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Marques Brownlee

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Dave Lee
Dave Lee Před měsícem
I don't often get matte black things, but when i do, it's MKBHD skins
Aadi Roy
Aadi Roy Před 6 dny
marquees release an 'icons' iphone icons pack
Daniel Obi
Daniel Obi Před 28 dny
Louis Vuitton
Bhuvesh Kumar
Bhuvesh Kumar Před měsícem
Make whitecode also
Ali YEET OOF Před měsícem
Dave LEE and Marques BrownLEE hmmmmmmmm
jdmmi Před měsícem
@Baller 4Life ❶ I was just excited 😪😪😪
Chiranth Nandi
Chiranth Nandi Před 21 minutou
I really expected a vector logo of the LG Wing on the ICONS Skin!
17MED Před 7 hodinami
i need it please restock it
Simon D
Simon D Před dnem
Money making scheme... don’t blame him. As 2pac said ‘ I gotta get paid’
[Channel Deleted]
[Channel Deleted] Před 2 dny
I missed the icons drop 😔 and when i went to dbrand to request that they re-launch the mkbhd skins, they haven't sent me an email or anything. So I'm kinda sad now
17MED Před 7 hodinami
same bruh
rom concepcion
rom concepcion Před 2 dny
No more ICONS :( I am getting S21 Ultra and no more ICONS for it
Benny Joseph
Benny Joseph Před 2 dny
Hi, Big fan, there is something missing. I am looking for a wallet case for a minimum of 9 slots, with a phone case being removable and the phone case is both magnetic and MagSafe at the same time? Even Apple, nor Amazon, not Wish, Nor Alibaba have a solution like this. Please let me know if that exists already.
Monkey Bbx and cubes
Monkey Bbx and cubes Před 3 dny
Jperm and mkbhd should collab
Rafi Nilhan
Rafi Nilhan Před 4 dny
Congratulations, man. You deserve this 👏
Milo4is Před 4 dny
I miss it....... please launch again
Naveen Srivatsav
Naveen Srivatsav Před 4 dny
Looks sick on my iPad Magic Keyboard!
kakadots Před 4 dny
The name’s Black. Matt Black.
H .A.J
H .A.J Před 5 dny
Lord bless you I love u videos ur funny and make me laugh a lot
Sezer Sari
Sezer Sari Před 5 dny
there´s an icon which i don´t know. a circle with three points and two lines inside. does anyone know what that is? (for me it looks like a mars icon :) )
Scayron Před 7 dny
So it's just... an app tray...?
Rocky Bhai
Rocky Bhai Před 8 dny
Xavier T
Xavier T Před 8 dny
Bursting the bubble....I received mine TODAY after ordering it on December 4th. My M1 Macbook pro skin is bit smaller in size and these skin can leave permanently mark if you scratch it with nails. I thought I Installed it wrong way but the back skin cover is also smaller than the original macbook size....Disappointed . Didn't expect it for $50. i also ordered the mask. No complain about the mask. It looks sick. But the laptop skin really made me sad.
robert louis
robert louis Před 8 dny
So sick
msBuckwheat Před 8 dny
Insanely genius! But can’t expect anything less from MKBHD!
Trzrz1234 Před 9 dny
Follow up, bought one for my Pixel 3a and the wifes surface tablet. Marques, they look incredible, so I wanted to thank you. Always wanted to give Dbrand a try but this finally pushed me. Glad I did!
John Před 10 dny
Why are these already discontinued?
S K Před 10 dny
Love the red icons⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Wayne Stanford
Wayne Stanford Před 12 dny
Anyone else order the microfibres cloths and get pretty much same ones? I ordered 2 packs x 5, got 11 in the parcel (!??), only five designs for the eleven but six are the same icon.
biel andrada
biel andrada Před 12 dny
nice, uploaded on my bday but nobody cares so ill shut up
Chilis Před 13 dny
Anyone have an ID on the device at 2:35 ?
x retroify_yt
x retroify_yt Před dnem
@Chilis it's a razer blade
Chilis Před 13 dny
Razer Blade?
Tunde Adegbola
Tunde Adegbola Před 15 dny
Just curious. Are those icons not Copyrights? 🤔
Yaseen Hassan
Yaseen Hassan Před 16 dny
7:13 I’m a cuber and that’s actually a really good starter cube although the GAN XS would be better lol 😂. Cubers would understand btw.
Johannes Cruyff
Johannes Cruyff Před 16 dny
I consider these a significant rip-off: what you really purchase is a standard case, worth 50c and a sticker (!) with the icons you have to put yourself on that standard case. The package it comes in, is worth more than the product. I am severely disappointed.
Shane Kike
Shane Kike Před 16 dny
Shane Kike
Shane Kike Před 16 dny
Please inform consumers not to get the Airpods Pro skins. Almost every person who gets this skin cant install it due to it being almost impossible to align. The skins for phones, computers, and consoles are great but do not buy Airpods skins. It will come out poorly and you will just go back to no skin after you see how it looks with gaps galore.
Hayley Shaw
Hayley Shaw Před 17 dny
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Corey Coffey
Corey Coffey Před 17 dny
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Stephen Petsche
Stephen Petsche Před 18 dny
Still waiting on mine 😭 Dbrand is shipping me another one as mine wasn't delivered 😭
loveharmony1 Před 18 dny
Please consider relaunching this limited edition. Please.
Akshat Malik
Akshat Malik Před 19 dny
Damn When that music started playing🔥🔥
Hammy Marco
Hammy Marco Před 19 dny
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Sandra Norris
Sandra Norris Před 19 dny
Just got my skin for my MacBook Air, Matte Black Air 😅
Tyler Shawcroft
Tyler Shawcroft Před 20 dny
2:27 what is this music?!
lucas Před 17 dny
Cab Calloway - The Hi De Ho Man or Jaden smith - Icon. Luv ur pfp btw.
Tarun Lohani
Tarun Lohani Před 20 dny
So stupid! Seriously this age gonna end bad.
Hasina Khatun
Hasina Khatun Před 21 dnem
J perm approved your "MKBHD ICONS CUBE"
Daniel Munn
Daniel Munn Před 21 dnem
Drop finished already?? Will you re-release??
Gab Kristoff C. BRIONES
Gab Kristoff C. BRIONES Před 22 dny
So a Qiyi...
Bruce Mendoza
Bruce Mendoza Před 23 dny
Dude this Rubiks cube is so hard to solve, I should get a team for it
Thelma Dixon
Thelma Dixon Před 23 dny
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Bharaadwaj S
Bharaadwaj S Před 24 dny
Hey.....I tried getting them ....couldn't get it...there was some problem I think...anyways amazing 👏 merch👍
Ahmed Najib
Ahmed Najib Před 24 dny
Lol that Grip Case skin looked dope, gotta get it for my OnePlus 8 Pro! They look sick🔥
Letroy Rogers
Letroy Rogers Před 24 dny
My man. Congratulations to you. This is absolutely amazing. I have been a longtime follower and have watched almost all your videos. Every smartphone purchase has been based off of your recommendations.Congratulations to your success now and in the future.
gunter901 Před 24 dny
Just saw the illuminati pc. And i just saw the icon on the skin. You could have guessed it :o
Jayden Před 24 dny
Is this ever coming back to dbrand website?
Cr8ive Tekno
Cr8ive Tekno Před 25 dny
Give me a nice phone 📱
Lucas Lindner
Lucas Lindner Před 25 dny
Can definitely feel how genuinely proud you are of the lineup. Honestly I am glad you’ve made it this far man and it’s been awesome to watch. Keep up the great content brother.
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell Před 25 dny
Anyone else received theirs yet? I just installed my surface pro 5 skin and my galaxy buds skin is still on its way.
yi peng
yi peng Před 26 dny
looks nice!thanks MKBHD and dbrand
Mayur Suprathik
Mayur Suprathik Před 26 dny
Sir due note that as you have used the symbols and icons of other company products, they can sue you for copyright infringement 😀
Imagine usine icon as an iPhone Shortcut picture
Daniel Jesusegun
Daniel Jesusegun Před 26 dny
Do giveaway boss
Chanikya Chanu
Chanikya Chanu Před 27 dny
When marques said matte black on black I paused the video, bought the products And then started the video again🔥🔥🔥🤩
HuffleMort Před 27 dny
Just got my mask and AirPod pro skin in the mail today, the AirPods skin is a nightmare to install but the mask is great.
Jace Landry
Jace Landry Před 27 dny
Just attempted to install my icon skin on my airpods pro case😞😞😕 I would rather pick up nickels off a tile floor with my ass crack...was a total train wreck!
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Před 27 dny
My matte black everything icons skin just got delivered and it looks great on my S10! I also got the matching mask and cube
dijidijidiji Před 27 dny
I thought icon pack, please give em to me!
W WW Před 27 dny
Is there someone who let me find this iphone cover? I couldn't find this on MKBHD web site even
drdoombots2099 Před 27 dny
At long last, icons have arrived to my doorstep.
Ryan Girard
Ryan Girard Před 27 dny
Bring it back please! I missed the drop :(
Ahmad Nazri Mardi
Ahmad Nazri Mardi Před 28 dny
Nice illuminati eye
OPTimusGaming Před 28 dny
When are they available again?
Max Morris
Max Morris Před 28 dny
so basicly mkbhd supreme
Gear Review Central
Gear Review Central Před 28 dny
These look amazing! I put in my order back on the 11th and I can't wait for them to come in!
Passion Před 29 dny
Icons used Jaden's song titled icon- lovely
sinkiy Před 29 dny
That is actually pretty dope.
Don Brewer
Don Brewer Před 29 dny
Dang, I missed it!
HuffelsBR Před 29 dny
Super awesome. Omg. Greetings from Brazil bro!!! Peace out.
Kid flash 2001
Kid flash 2001 Před 29 dny
Nice video
Morris Wein
Morris Wein Před 29 dny
Lmao can't wait for mine to be delivered
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Před 29 dny
went to go buy it and the “drop expired” very disappointing
Sonny Nguyen
Sonny Nguyen Před 29 dny
Thank you Dbrands for screwing up my order
Jamie KoaRYT
Jamie KoaRYT Před 29 dny
Don’t sub to me
El Mehdi - المهدي
El Mehdi - المهدي Před měsícem
Marcus Crutchfield
Marcus Crutchfield Před měsícem
Dvmn! I missed it!
Bhuvesh Kumar
Bhuvesh Kumar Před měsícem
Make whitecode also !!!
Adamary Vela
Adamary Vela Před měsícem
Are you no longer able to order these?
Siders Productions
Siders Productions Před měsícem
Me realizing they already sold out after remembering this video.😭😭
Myles Telemaque
Myles Telemaque Před měsícem
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Naagvardhan Reddy
Naagvardhan Reddy Před měsícem
Try creating an MKBHD or icons apple watch strap
Power Rangers
Power Rangers Před měsícem
I just found out something, the icons was already revealed at the google pixel 5 thumbnail
TomyOnYT Před měsícem
3:15 "It is angular the way I like it" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
RetroCharles Před měsícem
I can’t believe I just discovered this now. I missed the drop. Would’ve loved the Icon on my MacBook 😫
RetroCharles Před 10 dny
@SdrawsStuff that is VERY accurate 😂
SdrawsStuff Před 10 dny
Your pfp fits your reaction
YOLIKE WHITE Před měsícem
I ordered the red one and I got it yesterday and it looks great!!
oDqnuts Před měsícem
Someone from J Perm's video?.
Devapaath Před měsícem
why is there Illuminati in the pattern???
Link 229
Link 229 Před měsícem
I want these they're so cool
Lex Wise
Lex Wise Před měsícem
Ok who knows the soundtrack that played when he announced the name😂😂
D K Před měsícem
I was expecting actual icons... Like, for apps.
Z' Před měsícem
What is the intro music?
Mix It Yourself
Mix It Yourself Před měsícem
MKBHD: “Enthusiast Quality...” Me: *Cries in Speedcuber*
Arun Singh
Arun Singh Před měsícem
Got mine just today & it just looks so amazing, thanks a lot
Nazik Akmyradova
Nazik Akmyradova Před měsícem
I hope it wont be like Unboxing therapy situation
Olive J
Olive J Před měsícem
They’re all gone :(
Olive J
Olive J Před 28 dny
@Your Meme Dealer yeh I just didn’t see the vid in time
Your Meme Dealer
Your Meme Dealer Před měsícem
It was a limited edition
0r0ch1 Před měsícem
Wasn't expecting the cubes to be DIY AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Jess Zuma
Jess Zuma Před měsícem
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