Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

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"That's three balls to you my friend, it's called a tri-sticle!" - Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground Insults game on Scott Mills' radio show on BBC Radio 1.
Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?
Contains strong language and adult humour.
Listen to Scott Mills and Chris Stark on BBC Radio 1, weekdays 1-4pm.
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Anthony Bowker
Anthony Bowker Před 11 hodinami
I missed opportunity for Ryan Reynolds insulting Josh was “So Goonies how was it playing sloth you ugly bastard” 😂😂😂
Awelbeckk Před 22 hodinami
- I've never seen Green lantern - Neither do I :D
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Před dnem
Larry The Cable Guy versus Jeff Foxworthy. The two greatest comedians of all time in the history of forever and really good friends. Andrew "Dice" Clay versus anybody
Gabe Před 2 dny
Ryan is the type of guy to insult you with complements
Ad8tyan Před 3 dny
Alternative title : *deadpool and Thanos roast DC*
Emma Norris
Emma Norris Před 4 dny
I wanna see play ground insults Ryan Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman that would be hilarious
Jim Hershey
Jim Hershey Před 4 dny
Deadpool vs Cable/Thanos
Joe Masters
Joe Masters Před 4 dny
"You smell so bad I can hear it." XD XD XD
g money
g money Před 4 dny
Literally 5 seconds in Josh: you look scared should I back up Ryan: no I like you in my space, just jump right in the pants
Pheo Heta
Pheo Heta Před 4 dny
What happens in this room stays in this room and the entire internet apparently
Tackledacorn23 Před 5 dny
They had a sex scene😮
Ritam Lahiri
Ritam Lahiri Před 5 dny
Okayyy!Game on Brolin! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Qwerty Před 6 dny
Its called a tristicle guys
W. F.
W. F. Před 7 dny
YOU DRESS LIKE AN OLD George Hamilton 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆
redsea Před 7 dny
Wow Goonies, now I recognise him.
Lorinda Youness
Lorinda Youness Před 10 dny
I love this
juanlash Před 11 dny
I lost it at the tristicle thing 😂😂😂
Bryan Park
Bryan Park Před 11 dny
Goonies is the best! Hey you guys!
Ryan C
Ryan C Před 11 dny
Deadpool vs. Thanos
shiny whinny
shiny whinny Před 11 dny
Josh:I've never seen Green Lantern Ryan:NEITHER HAVE I I'm dying 😂😂😂
brutalnatas np
brutalnatas np Před 11 dny
Lol a tristicle
Gaystation Před 12 dny
Why is Ryan Reynolds so funny
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Před 12 dny
Unpopular opinion but green lantern is a great film
Nicholas Bartel
Nicholas Bartel Před 13 dny
Day jump rear admiral attendance
Christian Clark
Christian Clark Před 14 dny
why would those 2 guys behind mic even be there lol. just go away and let thr people that give content do their thinv
Mr. C
Mr. C Před 14 dny
You are so bad they punch themselves in the dick for 5 mins 😂😂😂😂. Yeah I'm going to use that one at work.
Gabrielle Rollins
Gabrielle Rollins Před 15 dny
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Gabrielle Rollins
Gabrielle Rollins Před 15 dny
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Stephan Mckinnie
Stephan Mckinnie Před 15 dny
Mariana Morales
Mariana Morales Před 16 dny
Thanos looking different tho 😳✌🏼
D R Před 16 dny
They both are great 😂
Snow Off White
Snow Off White Před 17 dny
"You dress like an old George Hamilton" is the funniest line ever
AJC YT Před 17 dny
This Josh Brolin guy sounds like he wants to decimate half the universe at once
Ron Smoorenburg
Ron Smoorenburg Před 18 dny
welcome to modern society... to be honest its straight to the point which is entertaining, but watching this too much would have people jump of roofs....
Nerulon Skyven
Nerulon Skyven Před 18 dny
Damnit I could watch this 2 insulting each other for hours 😂
Rayver LC
Rayver LC Před 20 dny
Ryan: josh what's ur favorite? Josh:(still laughing) (sighs) favorite color? Ryan: mediocore
livalil Před 20 dny
this but with noel miller and cody ko
Bramulya Subagiyo
Bramulya Subagiyo Před 20 dny
so basically deadpool is just ryan being ryan loooool
ok ryan is a fooking legend
Bassin Danny
Bassin Danny Před 21 dnem
Remember thrashin
Rachel Phillips
Rachel Phillips Před 21 dnem
why can't he bring up drinking??
XenoXenon Před 21 dnem
Actually the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while
Tyunest Před 22 dny
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Před 23 dny
Scott million wrinkles
Brittny Cachero
Brittny Cachero Před 23 dny
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Brittny Cachero
Brittny Cachero Před 23 dny
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Neelesh Před 23 dny
My utube history : Ryan reynolds insults josh brolin Ryan reynolds roasts hugh jackman Ryan reynolds roasts his wife Ryan reynolds roasts himself And vice versa ...touche
Dennis Saint Aubin
Dennis Saint Aubin Před 24 dny
Good for them! So very very funny!!
TV Critics
TV Critics Před 24 dny
Ryan Reynolds shitting against his own movie is gold
Aarnav Arora
Aarnav Arora Před 24 dny
Bruw he talks like deadpool without knowing it lol 😂
Shae C
Shae C Před 25 dny
He said his favorite color is mediocre. 😂.
Wonho Bubbles
Wonho Bubbles Před 25 dny
If only ryan was around at the time to roast the fuck out of my bullies in middle school and high school sighhhhhhhhhh
Lucas Diniz
Lucas Diniz Před 25 dny
HAHAHHA OMG last time I laughed so hard was watching this video csposts.info/cd/video/09eqyXporYlo05o
Your Useless
Your Useless Před 26 dny
Brolins a good looking b@stard!!!
Ichiroshima Před 26 dny
1:08 Why is Scott Mills smiling like Pennywise?
purple burly
purple burly Před 26 dny
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Matt Tavadze
Matt Tavadze Před 27 dny
Dis is straight up rape yall just putted a Canadian in a room and told him to insult his costar
Just some guy without eyes [Original]
Just some guy without eyes [Original] Před 27 dny
Josh:I've never seen green lantern Ryan:Neither have i Wanda:You took everything from me Thanos:I don't even know who you are *Perfectly Balance*
Jamie Pritchard
Jamie Pritchard Před 27 dny
Do we really need to see the two 'presenters'?
Instinct Nyx
Instinct Nyx Před 27 dny
I love this😂
Ayush Thakur
Ayush Thakur Před 28 dny
Ryan left ScarJo for Blake Lively No insult could top this
Gábor Mészáros
Gábor Mészáros Před 28 dny
In my perspective, Brolin definetly won this :D I know I know its just fun
Aamir Shekh
Aamir Shekh Před 28 dny
Ryan Reynolds v Samuel L Jackson.
Andreas Löf
Andreas Löf Před 29 dny
WTF are they talking about, Green lantern are very good and i want nr 2.
Just Me
Just Me Před 29 dny
Canadians are nice
Normanprice 88
Normanprice 88 Před 29 dny
We need one of these of Ryan Reynolds and jake gyllenhaal
Ariga Safaryans
Ariga Safaryans Před 29 dny
Please do Ryan and Blake
Arikitzu •
Arikitzu • Před 29 dny
Mans sexiest voice vs. the man trying to balance the universe
King of Ants
King of Ants Před 29 dny
Ryan is the fucking best
Jordan Ruiz
Jordan Ruiz Před 29 dny
Fighting words... not the smuggling tho....
01001101 01010111
01001101 01010111 Před měsícem
".. the editor didn't even see it". Lmao
Dead Candy
Dead Candy Před měsícem
0:01 in case you're stuck in the "unskippable" ads just click it👍
Josh Castic Show
Josh Castic Show Před měsícem
Green Lantern wasn’t that bad.
Alex Mancias
Alex Mancias Před měsícem
These are so awkward
Ricardo E Garcia
Ricardo E Garcia Před měsícem
Why is he making potato chips commercials...nothing else
Meticulously disorganized
Meticulously disorganized Před měsícem
Close your eyes and it's just like thanos dealing with deadpool on the way to meet death 😂😂
Tamango Namoco
Tamango Namoco Před měsícem
Ryan vs Hugh would be amazing
J Bizzle
J Bizzle Před měsícem
These two seem like they would be a blast to hang out with.
J Bizzle
J Bizzle Před měsícem
Josh is Brand on Goonies, the older brother..
winder zhao
winder zhao Před měsícem
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john lavvas
john lavvas Před měsícem
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Wade Majors
Wade Majors Před měsícem
StopJerkingOff Před měsícem
“What’s ur favorite color?” “Definitely not green”
william escoto
william escoto Před měsícem
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Kit Kat
Kit Kat Před měsícem
Green Lantern is an awesome movie
coeur doux
coeur doux Před měsícem
Love these two guys! Hilarious
Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony Před měsícem
This sucked. Waste of time
Blanca Markle
Blanca Markle Před měsícem
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Hyuokei Před měsícem
I love this
StupiDonut Před měsícem
Deadpool vs Thanos
Jaysun Puke
Jaysun Puke Před měsícem
I liked Green Lantern... But i am not all there hehe ;-)
Zaryn T
Zaryn T Před měsícem
I was surprised. I love both of these actors but this interaction was not funny to me. I smiled vaguely once or twice and I think the only reason either of them laughed is because of their personal/professional relationship. As an outsider it just seemed like Reynolds and Brolin were having a silly conversation.
ThatS550 Před měsícem
What’s wade wilson doing talking to thanos?
Disnord Před měsícem
Man that guy sounds a lot like thanos...
Caitlin S
Caitlin S Před měsícem
First insult out of Ryan I'm f****** losing it lol the man is a freaking genius
barto barto
barto barto Před měsícem
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Anubhav Das
Anubhav Das Před měsícem
Where was it hiding all this time🤣🤣
Samuel Před měsícem
I bet Josh Brolin gets more tail than Ryan Reynolds. xD
amethysthea Před měsícem
Atleast we get to taste some Deadpool and Thanos arguing in a room without costumes for 5 minutes.
Johnny Carcinogen
Johnny Carcinogen Před měsícem
What is "Strong Language?"
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