Spin The Wheel, Eat The Donut! (Eat It or Yeet It #16)

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From the makers of burger but cold, this episode of Eat It or Yeet It is jam packed with mystery donuts!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit Před 2 měsíci
that's a WAD (wet ass donut)
SaladFish Před 16 dny
**Hilarity ensues**
Nicolas Czellecz
Nicolas Czellecz Před měsícem
This reminds me of the movie accepted. “Glen, show them your wads”
Italian Herb
Italian Herb Před měsícem
I'll eat anything if you have me on the show 😋
MrJackWick Před měsícem
Smosh Pit from the top make it drop
Fast Kid56
Fast Kid56 Před měsícem
Next eat or yeet for the big bite have everyone close their eyes and spin until it lands then have everyone open them up
Ziad games
Ziad games Před 6 hodinami
who thinks they should bring day jobs
Tony burger
Tony burger Před dnem
Why r these food look so good though
Creo Před dnem
“It’s your boy, food girl” is my gender
Arian Guillaume
Arian Guillaume Před 3 dny
Olivia Is such a little baby
Blake Slytherin
Blake Slytherin Před 4 dny
Did anyone else notice the little throwback to ian and his pink frosted sprinkled donut from the food battle series with anthony back in the day?
spacecatcosmo Před 4 dny
maybe i'm absolutly disgusting but i would've ate that WAD
Sugah And Reed tm
Sugah And Reed tm Před 4 dny
Did no one get the beginning where theh gave them PINK FROSTED SPRINKLED DOUGHNUTS? Only the superior understand
John Demot
John Demot Před 4 dny
aahh pink sprinkled donut.... this makes me remember food battle :0 (im still team anthony lmao)
Arnold Hubbard
Arnold Hubbard Před 5 dny
Ian predicted the ramen donut
Guha Amudhan
Guha Amudhan Před 5 dny
Goodness, this must’ve given ian hallucinations
Elfin Dreamer
Elfin Dreamer Před 5 dny
From the maker of Burger But Cold we proudly present Donut But Wet
Off the Cuff
Off the Cuff Před 6 dny
Why is no one talking about how excited Ian got upon seeing the pink frosted sprinkled donuts?
iamnotaped0 Před 7 dny
Watching Keith eat the wet doughnut for some reason is the only thing on this show that has made me gag
DraycosDragon Před 7 dny
I think you guys should keep the "Garrett wedge" on the wheel. But I also think you should make it a 4-way so that 1 person chooses 1 of 4 choices thus having like a 25% chance of getting the bad option, and 75% chance of getting one of the good options thus giving it to someone else if they get a good option
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Před 10 dny
oLiViA iS sUcH a LiTtLe BaBy
Jill Nicole
Jill Nicole Před 13 dny
I do not blame Olivia at all. I was gagging just watching Keith eat that wet donut.
Liz Před 13 dny
Jackie is such a treasure💜 And if Olivia thinks wet bread is bad, we mayonnaise is a close competitor..🤮
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches Před 17 dny
i love how they had to replace the bell system because keith was about to get fired
Timmy Chhom
Timmy Chhom Před 17 dny
If someone doesn't eat in the episode, they should have a bigger chance to eat the next episode :D
Adrian Maurisak
Adrian Maurisak Před 17 dny
1:02 Food battle flash backs.
Hans Alib
Hans Alib Před 19 dny
The thing about this is that the "No one is safe" thing isn't true anymore.
Snow Price
Snow Price Před 19 dny
I'm with Olivia on this one
007 Peti
007 Peti Před 20 dny
Garrett looks like hide the pain Herold, but living in a jungle
Russel John Blanco
Russel John Blanco Před 21 dnem
I miss Food Battlesss
bagner S
bagner S Před 22 dny
Olivia is such a little baby
bagner S
bagner S Před 22 dny
Flash backs when Ian is eating that donut xD
Sabrina Christensen
Sabrina Christensen Před 23 dny
The one and only time this show actually made me gag and look away, fuck you wet donut.
CptMcquacken Před 23 dny
Me hearing Olivia begin talking about the wet donut......me skipping because I know shes gonna talk too long about it....me continuing to skip because shes still avoiding it....me surprised at how long she is delaying the inevitable.
Landon Dunn
Landon Dunn Před 23 dny
I feel that Olivia's set up made it so much worse
MrRavenHollywood Před 23 dny
Courtney needs a sliver on the wheel as well.
Sage Jennings
Sage Jennings Před 24 dny
What peanut butter ass bitch has Courtney been making out with?
Dominique D
Dominique D Před 25 dny
Is no one going to point out how dilated Ian's pupils were when he saw the pink frosted sprinkled donuts? 🤣🤣 love the throwback!!!
TehMalkemus Před 25 dny
OoOo OlIViA iS sUcH a BaBy
I n f i n i t y E.A.
I n f i n i t y E.A. Před 26 dny
1:03 Ian’s favorite food and he’s face as he eats the donut.😂😂😂
Ryan Foster
Ryan Foster Před 26 dny
Pro to Kieth. I probably would have taken it for Olivia also.
Annalee Aliyah
Annalee Aliyah Před 26 dny
Olivia ,your such a little baby😂
hulya Před 26 dny
Jose Mercado
Jose Mercado Před 26 dny
passing off the food to someone else sorta made me upset, like the integrity of the show was immediately lost. But I'm a big crybaby so oh well
Expo mist
Expo mist Před 27 dny
Salluvinte Sallaapam
Salluvinte Sallaapam Před 27 dny
In a weird little way, GARRET is the kindest cook I have ever seen :)
Lex TheDragonLady
Lex TheDragonLady Před 27 dny
Keith you taking Olivia's donut you're a good friend
optional-adventure Před 27 dny
The fact that they brought in a pink frosted sprinkled doughnut and Ian dove for it made my heart happy
NiGHTSaturn Před 27 dny
Props to whoever edited this episode. It was so funnyyyyyyyy
msic35 Před 27 dny
Suggestion for food! Have them try a Wisconsin cannibal or wisconsin tiger meat!!!! @smosh
Phillip Reyes
Phillip Reyes Před 28 dny
How about an episode with Sarah, Matt, Garrett,Ian, and Courtney
Cryptic Enigma1116
Cryptic Enigma1116 Před 28 dny
So, we have had pizza but big, burger but cold, and doughnut but wet, what the heck is next.
Feralcatfriends Před 29 dny
ngl i for some reason almost cried when Damien got something...idk it just made me so happy
Anthony DiVizio
Anthony DiVizio Před 29 dny
Sorry olivia, you are a big baby lol
Tiffany Durrant
Tiffany Durrant Před měsícem
Y'all the preview of Keith eating that wet donut actually made me yeet the sandwich I was eating. And it was such a good sandwich too 😭
Grant Swick
Grant Swick Před měsícem
Olivia is such a wimpy girl
NIVEK-OTAKU n.n Před měsícem
did anyone check jackie's face on minute 13:16 ?
NIVEK-OTAKU n.n Před měsícem
Olivia is such a little baby
Mrs. Antagonist
Mrs. Antagonist Před měsícem
Eat it or yeet it important rule number 1: WATCH ON AN EMPTY STOMACH Or while you're not eating. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
Lonely Little Wolfie
Lonely Little Wolfie Před měsícem
Olivia shot middle finger lazors at us and that's the kind of respect I have for smosh
Farm Life With Hailey
Farm Life With Hailey Před měsícem
It’s official the wheel hates Damien or loves him depending on how you look at it 😂 😂
Rachel Owens
Rachel Owens Před měsícem
the jackie is uncomfortable meme 😂 lmfao
waantjeMisfITkID Před měsícem
*peanutbutter in a smoothie is what making out tastes like*
C. M. Buford
C. M. Buford Před měsícem
Unpopular opinion: Soggy bread is amazing.
Austin M. Deleon
Austin M. Deleon Před měsícem
I don't blame Olivia for using Keith as a meat Shield.
Lance Ilagan
Lance Ilagan Před měsícem
Olivia’s a wuss... I’ve seen many bad things and I can stomach to eat wet bread. Hmph😒 such a madona😒
pocahontasgirl1 Před měsícem
Olivia pretty much called the Ramen donut and got the Ramen donut. I mean, fair.
chefjess1234 mythical beast
chefjess1234 mythical beast Před měsícem
Rhett and Link please🤞😁
Master Ztech
Master Ztech Před měsícem
BRO Courtney NEEDS to be on the show she’s gotten out easy😤
Agent Tija
Agent Tija Před měsícem
Imagine not eating the bad food and making up some bs excuse. But eating the good, asian food without a 2nd thought. Who woud've thought? The asian likes the asian food. If you don't wanna eat any shitty foods why even bother going on the show🤦🏻‍♂️. But i digress🤷🏻‍♂️
Sarah Aldrich
Sarah Aldrich Před měsícem
We eated we yeeted... We public shower sheeted COURTNEY IM SCREAMING
Breezy Před měsícem
0:59 I bet Ian got flashbacks from the Food Wars in the past with his pink frosted sprinkled donut 😂😂 🍩 (didn't have a pink frosted sprinkled donut emoji 😔)
Silvia Contreras
Silvia Contreras Před měsícem
No one see the food battle donut
vfwestphal Před měsícem
To whomever is editing these: please stop adding slurping/chewing/lip-smacking sfx... It adds nothing to people who don't care for it, and it's incredibly irritating to people who have to suffer through it.
SpunkyCats Před měsícem
Oh Olivia is such a little baby.
Morgan Trevino
Morgan Trevino Před měsícem
I have watched smosh for as long as I can remember, and these guys always make my stress and troubles go away when I watch, I can just relax and have a laugh
Gabriel Tenney
Gabriel Tenney Před měsícem
They should bring back Ian and Anthony for an episode of try not to laugh
Tim Lockwood
Tim Lockwood Před měsícem
Olivia is such a little baby
Ivy99999 Před měsícem
Barely Able
Barely Able Před měsícem
Dose Courtney ever eat anything and be a part of the challenge?..I wanna see her do that she’s just served it up.
Kameron Waits
Kameron Waits Před měsícem
7:42 I wasn’t gonna say anything, but since your complaining, “Olivia’s such a little baby” Olivia the Baby 2020
Foxxatrot Před měsícem
Manny’s Reactions and games
Manny’s Reactions and games Před měsícem
From Olivia sue
Manny’s Reactions and games
Manny’s Reactions and games Před měsícem
Allen playz 🖕🖕
Bestman 3v3r
Bestman 3v3r Před měsícem
Burger, but cold. Donut, but wet. Whats next, ice cream, but hot
AustiBoiBlu Před měsícem
Wet turd
Samantha Fisher
Samantha Fisher Před měsícem
the wet doughnut is the only time I have gagged looking at a food on EIOYI
burningphoenix36 Před měsícem
Olivias such a little baby
ChosenSlayr Před měsícem
Jackie is the best with those moment perfect faces she makes
GameyScorpio Před měsícem
I'm pretty sure Olivia is an alien pretending to be human.
likemice Před měsícem
I didn’t realize wet bread was a big gross out thing. I thought that was just limited to Gavin.
sponiver Před měsícem
LMAO that add in clip 😂 8:21
NSIEGS94 Před měsícem
Sorry Olivia, but I'm gonna at you for babying out of the wet donut. I guarantee if Keith hadn't been there, nobody would have done that for you.
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Před měsícem
I like this version
{Lexi Dim}
{Lexi Dim} Před měsícem
They should do an episode that is just the food and somethong weird. Like burger but cold and donut but wet or somethin like that :v
cool dude
cool dude Před měsícem
Hey Garrett, I suggest you do something with DURIAN. Like put DURIAN cream or jam into some food huhi
Wayde Ross
Wayde Ross Před měsícem
The Yoshi mlem when Jackie licks the whipped cream made me crack up!
willi just willi
willi just willi Před měsícem
donut fuck with me Keith -Shayne 2018
Darren Marshall
Darren Marshall Před měsícem
Next eat it or yeet it should be edible bug themed
karatecat13 Před měsícem
Garret could have used pickle juice instead of water for the wet doughnut. I feel like that would have been worse.
Tristen Kopasz
Tristen Kopasz Před měsícem
I’m so mad Olivia didn’t eat it lol
AE071305 Před měsícem
LOL. Damien is my kinda dude. Haha. His love of Japanese things is like looking into a mirror.
Lais Oliveira
Lais Oliveira Před měsícem
"I'm the president of Smosh" Olivia: and I'm the CEO Wait what
Joshy Hall
Joshy Hall Před měsícem
Jackie gets picked so much 🤣 anyone else notice the two people with their hats turned like Ash Ketchum didn't get picked? 🤣
hollirichards Před měsícem
It's ok Olivia. And i love that keith stepped in for you. You are awesome.
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