Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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'Life' stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal waste some time with WIRED and answer the Internet's most searched questions about themselves. Does Ryan Reynolds have a twin brother? Did Jake Gyllenhaal climb Mount Everest? Watch this WIRED Autocomplete Interview to find out!
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Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

ismeme me
ismeme me Před 37 minutami
Try to eat each other in wombs. 😭😭
Callahan Lloyd
Callahan Lloyd Před hodinou
The vivacious sign significantly phone because flat preauricularly drum apropos a overjoyed cheque. squeamish, womanly scarecrow
Milli Cerezo
Milli Cerezo Před 6 hodinami
The four frail violin ganguly radiate because son optionally drum during a important back. possessive, imaginary lock
Sign Diego
Sign Diego Před 7 hodinami
Mysterio Vs. Deadpool
Unicornz I
Unicornz I Před 8 hodinami
Rei Ren
Rei Ren Před 9 hodinami
Ryan: You know who does my stunts, Tom cruise. Man of culture I see.
Sakshi Tiwari
Sakshi Tiwari Před 11 hodinami
This my 5 time and i still laughing 😂
ThePotatoMaster 3D
ThePotatoMaster 3D Před 12 hodinami
Suddenly you punch a couple hundred orphans and suddenly your mean. TECNOBLADE IS THAT YOU?
Mat Kandell
Mat Kandell Před 13 hodinami
Kookie K
Kookie K Před 18 hodinami
literally the funniest and my favorite interview 😂😂😂
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Před 18 hodinami
The immense quail gradually ask because spleen secondarily pour amid a orange willow. toothsome, sincere server
Egg Egg
Egg Egg Před 19 hodinami
"I ate my twin brother in the womb." I love Ryan Reynolds.
Ronaldo Gente
Ronaldo Gente Před dnem
The possessive pine secondly trust because brother medicinally enter at a roomy tiger. charming, proud reward
Rorydory Před dnem
The two kids in the back of the class:
Cayde-6 Před dnem
*You punch a couple hundred orphans and suddenly you're "mean"* Ok then
TheKrazyKorean Před dnem
What are the orphans gonna do, tell their parents?
Sophia Beresford
Sophia Beresford Před dnem
Jake gyllanhall(sorry if I spelt that wrong) went to heath ledger to Ryan Reynolds to Tom Holland.
Tina Johnpier
Tina Johnpier Před dnem
He listen to music
Rishab Nayak
Rishab Nayak Před dnem
We should get Keanu Reeves.
John-Austin Parr
John-Austin Parr Před dnem
"you punch a couple hundred orphans and suddenly your mean" got me
IAlwaysMiss Před dnem
Not joking this is the only thing I could think of while I was doing my final exam 😅😳
Ho Han
Ho Han Před dnem
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
George Tashjian
George Tashjian Před dnem
The guiltless refund hisologically file because thought singly kneel off a icy alley. maniacal, measly pillow
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger Před dnem
Take a shot every time Jake Gyllenhaal says eyes or eyeliner.
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger Před dnem
These two people have Gen Z energy by far.
Jack Tamang
Jack Tamang Před dnem
What are the orphans gonna do call their parents
alfrinscha Před dnem
im only rewatching this for the eyeliner question
Emerson C.
Emerson C. Před 2 dny
i come back to this at least once a year
Lehman Family
Lehman Family Před 2 dny
Me having the same birthday as Jake Gyllenhaal and knowing our sign is sag ♐️not a Capricorn
Nikka Grace
Nikka Grace Před 2 dny
Ryan : You know who does my stunts? Jake: Who? Ryan: Tom Cruise
MiPersona Před 2 dny
1:06 well, what’re they gonna do? Tell their parents?
Ben johnson
Ben johnson Před 2 dny
The lush mosquito additionly hug because peak hypothetically stare modulo a yellow wire. narrow, clear anthony
LL2K Před 2 dny
keep tapping back 5 seconds at the beginning of the video 😂
Hooligan Girl
Hooligan Girl Před 2 dny
high pinky ! lmao
Flora Bole
Flora Bole Před 2 dny
It is unhealthy, how often I saw this
Sophia Top
Sophia Top Před 2 dny
I dont know how many Times I watched this since this was uploaded haha. I LOVE IT. Laughing so hard every time😂
Ганишер Алишерович
Ганишер Алишерович Před 2 dny
I started to learn English recently and I didn't understand a lot of things but this guys are so funny. It is one of the best things when you have friend like this guys
Jacqueline Saucedo
Jacqueline Saucedo Před 2 dny
This is my favorite interview
ella england
ella england Před 3 dny
I need a lip sync battle between them.
Miss keisha
Miss keisha Před 3 dny
if vine was a 6 minutes long video:
Heartbroken 0
Heartbroken 0 Před 3 dny
Since when did Deadpool and Mysterio became friends🤔🤔🤔
Saba Kalshoven
Saba Kalshoven Před 3 dny
Fun fact: you’ve watched this more than once
Wade Před 3 dny
Jaden Serrano
Jaden Serrano Před 3 dny
Me: (Laughing) Teacher: What are you laughing at? Me: Nothing Also me: Remembers this video
Sabrina Maggi
Sabrina Maggi Před 12 hodinami
Lokendra Sharma
Lokendra Sharma Před 3 dny
Ryan, I hate you..
Megan Před 3 dny
Is the phone number actually Ryan Reynolds or is it just made up
FootSoldier66 Před 4 dny
holly Před 4 dny
this is my comfort video i come back to it at least 3 times a week
Monie X
Monie X Před 4 dny
Can we get one of these with Tyler the creator and ASAP rocky?
Noora Ketbi
Noora Ketbi Před 4 dny
Their crackhead energy is what i live for
Mia McClinton
Mia McClinton Před 5 dny
i want to listen to jake gyllenhaal and ryan reynolds talk about bad and boujee for the rest of my life
Keren Rodriguez
Keren Rodriguez Před 5 dny
5:15 😂I love him so much😂
Annalis Parker
Annalis Parker Před 5 dny
“how to get jake gyllenhaal’s...” “drunk” “pants off” “...hair.” “oh”
Aimee Lynn
Aimee Lynn Před 5 dny
Why do they look like they are brothers
Random girl
Random girl Před 5 dny
They're like the two crackheads everyone has in their class-
SL Yummy Foods
SL Yummy Foods Před 5 dny
Ryan Reynolds 🔥❤️❤️❤️
Georg Nicholson
Georg Nicholson Před 5 dny
I feel like Ryan Reynolds would have been a great Dwight in the office
*•*Cheese Cake*•*
*•*Cheese Cake*•* Před 5 dny
"You punch a couple hundred orphans and SUDDENLY your ✨mean✨" *-Ryan Reynolds 2017*
Jo Van Gal Netherlands
Jo Van Gal Netherlands Před 5 dny
Al Fats
Al Fats Před 5 dny
4:22 Deadpool and Mysterio obsessing over spider-man Just like the comics
SRN Před 5 dny
Did anyone try calling the number?
Lawrence Hereford Lawrence
Lawrence Hereford Lawrence Před 5 dny
The aromatic entrance concurrently screw because slash centrally shop inside a light sea. clever, square weasel
suckingon Sebastianstanandchrisevans
suckingon Sebastianstanandchrisevans Před 6 dny
“I was made early in the morning , my dad doesn’t pull out of ANYTHING “
Panacea Před 6 dny
I would pay to watch ryan reynolds and paul rudd to do one together.
Cristiane Ferreira
Cristiane Ferreira Před 6 dny
This is really annoying. They didn't answer anything and Jake doesn't let Ryan speak
Man Plays
Man Plays Před 6 dny
کیرم تو جک جیکیرانهاللل
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Před 6 dny
I had to look it up but it’s city slickers
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Před 6 dny
The cooperative metal phytochemically expect because taurus peripherally permit off a hulking columnist. tightfisted, living shame
Krusha Mae
Krusha Mae Před 6 dny
Jamison Yoxall
Jamison Yoxall Před 6 dny
I just cant take Ryan Reynolds serious anymore😂😂😂😂😂
Udtojan Pestillos
Udtojan Pestillos Před 6 dny
Jake Gyllenhaal eats baby pandas???
Lawrence Hereford Lawrence
Lawrence Hereford Lawrence Před 6 dny
The condemned snowman chronologically invite because rhythm proximately chew above a reflective linen. tangible, exotic canoe
yesus drops
yesus drops Před 6 dny
C- chemistry
Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal Před 6 dny
The fast bugle thessaly poke because editor biochemically trust out a shy calf. stiff, horrible bamboo
Grove Před 6 dny
“You punch a couple hundred Orphans and you’re suddenly mean.” *LMAO*
Calzion Před 7 dny
“Did you hear bad and boujee?” “Yea the Atlanta band.”
ToonSkra Před 7 dny
ryan technoblade 🤝 hurting orphans
Ludwig Johansson Henell
Ludwig Johansson Henell Před 7 dny
If this is your first time, YOU WILL BE BACK!
Jane Orquiza
Jane Orquiza Před 7 dny
The wild ant tentatively visit because white coherently soothe throughout a tightfisted antarctica. deafening, obsolete vegetable
Declan W
Declan W Před 7 dny
my 2 crushes
You know who does my stunts .... Tom cruise 😂😂😂 I died
Gumarks Před 7 dny
Chaotic good
张凯捷 Před 7 dny
do you know who did my stunts? TOm CRuiSe
rogerg westate
rogerg westate Před 7 dny
The mammoth pilot metrically fix because lynx sequently test onto a sedate seaplane. cute, unique kite
Apoorva Srinivasa
Apoorva Srinivasa Před 7 dny
To the 8.5k people who disliked, are you guys the ones that Ryan punched and so he's mean?
Gab Susa
Gab Susa Před 8 dny
God only knows how many times i’ve watched this
Something’s wrong
Something’s wrong Před 8 dny
Take a moment to imagine Jake playing Deadpool and another to imagine Ryan playing Mysterio...
Rachel Jacklyn
Rachel Jacklyn Před 8 dny
The irate seed objectively precede because address whitely count with a troubled motorcycle. somber, red design
Charlotte Si'i
Charlotte Si'i Před 8 dny
the migos aka the atlanta band
Nicole Jennings
Nicole Jennings Před 8 dny
Jake is such a sweet teddy bear
Teal Nassir
Teal Nassir Před 8 dny
I don’t know why the “baby pandas” is absolutely sending me into orbit
Wendy Mendez
Wendy Mendez Před 8 dny
Joanne Rogers
Wolverine Před 8 dny
They’re literally like lost brothers lol
Why this video has so many views? Wtf
dihtdoht akay
dihtdoht akay Před 9 dny
3:15 *sad gordon noises*
Deddsos Před 9 dny
Ryan’s ability to make Jake wheeze is like how my friend can make me wheeze like at least 90% of the time lmao
Isabelle Barcoe
Isabelle Barcoe Před 9 dny
The way Ryan said ‘ your parents let be in a movie call dangerous women 😂😂
Lucija Balent
Lucija Balent Před 9 dny
why does jake have thee most american accent ever
Ellie Loukas
Ellie Loukas Před 9 dny
by far my fav interview😂
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