Tik Tok Houses Are Leveling Up

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Cody Ko

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Tik Tok Houses Are Leveling Up
Cody Ko

Reece Bayley
Reece Bayley Před 7 měsíci
Hat forward: Cody Ko Hat backwards: Cody Kool
TNCesTØXIC Před měsícem
Focus Astro
Focus Astro Před 2 měsíci
Cody Kool is just built different
thin eevee
thin eevee Před 3 měsíci
U r kool
lolz Před 4 měsíci
JacksonIsZenner Před 4 měsíci
level up
GeorgeCartwright Před 14 hodinami
I don't think living in these places would be as nice as you think. I don't think they would EVER feel like home, because they aren't really homes. I'm willing to bet living in mansions like these probably feels very unpleasant actually.
The Fuonk
The Fuonk Před dnem
I hate how they poured out a full bathtub of milk
Rachel White
Rachel White Před dnem
i can't wait for the douchebag floof top haircut to go out of style
kristina l
kristina l Před dnem
i’m abt to turn 17 and i live with my parents in a two family house my bedroom is the size of our bathroom everything’s small asf while these mfs who look like high school musical extras live in a fucking parking garage
anonymous Před dnem
wave house has some ugly people. how are they famous?
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell Před 3 dny
My current house is the size of that ridiculous bathroom and my future apartment is a 6-person waterfront flat which is not much bigger, but I wouldn't trade it for the world, because I live in a tight-knit college town (Isla Vista) where everyone engages with each other through parties, local business, and going to the beach. These hype houses, personally, just seem so wasteful and excessive.
BearManPig15 Před 4 dny
If you have millions of people watching your videos you don't have things behind you unintentionally.
XdGhost Před 5 dny
bro is it bad that that looks like my normal house
MrKachannie Před 6 dny
This is why we need communism
Fox Před 6 dny
These houses are always so blank and white and boring and square. Seriously, the money you have, and you don't totally pimp out your house? Bruh, you're house has no soul.
Ms Essence Bailey
Ms Essence Bailey Před 6 dny
Literally how or TickTock or’s and CSpostsrs obtaining million dollar houses within a year? Seriously I just saw a new influencer come up within less than a year and her house is insanely beautiful.. Her videos are not even that long. Someone who didn’t have to be gifted to make the content they make, just look pretty and enjoy shopping. Something ain’t adding up. LOL I’m 22 . Many of us are in that age range where we could’ve either went to school route or the forget school I’m going on TickTock route. most of us listen to our parents and do the right thing. But sometimes I wonder if what they’re doing is going to benefit long-term.
snowe Před 7 dny
only house im interested in is the mentally disperished twitch streamer house
Coffee Cool
Coffee Cool Před 7 dny
WAP house is where its at
Hannah Ruiz-Naar
Hannah Ruiz-Naar Před 7 dny
If anyone is seeing this and feeling jealous of these people. Remember... they only live there... they don’t own anything. That’s not much to be jealous about. ❤️
Nolan Gobo
Nolan Gobo Před 8 dny
They will leave the mansions in 2 yrs because there content will die No cap,free cap,cap,high key,low key
Oci Před 8 dny
I knew I recognized that bathroom from somewhere. There is a TYGA video of him showing off his sneaker collection, in that bathroom, so my guess is that was his old house, or its a rental they use.
ramz Před 8 dny
John David
John David Před 8 dny
The thing that makes me the most mad and I’m not trying to hate on them but the reason most of them are famous is 95% because of their looks (10-13 year olds find them attractive) and 5% because they can “dance”.
John David
John David Před 8 dny
I mean there are so many people that can actually dance and dedicate their lives to their craft. But no all they do is move their arms around like WHAT?? Smh
Lisi Marie
Lisi Marie Před 9 dny
my apartment is smaller than this bathroom.
Alexander Búi
Alexander Búi Před 9 dny
dont know any of these people
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli Před 11 dny
John 3:16-21
Yash Dahiya
Yash Dahiya Před 12 dny
Sway house is worth over $100 million if I'm not wrong and it easily is better than wave house
Madison Maricle
Madison Maricle Před 12 dny
“Bro your shower is small” that shower is larger than my entire bathroom in the one bedroom I rent lmfao I can taste the privilege
A14 Před 15 dny
What makes the face reveals so much funnier is that i have no fucking clue who any of them are
Kamie K
Kamie K Před 15 dny
Am I the only one that wants a normal life, no big house, no extravagant furniture you're too scared to sit on.
mike santini
mike santini Před 16 dny
When you going to talk about big daws house
c1000 Před 16 dny
their bathroom is bigger than my whole apartment
ZahNation Před 16 dny
These real estate agents are making bank
teddy idon'tknowwhattowrite
teddy idon'tknowwhattowrite Před 16 dny
Ok now show us the house you own from making youtube videos This trend of hating people because they have fancy houses, stop chasing twitter crowds, loser
Marissa A
Marissa A Před 16 dny
I mean giant homes are nice and everything but at some point shit’s just too nice and I don’t like it. Just me?
SliccJay Před 17 dny
Man if I was rich like them I wouldn’t move into a house with a bunch of dudes. I’d open up my own businesses share my wealth with my day ones and family and give I mean a shit ton of money to charity and homeless.
Anna Baricevic
Anna Baricevic Před 17 dny
Plot twist: the wave house is ACTUALLY the cast of 300.
Jack O'Reilly
Jack O'Reilly Před 17 dny
13 acres pphh I have 75 acres
Hotasianboi Před 12 dny
Axel Niyonzima
Axel Niyonzima Před 19 dny
is this the new MTV cribs??
CucumbersAnonymous Před 19 dny
"Once tiktok goes away on Sunday"... that did not age well...
Splez Před 19 dny
2 million, so that will get you a small house in my city of auckland
Dani Rudy
Dani Rudy Před 20 dny
APPLE TREES where you can LITERALLY pick the APPLES and EAT THEM??? that IS even crazier than the pond!! You’re right!!
Danit Levi
Danit Levi Před 20 dny
i loveee you codyyy!!!
Lauren-Ashley Před 21 dnem
Every generation is embarrassed about something...believe me I have mine. This is one of those things. My god.
Liam Ingram
Liam Ingram Před 23 dny
The sign house though...
mr.struggle slayer
mr.struggle slayer Před 24 dny
why do tiktokers even need managers they just do some stupid hand movements
icwsi Před 25 dny
to be honest, i dont feel feel those houses are coazy, too big and cold
ishy goel
ishy goel Před 25 dny
petition to provide these houses to homeless or BURN THEM 😤😤😤😤😤
Julia Murphy
Julia Murphy Před 25 dny
I love that the wave house has their own town crier
Sebastian Max7
Sebastian Max7 Před 25 dny
what if it was all just one big flex?
Sam Worrall
Sam Worrall Před 25 dny
Bruh, wtf, I went to school with a that first chick in the wave house
Kathleen Sparkes
Kathleen Sparkes Před 25 dny
when you watch the entire add because Cody is the only CSpostsr who has not watched one of his friends R*** someone and then post it on CSposts. (YET)
Michelle Tran
Michelle Tran Před 28 dny
The House Nobody Asked For....everyone in there is literally so fucking hilarious. I haven’t laughed that much in awhile. They only agreed to quarantine together for a 3 months and then it became 6 months when they got a contract paying for their living expenses in a new house. They’ve disbanded now but I respect them so much because they actually abided by covid guidelines and are really strict about it. Also they all seem to have genuinely become friends and make the best content together. I look forward to seeing how each of the creators progress throughout the future.
Javier Angel
Javier Angel Před 28 dny
Cody it’s okay. There’s really nothing more that does into it behind the scenes. It is truly ridiculous lol
Eric Gray
Eric Gray Před 29 dny
The guy talking about the $30,000 TV in this house... Meanwhile, they can't even afford to spend $100 to get him a decent greenscreen...
Slumberhog Před 29 dny
2 MILLION.... That's like not a lot for a mansion
Jewel Dahl
Jewel Dahl Před měsícem
I think the hardest test of all would be telling any of these bros apart
🖤xo🖤 Před měsícem
Meanwhile me trying to find an 8hour job for 600 euros/month
tara ss
tara ss Před měsícem
They're all white kids. I'm not surprised.
Forine Před měsícem
this is why capitalism is a mistake.
DG Mercy
DG Mercy Před měsícem
cody ko x baylen lavine @baylen Lavine
lively Před měsícem
Carson Snuffer
Carson Snuffer Před měsícem
i love how cody says that youtube is easier than most jobs as if he doesn't have a degree from Duke
minnie mouse
minnie mouse Před měsícem
It proves again: If you present yourself like you're something special, people will think you are, for some time ...
jack savage
jack savage Před měsícem
The honestly can barely afford the housesn
Thuufuu Před měsícem
You never thought it could be outbathroomed
dino nuggy
dino nuggy Před měsícem
for some reason i feel like there's no way these people got this money in a way that's ethical
Gay As A Rainbow
Gay As A Rainbow Před měsícem
I love how they announce the members as if they all don't look exactly the same
Anna Stanifer
Anna Stanifer Před měsícem
I’ve never seen an open floor plan in a bathroom...
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B Před měsícem
me and my friends: BROKE house!
glox Před měsícem
The way Cody says Ireland makes me cringe 😅😩
Katelyn Villegas
Katelyn Villegas Před měsícem
Me when doctors/surgeons have these types of houses: *RESPECT* 🥴 Me when talentless teens who don’t do shit have houses like this: *ANGER* 😤
SlapFatDaddy Před měsícem
These are nice but a house with stairs in Seattle be costing like a million bucks😭
bogi18 Před měsícem
Does the wave house have a ghost? That's what I want to know.
Tori Trevino
Tori Trevino Před měsícem
Cody Ko wanting these mansions Girl Defined: Mr. StRuGgLe
Connor Leduc
Connor Leduc Před měsícem
Yo there is actually a braille house they are skaters
Victoria Angelene
Victoria Angelene Před měsícem
I want to be a dog to experience that lifestyle
kaja nu'u
kaja nu'u Před měsícem
The deaf one sent me 😂😂
Poochie Pup
Poochie Pup Před měsícem
If your broke just sell your dignity and become cringe lords to make 3,000,000,0000,77,473,279,851 dollars
Ella Robinson
Ella Robinson Před měsícem
the thing is i kind of doubt that the lavishness is at actually making them happy, its just for show
Potatos Are nice
Potatos Are nice Před měsícem
I swear these tik tok kids are payed off by the Chinese government
Ononvi Před měsícem
i would go insane if i lived in one of these dumb monochrome futuristic-looking mansions they dont even look good theyre so bland
sarah mabiel
sarah mabiel Před měsícem
wave house lost their sponsor tho so they got another house
PostHook Gawd
PostHook Gawd Před měsícem
What about the 2hype house (possibly one of the most impressive)
Model Railroad Gaming
Model Railroad Gaming Před měsícem
Damn, you could sure fit a lot of model trains in that pool house, shame they're not taking advantage of it.
Abby Keefe
Abby Keefe Před měsícem
“Please take a gander at this bathroom” 🤣bahahaha
Abby Keefe
Abby Keefe Před měsícem
Does anyone else find these gargantuan houses just so unnecessary and unappealing? Like I get it I too wish for financial freedom but seriously, like it just seems unnecessary like 68 bedrooms are you fricking kidding me?
LegoChickenGuy Před měsícem
all these houses have the exact same open floor plan soulless design. makes me think the architects all swapped notes. the style is so tired because like every fucking mansion has it now. The Wave house was easily the best one because it actually looks like a nice place to live
Julia Sousa
Julia Sousa Před měsícem
my apartment is smaller than that bathroom NO CAPPERONI
CBplayZ Před měsícem
The idea that Cody sat down for half an hour to learn the sign language for that joke is hilarious
abradolf lincler
abradolf lincler Před měsícem
Ask where they are in 5 years
Claire Kane
Claire Kane Před měsícem
the original tiktok house was o2l and u cant tell me otherwise
Bebel’s Comet
Bebel’s Comet Před měsícem
Who is funding these people
Grungophone Před měsícem
Your telling me that thumbnail house isn’t from the sims? You’re lying dawg
Zakariya Soondar
Zakariya Soondar Před měsícem
Cody knows sign language?? pretty impressive for a little back end tech developer
Amin M
Amin M Před měsícem
As if someone will ever use the library lol . I don’t even think they know what a book is .
Amy Stendel
Amy Stendel Před měsícem
Rainbow Critter
Rainbow Critter Před měsícem
These houses may be big, but they lack any sort of flavor or personality. Just boring minimalist blank slates.
Cole Kinzie
Cole Kinzie Před měsícem
I like the wave house’s house cause it looks old and Victorian on the outside, but modern in the inside
Ngun Mang
Ngun Mang Před měsícem
I give up my life living and struggle thinking that how am I going to survive and these kid are living life like nothing.
Jeff Cirelli
Jeff Cirelli Před měsícem
theres no way to say this, as a 32yr old with like.. ehh, call it 15K in the bank currently.. and not sound jealous af.. but jesus fucking christ. Jesus, FUCKING christ. The amount of money.. no no.. not just how much money.. but how its just.. shrugged off like, not even a big deal that theyre not even 25, have NO life skills, and yet are just, disgustingly rich. thats whats gets me. its the entitlement. like they think its normal. they THINK theyve worked hard. before you roast me, remember i did acknowledge there would be no way to say this without sounding jealous af.
Elizab Valeria
Elizab Valeria Před měsícem
The quarrelsome island synthetically pray because pantry assembly scratch until a living group. enchanted, ethereal blizzard
ThatDudeCanCook Před měsícem
Just give me the kitchen I don't want the rest
Diego Ventura Rocha
Diego Ventura Rocha Před měsícem
This is the first video with the long hair
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