The sacred art of the forward roll - Roly Poly

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Never underestimate the roly poly
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BigMoser Gaming
BigMoser Gaming Před 6 hodinami
"In the immortal words of the roly-poly outdoor lords. Get gears girl." - Captions (auto-generated)
KreSS Games
KreSS Games Před 23 hodinami
English accent: "Ben" New Zealand accent: "bEeN
adnan asghar
adnan asghar Před dnem
Smile at 1:15 😂
onzir Před dnem
"Git Gut Scrub" XDDD
The plague Dr
The plague Dr Před 2 dny
we all know that the secret is that he had less equip load
adnan asghar
adnan asghar Před 22 hodinami
You have a scary name
Austin S077 SII
Austin S077 SII Před 2 dny
Just waiting to see the hand flip ring
the wolf studio
the wolf studio Před 3 dny
when you get below 20% carry weight.
Joseph Fuller
Joseph Fuller Před 6 dny
Git Gud 😅
blazen710420 blazen710420
blazen710420 blazen710420 Před 7 dny
Made by the roly-poly undone by the roly-poly this is the way 😂🤣
iia Před 9 dny
A Bloodborne reference ❤❤❤
π Ramïd Law
π Ramïd Law Před 10 dny
...this is Sparta!
Philipp Gabain von Kries
Philipp Gabain von Kries Před 10 dny
Both are scrubs. They have never felt the power of the Dark Wood Grain Ring.
Fad Panda
Fad Panda Před 10 dny
Git Gud Scrub 😂
MasterQ 19
MasterQ 19 Před 11 dny
I'm getting flashbacks to Ocarina of Time, trying to get to the castle that first time before it gets dark.
MZANSI JOY Před 13 dny
Ben looks like Tfue
rising phoenix
rising phoenix Před 16 dny
I wish they do Bloodborne to
rising phoenix
rising phoenix Před 16 dny
Such grace and fluidity
Lydia Steine Bendiksen
Lydia Steine Bendiksen Před 17 dny
I was expecting a 10ft backstab
atrocious _ pr0xy
atrocious _ pr0xy Před 17 dny
It would be an honor to die by such a man.
Lea Langstrumpf
Lea Langstrumpf Před 18 dny
majestic rolling performance
Fadded Reality
Fadded Reality Před 19 dny
Should've equip the razor back
AdoreYouInAshXI Před 19 dny
The only thing that would have made this video better is if he had pointed down at his body after he killed him
ShawnBlaque Před 20 dny
*Whispers* "The legends are true" LOL amazing
B Why
B Why Před 20 dny
Being invaded by a naked man. So relatable.
T. H. McElroy
T. H. McElroy Před 21 dnem
This series is surprisingly gold 💛
Neyros Před 22 dny
Music from Naxxramas? 😂😂
Daniel Alberto Velazquez Lugones
Daniel Alberto Velazquez Lugones Před 23 dny
I come back every time for the git gud scrub scene
Nathaniel Reichert
Nathaniel Reichert Před 23 dny
Wonder if they shot all of these on the same day...
AndrewOne77 Před 26 dny
ахаххаха почему я не сразу понял что он имеет виду перекаты ахаха а звучало так загадочно))
Veezora Před 26 dny
"Why does everybody keep stabbing me in the back!?"
Gard Helgeland-Rossavik
Gard Helgeland-Rossavik Před 3 dny
Because it’s easy, and it does allot of damage
dillpickle59 Před 26 dny
Ben- *Equip load 52%* Rowan- *Equip load: 0*
Jonathan Fyffe
Jonathan Fyffe Před 26 dny
Tbh, I was almost expecting some DWGR shenanigans.
Kole Daigle
Kole Daigle Před 26 dny
Amazing bloodborne reference
Remigiusz Durka
Remigiusz Durka Před 26 dny Here comes the Roly Poly Man He's singing songs of love "Roly poly, roly poly, holy poly poly" he sang
Misu Hanake
Misu Hanake Před 26 dny
I saw the backstab coming from a mile a away
zeldafreak888 Před 27 dny
Lol I thought he was gonna say something like “get naked so your armor doesn’t weigh you down”
rackham Před 28 dny
just missed pointing down
Toxic Thunder
Toxic Thunder Před 28 dny
The invader is just a bloodborne player in disguise.
Casual Player
Casual Player Před 28 dny
This is like the studio c video “a kindergarten fight for power” but backwards
Michael Gale
Michael Gale Před 28 dny
I thought he was going to dark wood grain ring you
Indigo Soul
Indigo Soul Před 29 dny
Okay i have to say. This series is amazing!!!!! The camera quality and angles, the acting and writing. Incredible guys i really hope yall continue with this!!!
Antonio Carranza
Antonio Carranza Před 29 dny
"In the immortal words of the ancient roly-poly outer lords drop the heavy armor and run naked you casul!"
william clackum
william clackum Před měsícem
Git good scrub!
therajmister 2
therajmister 2 Před měsícem
My GOD that’s one hell of a roly poly
seadbd _
seadbd _ Před měsícem
Got good Ku 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Freddie Rhodes
Freddie Rhodes Před měsícem
That roll at the star is pretty good, not gonna lie!
Mr. Springio
Mr. Springio Před měsícem
He wasn't in target lock.
Flynn C.
Flynn C. Před měsícem
Sure this guy spent all is points in agility
Prometheus Před měsícem
Git Gud
Joel Haver
Joel Haver Před měsícem
I couldn’t look away. It was like watching beyblades but people.
Ralin Před 8 dny
Joel Haver watches VLDL? Awesome!
Trey Kitchens
Trey Kitchens Před 22 dny
i love your channel so much and seeing you here is a TREAT.
Robby Laswell
Robby Laswell Před měsícem
Try dodging
Nox Echo
Nox Echo Před měsícem
fat roll vs fast roll be like
Banana_Pancake Před měsícem
Git gud scrub.
Tristan Rodriguez
Tristan Rodriguez Před měsícem
I was gonna be so upset if it wasnt a back stab. The number of times I've been done in by someone who rolls at you then using the slight lag manages a backstab where it seems impossible on your end....then you are dead.
Lumiv Před měsícem
They didnt bow..... this is fake
Alex Young
Alex Young Před měsícem
I can't... this series is just the best
Reece Kunkle
Reece Kunkle Před měsícem
Cracks me up. I showed my friend demon souls.
Reece Kunkle
Reece Kunkle Před měsícem
I got invaded by the players who stayed low level and beat bosses through grit and grind. I get it.
Richard Markland
Richard Markland Před měsícem
Rowan naked, flying through the air... Ah majestic 👌
周迈 Před měsícem
1:33 Is that a Bloodborne reference? Lol
Greh Před měsícem
Because it's easy...and it does a lot of damage 2:22
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod Před měsícem
You know nothing like acting on a regular basis to get really good at acting. And this entire team is getting really good at acting Editing, costuming, makeup period. It's clear they're putting together a good team
Toola Roola
Toola Roola Před měsícem
Cowardly technic. How about face to face?
Flannel Beard
Flannel Beard Před měsícem
The British tried that with America. Americans won because it wasn't face to face, it was the British marching in a straight line while we hid in bushes surrounded them and fired at will. In other words, git gud scrub
El Fonso
El Fonso Před měsícem
This is just hilarious 😂👌🏻 On point haha
hboc22 Před měsícem
I honestly thought this was going to be a jojo reference for a sec, with rowan using the joestar family's secret technique.
TheColosiss Před měsícem
Not accurate. This man did not have 2 Grass Crest Shields, a Cloranthy Ring, and the Thorned Armor of the Almighty Kirk!
Loki Beckons
Loki Beckons Před měsícem
best ending so far, nice
icemarle Před měsícem
I love this skit so much I keep rewatching it. Mad respect to you guys for this!
Kurodraco Valladares
Kurodraco Valladares Před měsícem
Some say Roll or Rolly Polly..... Grants us Rolls beyond Rolls
Greg Před měsícem
So funny
Před měsícem
There's the roly-poly and there's the Roly-Poly
Ovenproof Gaming
Ovenproof Gaming Před měsícem
I was expecting a ninja roll. I was disappointed. Missed a huge opportunity there.
Mot The Brown
Mot The Brown Před měsícem
nethrelm Před měsícem
"Git gud scrub" 😂
JRG Original
JRG Original Před měsícem
This is like a Dark Souls Character Trying to take on the rolling of a Bloodborne Hunter and I love it
Aznable Rey
Aznable Rey Před měsícem
Solid bloodborne connection. Respecting the source material. Love it. Subbed.
FathomCrawler Před měsícem
Well fat rolling vs naked rolling, naked rolling is faster
Pnkykun Před měsícem
get gud scrub!
Theohybrid Před měsícem
Good ukemi.
Jeffrey Bykowski
Jeffrey Bykowski Před měsícem
Best. Episode. Ever
Ita Ita
Ita Ita Před měsícem
Hehhe.. rolls in dark soul. Reminds me of my Dancer fight
Luke Walsh
Luke Walsh Před měsícem
You know what's funny, the longer the invader stays away from the player sets out a subconscious fear greater than any other game of its kind. The player is trapped in a mind battle before he even sees the invader. Once I played dark souls 3 not joking it took the invader 1 hour to find me because I got scared and hid in a dungeon cell with double doors so he couldn't get passed. But when he found me he was the no armor invader and I thought noob 😂 well as soon as I unequipped my shields that dude used rolly polly in the tunnels of the catacombs it was terrifying and he kept chanting over here😂 I got killed needless to say rather quick
Beanie Sandals
Beanie Sandals Před měsícem
Here I am watching with the subtitles thinking of the Gears of War wall jumping and at the end it says Rowan said "Get Gears girl" lol I've been thinking of reinstalling Gears
trashtropper Před měsícem
master willem's old adage was a nice touch
Johnathan Geminiano
Johnathan Geminiano Před měsícem
Get gud scrub
Random Banana
Random Banana Před měsícem
I'm waiting for the praise the sun pose
Luke Walsh
Luke Walsh Před měsícem
You need to now do call of duty so many feels moments 😢 u could also do gears of war or Friday the 13th so many trolls in Friday
TheCivildecay Před měsícem
Everyone knows that when you are invaded by a naked dude in loincloth that shit is getting serious
Precky Před měsícem
That bloodborne reference
bryan Před měsícem
i feel like Rowan is looking for excuses to be shirtless in skits
Luke Walsh
Luke Walsh Před měsícem
Them like goblin small things I hated them so much
Luke Walsh
Luke Walsh Před měsícem
Please do one with the different character builds such as massive blocker. Massive dps, massive stealth, you know that one city in dark souls 3 everyone goes too, to have endless invaders, I actually hated walking into that town and people disguising themselves as statues and doing that chant "over here" and your like where I can hear u but not see u. Then u know ur dead when they do this massive buff before they attack with like dark magic and like lighting attacks that I have never seen before
AKREP Před měsícem
"rolly pony" yeh that makes sense
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil Před měsícem
He is too fast. Too fast! TOOO FAST!,!!,! Aaaaaaa!,!,!!!!!
Awesome Jedi
Awesome Jedi Před měsícem
The last thing a dark souls boss sees when facing "no damage run" people
TheGuileRaven Před měsícem
I was expecting the invader to be using the cartwheel ring or something.
Sean Před měsícem
I cant stop laughing😂
robskalas Před měsícem
Just keep rolling and they will never hit you!
The Legend Never Dies
The Legend Never Dies Před měsícem
Jeez, Veritasium has really let himself go in recent times.
Grothag Před měsícem
These two are amazing actors.
Victor Pilgrim
Victor Pilgrim Před měsícem
This is how you feel when you learned reverse and barrel roll in ds1
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