Tall Guy Watches *Tall Girl*

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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special guest (!) as we watch Tall Girl, the new Netflix movie about a 6 foot tall girl who learns that short people are unexpectedly worthy of love too
Misoa's Instagram: yurwelcome_
Twitter: theDMatthews
Instagram: dylanwillnotparticipate

carolina cruz
carolina cruz Před 6 hodinami
11:12 BAHAHAHA DUDE “cu” means butt/ass in my language- (European Portuguese)
Jannaaaliyah Před 20 hodinami
LMAOO steve sounds like gru in despicable me
tiggers344 Před 23 hodinami
why is no one talking abou the fact that they wanted to make a movie about the troubles of a TALL girl ... and then they chose angela kinsey to be her mom???????
Joey M.
Joey M. Před dnem
Resident tall girl here. I’m 6ft3, I went to hs. It’s not this bad 🤣 the boys don’t get taller in college Thank you for attending my ted talk 😂
Caitlin Walker
Caitlin Walker Před 2 dny
Dylan reacting to Tall Girl: longer takes, nobody needs to be speaking, Dylan reacting to After: WHY IS NOBODY TALKING IN THIS MOVIE
Yvaia Před 2 dny
*misoa and dylan listing everyones height in feet* *me, a european:* :')
Min O
Min O Před 2 dny
As a swede, 1 I have no idea what Stig was saying whenever he was speaking Swedish and 2 I have not met anyone under 40 named fucking STIG it’s like an old man name in Sweden I cannot take him seriously because of that name, it’s so obvious that the writers just googled Swedish names and picked one randomly, imagine like a character in Riverdale being named Abraham it just doesn’t work
Naveera Rizwan
Naveera Rizwan Před 3 dny
Jodi I wanna get a makeover Me 2 seconds later: is that the suit Ron wore to the ball? If you wanna be a ugly blue jellybean be my guest
babiestbear !
babiestbear ! Před 3 dny
she is not short. im so jealous of her heighttttt. im 5.2 and i want to be tall so bad
Sara Brenton
Sara Brenton Před 3 dny
From the street art it seems like they live in New Orleans, and as a bike rider the streets of New Orleans are FUCCCKKEEDD even a professional couldn’t handle that shit. The dude isn’t bad at riding a bike, it’s just hard to avoid all the bowling ball sized potholes
aryana Před 3 dny
i feel like these videos are significantly better with misoa there
Chris Před 4 dny
Lowkey in love with Misoa’s hair-
Avery Henderson
Avery Henderson Před 4 dny
When i was 12 there was a girl in my class who was 6'3 SHUT THE F UP "tall girl"
Krit215 Před 4 dny
"Why would you lock the not door" Why did it take a second watch through for this line to crack me up?! LMAO
Cora Henderson
Cora Henderson Před 5 dny
omg dylan girl friend looks like the best friend in the movie!
Keziah Miles
Keziah Miles Před 5 dny
bruh 5'7 is pretty tall for a girl
tuana gultekin
tuana gultekin Před 5 dny
"What is this Tarzan?" LMAOO
Jennifer Nicole Schroeder
Jennifer Nicole Schroeder Před 6 dny
What I took away from this movie is that going to another country makes you the cool new person everyone wants to be friends with.
Elizabeth Stevens
Elizabeth Stevens Před 6 dny
17:09 the oof
Q.L. Před 7 dny
Not Misoa’s *complete disinterest* 😭
Anesipho Nkonkobe
Anesipho Nkonkobe Před 7 dny
Did anyone feel some third-wheeling vibes whilst watching this? Like Dylan get out of our date
Anesipho Nkonkobe
Anesipho Nkonkobe Před 7 dny
"Does he not know how to ride a bike at 16" Me cries in 18😭😭😭
Anesipho Nkonkobe
Anesipho Nkonkobe Před 7 dny
Okay I love Misoa. She is so gorgeous
Crystal Zhu
Crystal Zhu Před 8 dny
u mean.... university of british columbia?
what's my name?
what's my name? Před 8 dny
the only thing that looked swedish on that guy was that white knit sweater
what's my name?
what's my name? Před 8 dny
just to throw this out there but the average height in swede land is 5.10 for men and 5.5 for whamen. I'm 5.5, my mom is 5.2, and her brother is 6.5😂 Also to note that that guy doesn't look swedish even in the slightest and LOL WHAT IS THAT ACCENT?! 🤣
Kayla Free
Kayla Free Před 10 dny
She doesn’t look real, is she animated?
Shafaq sayyada
Shafaq sayyada Před 10 dny
He - she is short 5 '6 me - fuck i m 4 '11 🤣
Ryan Před 11 dny
maybe you should express yourself more respectful
Zero33 XD
Zero33 XD Před 12 dny
You call her small with 5"7? Jesus, I'm 5"1 =-=
Iris Bogers
Iris Bogers Před 15 dny
10:40 nah in the netherlands too
Mikayla Smith
Mikayla Smith Před 15 dny
His girlfriend is just as dorky as him, that's so cute :)
Danielle Rich F. Quilas
Danielle Rich F. Quilas Před 16 dny
Dylan you kinda look like Dr.Mike in this video but skinnier
Pary Cartoons
Pary Cartoons Před 16 dny
Did the people who made this unironically think that 'being tall' is something that's really that big and sever of a common struggle for high school kids? Do they really think this is what high school kids worry about or get bullied for? What high school did these people go to?
eve the weeb
eve the weeb Před 16 dny
is it weird that my biggest ship is ingvar kreuger x yodi?
Abby Hill
Abby Hill Před 17 dny
Rossmar Caballero
Rossmar Caballero Před 17 dny
Dylan: Nowhere in the world are you 6'2 and considered short! Also Dylan: I'm 6'4, THAT'S AVERAGE
Vilma Särkikoski
Vilma Särkikoski Před 17 dny
Why does it look like Mr. Sweden has unibrows and mustache at 8:01 or am i just seeing things
I give up
I give up Před 17 dny
What bothers me, is that Jodie thought it would be cute to cosplay as Arwin from the suite life. Girl at this point you’re just asking to get bullied smh.
Andrea Keolamphu
Andrea Keolamphu Před 17 dny
Ngl, being a girl girl is pretty different from being a tall guy
Kai Park
Kai Park Před 18 dny
As a swede, I'm impressed by his Swedish accent impression, sorta sounds like my mom tbh.
Hannah Moats
Hannah Moats Před 18 dny
Everytime I see her I remember that she got rejected from dance moms for being to tall
You have been banned From the Mickey Mouse club
You have been banned From the Mickey Mouse club Před 18 dny
lOokS lIke a lIttlE fErrIs bUellEr
Ganime Ozcay
Ganime Ozcay Před 18 dny
does anyone know what's happening at 8:31?
brooklyn w
brooklyn w Před 11 dny
It was a pottery scene it looked real sexual though 😂
Klara Před 18 dny
I’m from Sweden and I’m 5’3 so we are not giants
Shira Trokman
Shira Trokman Před 18 dny
Yo dee le hee hoo
Karrington Higgins
Karrington Higgins Před 18 dny
This girl is really complaining and saying her life is so hard because of how tall she is and nothing can beat that. Well, my parents are divorced, I have severe anxiety and that has caused me to be sleep deprived, and also related to the divorce, I just found out my dad cheated on my mom and stole a car after them being divorced for 9 years, AND I’ve lost a lot of family members that were really close to me in the past year. So yea....I JUST BEAT THAT (P.S. I’m a tall girl too and it’s really not that hard)
Aleena Haziqah
Aleena Haziqah Před 18 dny
Bruh i’m taller than her, and really got bullied all time. I’m like 6’5foot
Janie Před 19 dny
As someone from Louisiana, we do not claim this movie.
Niamh Corrigan
Niamh Corrigan Před 19 dny
I have watched this video several times and I am still caught on how tf he thought the average height for women was 5'8", like,, what
Emma Lynn
Emma Lynn Před 19 dny
Dylan’s accent is 🤌
Molly Shackleton
Molly Shackleton Před 22 dny
6’1 isn’t even that tall. There a girl at out school who’s almost 7ft
npųarr💙 Před 22 dny
5:21 Well myb cuz the american school sistem is a joke so yeah he can solve it no prob😂😂
npųarr💙 Před 22 dny
Noooo not the milk
npųarr💙 Před 22 dny
Broooo 185 is not that tall tf here in Europe that's like average man height
Seth Aistrop
Seth Aistrop Před 22 dny
I love how 5”7 is like small for a guy and I’m just here like I’m 5”1 😂
Roos Van Eijk
Roos Van Eijk Před 23 dny
Her: "I'm 6 ft 1, I'M sO TaLl" Me: *laughs in 6 ft 3* . . . . . . Yeah, I'm a woman. From the Netherlands tho, so it kinda makes sense :)
CherryJuli Před 23 dny
5‘7 is actually pretty tall for a woman and 6’1 is pretty rare.
Alex Philip
Alex Philip Před 24 dny
Liz and Dunkleman were so much better than Dunkleman and Yodi.
slythervids Před 25 dny
petition for dylan and misoa create a couple's channel
ᗩᐯEᖇY ᗰOᖇᗩᑎ
ᗩᐯEᖇY ᗰOᖇᗩᑎ Před 21 dnem
Honey where can I sign?
Me myself And I
Me myself And I Před 25 dny
Any Sweden Pepz here?
hepburn8283 Před 25 dny
tall girl movie: *ends with a school dance* me: mean girls anyone?
Mailinh Khamphanh
Mailinh Khamphanh Před 26 dny
Anissa D
Anissa D Před 26 dny
how is 6ft1 not tall though lmao
Wish Uknew
Wish Uknew Před 27 dny
Wish Uknew
Wish Uknew Před 27 dny
Wish Uknew
Wish Uknew Před 27 dny
Wish Uknew
Wish Uknew Před 27 dny
Wish Uknew
Wish Uknew Před 27 dny
Joanna J
Joanna J Před 27 dny
16:56 !!
Tova Skogström
Tova Skogström Před 27 dny
Me watching this, a tall Swede 🤗 *jazz hands*
Yosr Karoui
Yosr Karoui Před 27 dny
Imagine watching a movie with these two
Tulika Chaudhury
Tulika Chaudhury Před 27 dny
Dylan: She's short she 5 '7' Me being 5'1': -_-
Tuva Appelgren
Tuva Appelgren Před 28 dny
As a swede I can confirm - we do solve random problems on the board when we come in late for class
Whipped for OffGun
Whipped for OffGun Před 28 dny
If 5 Feet and 7 inches is considered short,then WHAT AM IIIIII?! I'm barely 5 Feet huhuhuhu
Yukti Gupta
Yukti Gupta Před 29 dny
17:10 - the best part about this video and movie now🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Meowf Meowf
Meowf Meowf Před 29 dny
7:57 - he likes her but doesn't? 18:36 - big lil sister kKkK 14:12 - Y o d i / vr stuff lol
Justine Buda
Justine Buda Před měsícem
omg 20:49 had me done for lmaoooo
mya 125
mya 125 Před měsícem
Im literally 5’ even 😀.....😭😭😭
Malak Mohsin
Malak Mohsin Před měsícem
Half way through the video Dylan was trying to do the characters Swedish accent but he just ended up sounding like Borat and it was hilarious 😂
Guido Guido
Guido Guido Před měsícem
The annoying part about "Do you play basketball?" Is that when I say no, they say "Well you should." Bitch, if I wanted to, I would. I know that I’d have an advantage as a tall person, but I do not fuckin wanna!
Anjabone Před měsícem
I think I ship you guys
Connor/Howell Před měsícem
This is the comic duo we deserve!!!
Sssamiii Před měsícem
bruh 5' 7" is NOT short wtf 😭I'm 5' 1", and I have relatives, who are older than me, that never even reached the 5" mark 😭I haven't grown since like 5th or 6th grade 👁👅👁
Caya Vdm
Caya Vdm Před měsícem
Like, 6’1 is REALLY not that tall
Micah N
Micah N Před měsícem
1 stride = 1 block
Nicole Moon
Nicole Moon Před měsícem
Ali. en
Ali. en Před měsícem
Dylan: *says anything* Misoa: YEAH!!!
Natalie Mavilia
Natalie Mavilia Před měsícem
the girl in this movie got kicked off of dance moms cuz she was too tall
Mali Jade
Mali Jade Před měsícem
React to dance moms
Jaydee Caldwell
Jaydee Caldwell Před měsícem
I’m literally almost 6 foot so I kinda feel what she is feeling!❤️
Jazmin Johnson
Jazmin Johnson Před měsícem
"How's the weather up there?" "It's raining" *spits on them* (what I would do if I was tall😔)
Sieun YON
Sieun YON Před měsícem
he really looks like eugene fitzherbert in this one
Abigail Entsminger
Abigail Entsminger Před měsícem
There's girls in my 8th grade class taller than 6'1 so..... and they're the most confident ones in the whole school
Anisa Afsar
Anisa Afsar Před měsícem
U need to do more reactions with misoa
Riesa Kongshaug
Riesa Kongshaug Před měsícem
Haha throwback to when my dance team had to practice in the entryway/commons because all our dance areas and gyms were full... 😬
Luna A
Luna A Před měsícem
15:55 the blind people listening to this 💀
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před měsícem
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před měsícem
McG from Jessie
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před měsícem
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