SCP-093 Red Sea Object - Part 1 (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-093 - Part 1 Animation.
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SCP 093 is a primarily red disc carved from a stone composite resembling cinnabar, with circular engravings and unknown symbols carved at 0.5 cm depth around the entire object.
If SCP-093 is removed from a mirror and not held by a person, it will seek out the nearest mirror-like surface.
This video, being derived from, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.

Soe Oo
Soe Oo Před 3 hodinami
no living beings were visible faceless people:BRUH are we a roach?! big faceless leg less:BOI-
Niek Kleinhesseling
Niek Kleinhesseling Před 7 hodinami
Pls do scp 096
Kikika Chan
Kikika Chan Před dnem
Want to be en my videos
smithdaltonplush Před dnem
Scp 093 kinda looks like moon lord without his legs
Catherine Stiltner
Catherine Stiltner Před 2 dny
Sooo am I the only one thinking of silent hill...?
Game Seeker
Game Seeker Před 2 dny
Attach 093 to generator/turbine Remove mirrors ??? Profit
Robert Castillo
Robert Castillo Před 2 dny
Show scp 999
Yibo Duan
Yibo Duan Před 2 dny
Scp 093: *exist* Ryuki: I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move
Maiana Neiva
Maiana Neiva Před 3 dny
miss no scp istup
savithaalex Před 3 dny
What. Is. The. Most. Dangerous. SCP
kajh05s Před 3 dny
Plis scp 354
xlxsuperbubbaxlx Před 4 dny
depending on what hue the disk is what world you go in all with different punishments for the person
Odyssey Gaming
Odyssey Gaming Před 5 dny
This scp is aligning his qpu’s
gil cuevas
gil cuevas Před 5 dny
Scp 000
BAD POTATO Před 5 dny
Look. __________________ / __ __ \ | ● ● | \ w / _______________ / \ _________________________________
Violet wolf
Violet wolf Před 5 dny
I think I know what this giant thing is our I think they are the Titans cuz my brother waches this anime and they have giant creatures like that and they're called Titan so that's just my theory
Quantum Immortality
Quantum Immortality Před 5 dny
i love the production style of your vids
Yeeters Le Killer
Yeeters Le Killer Před 6 dny
Scp-093: * exists * Minecraft super flat: am I a joke to you?
Writter Gamer
Writter Gamer Před 6 dny
4:42The Backrooms?
Gacha Allen
Gacha Allen Před 6 dny
093:welcome to the Red Sea 352:яшма спален 4666: I rather stay in cold countrys 352:селфи сподличать 4666:шпагат 4675:goes around the world 093:becomes a disc All three in once touch’s the disc:gets sucked in the mirror 093:amuaters The orkadian horse man:likely likely :093 becomes Crabtree
Lemonlimetime56 Před 6 dny
Maybe that’s we’re the saying of breaking a mirror gives you bad luck
Dasha Mosley
Dasha Mosley Před 7 dny
Rubber, I absolutely LOVE your scp vids. But they still give me nightmares = D
Jojo Labuguen
Jojo Labuguen Před 8 dny
They look alike coconut 🥥
humininnn potat
humininnn potat Před 9 dny
2021 anyone???
delgerdom Před 9 dny
Me shitting myself just by watching this
Moksh6E Před 9 dny
Damn that monster definetly skips leg day
Vikirona Před 9 dny
In the thumbnail 093 looked like he was waving :3
charmion thomaz
charmion thomaz Před 9 dny
“‘Murder....and suicide attempt” Me: *not gonna lie he had us on the first part*
zain YASSIN Před 10 dny
Talk of the Scp 151
zain YASSIN Před 10 dny
Scp 040 and Scp 191 Plez
zain YASSIN Před 10 dny
The Rubber talk on Scp 058
LemonBoyWasTaken Před 10 dny
Fun fact: SCP is made to stop crimes bc they get scared
LemonBoyWasTaken Před 10 dny
Can't they trap all the scp in the mirror dimension and kill the holder?
LemonBoyWasTaken Před 10 dny
problem solved, universe saved. no reason to thank me
Night_ Furry
Night_ Furry Před 10 dny
Is it strange in how my video starting to lag and blur around at 7:13 ? *Help Me*
Night_ Furry
Night_ Furry Před 10 dny
Im next to my bunny Cinnamon that ive had since i was a baby
Night_ Furry
Night_ Furry Před 10 dny
I know not alot of people hate me, but it feels like im being watch *everywhere*
Night_ Furry
Night_ Furry Před 10 dny
Im trying to become a better person
Night_ Furry
Night_ Furry Před 10 dny
I was thinking about suicide Months ago and why everyone hates me..
Night_ Furry
Night_ Furry Před 10 dny
I am next to and tiny window... and a shut off TV at night...
Carl Matthew Pinlac
Carl Matthew Pinlac Před 10 dny
I'm surprised that they allow death row inmates to use guns for tests
subscribe for a subscriber
subscribe for a subscriber Před 10 dny
Plot twist area 51 is the scp containment site
Plaag Geest
Plaag Geest Před 11 dny
PadaLAN Před 11 dny
The balls on that man to leave the stuff in the bag.
Giako zilla
Giako zilla Před 11 dny
Scp 093 was the impostor. (just read the thumbnail)
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz Před 11 dny
Everybody happy that this mans name exist
barb olson
barb olson Před 11 dny
He just likes mirrors leave him alone
Mathew Culver
Mathew Culver Před 11 dny
Think it's the future of the lab container
Edgar Casio
Edgar Casio Před 11 dny
Doom slayer : time to kill
-Wolfy plays- COD
-Wolfy plays- COD Před 12 dny
umm rubber can you make a black chuck story plz
Beats The Cat-Dragon
Beats The Cat-Dragon Před 12 dny
This is how you know your true aura.....owo
rebecca bernardo
rebecca bernardo Před 13 dny
Mirror has grass but it's blue|how
Eevee Girl
Eevee Girl Před 13 dny
Me: THE WALKING GINGERBREADS Everyone else in the shopping centre: 👁👄👁
Kris Heisel
Kris Heisel Před 13 dny
Andy Vasquez
Andy Vasquez Před 14 dny
Can you do SCP - 017
emmasmothy1 Před 14 dny
Xivion Před 14 dny
Before I found rubbers channel I never understood why people liked SCP so much. Now I know
cute panda boy
cute panda boy Před 14 dny
I think thats the true shape of scp 093
Adi Před 15 dny
Dude, your syntax is completely fucked up when you speak. Clearly you put no effort into delivery and just read off your type out. And you keep alternating "subject" as short-note form, literally proper known usage, and simple noun consistency. Many of the things you say are literally just stupid, too, like "natural air in an enclosed space for a while", which is fucking common sense and doesnt need a scene to pan to to make it look like some analytical segment. It doesnt even need a mention. Another example of various aforementioned things is you mentioning the book and using descriptors without any fucking verb to link to it, which becomes most evident when the last in the series was "identifying marks". There was so much more, including you saying the blue tones were absorbed rather than reflected, which is the only way you trying to analyze it would make sense. And there would be ZERO need to even mention that because it's common sense that colors are scene due to absorption/reflection of wavelengths, which even then you couldn't say properly. Clearly it was some transmission issue apart from the simple reflection phenomenon which would have made sense for your analyzing segment. But needed to say some BS. I'm amazed no one is noticing any of this simply because of the expert masking with animation and background music and a soothing voice.
Adi Před 15 dny
Dumb fuck. Blue tones aren't absorbed if you can see them. They're reflected.
Agneevo Das
Agneevo Das Před 15 dny
Your animations are amazing but very alike to the odd1sout. if you think so, like!
Zak Smith
Zak Smith Před 17 dny
Cen you do Scp 1647
B0MBS AWAY Před 17 dny
Imagine being the person who originally put the coin on the mirror
Luke Passos
Luke Passos Před 18 dny
Why did they send in one test subject only? I mean this isn't any scp, it's another dimension practically.
phuditkillthe baldi
phuditkillthe baldi Před 18 dny
What about SCP - 008 or 009
TWO SWISS Před 19 dny
The most cooperative will always die bruh
Alex Castillo
Alex Castillo Před 19 dny
The rubber is probably an scp agent
METLA45:- G-AFIX GD Před 19 dny
Aliens are real
brayen tan samuel
brayen tan samuel Před 19 dny
李永珊 Před 20 dny
is that kune kune
Dr0wned Před 21 dnem
The Giant in the Thumbnail just wanted a high five!
Jacob Miguel Carandang
Jacob Miguel Carandang Před 21 dnem
Hey the robber i like your video
JIMMY WANG Před 21 dnem
Lol :)
SunnySideUp Před 21 dnem
Do the deer god
P K Před 21 dnem
How to Contain SCP-093: >Enter the mirror with the Object >Drop the object >Return >Don't go into the mirror again
Mohammed Fahim Uddin
Mohammed Fahim Uddin Před 22 dny
What this doesn't make sense in the article the subject survives
William Kuehn
William Kuehn Před 22 dny
shitty watermark in the corner the whole video? yeah instant downvote sorry
Sophas Sok
Sophas Sok Před 23 dny
5:24 Turning discord light mode be like:
RainbowUnicornBlast Před 23 dny
I'm going back in to see the house
GrayMask Studio's
GrayMask Studio's Před 23 dny
"and a attempted suicide" foundation: yeah I think gun would be a good idea
•MiloTheWeirdo• Před 23 dny
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like a eraser
TheSansBehindTheSlaughter Před 24 dny
when you're too lazy to read the article about scps to you watch TheRubber and enjoy it Yeah that's me
Jacqueline Greene
Jacqueline Greene Před 24 dny
The male half-sister plausibly guarantee because yard postauricularly shiver plus a null error. ajar, scientific tuesday
Mason Steffens
Mason Steffens Před 24 dny
For SCP 3666 nvm for that, just do SCP 4666, the Yule man
Mason Steffens
Mason Steffens Před 24 dny
I have 2 SCP video ideas, SCP 3666 and SCP 4666
donald7 Před 24 dny
so, Super Mario 64?
Gayrat Ovezov
Gayrat Ovezov Před 25 dny
Lutfen turkce ceviri gelsin hic bir sey anlamiyorum lutfeeeeen!!!
2 Kyngs
2 Kyngs Před 25 dny
2 Kyngs
2 Kyngs Před 25 dny
How do you know about all the SEP’s did you work there
Ryan Chilton
Ryan Chilton Před 26 dny
crowd anomaly's: brothers we must help this comrade out of this Russian prison NOW 8:00
videogamelover5 Před 27 dny
bruh, are there any scps where the subjects don't die?
Mohamed Hasnaoui
Mohamed Hasnaoui Před 27 dny
cartoon dog scp
Clintzy123 Před 28 dny
1:31 Beacause it switched the breaks scripts then the speed things it looking like it's weak.
ParaVet Před 28 dny
Why 24 rounds for the berreta? Such a weird number.
Dale Gibilaro
Dale Gibilaro Před 29 dny
English bad no lie
TTV_wraith Před 29 dny
I was lovey rooting for him to come back 😭
JustaRandom Person
JustaRandom Person Před měsícem
Doctor : scp 093 isn't real and can't hurt you 093: 1:03
zenitsu agatsuma
zenitsu agatsuma Před měsícem
Ah yes this
timothy li
timothy li Před měsícem
make scp 001 when day breaks
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Před měsícem
I notice that in every dimension there was always the one guy either black or white after seeing them a crowd of those brown things show up do not look at the black or white things or the large scp
aina maisara
aina maisara Před měsícem
the mirror was like doraemon door
It Lurks
It Lurks Před měsícem
Fun and interesting fact: cartoon cat is an scp
_______ Před měsícem
Holy Christ its caveman moon lord
Shelley Donaldson
Shelley Donaldson Před měsícem
Me when I see the thumbnail: is that regirock?
Melon nice productions Jaz games
Melon nice productions Jaz games Před měsícem
SCP -3008
Caio Henrique
Caio Henrique Před měsícem
boi, this song in the beginning sounds like kira yoshikage’s theme
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