*TANGLED* is better than *FROZEN*

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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looking for that real estate agent
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Chi Před 3 hodinami
Witch: *dies* Dylan: It's free real estate!
HI THERE general kenobi
HI THERE general kenobi Před 4 hodinami
Hi, it is currently 4am and I have a huge test tomorrow. Watching Dylan obsessing over Eugene for the 100000000th time is more important. Someone relate lmao?
Javeria khan
Javeria khan Před 8 hodinami
This video makes me soo happy
Angeline Peter
Angeline Peter Před 12 hodinami
Am I the only one who came back here after Trin Lovell mentioned him in her Tangled commentary video? Omg, COLLAB PLEASE!
Eden Huguet Lee
Eden Huguet Lee Před 12 hodinami
i actually love this movie so much i named my turtle after the horse lmao
Twinkle Siddiqui
Twinkle Siddiqui Před 16 hodinami
My favorite movies of Disney are " TANGLED " and " BEAUTY AND BEAST " AND THAT'S ALL!!! 💓 NO OTHERE!
Dance In The Moonlight
Dance In The Moonlight Před 20 hodinami
Ur so cute
imagine a world like that
imagine a world like that Před 22 hodinami
Tangled is THE BEST Disney film without a doubt I’m in love with it so much I just am so surprised we got Flynn Rider to react to his own movie
Bekita Před dnem
I can't count how many times I have seen this video! it is my favorite!
Passion & Lifestyle
Passion & Lifestyle Před dnem
Dylan neeeeeeddddddsssssss to see Rise of the Guardians pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeeeeee
GalaxyReborn_Too Před dnem
Test: I’m actually wondering if people still look at the comment section a year after the video’s release. And how many people rewatch these videos
Andromena bilinski
Andromena bilinski Před dnem
So nobody gonna mention the R Kelly comment 😭
Anna's Comic Dubs
Anna's Comic Dubs Před dnem
When he says he wants to adopt that child but its been like 10 years.
Wolfy Pup
Wolfy Pup Před dnem
Dylan if you read the book mother knows best thinks will make sense
I swear, This dude is like that one person during a movie who talks non stop, and you always shush him, BUT like, he puts it in a video and somehow its better..... u just got a new subscriber dude, congrats
Aleyna Tara
Aleyna Tara Před dnem
But seriously how did the guards NOT recognize Rapunzel you don’t see a girl with long long golden hair everyday and she resembles the baby like what HOW?!
Aleyna Tara
Aleyna Tara Před dnem
and Rapunzel reminds me of my aunt so much like srsly haha
jisung pwarm
jisung pwarm Před dnem
I LOST IT AT "yes, tarzan"
jisung pwarm
jisung pwarm Před dnem
I love how every grumpy reactor ALWAYS love tangled
KimberlinLuv Před 2 dny
I have watched this video too may times 🤦🏻‍♀️
Raven Před 2 dny
Is that a bust of Caesar? Also there are parents that bad.
Amy Wang
Amy Wang Před 2 dny
but wait, the knife that stabbed rider isn't full of blood, it's clean!!! clean murder?
Kyøūka Jirøū
Kyøūka Jirøū Před 2 dny
5:30 I have thought that so many times when i was little but I'm pretty sure its because of the power she has in her hair that just keeps it so pretty and shiny (and becuase she's a cartoon she has to be perfect)
Linuay 95
Linuay 95 Před 3 dny
I haven't even watched this but YESSS
Jazmyn Před 3 dny
this is my favorite movie commentary i keep rewatching it😌
It'sMeBrii Před 3 dny
It scares me how much Dylan looks like him
Nina Bové
Nina Bové Před 3 dny
Rapunzel is 18 years old and Flynn is 26...
Chetsi Rene
Chetsi Rene Před 3 dny
This was THE BEST movie reaction ever! Tangled is my favourite Disney movie! The original book Rapunzel is also my favourite story (which ends on a slightly darker note). So yeah... Throughly enjoyed this one! ✨✨
Josie22! !
Josie22! ! Před 3 dny
I’ve always loved tangled and I’ve always hated frozen
Tilly 14
Tilly 14 Před 3 dny
this is my comfort video after having a panic attack. thank you xx
Lalalisa _love
Lalalisa _love Před 4 dny
I love this movie so much 😌
Katelyn Před 4 dny
The number of times I come back to this video
Ini D
Ini D Před 4 dny
I had so much fun watching this with you! 😂 Your commentary is hilarious 💫💫 Subscribed!
AehzoGlitcher -
AehzoGlitcher - Před 4 dny
Imagine being Dylan’s neighbors and hearing him scream kiss
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před 4 dny
Who writes these Disney songs Me: Alan Menken? 🤨 duh
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před 4 dny
Dylan watch tangled the series His questions are annoying me because they have been answered already
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před 4 dny
My love for Eugene and zachery Levi is very concerning He is just so funny and just like his character
Ominous Nugget
Ominous Nugget Před 4 dny
“I know the plot because I play Kingdom Hearts” *I’M ABOUT TO PULL WHAT WE CALL A PRO GAMER MOVE*
Kailey O'Neil
Kailey O'Neil Před 4 dny
am I the only one thinking that she has worn the same drees for like twenty years straight
Keziah Jose
Keziah Jose Před 4 dny
20:50 of course the witch is smart enough to do that, I mean she was alive for literally centuries because of the flower and Repunzel
Malak Sheta
Malak Sheta Před 4 dny
Wow Dylan is living proof that Flynn rider is real I never seen someone so similar to a fantasy character
Stella Heemeryck
Stella Heemeryck Před 4 dny
13:22 I used to feel bad whenever my sister claimed that I reminded her of Maximus, but now that Dylan said that it's the best character, I feel better
Elan E Clarke
Elan E Clarke Před 4 dny
7:50 not to this extreme my guy my mum plays the victim every.single.time.
isaiah johnson
isaiah johnson Před 4 dny
I’ve been saying this for Years !!!!! Tangled had better music a better story and better characters.
Thali Před 4 dny
Tarzan thing is for elsa and annas parents
Zahra Bukhari
Zahra Bukhari Před 4 dny
nice try dylan. we know the only reason you’re wincing when she hits flynn is because you’re his doppelgänger and feel his pain.
Hannahbell16 Před 5 dny
I have seen this video so many times! It is my favorite, he is SO like Flynn
Alice Calado
Alice Calado Před 5 dny
Let’s be honest this isn’t your first time watching this video
Alice Calado
Alice Calado Před 5 dny
I see you’re back huh?
Cora Henderson
Cora Henderson Před 5 dny
no dylan,thats frozen.
angel girl
angel girl Před 5 dny
This video is from 1 year ago but stil 1 of my favorite video's from Dylan
Park Sophie
Park Sophie Před 5 dny
One thing that always made me angry is that Flynn cuts of her hair sooo short like couldn’t you have at least kept it like shoulder length :( 😅
Park Sophie
Park Sophie Před 5 dny
How does Rapunzel even know, that it would be like a romantic kiss, when all she ever got, was like a small kiss from mother gothel on her hair once in a while. But I love her so much. Like how can you be this incredible human being after being trapped in a tower and never being able to talk to anyone
Rachael B
Rachael B Před 5 dny
dylan plays kingdom hearts omg let's get married lol
Cousins Gaming
Cousins Gaming Před 5 dny
Istg his personality is so different when he didn't participate 💀🖐️
•Ģņøøķį •
•Ģņøøķį • Před 5 dny
I think they gave the crown to show rapunzel that flynn just wanted the crown like her mother said
Hilde Mulder
Hilde Mulder Před 5 dny
Here i am again for the 236th time
Ivanna Banana
Ivanna Banana Před 5 dny
"Rodiado de montones de Dinero" - Chayanne
isabella silvercase
isabella silvercase Před 5 dny
i remember so so clearly seeing this in theaters three times in two weeks when i was 8 bc my whole family loved it so much
Witsqa Před 6 dny
you're cute
Yoon Hyrien
Yoon Hyrien Před 6 dny
yknow what, i can’t stop coming back to this video after binge watching his other commentaries and idk why
People always compare the 2. Is it because both have 3D animation? Lol. They're both good.
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira Před 6 dny
19:09 uahduahzuas
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira Před 6 dny
flynn rider = dylan
Jonah Wolfe
Jonah Wolfe Před 6 dny
You should watch tangled the series on Disney+
Clara Před 6 dny
This is the First Disney Movie i remember watching
alajanu Před 6 dny
about King and Queen, I think that because she almost died at her first pregnancy, they did not try again. I suppose they were afraid she might die, and were not sure if at least child survive.
Kat hi
Kat hi Před 6 dny
His name is "Verzaubert" because it's a German story and "Verzaubert" means bewitched
Danika Před 7 dny
Fun fact: The animator who animated the character Tarzan and the dschungle sliding Scene is Glen Keane. He is also the animation supervisor for Tangeled 😊 He is one of my favorite animators 💕 He also animated f.e. the characters Arielle and Pocahontas.
Rogue Plutonia
Rogue Plutonia Před 7 dny
Y'all would watch cinema therapy analyze how mother gothel is gaslighting Rapunzel
Jasmin Martinez
Jasmin Martinez Před 7 dny
Flynn is 26 and he's 6'3....i-
elle Před 7 dny
Ok Flynn kinnie
Audiana Bruzual
Audiana Bruzual Před 7 dny
What a shame you guys doesn't have Chayanne as Flynn 🤣
Kevin Rosenherz
Kevin Rosenherz Před 7 dny
17:39 he has 6 feed
Nana Love
Nana Love Před 7 dny
Didn't remember how much Flynn gets hurt in this movie.
Mercy Kok
Mercy Kok Před 7 dny
Can we just take a moment to realise that he just knew what was gonna happen before it happened constantly😂
Frankoiz Barairo
Frankoiz Barairo Před 7 dny
Love Delux + Killer Queen's bites the dust
LosTan Gaming
LosTan Gaming Před 7 dny
Him: tangled is better than frozen Me: _sorry i dont speak wrong_
Jasmijnvb Před 7 dny
love watching this. I had a really bad week, but how can you not become happy watching this. You're so so so funny and loved Tangled growing up, so perfect combination
Alycia Calloway
Alycia Calloway Před 7 dny
James Franco and MGK’s child
Leigh Reynolds
Leigh Reynolds Před 7 dny
Ah, just saying, I think you are thinking of Frozen in regards to the Tarzan thing. Their parents are the ones lost at sea.
Anesipho Nkonkobe
Anesipho Nkonkobe Před 8 dny
I just looked at the cast for the first time. You're telling me Zachary Levi is Flynn and Mandy Moore is Rapunzel😳 I mean makes sense...his charisma and her voice
potato Před 8 dny
This is one of my favorite Disney movies :)
CuriosityFTW Před 8 dny
Never forget that Flynn got more tongue from a lizard than Rapunzel
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Před 8 dny
I’m pretty sure Elsa’s parents were the ones who gave birth to Tarzan. I saw this theory somewhere and it fits since her parents boat crashes and Tarzans parents landed in Africa
Makayla Andrews
Makayla Andrews Před 8 dny
you have to watch the animated series to understand
Autumn31 Před 8 dny
Why didn’t mother gothel move farther away ya know flee the country then if rapanzel ever got outside ppl wouldn’t even know abt the lost princess 🤔🤔also thanks Dylan this is by far one of my fav of your movie commentaries 💖💖
Godben Ben
Godben Ben Před 8 dny
Frozen would have not existed if it wasn’t for tangled
ItzGennyz XD
ItzGennyz XD Před 5 dny
I agree.
Tea Planet
Tea Planet Před 8 dny
This is my favorite disney movie loll
b4tm1lk Před 8 dny
How was rapunzel able to help her mom up when she was a kid
Yaerae Achmed
Yaerae Achmed Před 8 dny
also the question of why they didn't have kids, the queen got super sick the first time so they couldn't exactly risk that a second time
Yaerae Achmed
Yaerae Achmed Před 8 dny
little does he know the tv show gave this universe a whole developed lore lmao
Celi BA
Celi BA Před 8 dny
the spanish dubbing is so much better just for the simple reason that chayanne does the voice of flynn rider
Stephanie Před 8 dny
7:46 that's my mom. F
Akasya Aydemir
Akasya Aydemir Před 8 dny
Petition for Dylan to play Flin Rider in the live action Tangled.
Alecia Chestang
Alecia Chestang Před 8 dny
When he’s laughing at Flynn knowing where the satchel is then gets hit in the head so Dylan just goes OHHH, I die laughing every time
Alecia Chestang
Alecia Chestang Před 8 dny
8:50 haha
Geetha Karthikeyan
Geetha Karthikeyan Před 8 dny
"Her bosom looked really inviting there, I would've ran into that" WHAAA- SJSKSJKSJKZ
Firelord Azula
Firelord Azula Před 8 dny
i come back to this vid like every month
Aymme Juarez
Aymme Juarez Před 9 dny
9:25 is just pure gold😂
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo Před 9 dny
Flynn Ryder is dee best ♥️
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo Před 9 dny
Flynn > Eugene
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