Regina George is my Queen ("Mean Girls" Movie Commentary)

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Dylan Is In Trouble

Před 2 lety

this movie is so fetch. wait. i mean sanitary
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Dylan Is In Trouble
Dylan Is In Trouble Před 2 lety
if you don't watch to the end you're going to miss my favorite joke
Camarillo Anaiz
Camarillo Anaiz Před 3 měsíci
Rip jeff😭💔😂
DINO KING1313 Před 3 měsíci
I play uno
Catalina Mercado
Catalina Mercado Před 6 měsíci
No one plays uno? I feel offended.
2026Alia Hijli
2026Alia Hijli Před 7 měsíci
Dylan Is In Trouble OH NO
Thalia Belmontes Jaramillo
Thalia Belmontes Jaramillo Před 7 měsíci
The hotdog I fell bad
Bruvo Coolj
Bruvo Coolj Před 23 hodinami
This is how I watch movies now
Munavlogz Před dnem
lia p.
lia p. Před dnem
Fun fact: my friend is joe buddens little brother 🙂🤝.
Lea Decks
Lea Decks Před dnem
I still don't understand tho lmao she comes into the room screaming and knocking things over so was she just screaming in the car the whole time then to the front door through the living room up the stairs? and her parents didn't question this? damn 🤣
Kara v.
Kara v. Před 2 dny
11:42! 😂😂😂😂
Alison Sain
Alison Sain Před 3 dny
My entire class plays Uno for the last half hour, and we all love it! Other than the Uno comment, love the vid. Mean Girls is my favorite movie to watch when I'm bored
i love how many movie commentary videos dylan makes while wearing the iconic white long-sleeved shirt and the chain necklace combo
Sophie Redstone
Sophie Redstone Před 3 dny
Jajajajajja I love uno , I felt attacked 🥴🥴💅🏻✨
Birthmark Queen
Birthmark Queen Před 3 dny
I feel like everyone knows at least one girl from school that has done that 😅😅
Liam Catherine
Liam Catherine Před 3 dny
fun fact: Rachel McAdams was also acting in the Notebook at the same time while filming Mean Girls
Delfina Marchiori
Delfina Marchiori Před 3 dny
dylan: no one plays "uno" every teenager in Argentina. Excuse me sir love your videos. love from argentina
Anna plowden
Anna plowden Před 4 dny
lots of people play uno at lunch at my school.
Nick Fleisher
Nick Fleisher Před 4 dny
Dylan anytime they say fetch: YES! Haha. But say sanitary instead
Jireh Psalm
Jireh Psalm Před 4 dny
I remember renting movies on vhs at blockbuster
Mystory Person
Mystory Person Před 4 dny
Not me dying of laughter from the hotdog story
Karleigh Hurt
Karleigh Hurt Před 4 dny
everybody plays uno lmao
oikawa tooru
oikawa tooru Před 5 dny
"No one plays uno" lol at my college I know classmates who play uno a lot in between classes
TheRealBridget Před 7 dny
I had a friend in high school who had business cards. Well, he didn't have a business, so they were just contact info cards. And, yes, it was weird.
Lyndsey Tackett
Lyndsey Tackett Před 7 dny
i played uno like everyday in high school 🤧
Andrea Holt
Andrea Holt Před 7 dny
I love this movie. The musical is pretty damn great in my opinion as well.
Roopali Neeraj
Roopali Neeraj Před 7 dny
Love Dylan's contemplating face after every dirty joke he makes 😂 "Should I not have said that, is that funny, is it too much " 😂
Roopali Neeraj
Roopali Neeraj Před 7 dny
Can we talk about how CHISELED the-editing-in-the-middle-of-the-night Dylan looks? Damn those cheek to jawbones.
weird weeb wanja
weird weeb wanja Před 8 dny
Dylan: no one plays Uno Me who loves that game: gUeSs I'lL jUsT dIe ThEn
AverageGirl Před 8 dny
*13:21* WAIT WAIT WAIT PAUSE. DID HE JUST SAY *_SOMETIMES_* THE PRODUCT OF TWO NEGATIVE INTEGERS IS POSITIVE?? WTF? NO, IT'S _ALWAYS_ POSITIVE! If it's *TWO* (or any even number) negative integers, than it's always positive. Grade eight (maybe even seven, if you have a good teacher) sh*t. Sometimes. Pfft! What a joke.
Olivia Lodge
Olivia Lodge Před 8 dny
6:02 I ALWAYS thOuGhT that😂😂😂😂
Olivia Lodge
Olivia Lodge Před 8 dny
Did anyone else think Dylan ment Kat w hen he said "The red haired girl from that nickelodeon show"????????? 😂😂
sky Před 8 dny
omg yes
Diana Před 8 dny
sanitary... dylan was ahead of his time...
The Horror Fan
The Horror Fan Před 8 dny
At 17:42, Regina George looks like my Science Teacher. Edit: Just so you know it was Marty Mcfly. 24:40
Malak Ayesh
Malak Ayesh Před 8 dny
I don’t know why but you remind me a lot of Julian backer from one tree hill.
Ra'aya Swidler
Ra'aya Swidler Před 8 dny
That hot dog story made me so uncomfy.
Lola Bunny
Lola Bunny Před 8 dny
18:58 had me on the floor
Astrid Před 9 dny
Just found your channel yesterday and I think your great. LOL 😆😆😆
Ruby Lillian Potter
Ruby Lillian Potter Před 9 dny
I just found out that the joke is that Regina didn't know the difference between lesbian and lebanese.....*MY LIFE IS A LIE*
Erin Brown-Dadzie
Erin Brown-Dadzie Před 9 dny anyone gonna tell him about Gretchen Wieners being Eliza Thornberry?
Bruno Buzzi
Bruno Buzzi Před 10 dny
Are you sure this girl wasn't named Amber D'Alessio? 7:31
HouseMDaddict Před 10 dny
Dylan's face and dad's face at the thigh slap is legit my favorite
nina petillo
nina petillo Před 10 dny
fun fact: the hot dog's story is famous in the whole world, everybody had a friend that had a friend that did it
Avery Eaton
Avery Eaton Před 10 dny
jeff moser stole our hearts with his cinematic farts
palak ahuja
palak ahuja Před 10 dny
Me, an Asian in college last year in Canada, playing uno with my friends: am I a nerd?
Brinnan Heaton
Brinnan Heaton Před 11 dny
I love the “horrible, horrible, horrible, movie. It’s got a charm to it”. Like what.
Matilda D
Matilda D Před 12 dny
"this movie has suttle social commentary" ... suttle *SUTTLE????*
Short Potato
Short Potato Před 12 dny
Yes, subtle*
Sonia Kontova
Sonia Kontova Před 12 dny
I am a part of the Nerds amd we do play uno sometimes lmao
vonny b
vonny b Před 12 dny
I was about to say why do you have to go to the hospital to remove a hot dog??? You can just push it out
Karlton Davis
Karlton Davis Před 13 dny
The frozen hotdog thing it kinda its funny im sorry 😅😅
stan skz for clear skin
stan skz for clear skin Před 13 dny
“no one plays uno” me and my friends who play uno at lunch:
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels Před 14 dny
Omg hot dog girl
Sugar Marshmallow
Sugar Marshmallow Před 14 dny
Heathers is WAYYY better😌
Abdou Ker
Abdou Ker Před 15 dny
i’m still not over the fact that god made dylan straight, a true loss 😔
your local rando
your local rando Před 15 dny
the ending was the best. In memory of Jeff Moser ('s career)
Lorisa214 Před 15 dny
8:00 The ORIGINAL quote was the she 'masterbated' with a hot dog but they made them change it for a PG ratting. That's why it says' make out' instead LOLThat's right. I watched the commentary version too.
Juliane Junker Andersen
Juliane Junker Andersen Před 16 dny
Not even kidding, why did my friends play uno in school... Tf 2:36
Ella Casey
Ella Casey Před 16 dny
Fun fact, the whole joke of the movie was regina didn't know the difference between lebanease and lesbian, Janis was lebanease not lesbian
Melissa Davis
Melissa Davis Před 17 dny
I mean the goth was more of an asshole to me than Lohan’s character in the movie!
kenmaswife :D
kenmaswife :D Před 17 dny
“No one plays Uno” Me and my Uno Attack machine: 🗿
Victoria Wall
Victoria Wall Před 17 dny
Alison Tea
Alison Tea Před 17 dny
The bus driver trying to murder
Abby Miles
Abby Miles Před 17 dny
welcome to quarantine where everyone i know plays uno
Adélie Simon
Adélie Simon Před 18 dny
There is a thing that bothers me, at 16:51 when you see the picture of her sitting on an elephant, it's actually an Asiatic elephant (you can tell by the size of the ears). Wasn't she supposed to have been raised in Africa ? Voilà, I let my confusion out, bayee
Glorianys Hernandez
Glorianys Hernandez Před 18 dny
Christopher Lawlor
Christopher Lawlor Před 19 dny
Just teach me I’d look at you all day haha
SARA SYDNEY Před 20 dny
So many people skip over the fact that everyone thought Janice was lesbian and then at the Spring Fling she says that she is LEBANESE and that was like so iconic because that was where the confusion was
Tamia Před 7 dny
It's an add on, thats it. The way she dressed and the fact that Regina said she got weirdly possesive of her is how it started.
Fiery_Cos Před 21 dnem
You eat in the bathroom when you don't have friends
Eriesia Coney
Eriesia Coney Před 21 dnem
You should react to watching the first and last episode of every season of Grey's anatomy.
Deku's left leg
Deku's left leg Před 21 dnem
25:39 nothing but collective confusion
Jeremy Mora
Jeremy Mora Před 21 dnem
lmao ik im super late but the reason janis wasn't a lesbian is bc was lebanese, regina thought janis meant she was a lesbian and at the end of the movie when janis is dancing with kevin he asks if she's puertorrican and she says she's lebanese
•Coci•Cactus Před 22 dny
Does anyone agreee dylan kinda looks like a serial killer at night in the middle of the vid idk why??? 🔪😈
Anna Hiebert
Anna Hiebert Před 22 dny
The best joke of this entire movie that I JUST understood after 17 years (thanks tiktok) is that while Regina spread rumors that Janice was gay, Janice tells Kevin at the end of the movie that she is Lebanese. The whole premise of the movie is based on the fact that Regina didn't understand the difference between Lebanese and lesbian
jayla saige
jayla saige Před dnem
Katherine Celine
Katherine Celine Před 3 dny
that's just...not it.
sophie j
sophie j Před 4 dny
AAAAAAAHHH im sorry something about this just frustrates me so much lol
Ruby Lillian Potter
Ruby Lillian Potter Před 9 dny
@Anthony Rossiter-Walkes LMFAOOO
Ant rip
Ant rip Před 9 dny
That’s not an actual joke though lol Regina and Janice used to be friends
m0t0b33 Před 23 dny
I haven't seen Neil Flynn in anything else other than Scrubs as the Janitor aka Dr. Jan Itor, or as Mike Heck in The Middle, so I can't say I have seen the guy play a dad as many times as you said, but I do remember him mostly as the guy who pretty much had a free hand at his lines in Scrubs and did a great job every single time.
Anthony Janthony Crowley
Anthony Janthony Crowley Před 23 dny
Quit trying to make fugly happen? *dude you fugly* - Dean Winchester
Autumn Dawkins
Autumn Dawkins Před 23 dny
a girl at my school stuck a glass coke bottle up her oven and took a picture and she was literally called bottle until she graduated
Andri Před 23 dny
I play uno...
honeydust Před 23 dny
why is this girl giving me creepy vibes? is she a lesbian?
Hailey N Walton
Hailey N Walton Před 24 dny
Divya Bhatia
Divya Bhatia Před 24 dny
can you do a first episode/last episode reaction to the 100 pleeeeease :))))))
Emily KS
Emily KS Před 24 dny
I would like to inform you that EVERYONE thinks UNO is cool in high school.
chloe marie
chloe marie Před 25 dny
*Mean Girls The movie of 2021*
Beth Hope
Beth Hope Před 25 dny
Sorry is uno only popular in england? cause that and drinking was all we did in college during lunch
TLI1817 Před 26 dny
My favourite thing about Mean Girls is that Janice was Lebanese and that's why Regina thought she was a lesbian.
Tamia Před 7 dny
@HouseMDaddict I mean, she does explain that it was because Janice got weirdly possesive of her.
HouseMDaddict Před 10 dny
Yup! I got that the first time I watched it when it came out and was like omg you dumby.
CJ Jackson
CJ Jackson Před 26 dny
I’m Watchin all this mans reactions he funny ah. He kinda sounded like the crabs on findin Nemo when he was sayin “heyyy” “hey” 😭😭😭😭
Jaynie Gabrielle
Jaynie Gabrielle Před 26 dny
Where are you from? Cuz there was the same exact hotdog story at my high school about a certain girl...
Nightcore Bloodcore
Nightcore Bloodcore Před 26 dny
20:44 hahahaha bruh
Ana Moreira
Ana Moreira Před 26 dny
HOW IS THE CAMERON DIAZ AND ASHTON KUTCHER'S movie the last Ashton Kutcher movie you saw? THereis the one with Natalie Portman!
Kira Nightshade
Kira Nightshade Před 27 dny
I doubt i'm the first to think this on a rewatch, but "Sanitary" needs to come back. Just hits different now. Might catch on better.
Ashley Kasey
Ashley Kasey Před 28 dny
fun fact his story abt that popular girl was actually supposed to b what was in the burn book but they thought it was a little bit too graphic
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose Před 29 dny
Omfg I’m crying at the end make it stopppp😂😂😂😂
malfoysvoid Před 29 dny
do 10 things i hate about you pleasee
ianmaem Před měsícem
I cudnt stop laughing about Jeff Mosen's career 🤣
MercPlays Před měsícem
That hot dog story is a straight up lie and one of the oldest chain mails known by humankind
gettingjazzywith it
gettingjazzywith it Před měsícem
shit that memorial really got to me😔😔😔
Treyvonne Carter
Treyvonne Carter Před měsícem
25:50 Your teeth are so pretty 🦋🥰
Random Cookie 👼
Random Cookie 👼 Před měsícem
Dylan could broke me up
재키 Před měsícem
He's a great "midwestern dad", especially for this movie that takes place in Evanston, IL, about 45 minutes from where I grew up in Chicago. HOWEVER, his best roll IS, and always will be, "Janitor" from Scrubs. The greatest show ever.
Ellabella Před měsícem
there is so many references that I see basically every day that I didn't realize were from this
Kamryn Melancon
Kamryn Melancon Před měsícem
"quit trying to make fugly happen"..... *tries to make sanitary happen*
Bonni Před měsícem
im just here to say GO LESBIANS
Grace Burns
Grace Burns Před měsícem
the best part of these commentaries is when Dylan makes a joke and instantly regrets it!!😂😂🤣🤣
Sof Rocha
Sof Rocha Před měsícem
He was so into the Xmas song , and the slap happend hahahahahah
Sof Rocha
Sof Rocha Před měsícem
Everybody plays UNO pls
Daisy Cakes ;-;
Daisy Cakes ;-; Před měsícem
The story tho 😂😂 A hot doggggg!!!! 🤣🤣
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