Ryan Reynolds Waved At Me In Japan

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Thank you SO much to Warner Brothers for sponsoring this video and flying me out to Japan for this incredible experience!
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AmigoMichael Před 10 hodinami
11:09 HE SAID IT.
Typrotrek 13
Typrotrek 13 Před 12 hodinami
Ah, life before covid-19
AmigoMichael Před 10 hodinami
Yup the old days
Speedy _stage902
Speedy _stage902 Před dnem
Is his hair grey
Limbo Před dnem
4:58 is that UnlistedLeaf behind you???
AmigoMichael Před 10 hodinami
It is!
Theo Minkion
Theo Minkion Před dnem
Jack has grey hair?
Mahkus Před dnem
Seán is the most furthest person to fitting in in Japan, paper white, thick beard and irish accent
Kaliburr X
Kaliburr X Před 2 dny
Can "yabai" me a pint lad?
Megamipro Před 2 dny
I’m like 2 years late but that’s fine. I loved this video so much I haven’t smiled so much in a while, it was awesome to see you so happy!
Charlie Weaver
Charlie Weaver Před 3 dny
Yo did anyone else notice unlisted leaf in the background at one point
Will C
Will C Před 3 dny
It sooooooo beautiful
T1meless-R3lic Před 3 dny
Middle of the night "Top of the mornin to ya'"
Hank Anderson
Hank Anderson Před 5 dny
11:56 imagine not knowing jacksepticye is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.
Mr. Thiccboi420
Mr. Thiccboi420 Před 5 dny
I'm scrolling down in the comments hoping that Ryan Reynolds posted a comment and said: "HI BEST BUDDY JACK"
SlimyTiny Před 5 dny
ahh... The Ancient Times before Corona...
Phinn of Evans
Phinn of Evans Před 5 dny
Zachary Homan
Zachary Homan Před 5 dny
Id spend to much money their
Super_zero_62 Před 6 dny
jack can you wear a tux more
Reckless Ty
Reckless Ty Před 8 dny
So we arnt gonna talk about their ears pierce
Ashlee Cox
Ashlee Cox Před 9 dny
Fun fact, for reference sake.....*by published date* Deadpool Video: May 12, 2018 This Vlog: May 11, 2019
OFFICIAL spat Před 9 dny
20:23 is that unlisted leaf?
ThroatGagginsOnMyBallBaggins Před 9 dny
I love seeing the girl just looking pissed while jack is dancing beside herXD 11:46
Mrunmai Parab
Mrunmai Parab Před 8 dny
Amanda wasn't pissed, she was just looking at her phone but yeah that's really funny
Fishy Go Boom
Fishy Go Boom Před 9 dny
BouncyPanda Před 10 dny
anyone notice how unlistedleaf is in this vlog?
Unknown0302 Před 10 dny
Anyone else see that guy on jacks left wearing a mask 4:23
AmigoMichael Před 10 hodinami
Predicted! XD
Maestro Před 10 dny
6:10 Jack: Oh, the guardians of the temple Me: OMG, the puzzle statue from spider-man Ps4!
Zachie Boi
Zachie Boi Před 11 dny
Haha, everyone just stared at him when he did the dumb but elegant dance on the yellow carpet!
Peeg207 Před 11 dny
8:50 he looks so awkward moving his arm
Kaden Lechuga
Kaden Lechuga Před 11 dny
I saw a monkey.D Lufy figuring
Nicholas Ferguson
Nicholas Ferguson Před 11 dny
Tristan Galindo
Tristan Galindo Před 11 dny
jack still admired the reflections in here
Theotron 72
Theotron 72 Před 11 dny
Seeing Sean dancing and having a good time makes me very happy!
AmigoMichael Před 10 hodinami
Me too
Akar Rashu
Akar Rashu Před 11 dny
At the end
Akar Rashu
Akar Rashu Před 11 dny
Looked like this happened more than once so no one really judges him
Mutant Max
Mutant Max Před 11 dny
the background soundtracks were amazing !
Lâle Şengil
Lâle Şengil Před 12 dny
i love the editing! :))
eze gamer tube
eze gamer tube Před 12 dny
I want to go to Japan to watch anime
Buzza On The Block
Buzza On The Block Před 12 dny
And now there doing a movie together 🤣
Lachside BTW
Lachside BTW Před 12 dny
Behind the scenes: Séans actually standing on a box in every scene with Signe
Isabel Rose
Isabel Rose Před 12 dny
thats not signe
JeVonté Hewlett
JeVonté Hewlett Před 13 dny
He forgets the meeting of there’s
Esther !
Esther ! Před 13 dny
看到痴痴在后面呀~ 😂 Ryan Reynolds~ It's him ! 😍
_soft_wisdom_ Před 13 dny
this camera quality 😘🤌🏼
Star Wars fan #5629
Star Wars fan #5629 Před 14 dny
Him and Pewds make the best Japan vlogs
xDeViLs420x Draws
xDeViLs420x Draws Před 14 dny
9:54 is when Ryan waves at Jack thank me later
Mary McRae
Mary McRae Před 14 dny
16:42 As the foreigner who DID fall into a South African mountain river, I completely understand your sentiment 😆.
Dan Schonski
Dan Schonski Před 14 dny
Sean must have felt invincible
Vanessa N
Vanessa N Před 14 dny
I love how the name of the video is about Ryan Reynolds even thought the whole video is about Japan😂
Seth No
Seth No Před 14 dny
I love Godzilla
White_Night Před 14 dny
ryan reynolds shouldve commented in this video
AmigoMichael Před 10 hodinami
Yeah, that would've been sick
Emil N
Emil N Před 15 dny
Holy monkey balls that transition at 13:57 was INSANE!!
SF Mooney
SF Mooney Před 15 dny
when i first watched this vid when it came out i didnt know what anime was or who the figurins were but now i know them all and i got so excited when i saw them
Alex Rose`
Alex Rose` Před 15 dny
Buy the jack from attack on titan lol
Lew OF
Lew OF Před 16 dny
Me in 2021 somehow uncomfortable that no one is wearing masks even tho it’s pre COVID 😂
Mr_ Mystery229
Mr_ Mystery229 Před 16 dny
24:33 the guy there just being confused at Jack's cringey dance
Phoebe Staples
Phoebe Staples Před 17 dny
I can just imagine jack setting up that first bit 😂😂😂
Ooriley2 Před 17 dny
anybody feel like they asked ryan renolds for an Idea for someone to promote the movie and he said I have a guy a free guy
SSJBK Gohan Před 17 dny
The Magikarp Song in the background 3:51 - 4:05
Tomboy from Saturn
Tomboy from Saturn Před 17 dny
I frickn' love Japan its amaizing and beautiful!
AmigoMichael Před 9 hodinami
@Tomboy from Saturn Well there you go :)
Tomboy from Saturn
Tomboy from Saturn Před 10 hodinami
Wow... I've never had anyone reply before!
AmigoMichael Před 10 hodinami
I've actually never been there before. It must be awesome and calming
deku-chan the little gamer
deku-chan the little gamer Před 17 dny
wow jack love anime thats so cool 2:27-2:56-2:59 hes really love my hero academia
Person Man 2404
Person Man 2404 Před 18 dny
Wait jack is in the movie?
Person Man 2404
Person Man 2404 Před 18 dny
4:44 kanikchu
Person Man 2404
Person Man 2404 Před 18 dny
Can i go to japan i want to see the giant RX-78-2 gundam and a bunch of other stuff too
sp_ace Před 18 dny
2:28 song?
Depresso_expresso UwU
Depresso_expresso UwU Před 18 dny
I just saw Kaneki’s mask on a pikachu🧐
Bob Bart
Bob Bart Před 19 dny
Jack may not be friends with Ryan Reynolds, but he’s something even better: a casual acquaintance.
SimeonToastCrunch Před 9 dny
False, they are best friends
Eggy Před 19 dny
henriqueacabral Před 19 dny
remember when tourism was a thing? fun times
Pipwhup Před 19 dny
In an alternate universe ryan was waving at someone else and jack thought it was him
Vicke VP
Vicke VP Před 19 dny
Everyone in Japan are so short so if i would go there i would tower over everyone with 191 cm 6,3ft. And i allways war a winter jacket in summer which makes me look like a giant bodyguard :)
18 Mirat Parmar 11-D
18 Mirat Parmar 11-D Před 19 dny
24:30 I can't believe you had the balls to do that. I'm sitting on my bed and I feel mortally embarrassed.
Infernogod 360
Infernogod 360 Před 20 dny
Did anyone else notice the Unlisted Leaf cameo
Eetu Lehtinen
Eetu Lehtinen Před 20 dny
Sean: its got a stabilizer. Everybody who know about tanks: *IM GONNA TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK*
Max Houston
Max Houston Před 20 dny
its so weird coming back to this in 2021 and not seeing a single soul with masks on. it made me uncomfortable
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Před 21 dnem
5:05 thats unlistedleaf the pokemon youtuber
your momma
your momma Před 21 dnem
Sean is Ryan Reynolds but irish
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja Před 21 dnem
POV : Your still watching the video after a year
Luna Před 21 dnem
Watching precovid vlogs now make me anxious watching crowds
arsh jain
arsh jain Před 21 dnem
Maxmoefoe Jalan vlog vibes
Cloudedcxv Před 21 dnem
that poor lady 11:45
The worst bassist On YouTube
The worst bassist On YouTube Před 22 dny
Fun vid
YouTube_ d3oxiz
YouTube_ d3oxiz Před 23 dny
Anyone else see @unlistedleaf pop up in the background like 4 times
Neai Tuppi
Neai Tuppi Před 23 dny
I like how he was more excited that Ryan recognized him somewhere after he had already played Deadpool with him.
johnflapper Před 23 dny
Just found this video. After just finding your channel this year. This is amazing. I was looking forward to these 2 movies, and Endgame, with SO much hype. Love it
Dumb baby
Dumb baby Před 23 dny
WhAtS PoPIn' LoGaNg!!!!!
Clovis Před 23 dny
The girl on her phone at 11:50 just doesn't get it lmao
CynicalSnow3765 Před 23 dny
I think Japan is the most retarted place I’ve ever seen
Mr Parkes77
Mr Parkes77 Před 24 dny
I love Japan I wanna go there someday and see so much anime and ... other things like food and IM GETTING l EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT
Ninjasliced Před 24 dny
Lol anyone else been to the monster cafe it was really weird I now realise I went a few months after him
Ameerkat Před 24 dny
Japan: the home of anime
Katy Portwood
Katy Portwood Před 25 dny
hi jack
itz.trailblazer Před 25 dny
Bruh watching this in 2020 with covid around just feels weird 😂
Jae Scott
Jae Scott Před 26 dny
i’m sposed to be playing animal crossing but people keep destroying my flowers
ria Maria
ria Maria Před 27 dny
arian alfred
arian alfred Před 28 dny
Isn't Jacksepticeye supposed to wave back at Ryan?!
7_Pradyu_7 Před 29 dny
Then:*excited for a handshake* Now:*acted in a movie with him*
rexel wynedrick mendoza
rexel wynedrick mendoza Před měsícem
jack is that place i saw in the first video intro is Akihabra?
The Archangel
The Archangel Před měsícem
God it's so wholesome watching Sean and Evelyn they're so sweet and awesome
Maximus Wolfe
Maximus Wolfe Před měsícem
Jack: Look at those Reflections
Robert Junior
Robert Junior Před měsícem
Anthony Morgan
Anthony Morgan Před měsícem
But jack your a charmander you cant evolve into that
the random guy
the random guy Před měsícem
its one and a half years later and i never saw this and i am glad i clicked it today
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