SCP-1678 UnLondon (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-1678 Animation.
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SCP 1678, also known as UnLondon, is a full-scale mirror-image reconstruction of the British city of London, located exactly one kilometer underneath the original city of London.
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John Marston
John Marston Před 8 hodinami
fritz Před 9 hodinami
Igah Patdin
Igah Patdin Před 10 hodinami
this soup can kill human
Igah Patdin
Igah Patdin Před 10 hodinami
yeah the petrol pump because he use some coin
Igah Patdin
Igah Patdin Před 10 hodinami
they is human frankstein the head bird is camera
korey hill
korey hill Před 13 hodinami
11:03 voice crack
Melancholy Mochi
Melancholy Mochi Před 13 hodinami
As someone who hasn't watched the whole video yet, I'm assuming Unlondon was created for surviving When Day Breaks?
deathking2o11 Před 14 hodinami
Does anyone else hear that country accent
Aukoshi Před 14 hodinami
what if it's a backup in case "the door" scp breaks it's last chain
Lyla Graham
Lyla Graham Před 14 hodinami
2:06 Holy CRAP that scared me
Shepbii _
Shepbii _ Před 15 hodinami
this scp radiates strong autodale vibes
Athar Khaidar
Athar Khaidar Před 17 hodinami
"buildings containing no floors, no windows or doors" man is spitting bars rn
Lord AOG
Lord AOG Před dnem
Vault-Tec reminds you: Live a brighter future...underground.
trollge Před dnem
1678-D looks like something not family friendly
lyan oliveira
lyan oliveira Před dnem
Everyone: The Rubber. Me:The Ruby
Vui Vui
Vui Vui Před dnem
Is that King Philip, husband of Princess Elizabeth II?
Virticon Před 2 dny
I'm glad like the writer of this scp, I too played bioshock.
Bomster Man
Bomster Man Před 2 dny
i dont understand your caracter has a mostache or its like a cute mouth
.•AestheticWannabe•. Před 2 dny
The Bioshock vibes are hella strong in this-
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Před 2 dny
London: wa-er Unlondon: wo-er
Thayen Ryan
Thayen Ryan Před 3 dny
currently, our scientists are researching everything found in 1678's National History Museum in attempts to discover the catastrophic events that would lead to humans residing in 1678. we have advanced upon the House of Parliament in 1678, and have captured the National History Museum. Remember: SECURE, CONTAIN, PROTECT.
Ace Před 3 dny
Theory: the catastrophic event Unlondon was made for did happen but the citizens all died out because of SCP 1678 - D giving them scurvy. Only the autonomous beings like 1678 A and B and the people who couldn’t eat 1678 D; 1678 - C, survived because they didn’t eat the food.
vinnie67 gaming
vinnie67 gaming Před 3 dny
Student Cedric Ashleman
Student Cedric Ashleman Před 3 dny
8:38 licc
Michael Howard
Michael Howard Před 3 dny
Unlonden be like do you not have a permit for that?
YoteyYotey Před 3 dny
What's your favorite food? "Pizza" "Salad" "1678-D"
Noa van den Heuvel
Noa van den Heuvel Před 3 dny
How do you even get into unlondon
Dante Wingo
Dante Wingo Před 3 dny
How many s and t are there when a br’tsh dude says are ya stupid
kiwi gaming
kiwi gaming Před 3 dny
We need a part twooo!!
Loser Prime
Loser Prime Před 3 dny
I love the book
Dangań Kaede
Dangań Kaede Před 4 dny
Me : mum can we go to london Mum : we have london at home The London at home :
Robeeb Před 4 dny
I still can't tell if TheRubber's mascot is a :3 face or if that 3 is actually a mustache.
Robin Moravanský
Robin Moravanský Před 4 dny
9:58 sad boi
АРК Před 4 dny
Looks like I live in un-Moscow then
Azurea-San Před 4 dny
What the name of the music you use for the SCP videos?
DAO X Před 4 dny
Is it just me or every time I’m watching a video of this I think to myself who created them- Like who stitched and built the SCPS
GameBar Před 4 dny
They missed out on calling it (l)undon
Benning Arista Dekanaya
Benning Arista Dekanaya Před 5 dny
Is this silent hill?
blue fox furry
blue fox furry Před 5 dny
Guys its for corona we are all gonna DIE
blue fox furry
blue fox furry Před 5 dny
You know im joking
Oleg Balabanov
Oleg Balabanov Před 5 dny
Perfect in case of scp-001
Nicky Rodriguez
Nicky Rodriguez Před 5 dny
11:05 that voice crack doe
Maxgaming Playz
Maxgaming Playz Před 5 dny
*_i really love these types of videos.._*
The real Communist
The real Communist Před 5 dny
Ay who thinks onlyfans is only for simps
Storm Wolf
Storm Wolf Před 5 dny
Rubber, may I may I make a fan art of you pls?
Mg Mg
Mg Mg Před 5 dny
How to go to unlondon
Shark Attack
Shark Attack Před 5 dny
Unlondon? I rather call it London't :3
박준호 Před 5 dny
The domineering limit legally manage because meeting basally radiate at a neat appeal. wry, selfish language
kyler blossom
kyler blossom Před 5 dny
I’m pretty sure we also know that there’s an undublin, and maybe even an unwashington DC
last last
last last Před 6 dny
Is un london true?
TheMagicalCat Před 6 dny
Unlondon go brrrrrrrr
WendowMillz -3-
WendowMillz -3- Před 6 dny
So...This is Earth's Momster Underground?
Aaron John Escopete
Aaron John Escopete Před 6 dny
Unlondon bridge is not falling down not falling down
Lord Headass
Lord Headass Před 6 dny
Is he using text to speech?
Poogy Pogy
Poogy Pogy Před 6 dny
What if there has already been a world ending disaster and that place has already been habited and that would explain the traitors like 1678-c
Lula Stevens
Lula Stevens Před 6 dny
No,Dr. Bright,you cannot kidnap 1678-B and attempt to breed it with a pigeon.Also,no,1678-B is NOT to be used as -thanksgiving dinner- ANY type of food requiring birds of any species.
King Pepe
King Pepe Před 6 dny
In some Victorian slums, they removed the doors and burned them
nerd nerdman
nerd nerdman Před 6 dny
Wait, did TheRubber just use a Terraria sound effect?
Raygames25 Před 6 dny
12:23 Me:Why I Saw And Hear Boss Music ?
RustyNailBolt CodMobile
RustyNailBolt CodMobile Před 6 dny
I love the drawings at the end! Not sure if some are done by children or childish adults lol. Really cute!
Shoto_ Todoroki666
Shoto_ Todoroki666 Před 6 dny
It’s like stranger things
ArcherBascha Před 6 dny
Welcome to UnLondon. The last city. And the first.
Seungyun Katie Hong
Seungyun Katie Hong Před 6 dny
Honestly this euclid seems more threatening than a lot of keters the scp has classified
Gremus Před 6 dny
What until Gorden Ramsey gets his hands on 1678-D.
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Před 6 dny
unlondon? nah london'nt? yes
SCP foundation MTF
SCP foundation MTF Před 6 dny
Hey rubber can you do me scp -023
nathan tuck
nathan tuck Před 6 dny
whate in the seris wen day bracse it mmenshons undublin so dos that mean thers more lick unlivpool and others??
Swiss Roll Baby
Swiss Roll Baby Před 7 dny
as a Brit I am both scared and entertained
Swiss Roll Baby
Swiss Roll Baby Před 5 dny
@TaxiMaxi shhhh. you're giving away our secrets. shush or I'll feed you to the nun and call a copper on you. bet id get a tuppence for you
TaxiMaxi Před 5 dny
@Swiss Roll Baby I can’t tell the difference
Swiss Roll Baby
Swiss Roll Baby Před 5 dny
@TaxiMaxi it's like London if we were tested back a couple centuries and was written by Lovecraft
TaxiMaxi Před 6 dny
Isn’t this just like normal London?
Ahmet Ibraheem Youssef
Ahmet Ibraheem Youssef Před 7 dny
Sooo... Normal London?
Dylanraptor Před 7 dny
3:14 my fellow memers, I believe we’ve found ourselves a new template.
SCP 999
SCP 999 Před 7 dny
Were in Minecraft lets dig down to UnLondon
ChromeBeetle Před 7 dny
This reminded me of Fallen London at first lol, the concept as well as the name
Louis Da Spegs
Louis Da Spegs Před 7 dny
Well, guess i better start digging
it'smejace 47
it'smejace 47 Před 7 dny
It's just the first place in bloodborne
Alien weirdo
Alien weirdo Před 7 dny
Bro is it just me or do l want to work there like no joke-
Leave Me Alone I’m A Salad
Leave Me Alone I’m A Salad Před 7 dny
*we happy few sweating*
Big Red
Big Red Před 7 dny
Sounds like the perfect location to camp out after scp 001 or “when the day breaks”.
z3n.spyder616 Před 7 dny
Thats literally where bloodborne is happening lol
bananakin Skywalker
bananakin Skywalker Před 7 dny
4:25 *Ironic*
ッGDpro28 Před 7 dny
Abbas Kalang
Abbas Kalang Před 7 dny
Image me fighting themiwouldbeawalk
Gacha cooler gang
Gacha cooler gang Před 7 dny
Put le gell in a cone and 1 2 3 healthy ice cream
Charman Roest
Charman Roest Před 8 dny
Wait, this scp is not bad it's just trying to help us.
Xof Ydal
Xof Ydal Před 8 dny
_We are on _*_SCP_*_ land, these are _*_SCP_*_ birds_
DIO Brando
DIO Brando Před 8 dny
Do a part two
HTFS Před 8 dny
Vincent Caito
Vincent Caito Před 8 dny
Ok hear me out, this could be a new resident evil game
Bakir Divanefendic
Bakir Divanefendic Před 8 dny
Is this real I mean
Bryson Alberti
Bryson Alberti Před 8 dny
My name used in an scp video!?
SweetBabyDaeds Před 8 dny
guys it’s blooodborne
tmail oreder
tmail oreder Před 8 dny
its suposed for the skarlet king
Ulrich der Wolf
Ulrich der Wolf Před 9 dny
Ah yes, 1984 but in 1884
Ulrich der Wolf
Ulrich der Wolf Před 9 dny
I mean it has un in the name. Un basically was invented by George Orwell
Dark Leopord
Dark Leopord Před 9 dny
I am wondering how they will burn world
Cyan Crewmate
Cyan Crewmate Před 9 dny
His grammar is so great, his high school teacher made HIM the teacher
Jillian Graham
Jillian Graham Před 9 dny
Passkool Před 7 dny
It's actually spelt Brazil
Jnuck Před 9 dny
im still mad that it is euclid instead of thaumiel
Dr Poglin
Dr Poglin Před 9 dny
We happy few 2
Katzen Suppe
Katzen Suppe Před 9 dny
I know wonder if the British Government has knowledge about this?
wither soul
wither soul Před 10 dny
I feel bad for scp 1678 c
over analysis
over analysis Před 10 dny
So is it upside down or what
The Night Watcher
The Night Watcher Před 10 dny
This could be an amazing setting for a survival horror game, or perhaps a miniseries.
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