Trick or Yeet! (Eat It Or Yeet It #18)

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Před 28 dny

This is Eat It or Yeet It: Trick or Yeet edition, where one spin means two people eat, but only one will get a treat.
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
Damien Haas: damienhaas
Keith Leak: keithleakjr
Jacklyn Uweh: jacklyn_uweh
Kimmy Jimenez: kimmydoesstuff
Garrett Palm: gpalm79
Executive Producer: Sarah Whittle
Producer: Monica Vasandani, Garrett Palm
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: Rock Coleman
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art: Cassie Vance
Art: Yasmeen Mughal
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Cam Op / G&E: Jacqi Jones
DIT: Matt Duran
Sound Op: Greg Jones
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
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Karina Před 2 dny
During one of the spins I got an ad for a cusinart stand mixer and it line up really well so it looked like the wheel turned into a stand mixer haha
Calepls Před 3 dny
Blind spin? Don't take the lid off before spinning?
LinguaPhiliax Před 3 dny
Yay! The intro song is back!
Heatstruct Před 3 dny
4:17 that's 110% Phil Collins In The Air Tonight. I'm old, so what.
Martin Před 3 dny
0:49 bruh keith 🤣🥴
armenianply Před 3 dny
This is a spin on Rhett and links lazy Suzanne. They spin the lazy Suzanne and the one person gets to choose if they want to switch with the other person or keep what they have.
becky with the best hair
becky with the best hair Před 4 dny
This video is just Keith getting screwed for like 20 min
Brick Vids
Brick Vids Před 4 dny
Aryanna Duncan
Aryanna Duncan Před 5 dny
Do me a favor!!! Next year call it yeet or treat!!
J Schlatt
J Schlatt Před 6 dny
courtney is so cringey its funny
BigMakaB_PopGinger Před 6 dny
The serial killer way Garrett said “this one was once rejected because I went too far” 😂😂😂
OoICEHAWKoO Před 6 dny
long time fan. loved this one keep up the great work guys.!!!!
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Před 6 dny
You all should do a eat or yeet It Thanksgiving style.
Chloe Pullen
Chloe Pullen Před 6 dny
anyone else feel like theres something sparky going on between Jackie and Court?
Sarantino Před 6 dny
Since Shayne likes football y’all should do a football food themed episode and shayne should sit in Garrett’s spot. Like food you’d eat when you go to a football stadium and Garrett has to take Shayne’s place and Shayne gets to just chill and watch everyone suffer.
emrence janes
emrence janes Před 6 dny
Kimmy bugged the crap to of me when she started taking about consistency lol. It's just food. It is what it is.
Carrie Pegram
Carrie Pegram Před 7 dny
She needs to stand at different spots so she's not always spinning it to the same people
Aiden Domino
Aiden Domino Před 7 dny
sooo... when is the next one coming out?
Alex Pettersson
Alex Pettersson Před 7 dny
Bring back the Garret section on the spin. and this time make it lke 25-50% bigger and add it on the top and bottom
Terry Barnes
Terry Barnes Před 7 dny
Meagan Cox
Meagan Cox Před 7 dny
Okay, when is Garrett going to come on as a player of this new format, aka Shayne’s Revenge: Part 2????
Fuc Google
Fuc Google Před 8 dny
Keith is the worst and in every video.
Xeroh Wyan
Xeroh Wyan Před 9 dny
You know what would be great? Eat it or Yeet it Live Bug Edition. Very fear factor style. 1 of the bites, gummy worms or something and the rest, live bugs.
Oh Shit, A Rat!
Oh Shit, A Rat! Před 9 dny
We need an episode where it’s rigged so Shayne gets all of the dishes
Gustavo Medina
Gustavo Medina Před 9 dny
You could tell the twinkie keith ate was bigger
somebody somewhere
somebody somewhere Před 9 dny
I have a texture/consistency thing with custard, mousse, ice cream(Not as much) and yoghurt, like I have to eat it a weird way but it still makes me gag
KcCreations Gaming
KcCreations Gaming Před 10 dny
The pudding one had noticeable splotchy shades in the bad one
kiana kkk
kiana kkk Před 10 dny
Loved the song 00:11
Lord Plague
Lord Plague Před 10 dny
I would love an episode when the old smosh gang is in: Anthony, Ian, Jovenshire, Sohinky, Lasercorn, Mari and ad in Wes and flitz. Also Kimmy just adorable
Spring Moon
Spring Moon Před 10 dny
Damien hair 😍😍 wow i love it ~thirsty alert ~🤣🤣🤣🤣
keith sucks
keith sucks Před 10 dny
Jackie madddddd ugly.
Greer Dellinger
Greer Dellinger Před 11 dny
Every time the Eat or Yeet song makes me happier
Sam Carter
Sam Carter Před 12 dny
what the heck
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Před 12 dny
Least favorite is Jackie
Cate Cole
Cate Cole Před 12 dny
I LOVE blue cheese
Liz Před 12 dny
I love when Shayne makes that loud ass hyena laugh😂 Also, if the colors moved each round then anyone could be against anyone. OR there could be 2 wheels.
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Před 12 dny
By the way can shayne put on tighter pants next time... Jesus Why courtney calling out Damien for eating all his chili lol who cares if yall just ate lol the man dont like wasting food
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Před 12 dny
Courtney said I love canned chili lol.. only time i eat canned chilly on a day i dont feel like cooking or im low on funds lol and ill whip it uo with some weenies or some fritos other than that i make my own in the crock pot
Hefty Keybearer
Hefty Keybearer Před 12 dny
I really want courtney to suffer I mean play
Z fixation
Z fixation Před 12 dny
I like blue cheese when it's on a wedge salad or a bacon cheeseburger though. 🤣
QUEENDOM Před 13 dny
Those black gloves on court is making me feel things.
Abdul Malik Allie
Abdul Malik Allie Před 13 dny
why do i always eat breakfast while watching these
Antonio Cruz
Antonio Cruz Před 13 dny
Do an eat it or yeet of mexican candy
Wyatt Bohlmann
Wyatt Bohlmann Před 13 dny
3:10 bro bleu cheese is so good Idk what they’re talking about.
Black Ops
Black Ops Před 13 dny
You should bring Joe Gatto on eat or YEET
Talon Lincoln
Talon Lincoln Před 14 dny
I’m so confused why they didn’t say treat or yeet lmao
Carter Cliver
Carter Cliver Před 14 dny
the pudding is Veggie might
C2DAJAY Před 14 dny
9:00 Never underestimate Damien’s knowledge about Chili 😏
bubblyspit Před 14 dny
so the black token girl who replaces the other black token girls comedy is just making weird faces? hahaha soo avant-garde and extreme what a comic
Mike Před 15 dny
That Phil Collins drum roll when Keith was freaking out was great lol
Whatsupchick3251 Před 16 dny
I don’t like the wheel of food, I don’t think it’s fair, it was fun for one episode
CinereoTheRogue Před 16 dny
I see that you corrected the Lazy Susan. I was gonna get matbematical on ya’ll’s’ butts, so thank you!!! ^.^
SaladFish Před 16 dny
Poor Kiera.
Isaac Stephens
Isaac Stephens Před 16 dny
Why dous Courtney never eat?
Evie Před 17 dny
please do one where they can trade all of their meals! also, make one with everyone's favorite food (a good version and a bad version)
Mcshameus Luna
Mcshameus Luna Před 17 dny
I would love to see caviar of the most disturbing but edible food liquids you can think of. Like natto purée or a surströmming and malic acid sphere of absolute yeet by the spoonful.
iloandstitch Před 17 dny
I like Courtney's intro
MaKayla Bennett
MaKayla Bennett Před 17 dny
i love how in the first part of the video when everyone is singing that shayne looked so depressed.
Angelo Plays
Angelo Plays Před 17 dny
0:47 What are you looking at Kieth.
Matt Laplante
Matt Laplante Před 17 dny
Get Courtney to be in one of the seats and get a different host for that video
Macnatty Před 18 dny
Im curious as to what exactly made Keith have to stifle cracking his ass up so much at the beginning after the showcase of their handles at the beginning. He's like full on suppressing hysterics. At like @:50
Macnatty Před 15 dny
seriously, him, Jackie, and Damien are stifling themselves. Whats so funny?? I want in on the joke!!! LOL
Chynna Alexa Monte
Chynna Alexa Monte Před 18 dny
The wheel needs more copies of all the colors to increase randomness.
Raelynn O'Connor
Raelynn O'Connor Před 18 dny
Love the song. Been a while. Make it a thing every time. Force them to be excited about their choices that have led them to the eat or yet table
Morgan Christie
Morgan Christie Před 19 dny
Oliver Thomas
Oliver Thomas Před 19 dny
ExMxIxLxY DxExDxMxOxN Před 19 dny
idk why but the girl with green thing seem like shes trying o hard to be the main character
Kayla Rieger
Kayla Rieger Před 19 dny
It was like ✨wet✨
Anthony Frascella
Anthony Frascella Před 19 dny
I want that tablecloth.
Jul25 Před 19 dny
Can that just be the theme song
Some Thiccc Skeleton
Some Thiccc Skeleton Před 19 dny
2:00 Facts
lizardking jesse stans sio
lizardking jesse stans sio Před 19 dny
shane dies every time he's in this series
Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark Před 19 dny
Are we going to ignore the fact that Keith started playing In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins 😂✌🏻 at 4:18
small boy
small boy Před 19 dny
Shane love your role as mat Bradley in the goldbergs jtp
Ryley Ellis
Ryley Ellis Před 19 dny
Spam musubis are amazing. Idk wth that pumpkin and clove crap was
Aaron Hatton
Aaron Hatton Před 20 dny
Hide a Courtney spot under the wheel and make her eat a big bite.
Fernando López Rubio
Fernando López Rubio Před 20 dny
Wow, the direction and editing of this episode is amazing!
Nick Joynes
Nick Joynes Před 20 dny
Make Courtney do eat it or yeet it
C. Ellis
C. Ellis Před 20 dny
Poor Keith. That was a rough start
Simp Nation
Simp Nation Před 20 dny
Now it’s gotta be keiths revenge
Chris Langley
Chris Langley Před 20 dny
Didn’t listen took kids trick or treating
Makeupjorr Před 20 dny
garret calling shayne damien made me snort 😭
John Kervin Bojos
John Kervin Bojos Před 20 dny
Petition for Courtney to play on Eat it or Yeet it ☑️
Daniella Rojas
Daniella Rojas Před 20 dny
Is nobody gonna talk about how nice Courtney’s outfit is, that’s what I call ✨ F A S H I O N ✨
biggus riggus
biggus riggus Před 20 dny
i died a bit at the "Wrong BEANS"
Sarah Stephens
Sarah Stephens Před 21 dnem
Garret looks like he runs a hippy community lol
Jade Oliver
Jade Oliver Před 21 dnem
7:16 When Keith eyes got so big I laughed sooo hard. I rewatched that part like five times lol
Bwithash Před 21 dnem
Bro what the hell, the girl in the middle looks like Drake LMAO
Declan Před 21 dnem
Should have been called yick or yeet
Colin Karger
Colin Karger Před 21 dnem
You should do an episode where you have the worst things from "Put it in my Mouth" according to Noah
Negative zone 1
Negative zone 1 Před 21 dnem
The next eat it or yeat it. Should be mystery deep fried items.
Nova77 6
Nova77 6 Před 21 dnem
Damian look buff as hell like GOTDAYM he could take on the rock
Spangus Angus
Spangus Angus Před 21 dnem
This is the Keith eats sh*t edition
dominic claudio
dominic claudio Před 21 dnem
its literally trick or treat
Bridie McClusky
Bridie McClusky Před 21 dnem
should have been Yeet or Treat
Sherosaku4786 Před 21 dnem
We need a episode with courtney, garett, ian , sarah, and tommy
Zyx Před 21 dnem
12:13 those eyes creep me out.
Alan Gerardi
Alan Gerardi Před 21 dnem
Courtney most play!!!!!
Zyx Před 21 dnem
0:59 I really don't get it, why do people in Cali have to put an ''Ahhh'' behind every other word?
Iman Rashid
Iman Rashid Před 21 dnem
Can any one please tell me why Courtney never eats?
SailurMurz Před 21 dnem
Damien got down with the beat,he's invited to every cookout,no if's and or butts
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