SCP-990 Dream Man (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-990 Animation.
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SCP 990, also known as Dream Man, is generally a human male dressed in a Cold War era business suit who appears to Foundation personnel through dreams.
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ZOE VENTURA Před 2 hodinami
when i first saw the moons i thought that they where chips
broo_typ YouTube
broo_typ YouTube Před 5 hodinami
I saw the scp whete i was 3
Dxrk Bxtch
Dxrk Bxtch Před 6 hodinami
Easy if he only goes to the people who are in scp foundations I would say have nobody leave but what I’m really thinking is a uhm nvm can’t describe it because I can’t spell ;-; like the thing that contains the old man and see if it works
Dxrk Bxtch
Dxrk Bxtch Před 6 hodinami
Wait the scp that is a threat is a girl FINALLY IT ISNT A MALE OR IT DOESNT HAVE A F-CKING GENDER
Mark Hinds
Mark Hinds Před 8 hodinami
Wow 990 was talking about 058
Misery Před 10 hodinami
Sounds like the premise to ID invaded
Seve Viola
Seve Viola Před 13 hodinami
I only have 1 question... Why is he not green?
Angelina Romero
Angelina Romero Před 13 hodinami
Is it weird that i have seen a guy like that in my dreams??
DaManOfPie Před 15 hodinami
so this dude is just a mad lad that can tell the future
Maxgaming Playz
Maxgaming Playz Před 16 hodinami
*_This reminds me of that 'Have You Seen This Man?' poster._*
Mrsnoouflz Před 19 hodinami
Hehe lol
pancakv Před 19 hodinami
maybe the she he talked about was scp 53 or it’s a scp that’ll never exist to keep it’s mystery
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia Před 20 hodinami
The bad one is scp 053
TheXara Lance
TheXara Lance Před 21 hodinou
I’d say scp 053 or scp 847
Zombie Slayer studio
Zombie Slayer studio Před 21 hodinou
Everyone:SCP-990 Me:The best speedrunner
Broadway the skeleton
Broadway the skeleton Před 21 hodinou
So we can think that SCP-001 is probably the scarlet king, as it's known weakness is SCP-999, which gives kindess and love to overthrow the scarlet king. It could also be the gate guardian, but I don't believe he's referencing him, as he isn't shown to show any emotion, or have any personality or feelings at all. Unless it's the papers or the factory or something, and 990 is messing with our head (also about the warning of the redacted scp, it could be the young girl, or maybe a child of I'm the seven brides. (or 999 ;-;)
N Soldier
N Soldier Před 22 hodinami
G-Man himself
Snat Před 22 hodinami
Plot Twist: SCP-990 Is an alternate universe version of the stand Wonder of U
TheToadetteFanboy Před dnem
Could 990 be talking about 231-7??
Surprised Asian
Surprised Asian Před dnem
He’s all dripped out.
Johnny Před dnem
I created a story about an entity in a dream although mine is a lot different. Mine is hostile towards the 'dreamer'.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Před dnem
It's obviously question.
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve Před dnem
So that means only SCP-999 can save us.
nathan macdonald
nathan macdonald Před dnem
Imagine you have a dream were you walk along a path and then see SCP 990 stand in front of you
Donteros Terrowyn
Donteros Terrowyn Před dnem
SCP-990: "Now SCP-001 can't find us." Me: "Which one?" SCP-990: "...."
Jota P Par
Jota P Par Před dnem
Maybe the SCP that 990 was saying is 053 or the phetus from other one
Sergeant_Secret Před dnem
I heard mid-Europe and now I don't feel safe here anymore.
Really Squishy
Really Squishy Před dnem
scarlet king is scp-001 confirmed. love refers to scp 999.
Bryan Před dnem
Imagine watching it when your company going sleep
im dark monster
im dark monster Před dnem
The real question is *What is the scp he was talking about?*
This is dream speeddreaming in real craft Edit:(real) life mine (craft)
Beast Chief
Beast Chief Před dnem
Anyone peep that... She has been born yet. Daughter of the scarlet king confirmed?
Yaboi_J-Lof Před dnem
I have a feeling that SCP-001 is the reason for the event that took place in the SCP-5000 article. Let me explain: In the third revelation by 990 in 9:16, he said "The primary mover behind what we know as SCP-001, above all other things, it's love.". In the SCP-5000 article, it seems that the Foundation has removed the humanity, as well as the emotion of its members involved in the wiping out humanity thing. Love is an emotion and the actions of the Foundation in the SCP-5000 lacked love, so what I'm trying to say, they eliminated humanity in an attempt to eliminate SCP-001 as 001 works possibly through emotion, especially love.
JackMak Před dnem
Jonas Aksfelt-holm
Jonas Aksfelt-holm Před dnem
Krish Muppala 0506
Krish Muppala 0506 Před dnem
He seem familiarity
Rats E over cats
Rats E over cats Před dnem
I see him...
ShadowWolves Před dnem
Who else thought that the moons looked like potato chips-?
Seungyun Katie Hong
Seungyun Katie Hong Před dnem
He seems like a pleasant guy
TheOneWithDoggo //Duanesil2 dua
TheOneWithDoggo //Duanesil2 dua Před 2 dny
*SCP-999 is the key.*
Aiden.A Před 2 dny
If love is what does stuff for 001 is it a Subaru?
_IHasSlime_ Před 2 dny
Hold on, it’s just bill cipher
agent agent
agent agent Před 2 dny
I did have a dream a man was at the city telling me a crisis
shadow 569
shadow 569 Před 2 dny
How much you wanna bet that he's talking about the scp known as the little girl
Michael Parker
Michael Parker Před 2 dny
Is he talking about the little girl. Who is considered to be death?
Zhasurbek Umarov
Zhasurbek Umarov Před 2 dny
So, Scp 990 is Dream?
[THE SWAGGS] Před 2 dny
Bruh freedy kugur be slicing throats with his claw while this his brother dream man be saving humanity from world war 3 extinction
Eugene Abogel
Eugene Abogel Před 2 dny
I think Dream man was talking about The Scarlet king and his bride's tho..
Shumar_girl 202
Shumar_girl 202 Před 2 dny
This is basically every girls dream man
Slende 711
Slende 711 Před 2 dny
KING CRIMSON! Brrrrrrrr **Wild Dream sounds**
sad not really
sad not really Před 2 dny
Basically death 13.
lilmarshmellow gaming
lilmarshmellow gaming Před 2 dny
what the hell is scp-001 theres a few with this number
Vlad Suditu
Vlad Suditu Před 2 dny
So this SCP is the goodest of them al
Talley Coco and gaming
Talley Coco and gaming Před 2 dny
Can you do SCP 131
UN TEACHABLE'S Vlogs Před 2 dny
He was in my dream
UN TEACHABLE'S Vlogs Před 2 dny
Alien weirdo
Alien weirdo Před 2 dny
Now that l am wondering has anyone ever asked the scp his age or how he came into peoples dreams the first place?-
Fed up w. all most Everyone
Fed up w. all most Everyone Před 2 dny
That last dream was in reference to *Future and Past* 001.
Spadeboi Před 3 dny
He was probably talking about the scarlet king. The [Redacted as per request by 05 command]
Spadeboi Před 2 dny
@Shadow Cubing can you elaborate more on that
Shadow Cubing
Shadow Cubing Před 2 dny
no, he means Past and Future
Nicholas Martinez
Nicholas Martinez Před 3 dny
You should do the gate guardian that would be pretty cool
Stuff Před 3 dny
Wanna know something funny, as soon as the video mentioned tactical nukes, the power plant down the road started testing their sirens
Epic Cybop
Epic Cybop Před 3 dny
990 is the good freddy Kruger
oLILYo Před 3 dny
That man in the thumbnail, I only know one person who dress like that.
zebra hunter
zebra hunter Před 3 dny
Isn't even born yet? Child of the last of 7, perhaps?
GameRobo Před 3 dny
He is timewalker
Afree Haykl
Afree Haykl Před 3 dny
I want everyone reading this comment to answer this question Have you ever had a dream where you somehow see the future I had but this "dream man" guy was not there (I think he isn't real ) I had a dream where thieves (they looked like teenagers) broke into our house through a broken window at night and I was preventing them from entering And 2-3 days later a thief broke into our house through an open window at while we were asleep and stole anything he saw that was of value (they were my mom's laptop and phone and my dad's watch) And this is not a joke I know what you are thinking
Absolute GamingYT
Absolute GamingYT Před 3 dny
It’s scp999 lol
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson Před 3 dny
This man is a G
Koro Sensei
Koro Sensei Před 3 dny
See this feels like the main plot of the scp this one and the elevator to no where are connected and so is 001 so yeah this is the main part of the story awesome !
Just Zigs
Just Zigs Před 4 dny
I just realized there are 3 scp that are related to scp 001, this dude, the 7 pregnant wives, and that green scaly monster held by 7 pillars
Grape Panta Subliminals
Grape Panta Subliminals Před dnem
We don't know that the "door to another world" (the scaly monster you were talking about) is related to the Scarlet King (SCP-001) But, we know that SCP 682, and SCP 999 were born from one of the 7 pregnant wives.
im dark monster
im dark monster Před dnem
The thing is *Which scp-001 he related to*
Nemanja Simonovic VII4 B
Nemanja Simonovic VII4 B Před 4 dny
I think scp 990 is a savior, he can predict bad things that can be stop, like he fucking told the personel about the world ending, and the personel stopped the apocalyps
Jerry cool
Jerry cool Před 4 dny
Fun fact: Scp 990 was the quiet kid who is powerful
Anni77 GausM
Anni77 GausM Před 4 dny
I have SO many questions. 1: Will there be a part 2? 2: Will there be a 001? 3: Can I get him to tell me about the years 2021-2030?
Russell Dwyer lll
Russell Dwyer lll Před 4 dny
Is the thing above 001 = love thing SCP 999 because that would make sense
SleepCat Před 4 dny
*insert dream speedrunning music here*
MannyBot -DEAF-
MannyBot -DEAF- Před 4 dny
Sooo are you going to do SCP-636? It has a relation to SCP-990 so it would be cool to see it covered 🙂
J Před 4 dny
4:58 He meant Scp 231 not scp 231 himself but her child
MALV2015 Před 4 dny
He’s a good guy but when he transformed his dreams came true
Lord Krythic
Lord Krythic Před 5 dny
When an SCP foresees the upcoming Democrat inflicted apocalypse:
ross0raptor Před 5 dny
Why don’t you ever finish the story’s off always cut them short
Emir Před 5 dny
İ Will not sleep tonight
Matija Ristovic
Matija Ristovic Před 5 dny
SCP-990,for catching him use dream catcher
Jose Agabe
Jose Agabe Před 5 dny
I feel like this is all predicted by 990 or dream man
double H
double H Před 5 dny
Is he talking about scp-053 or the pregnant woman
Sir Hutomo
Sir Hutomo Před 5 dny
can you do spc 001 because your animations are better than the rest
Salma Yu
Salma Yu Před 6 dny
What's the number
Ryal Holland
Ryal Holland Před 6 dny
Try using lucid dreams to make a dream state material to trap the man
tisfope Před 6 dny
Its possible he's talking about scp-999 since it may not have been born then and how the 001 is moved by love..... he says the real enemy is scp-■■■ that could be 999, and 05-2 could be the 05 member who first thought of using 999 against the scarlet king....
ghost sharks
ghost sharks Před 6 dny
you should call your second acount the eraser
Inferno Games
Inferno Games Před 6 dny
I have an idea for containment Give all foundation staff 247 adrenaline shots and prevent them from sleeping
Lina girl*
Lina girl* Před 6 dny
Hmmm i one to know waht it, SCP-999?
Phantasm Před 6 dny
You gotta do 000 next rubber!
Ogied Bitahke
Ogied Bitahke Před 6 dny
This SCP is definitely a manipulator a plot.
Elijah Osborne
Elijah Osborne Před 6 dny
I'm sorry to say this but... How about you trapping in a human mind
Ginger nut Midget
Ginger nut Midget Před 6 dny
I have a theory the scp 990 was talking about near the end is scp 999 because he talks about love and how it was not yet been born
Chai Girl
Chai Girl Před 7 dny
so the dream man basically just proved scp’s powers over 001 lmao
Israel Banuelos
Israel Banuelos Před 7 dny
Dude SCP-990 is talking about scp-999
Papnibu 7
Papnibu 7 Před 7 dny
Can't wait for scp 001 video
Austin Osborn
Austin Osborn Před 7 dny
Such a strange way to depict the Sand Man.
Matt Merced
Matt Merced Před 7 dny
Imagine The Rubber having a stand 9:45
Gwendolyn Carter
Gwendolyn Carter Před 7 dny
The abhorrent visitor etiologically trip because latency equally complain beside a loose week. exciting exclusive, slim equinox
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