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Dylan Is In Trouble

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Night Owl63
Night Owl63 Před hodinou
I’m pretty sure the “it’s always been you Noah” was stolen from the vampire diaries when Elena says “it’s always been Stefan” I might be wrong but that’s where I’ve heard that line
Jordan Horne
Jordan Horne Před 23 hodinami
dyan: *perfectly predicts movie plots and subplots* also dylan: nah thats not gonna happen though all of us watching: 👀
Jarah Smith
Jarah Smith Před dnem
Lee and Noah’s parents are saying our children are disgusting and they are terrible with women
samantha moon
samantha moon Před dnem
dylan would have a lot to say about the cast of never have I ever
Chi Před 2 dny
This movie would have been 100x better if she ended up with Marco like let's be real.
Rachel Jenkins
Rachel Jenkins Před 2 dny
Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that neither Noah nor Marco are not handsome in the slightest.
Jordyn Binkley
Jordyn Binkley Před 2 dny
Team Noah 100%
moka 1
moka 1 Před 2 dny
this movie is honestly perfect for an abridged version and also, this movie should've gone the other route and made the gay couple the main focus; the story follows the same idea with the whole "best friends forever and rules" thing, but one of them actually loves them back but is afraid to ruin the friendship and ruin his life.
Lesly Perez
Lesly Perez Před 2 dny
Him: if he’s cheating I’ll lose faith in all men including myself 😂😂😂😂😂
Crazy Cousins
Crazy Cousins Před 2 dny
team noah
Ana Před 2 dny
13:10 Yes, yes you can, because we don’t allow toxic masculinity here :)
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před 2 dny
One word Tangled
Esther Sandoval
Esther Sandoval Před 3 dny
I have watched this video multiple times and I just realized he says "pilgrims and colonizers" at 29:03 yet they are the same people
Nabiah Bhatti
Nabiah Bhatti Před 3 dny
another thing that really bothered me; aside from the whole plot, characters, and basically everything, is elle and lee's toxic relationship. like first off you guys were literally 7 years old when you made those "rules" and you're following them now?? second of all the one where always go to the same school as your bestie, like what why would you base your entire life decision off of your friend? and also how he got mad about how she applied, not even got in, applied to a different school as him like wtf?? idk i know its a movie and its not that real, but like who wrote this script come on
RBgirl Před 3 dny
its the fact that he predicted exactly what happened in the part when lee fell LMAAOO
sushi0513 Před 4 dny
Team Noah or Team Marco... and it was Team Peter (played by Noah Centineo) or Team John Ambrose... I see you, Netflix.. you got a love affair with the name Noah..
Reyna Garcia
Reyna Garcia Před 5 dny
I'm sitting here complaining that she's so short, but I'm like oh yea, I'm 13 and I'm not even 5'0 yet XDDD
Kay M
Kay M Před 5 dny
I’m actually confused why Dylan was mad at Rachel lmao
Jenna D
Jenna D Před 5 dny
Animator Ireenie
Animator Ireenie Před 6 dny
25:48 He was so proud of her and then he saw that... I hated him in the first movie, but in the second one she's the real bastard.
Anesipho Nkonkobe
Anesipho Nkonkobe Před 7 dny
Honestly this one is better than the first one. It was actually not that bad that it made me watch the first one again. Instant regret.
Julia Před 7 dny
I just realised the “it’s you it’s always been you” is from Iron man 2
Amanvir Sidhu
Amanvir Sidhu Před 7 dny
Google: *Repartee**Repartee* Dylan: “are you sure googs”😂😂
S. Kristin
S. Kristin Před 8 dny
Arianna Caderao
Arianna Caderao Před 8 dny
Kayla Wise
Kayla Wise Před 10 dny
Honestly surprised Noah Centaur isn't in this
JustCallMeBo Před 11 dny
*I can't wait till they release the third one! The author said the third book is all about the summer before Noah leaves for college and that Marco isn't in it. I hate how they introduced Marco just to not explore that story line a bit more and give it proper closure. No idea how the third one is going to go.* 😂
Yawneazy Před 12 dny
At 7:58 it says 50k in each category, sooo how many categories were there?
Sky_gamez Před 13 dny
This movie is so cringey and boring i keep skipping parts of the video
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo Před 13 dny
Dumbass movie
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo Před 13 dny
When he said about the sub plot of Lee fake injuring himself, I legit gasped haha
Maschas Lacklabor
Maschas Lacklabor Před 14 dny
24:32 thank you... Now here's wine all over my keyboard because I had to laugh so hard... 32:52 How could you ignore now emo creepy camera guy??
Sienna Holmes
Sienna Holmes Před 14 dny
Idk about y’all but I am on Team Marco 😌🤚 and I have my reasons why.
rebecca sara coffey
rebecca sara coffey Před 15 dny
Team Noah
Random Weeb
Random Weeb Před 15 dny
"These damn rich people" - Haruhi
Jorge Duran
Jorge Duran Před 15 dny
2:00 haha 😂😂 It was like I'm hearing myself, my college too
Abby Hill
Abby Hill Před 16 dny
Ok but marco and noah look identical. Same face its kinda creepy Elle really has a type lmao
Nia Fitneva
Nia Fitneva Před 16 dny
watch Love,Simon
뭐야 이게
뭐야 이게 Před 16 dny
A. Marie B
A. Marie B Před 18 dny
Why was she carrying the earring around anyway....
Palesa Malema
Palesa Malema Před 18 dny
I feel for the dude who takes pictures 😂😂😂😂he keeps being attacked
rainy smith
rainy smith Před 19 dny
ok petition for john ambrose, marco, and trevor from after to all get their own movies w girls who actually care ab them & appreciate them instead of going back to the toxic exes :)
Lauryn Smallwood
Lauryn Smallwood Před 19 dny
I know Dylan is educated on good food when he said eat some YAMS
Jasmine Specht
Jasmine Specht Před 20 dny
dylan literally successfully predicts every single movie he watches
KellieDeer Před 20 dny
Nicole Darwood9779
Nicole Darwood9779 Před 21 dnem
I hate at the end that Lee gets mad at Elle for hiding the school from him mean while he was being the worst boyfriend and best friend plus the biggest hypocrite ever:.. like UGH!!!
Nicole Darwood9779
Nicole Darwood9779 Před 21 dnem
I hate at the end that Lee gets mad at Elle for hiding the school from him mean while he was being the worst boyfriend and best friend plus the biggest hypocrite ever:.. like UGH!!!
Sarah Dutra
Sarah Dutra Před 21 dnem
the it’s always been you is in all the boys i’ve loved and in the vampire diaries
Alejandra lozano
Alejandra lozano Před 22 dny
In the beginning couldn’t Lee have tried to text or call Elle but run to her just in case. Like that probably would’ve worked.
Karabo Molalathoko
Karabo Molalathoko Před 22 dny
Dylan:thanks giving is a sacred day Me:have u seen gossip girl
Karabo Molalathoko
Karabo Molalathoko Před 22 dny
Me and Dylan when Rachel left the lunch:then leave peace out✌🏾✌🏾
Karabo Molalathoko
Karabo Molalathoko Před 22 dny
Did u know some scenes were filmed in South Africa Cape Town
Karabo Molalathoko
Karabo Molalathoko Před 22 dny
Team MARacO by farrr
It's Bre
It's Bre Před 24 dny
he uploaded the first kissing booth on my birthday
Elphaba West
Elphaba West Před 25 dny
The “it’s always been you” is from twilight but it’s “it’s always been him” in that
•Isabell• •__
•Isabell• •__ Před 25 dny
You: “it’s always been you...THat tHAts ripped from somewhere.” Me: hMmMm... 🤭 HAHAHAHA wait a minute AhEM new moon I think.. Bella: “Don’t make me choose. Cause it’ll be him. It’s always been him.” Me: 😎
Layan Al-Zamzami
Layan Al-Zamzami Před 26 dny
OMG i'm actually laughing at the fact that dylan points out LOGICAL things my dumbass would've never figured
Layan Al-Zamzami
Layan Al-Zamzami Před 26 dny
why does the fact that he nicknamed google as goos so funny 27:39
Tilly Hann Thomas
Tilly Hann Thomas Před 26 dny
I feel like dylan would make the best dad
Karishma Venkat
Karishma Venkat Před 26 dny
i am just saying that dylan is really lonely ig coz he cursing every romantic scene in the movie lol
J Sainte
J Sainte Před 27 dny
"It's always been you." One Tree Hill and Iron Man as far as I can tell. But I swear I've heard it before and I've never seen either. Now it's bugging me.
J Sainte
J Sainte Před 27 dny
I get what they were going for with the "I brought her for the holidays so you could know my friend and maybe not be jealous" type of thing, but in real life, you'd need one hell of a good reason to bring another girl back for the holidays. Like, her apartment and her family home both burnt to the ground on the same day and all her family are dead type of situation, if you want any chance of the gf not being royally pissed.
J Sainte
J Sainte Před 27 dny
It makes more sense for Lee to be mad at her for hurting his brother. I know they weren't close in the first one, but that makes WAY more sense than the college thing. Especially if you play off the first movie where he was SURE his brother would cheat and use her, then let him be disappointed that SHE hurt him instead. Also, he's been blowing her off for weeks for his gf, so you could show him also contemplating going to the same college as his gf, while she contemplates joining his brother and show a scene near the end where they both go to confess to each other that they want to go elsewhere. Build up to this and have him be mad at her for the cheating.
Batya Shukrun
Batya Shukrun Před 28 dny
Dylan is so right - There are some bad decisions they have made in this film in terms of writing and directing, but the music, photography and editing are just outstanding
Marwa Atwan
Marwa Atwan Před 28 dny
Omg Dylan always has to tell that college story WE GET IT DYLAN YOUR COLLEGE CLOSED DOWN
Chloey DeCicco
Chloey DeCicco Před 29 dny
when “it’s you, it’s always been you” was literally ripped from ironman, friends, one tree hill, sex education and grays anatomy,
Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis Před měsícem
can you watch "vampire academy" for a video please
Emma 02
Emma 02 Před měsícem
kissing booth thought they were gossip girl in that thanksgiving scene
Skylar B
Skylar B Před měsícem
Yea every holiday is that show was wack
Isabel Jean
Isabel Jean Před měsícem
The "It's always been you" quote has been used in SEVERAL movies/TV shows "It's always been him" - Bella to Jacob in one of the Twilight movies "It's always been you, Summer" - Seth to Summer in the OC "It's always been you" - Otis to Ruby in Sex Education "It's always been you, Rach" - Ross to Rachel in Friends "It's you. It's always been you" - Derek to Meredith in Grey's Anatomy I mean, it's so unoriginal and almost every TV/movie has it because it's "romantic".
Märta Strömberg
Märta Strömberg Před měsícem
Idk know if you know this (you probably already do) but uhhh there will be a kissing booth 3.... it will be coming up sometime under 2021...
raquel Před měsícem
dylan: *predicts the whole movie*
do yall realize that chole was in the originals bitch thats all im excited for lol
thatclemkid Před měsícem
your lie in april>> maybe after all the people who like the kissing booth watch it, they will develop a good taste. sry if that offended you but i can only state facts
Jen Cutie
Jen Cutie Před měsícem
The frequent architecture univariately unlock because joke unsurprisingly scrub anenst a lewd town. wholesale, receptive dish
Co Duss
Co Duss Před měsícem
Dylan is so right about the « second movie guy »... but weirdly, he’s usually my fave and I root for him (John Ambrose, Jacob Black, Marco.....) 🙄
María Julia Favre
María Julia Favre Před měsícem
32:58 "you are the second movie guy, you've got no shot" Honesty and pity in one phrase
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh Před měsícem
I have to say this though, Jacob Elordie is a really good actor. He did such a great job in Euphoria.
LiwiaGoszynska Před měsícem
Teenage girls watch this kind of movies and think their bfs abusive behavior is romantic in the future. Remember when he got mad over some dumb shit, punched his car and told her to get in it? And then she DID? Like jesus fuck, this movie is so bad
Riley Car
Riley Car Před měsícem
The fact that he called this whole entire movie kills me
Assata Patterson-Lyles
Assata Patterson-Lyles Před měsícem
YALLLLLLLL, yall he said yams and not sweet potatoes- THATS MY FAVORIT WHITE BOY RIGHT THERE LMAO
Persephone Chapko
Persephone Chapko Před měsícem
They should have had lee fall in love with elle, there are so many scenes where they act like lee loves her in a romantic way, just for them too be "of they friends"
Angelica Před měsícem
Dylan: she has a brother?! Me: what?!😂 Love Dylan reacting👌🏻
The trash can
The trash can Před měsícem
18:00 I just had an episode flashback of Tessa and Jay. ifykyk
Leah Davis
Leah Davis Před měsícem
Skyler Grunder
Skyler Grunder Před měsícem
Lee and Elle were both horrible in this movie. Noah matured between the first movie and this one. The first movie he had anger issues and was seen as a player, in this movie he never lost his cool (until he had a good reason). He also never cheated, he had ONE friend of the opposite gender. Marco never did anything wrong, he truly liked her but never tried to date her when he KNEW she was dating Noah. He had chemistry with Elle but only kissed back when she made the first move. Rachel had a right to be pissed because her boyfriend was lying to her and neglecting her for a best friend. Even though she knew what she was getting into when she dated a guy with such a close friend who’s a girl, she didn’t deserve what she got. Elle and Lee were so toxic and immature. Noah deserved better than her honestly, and Lee didn’t deserve Rachel
kia wynne
kia wynne Před měsícem
He used his Own Instagram after that phone call about Chloe did anyone else see that
Bella Allen
Bella Allen Před měsícem
It’s like he can see the movie before he watches it like HOWWWW???
Hello Ukiyo
Hello Ukiyo Před měsícem
lmfaooo as a writer on wattpad...we don't claim these movies (this include After even though the movie was literally based off a One direction-Harry Styles fanfiction....we don't talk about it) but...yaaa....
Suhana Stephen
Suhana Stephen Před měsícem
girls are pretty simple creatures, clearly you've never had a girlfriend
lina marr
lina marr Před měsícem
hollywood logic: makes a bunch of teen movies set in midwestern America but all filmed in Los Angeles the kissing booth franchise movies: set in a rich Los Angeles private high school but all filmed in South Africa
Kate Jekabsone
Kate Jekabsone Před měsícem
I think that the It was you is from Twilight!
Faria Alam
Faria Alam Před měsícem
I cannot believe that the director and the cast of this movie are taking this "film" seriously. THIS HAS TO BE A PARODY, PLEASE. I CAN'T. THIS MOIVE IS LITERALLY THE DEFINITION OF ATROCIOUS AND RIDICULOUS.
Leah Amauri
Leah Amauri Před měsícem
I love how this entire video is him trashing Rachel 😭😭😭
leo starsign
leo starsign Před měsícem
why do some schools have supershort skrts for uniform dresses ?
UrDaD _.
UrDaD _. Před měsícem
i loved seeing dylan react to this &’ the details he loves &’ noticed here, i would love to see him direct in the future if he ever pursues that
Kyla Schroat
Kyla Schroat Před měsícem
Damn, Dylan You had a glow up
Alex A.
Alex A. Před měsícem
bruh i thought the plot twist would be that Chloe was Noah's lesbian friend the whole time. Made more sense than that dumbass reason Chloe gave her at the airport.
Abby Golladay
Abby Golladay Před měsícem
at 19:12 he literals looks like the guy she's already with WHERES THE FLAVOR if ur gonna do some jealous relationship toxic bs
Charlotte Feltham
Charlotte Feltham Před měsícem
"its always been you" anybody feel twilight vibes?
esikazemese Před měsícem
How could they make a second 2 hour movie of the dumbest, worst movie ever??
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