Top 5 BEST Mesh Routers (2020)

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Top 5 Picks

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Top 5 BEST Mesh Routers (2020)
► Links to the best mesh routers we listed in this video:
►US Links◄
► 5. TP-Link Deco M5 -
► 4. Eero -
► 3. Netgear Orbi -
► 2. Linksys Velop -
► 1. Nest Wifi -
►UK Links◄
► 5. TP-Link Deco M5 -
► 4. Eero -
► 3. Netgear Orbi -
► 2. Linksys Velop -
► 1. Nest Wifi - N/A
►CA Links◄
► 5. TP-Link Deco M5 -
► 4. Eero -
► 3. Netgear Orbi -
► 2. Linksys Velop -
► 1. Nest Wifi -

We have just laid out the top 5 best mesh routers 2020. In 5th place is the TP-Link Deco M5, our pick for the best budget mesh router. In 4th place is the Eero Mesh Wifi, our pick for the best value mesh router. In 3rd place is the Netgear Orbi, our pick for the best mid-range mesh router. In 2nd place is the Linksys Velop, our pick for the best high-end mesh router. In 1st place is the Nest Wifi, our pick for the best overall mesh router.

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Affiliate commissions help fund videos like this one.

Top 5 Picks
Top 5 Picks Před 8 měsíci
► Links to the best mesh routers we listed in this video: ►US Links◄ ► 5. TP-Link Deco M5 - ► 4. Eero - ► 3. Netgear Orbi - ► 2. Linksys Velop - ► 1. Nest Wifi - ------------------------------------- ►UK Links◄ ► 5. TP-Link Deco M5 - ► 4. Eero - ► 3. Netgear Orbi - ► 2. Linksys Velop - ► 1. Nest Wifi - N/A ------------------------------------- ►CA Links◄ ► 5. TP-Link Deco M5 - ► 4. Eero - ► 3. Netgear Orbi - ► 2. Linksys Velop - ► 1. Nest Wifi -
bosshova23 Před 7 měsíci
Quick question what about the the Amplifi Alien wifi mesh router? I keep hearing it's the best, but it's not on your list
Godana Styx
Godana Styx Před 3 dny
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Illarion Freidin
Illarion Freidin Před 6 dny
Great 🥇
Dennis Bombase
Dennis Bombase Před 23 dny
Why does this videos thumbnail have the Unifi HD router but is not included in the video?
Marco Spinelli
Marco Spinelli Před měsícem
What about AmpliFI HD? I think is the best
Gabriel Martin
Gabriel Martin Před měsícem
Fact: “TRII-BAND Mesh WiFi router (WiFi 5 & WiFi 6) is much faster than ANY Dual Band Mesh Router, as I tested 30+ Mesh Router this year” This person didn’t test them, period. Have a great day to y’all.
Sandeep Haridasula
Sandeep Haridasula Před měsícem
Thank you for the info. Could you please tell what is best modem to be used for Xfinity (or any ISP)?
dia6olo Před měsícem
I'm looking to eliminate google from every device I have not expand it, google is highly intrusive so the Nest Wifi is a BIG NO NO for me, I currently don't browse via google and have even removed google from my android phone which now runs LineageOS Android with ZERO google. The one I would recommend is the Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8) which wasn't even mentioned...
John Ward
John Ward Před měsícem
This sounds more like a sales pitch for each product, than a genuine Top 5 Best... no review or check...
Michael Před měsícem
I miss Fritz!Box System!
Build It
Build It Před 2 měsíci
I have the Linksys velop mesh network, worst thing I’ve ever bought, it times out I have to rest every night and every morning , do not buy!
Perry George
Perry George Před 2 měsíci
I call BS on this being the top 5.
Oscar Peralta
Oscar Peralta Před 2 měsíci
Robert Grismer
Robert Grismer Před 2 měsíci
The problem is, there is no good mesh router. Don't waste your money.
ImrnH Před 2 měsíci
If you were to upgrade router in 2020 better go for the AX WIFI6 standard. Quite weird list for 2020
tom73sem Před 2 měsíci
google nest absolutly crap! firmware broke it many months ago
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Před 2 měsíci
Actual reviews at these links:
C L Před 2 měsíci
2:32 - you talk about Eero but then show the pro versions. They are different regarding specs and in price.
dnoallyn16 98
dnoallyn16 98 Před 3 měsíci
Velohhhp. Lmao. Vel-up...
will13k7 Před 3 měsíci
nest is nice, you can get any configuration you want. hardly anything is wifi6 and wifi6e will cause most to skip it, so wifi5 is still good for now. I got three of the "routers" since the routers have stronger signal and 4x4 versus 2x2 for the "nodes" (not than any wifi5 clients support 4x4, but the routers can use it for backhaul between themselves). each having an ethernet port is a bonus, which you can easily expand with a switch. I didn't care for the google speaker features of the nodes either. my home has all kinds of weird angles, three routers should cover 6000 sq. ft., my home is 1400 sq. ft., but I still get down to 200-300Mbps in some places, versus the 600+Mbps standing right in front of the router connected to the cable modem. ethernet from the router connected to the cable modem gets 940 Mbps (GIGE internet connection). Wifi hasn't really kept up, maybe in a few years enough devices will actually support GIGE or above (real world 10-100 ft away), and then I'll upgrade again.
Mr. JL
Mr. JL Před 3 měsíci
This is just a stupid comparison. Comparing AC1200 2x2 MIMO to Wifi 6 products is like comparing a VW Beetle to a Bugatti Chiron. I’m also amazed Ubiquiti products weren’t mentioned in here. They are by far THE best equipment overall. Sorry, this video sucks.
Truck Driver 101
Truck Driver 101 Před 3 měsíci
My orbi is insane weird but insane internet signal all the way past my backyard crazy even a weak signal is strong enough to transmit HD video
E B Před 3 měsíci
Tried Netgear Orbi, hated it. Had connection issues. Then tried Eero. Easy to set up, fast & no problems.
Ace Report
Ace Report Před 3 měsíci
I was shopping for routers recently and I noticed that many were advertising “up to 16 devices” some of them went as high as a whopping 25 devices! Unless you’re living in a tent, you’re probably going to need a lot more capacity in the upcoming years. With smart home equipment, WiFi enabled appliances, security cameras, WiFi garage door openers, smart TV’s, gaming consoles and the like, I think it’s important to research the routers network capacity. I saw $900 WiFi 6 mesh systems that only support “up to 60 devices”. Google Nest routers can handle 200 devices straight out of the box. Just something to consider, especially if you’re investing in a smart home or have children.
Fernando S.
Fernando S. Před 3 měsíci
I use a VPN. Can any of these be used while using a VPN? I read the TP Link Deco does not support the use of a VPN.
Liquid Music Entertainment
Liquid Music Entertainment Před 3 měsíci
Why would your thumb nail be ubiquiti and not even talk about it or have it listed.. such a terrible way of attracting attention.
Belhaj Moez
Belhaj Moez Před 4 měsíci
Huawei Q2 pro?
top_tech.500k Před 4 měsíci
Hi Thanks for the great review 👍 What mic do you use? Thanks again
John Ward
John Ward Před měsícem
There was no review, no tests done, no numbers - this is simply a sales pitch and you can tell they get the words of praise straight from the products websites.
Vichar B.
Vichar B. Před 4 měsíci
What about Asus XT6100 AiMesh? That's what I got for myself after going through the options.
Dennis Rigdon
Dennis Rigdon Před 4 měsíci
The Deco m5 also has an antivirus, it also has parental controls and you can find wall mounts for 3 ofem for about 15-20$. Lastly due to it usb c power interface you could also pick up poe over Ethernet usb c adapters (20$ a pop) and use one wire split into 2, to both power and connect them via wired backhaul.
Dennis Rigdon
Dennis Rigdon Před 4 měsíci
Oh and all Deco devices are compatible with each other
Guegham Soukiasian
Guegham Soukiasian Před 4 měsíci
Dorothy Silvani
Dorothy Silvani Před 5 měsíci
Do I need a internet server there are none in my area
John F
John F Před 5 měsíci
This feels like click bait to hit affiliate links like many other articles with rankings. The number one best mesh system in many categories, Ubiquiti Amplifi, is the thumbnail but not even in the top 5. Maybe they weren’t playing ball when asked to pay for a spot on the list.
kopkraft Před 5 měsíci
Missed if any of the systems can be connected via wire, as Access points. Like the Asus
John Baughman
John Baughman Před měsícem
You can connect multiple Google nest mesh routers by Ethernet. But you can’t connect wifi points since they don’t have Ethernet ports.
ty Před 5 měsíci
I used the Orbi RBR50 and I just returned it yesterday. Don’t let them fool you , it’s terrible. It constantly dropped out and the speeds weren’t consistent. It did a terrible job with online gaming and 4K streaming. I’ve contacted Netgear support numerous times and they could not resolve the issue. I’m looking for another mesh Wi-Fi system now. I’m thinking the eero pro. Save your money.
C C Před 5 měsíci
No technical ditails. sponsored video ?
brownboy Před 5 měsíci
eero sucks on everything but my windows computer !! COMPUTER!!!...
Amen Ra
Amen Ra Před 5 měsíci
How is Samsung smart thing mesh system?
Mindy Rawlinson
Mindy Rawlinson Před 5 měsíci
Thanks for the review. Just a bit concerned about the reference to older iPhones not connecting to the Nest. In most families the kids often end up with the older hand-me-down phones and it would be frustrating if iPhones 6’s (for example) didn’t work with it.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Před 5 měsíci
So you're giving an opinion on products you've not used?
Raul Cordero
Raul Cordero Před 6 měsíci
and where is the nokia
Will Whitman
Will Whitman Před 6 měsíci
The Eero is a good system but if you're going to go that route, use the Eero Pro system.
Richard Woodward
Richard Woodward Před 6 měsíci
I understand that most reviews are subject to preference and what devices you choose to review. Surprising enough with the COVID-19 issues and more and more people working from home I have installed all 5 of these Mesh systems. I do feel however that there is a lot of information that was not covered. 1. TP-Link Deco M5 - Overall best Mesh for the money. It was not mentioned but you get 3 years of Trend-Micro on each disc. All Deco Models can work together through the app. So if you had 3 Deco M5s and you needed you could add a Deco M9, M4, ect... Very Important... If you have coax or DSL internet the M5 is perfect. The back-hall is shared on the 5G band. But if you have Fiber then go straight to the Deco M9 Tri-Band. At $255 for 3 they beat every Tri-Band out there. 2. eero - The smallest footprint, very sleek, and app is as good as the Deco's. Only issue is the price point $400 is a bit much. 3. Orbi - Probably the best in this review. The App is excellent and the range per unit is the best for the RBK50. However at $307 for two RBK50 the price to cover a home bigger than 4000 sqft gets about stupid. 4. Linksys Velop - Linksys makes some amazing hardware... It's a shame there software is total crap. Purchased, installed, after two days shipped back for replacements through Amazon. Same issue software is clunky and slow... buy far the worst. 5. Nest - If your an IT geek like me these are the worst. Only your main unit has Ethernet ports. The rest have speakers for music or using it as an expensive intercom system. But the colors are pretty... :)
chiefnakoma Před 2 měsíci
@Richard Woodward Just ordered. It was $100 off through Cosco currently, so $230 total for 3 units. The x60 is dual band. The x90 which isn't released yet will be tri band. The x60 will suit my internet speed needs. The x90 will be the wifi 6 equivalent of the M9+. Can't answer if you have individual control of the bandwidths yet
Richard Woodward
Richard Woodward Před 2 měsíci
@chiefnakoma How do you like the X60? I was debating between the two. Do you have control over all 3 of your Wi-Fi bands and is it a true Tri-Band Wi-Fi mesh router?
chiefnakoma Před 2 měsíci
Thanks for your advice. Deco wasn't even on my radar, but after some additional research it does look like a great option. Decided to go with the newer WIFI 6 model X60
Hamood Al Zadjali
Hamood Al Zadjali Před 4 měsíci
Thank you very much, good sir. Highly appreciated your insights 😊
Robert Schulze
Robert Schulze Před 6 měsíci
Recently got the Google Nest. Very happy with it. Only issue ties into your comment about older devices having trouble connecting. It's a dual band router, but only broadcasts a single SSID name. I have an older printer which is only 2.4GHz aware. Problem solved with an ethernet cable from router to printer. The router only has 2 ethernet ports, 1 of which is required to link to your modem. With the printer plugged in, I no longer have any spare ethernet ports. The "point" device, has no ethernet ports.
João Marcus
João Marcus Před 6 měsíci
I’ve got the Deco M5 and it’s great, well worth the price, paid pretty much the same for one of the best routers and still had lots of dead zones. Now signal is consistently strong.
John Doe
John Doe Před 6 měsíci
The Velop system is probably the worst one to reset after power outages, I have them and require you to almost reinstall them like new.
Shawn Kirk
Shawn Kirk Před 6 měsíci
So I bought the Tenda MW6 (mesh) system a year ago but just have not had luck doing what I wanted. I have a Linux router (IPFire) to control all my port forwarding needs. So I'm looking for a mesh network that I can bridge. I know I will lose advanced features, but I'm not worried about that. They just need to blanket the house with coverage. From this video, it seems like eero is the best choice. No matter what I did, I could never get Tenda to bridge and I've read other complaints about it as well. So any recommendations before I buy eero?
GreenDog776 Před 7 měsíci
*Amplifi HD don't enter in the top?.. Seriously?*
Streams Я Us
Streams Я Us Před 5 měsíci
Yea heard Amplifi HD is on of the best.
MichaelTranster Před 7 měsíci
Why is the Ubiquiti mesh the thumbnail but not mentioned...😡
Jesus Fuentes
Jesus Fuentes Před 5 měsíci
Can you tell more about that one please.
GreenDog776 Před 7 měsíci
I'm wonder the same...
Niyaz A
Niyaz A Před 7 měsíci
I have used eero pro , orbi rbk53 and nest. Orbi is the clear winner. This review has not ranked properly
Niyaz A
Niyaz A Před 5 měsíci
@ty Sad to know you had a bad experience with orbi You can try eero pro which is very good . Luckily i had both for a while and decided to stick with orbi for its long range .
ty Před 5 měsíci
Eivind Smeby I used the Orbi RBR50 and I just returned it yesterday. Don’t let them fool you , it’s terrible. It constantly dropped out and the speeds weren’t consistent. It did a terrible job with online gaming and 4K streaming. I’ve contacted Netgear support numerous times and they could not resolve the issue. I’m looking for another mesh Wi-Fi system now. I’m thinking the eero pro. Save your money.
Niyaz A
Niyaz A Před 5 měsíci
@Eivind Smeby I haven't used for gaming , the firmware update a month back had random disconnects issues but its fixed in the new firmware. I have 7 cameras with 32 sensors and 30 smart devices . All works perfectly well. No problem with orbi , please don't use nest even if u r getting it for free. eero pro had problems with streaming the cams outside my house other than that it is a solid device too
Eivind Smeby
Eivind Smeby Před 6 měsíci
Is the orbi rbk53 internet stable? Good enough for gaming?
cosmicrdt Před 7 měsíci
So did you test all of these or how are you rating them?
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Před 2 měsíci
They didn't. There are so many videos like this on CSposts. All this is for is to monetize a video and get the maker some money. These two guys actually review them:
txstate117 Před 7 měsíci
eero all the way.. nest satellites don't have any ethernet ports!
Shaheen Haneefa
Shaheen Haneefa Před 7 měsíci
Never buy the Velop!!! Terrible terrible with dropping connections and over 50% speed loss even at the second node.. over one wall distance
Shaheen Haneefa
Shaheen Haneefa Před 6 měsíci
iKnowRealTV I check the best channel but it says no changes were made. It seems concrete walls of the apartment causes this issue as the online technical support advised there’s nothing more they could find. I need to keep the child node closer (less than 4mtrs, since it’s around 4-5 mtrs away) with one wall between them. Since warranty is over they sAid no replacement is possible as well. So got to live with it and work with trial and error methods. :(
iKnowRealTV Před 6 měsíci
@Shaheen Haneefa I'm just an average IT guy. I have read about people experiencing exactly what you are experiencing. I'm wondering if it's an interference issue that I saw with one of my friends. He had a similar situation and what I did to fix his problem was I set his Comcast router to LAN and then scanned for best channels using the app. He has not had problems since. I feel like it's good and bad at the same time. I was tempted to go with Google's offering but they didn't have LAN I need at bare minimum two. I was not a fan of this in the velop.
Shaheen Haneefa
Shaheen Haneefa Před 6 měsíci
iKnowRealTV its all updated.. kept on auto updates. Seems, velop is not suitable for apartments of concretes walls.
iKnowRealTV Před 6 měsíci
Did you update it ? I set it up today and not even my 3rd node 3 floors away is not that bad.
Le Dung Ngo
Le Dung Ngo Před 8 měsíci
This is not new, 2020 already dude. At least do some research before picks. Try AX and triband backhaul.
YanksOnTop Před 8 měsíci
It's pronounced "vel-up"...
Nuno Henrique Merino
Nuno Henrique Merino Před 8 měsíci
No Amplifi Alien?
Matthew Spears
Matthew Spears Před 8 měsíci
It should be noted that none of these are WiFi 6E.
The Aussie Unprofessional
The Aussie Unprofessional Před 2 měsíci
exactly ! since wifi 6 is becoming the new standard this review feels kind of stale already
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