron. i miss him so much. ;-;
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson Před 4 dny
It would be so weird to watch these without the added sound effects
nobudee the person
nobudee the person Před 4 dny
the second hand embarrassment is truly inspirational.
Tom Petrecca
Tom Petrecca Před 4 dny
oh god wait everyone's an orphan welp technoblade is gonna kill us all
ronan wall music
ronan wall music Před 4 dny
Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper Před 4 dny
w/ CallMeCarson
Carson Sutton
Carson Sutton Před 4 dny
Here before deleted
claire Před 4 dny
yknow i always feel bad watching carson but i’m just gonna pretend he’s some random guy named tony
Rando Guy
Rando Guy Před 2 dny
Yeah sure your parents do the same with you.
Dankbleachman Před 4 dny
InTheRyeRye Před 4 dny
Well... this didn't age too well
Crash Harty
Crash Harty Před 5 dny
Im disgusted that this video is still up
Carter Bowman
Carter Bowman Před 5 dny
You know they’re desperate for music when they start playing a sims song
simplyunique Před 5 dny
this didnt age well
A Loomis
A Loomis Před 5 dny
I’m only watching for slimecicle 😩✋
A Loomis
A Loomis Před dnem
@mars no thanks 🧍‍♂️
mars Před 2 dny
okay.. want a cookie? :|
Gonçalo Ferrão
Gonçalo Ferrão Před 5 dny
Okay, so 2 things : 1 - Despite what Carson has done, i sincerely hope he's getting the help he needs to come back and atone for his mistakes, cuz i do believe people can change and improve. And 2 - What happened doesn't change the fact that this video is fucking hilarious and Slimesicle is a treasure
Flaming Leo
Flaming Leo Před 4 dny
This comment is perfect
Declan R
Declan R Před 4 dny
Finally, someone not saying this didn’t age well
Mushrunner Před 5 dny
Idk about you, but I'm still here for Slimecicle. Don't really care about that Carson guy, whoever he is.
Sky Divided
Sky Divided Před 5 dny
17 and 19 isn’t illegal, only on Twitter
Mozkxnni Před 6 dny
13:53 That sounds like my grade 1 and 3 teacher wtf
kithro21 Před 6 dny
I like the part where carson slams the baby, funny stuff
Sukotto Před 6 dny
For me to vibe 9:40
Ziggsta Sumner
Ziggsta Sumner Před 6 dny
Slimesicle how is tommyinnit
Willy Son
Willy Son Před 6 dny
Heh callmepedo
sticks doodles
sticks doodles Před 6 dny
This comment 💀
[-Jay•Dawg-] Před 6 dny
@Keenan Grant he do be
Keenan Grant
Keenan Grant Před 6 dny
He not
leah anderson
leah anderson Před 6 dny
watching a skipping past carson’s bits😋😇
Keenan Grant
Keenan Grant Před 6 dny
steven woodruff
steven woodruff Před 6 dny
2:12 my school has some kids learning this and I've heard it like 20 times in 7 days
Fox Ninetynine
Fox Ninetynine Před 7 dny
i felt that "childhood memories" part too. like if its you too
w o o p e r e
w o o p e r e Před 7 dny
Sorry i’m a year latr
Enclave Comms Officer
Enclave Comms Officer Před 7 dny
Heidi Cusic
Heidi Cusic Před 7 dny
Ducky Před 7 dny
This is not aged well
Spicy Memes
Spicy Memes Před 7 dny
Shirly Aides
Shirly Aides Před 7 dny
14:19 *Technoblade has entered the chat*
April Fioretti
April Fioretti Před 7 dny
Well this didn't age quite so well
KydSur Před 7 dny
Wow burgerman was young in this video. You can tell he hadn't hit puberty yet
Bishpineapple 120
Bishpineapple 120 Před 7 dny
Me: realizing I had seen slimecicle and carson somewhere and not realizing where My recommendations: I got chu bro
DP Před 8 dny
epicfox125 Před 8 dny
Thomas Ryan
Thomas Ryan Před 8 dny
Carson looks like a Discord moderator
Max .S
Max .S Před 8 dny
9:44 is the funniest
Max Dingle
Max Dingle Před 8 dny
This aged well
Shuichi_ Glitchez
Shuichi_ Glitchez Před 8 dny
Just Charlie’s my baby is a bomb is comedy gold!
Pa’charlett and Rita
Pa’charlett and Rita Před 8 dny
my favorite part was definitely charlie going “i’m mr green and i eat babies”
Ryan Burns Photography
Ryan Burns Photography Před 8 dny
11:00 are those... snapchat notifications... from carson.... yeah that makes sense given what we've found out about him the past few months lmao
Jasper Lazuli
Jasper Lazuli Před 8 dny
Can someone just take this video, put a black box over *him* and black out *his* name but everything else is ok? Just every time *he’s* in frame, *boom* , immediate black box over him. And every time his name comes up, just put a box over it too. And every time his name is spoken, just *beeeep* .
Kittlegame Před 8 dny
this is a joke right?
Trail FNM
Trail FNM Před 8 dny
Slime and Carson are the only reason this video is barely watchable.
Cassandra Bøyum
Cassandra Bøyum Před 8 dny
17:57 when your real name is Cassandra : WhAt!!!??? I-I'm sorry???
The Messenger
The Messenger Před 9 dny
This did not age well
Cartoon Cats Creepy Uncle
Cartoon Cats Creepy Uncle Před 9 dny
CallMeCarson, Slimecicle, and Ted Nivison all have different versions of humor that smosh has never seen before
the gaming lord
the gaming lord Před 9 dny
NUGGet3562 Před 9 dny
Ted's shirt was kinda trippy
teddycuthbert Před 9 dny
3:20 10:50
Little kiri boi 2
Little kiri boi 2 Před 9 dny
I mistook carason as slime
Dalton Montague
Dalton Montague Před 9 dny
Its funny cause both carson and indiana jones tried to sleep with a minor
Gazza660 Před 9 dny
Shayne said it best “Olivia Is the LACMA of comedy”.
DOC /CoolSans t.c.o.r
DOC /CoolSans t.c.o.r Před 9 dny
15:35 he put on protection but it didn't work
• Zoe •
• Zoe • Před 10 dny
Smosh pit + Slimesicle = demonetisation
A Person
A Person Před 10 dny
This was really funny to watch but this is so much better since now I know who these people actually are
Pietari Před 10 dny
The other guys have propably already known about carsons behaviour
E Před 10 dny
Fun fact 2:20 or whenever Damien went to Courtney... that was an actual poem
T3R3Z1'S CH4LK Před 10 dny
sometimes I pretend it didn't happen just so I can laugh super hard again
Editor For Sale
Editor For Sale Před 10 dny
It’s nice to reminisce :,)
Macey Whitlock
Macey Whitlock Před 10 dny
I wish that Carson was not in this, because this is my favorite video!
Sporkle BlueMoon
Sporkle BlueMoon Před 10 dny
Skylar Miller
Skylar Miller Před 10 dny
Gaming Fan
Gaming Fan Před 10 dny
Bruh for my homework I literally had to read the poem oh captain my captain
Sharon Pinaula
Sharon Pinaula Před 10 dny
9:35 Love this part😆💗
Sharon Pinaula
Sharon Pinaula Před 10 dny
12:40 Charlie's turn😆❤
Maxcop Před 10 dny
you made this on my birthday
Awtismo Bismo
Awtismo Bismo Před 10 dny
“This didn’t age well”
F.B.I Před 10 dny
We let Carson go
Abigail fellow
Abigail fellow Před 11 dny
I spat my tea at 9:03
Random Loaf
Random Loaf Před 11 dny
I told my dwotah not to feed to dog coffee. And what does she do? She feeds the dog cwoffee. So now I got a dead dog, a dumb dwotah, and no cwofee. So I got now a dead dwotah as well because she got hit by a bus. So. . . okay bye. 2:57
• w o l f i e •
• w o l f i e • Před 11 dny
Why didn’t ik who slimecicle was when I first watched this 😪🤚
Unknown Před 11 dny
Me:throws rock Other person:well there goes the orphanage.
Toxic_ Xzcid
Toxic_ Xzcid Před 11 dny
Hey I really like this Carson guy! I bet he’s really good with kids!
Lena T
Lena T Před 11 dny
Lena T
Lena T Před 11 dny
carson only gets close to laughing when it’s his friends, like ned and charlie, cus they know him so well
Jamie Reed
Jamie Reed Před 11 dny
Carson is not very funny to be honest
Mellence Před 5 dny
I felt the same way. All of his jokes fell flat, and everyone else was generally okay or really funny.
Andrew NIELSEN Před 11 dny
Seaweed_Dragon115 Před 12 dny
If your not subscribed to them then what are you doing?? Me: I’m following slimecicle and Ted but Carson.... no
It’s only Jessica
It’s only Jessica Před 12 dny
I’m sorry but are we not going to talk about how tall Ted is LIKE HOW CAN SOMEONE LOOK SO TALL
It’s only Jessica
It’s only Jessica Před 9 dny
@Dr. Edison The raccoon woah
Dr. Edison The raccoon
Dr. Edison The raccoon Před 10 dny
Hes 6'4
leifboi Před 12 dny
Wow, this Carson guy is really funny, I hope to see him on again sometime soon that would be great. I bet he has a long and fruitful career ahead of him with nothing standing in the way at all.
Harvey-Kain Před 12 dny
Ted and Slime just hit different
eatingbugsforfunandprofit Před 12 dny
slimecicle my beloved
Cara The Redpanda
Cara The Redpanda Před 12 dny
When I saw this is started crying
Angel Torres
Angel Torres Před 11 dny
gray Před 12 dny
welp. time to take this out my comfort playlist. fuck you carson
JazzGood Před 12 dny
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