Recreating My Favorite Tik Toks

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Atul Kamat
Atul Kamat Před 5 minutami
When her dogs put their heads up was sooo cute
Cute Wool
Cute Wool Před hodinou
The things don’t stick on the wall
Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall Před 2 hodinami
Just like a chapp
Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall Před 2 hodinami
Zoey Funtime Foxy
Zoey Funtime Foxy Před 2 hodinami
0:33 It works u just gotta have a good wall for it
Potato dog
Potato dog Před 2 hodinami
2:44 No one: The dog: You took my food so im gonna pee on you
Quinn Nicole
Quinn Nicole Před 3 hodinami
You were spouse to us color pencile
Nalijah Velez
Nalijah Velez Před 3 hodinami
the time wrap is on tktok
Jesse Fraide
Jesse Fraide Před 3 hodinami
I just tried it and it didn’t work
ZoeyPlaysYT123go Playz
ZoeyPlaysYT123go Playz Před 4 hodinami
Heck No
Heck No Před 5 hodinami
"My dogs are very greatful" Dont act like a I saw your tik tok
Fatima Alrikabi
Fatima Alrikabi Před 5 hodinami
Like what you’re doing
Hallie Douangpanya
Hallie Douangpanya Před 5 hodinami
That Halloween pot is cute😊
CocoStrolls -_-
CocoStrolls -_- Před 8 hodinami
5:36 it does work, but I think you went to low or to rough. I also think they needed to be sharper
Cristina Catalii
Cristina Catalii Před 8 hodinami
Ok its on tik tok but in serton places
Saradacious Před 8 hodinami
the science one failed me- it left a mark on my wall XD
BatWingsEZ Před 9 hodinami
Tom Magana
Tom Magana Před 9 hodinami
😎 cool
A M transport
A M transport Před 10 hodinami
Because I'm angel
A M transport
A M transport Před 10 hodinami
I heard that you like the Wolf game
Rihanna moreno oof
Rihanna moreno oof Před 10 hodinami
lis : they eat what i give then and there gretfulll me; yeah right
Francis Brooks
Francis Brooks Před 10 hodinami
To the dogs
Francis Brooks
Francis Brooks Před 10 hodinami
Your so mean
Victoria Galvan
Victoria Galvan Před 10 hodinami
I did not know she had Pomeranians to I have one it’s a boy
Sakura The Fox Queen
Sakura The Fox Queen Před 11 hodinami
Ok ok- for the pencil trick you poke one in, and don’t put it all the way through immediately. You slowly poke it through when it’s in and wHaM bAm yEs mA’aM you’ve done it.
Braden Anderson
Braden Anderson Před 11 hodinami
With the pencil in the bag trick you need to go slower
Es D
Es D Před 12 hodinami
I like the first TickTock
Asheka Mason
Asheka Mason Před 12 hodinami
Hey sssniperwolf you can use those flowers for your wedding day
Gunner Phillips
Gunner Phillips Před 14 hodinami
yo dogs hangry
Britney Algood
Britney Algood Před 14 hodinami
Jowai Mihmyntdu
Jowai Mihmyntdu Před 15 hodinami
the third one is soooo funny i can stop laughing now I look this 10 times but it's soo funny
Jowan AlGhamdi
Jowan AlGhamdi Před 15 hodinami
5:29 LOL
SabreenaMathavan Sabby24
SabreenaMathavan Sabby24 Před 15 hodinami
You do that on the water you have to book it the pencil you first you have to answer all your inside then you can put the pencil and then it won't link I tried this many many times
Rand Snoor
Rand Snoor Před 15 hodinami
2:10 these dogs be like : oh my French mummy why would u do that?
Celia Albano
Celia Albano Před 16 hodinami
Time war is on tiktok is called glich
Alyssa Kamila Fitran
Alyssa Kamila Fitran Před 17 hodinami
1:16 the hack didn't work on me but your vids are still amazing
David Cheung
David Cheung Před 18 hodinami
I think it will work try it on another video
David Cheung
David Cheung Před 18 hodinami
You have to use glue to glue the stick and you pop through it
Rachael Walden
Rachael Walden Před 20 hodinami
Rachael Walden
Rachael Walden Před 20 hodinami
I like the flower pot I also have one of thou
Itzbo̸ba_bear ꧁꧂
Itzbo̸ba_bear ꧁꧂ Před 22 hodinami
Me:watching Lia:u guys hungry!! Lia:*gives one piece of food* Doggies:wow mum... Doggies:LEAVE MY ONE PIECE OF FOOD DEAR SIBLINGS Ash:EXUSE MEH ITS MINE Kass:ITS MINEEE Me:LOL OMGGG
Talon Archer
Talon Archer Před 22 hodinami
Nicely done ✅ sssniper wolf 🐺
Efiscent_cian _
Efiscent_cian _ Před 22 hodinami
2:06 𝚒𝚜 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚒𝚍𝚛𝚎𝚗 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚌𝚛𝚢𝚜𝚖𝚊𝚜 𝚐𝚒𝚏𝚝 𝚙𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚔 (𝚒𝚖 𝚒𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚊𝚗)
may gemilo
may gemilo Před dnem
Okay gurl you look like a kid dude what happened to you what happened to you tell me what happened to you pls im a big fan
Isabella Greene
Isabella Greene Před dnem
The water
Mike Watson
Mike Watson Před dnem
Dacia Kelly
Dacia Kelly Před dnem
I tried the pencil thing a bit less aggressive and it worked!!! all 8!!!
Adrienne Lynn
Adrienne Lynn Před dnem
I really want to show you what your face looks like okay here it is 😱
AlexThe Fox
AlexThe Fox Před dnem
Lol one of your dogs peed on the other i think
Deerlingfan08 Před dnem
The wall trick actually works a lot better with pencils, me and my friends
Deerlingfan08 Před dnem
Used to do this in grade 5
Hoaivy Nguyen
Hoaivy Nguyen Před dnem
The pencil trick you did it wrong you did it to fast
Cowie Kids
Cowie Kids Před dnem
The puppies fighting was the best thing ive ever seen
Xx_Phantom_ xX
Xx_Phantom_ xX Před dnem
She scraped it down ward
Brittany Campbell
Brittany Campbell Před dnem
The pencil one I’ve done it in school it does work we did it and there were no leaks so you kinda need to use them
Chloe Wong
Chloe Wong Před dnem
SSSniper Wolf You Did The Pencil Trick Wrong.
Kamora Abney
Kamora Abney Před dnem
By the way I followed you on TickTock actually I follow do The best TickTock or keep on posting those TickTock‘s girl keep keep it keep it on with those TickTock‘s love you
Zoha Zahra
Zoha Zahra Před dnem
U know it will work if u put tape and none will fall for the pencil and ziplock bag one
Tech Me Later
Tech Me Later Před dnem
First of all why was this 18+?
Phantoms And Shimmerys
Phantoms And Shimmerys Před dnem
Kayla Bolden
Kayla Bolden Před dnem
it's the thanos for me;)
DogsforEVA' Před dnem
5:28 O MY DOG, SO DEMONIC. The dog one was so funny, and so was the Time Warp one.
Karina Ugalde
Karina Ugalde Před dnem
Macario Macawili
Macario Macawili Před dnem
Angel Zou
Angel Zou Před dnem
Your supposed to hold the bag tight so there’s air in it and then put a pencil in there...
Kyndra Glick
Kyndra Glick Před dnem
I was getting anxiety thinking the knife was going to fall
Gaming With Ken’s and Hudz
Gaming With Ken’s and Hudz Před dnem
I tryed and my ipad broke
RPKA_ Gamer
RPKA_ Gamer Před dnem
They be THICC
David M
David M Před dnem
The pencil trick does not only work with sharp things and u have to go slower because I saw this and did it and it worked
Dan Nelson
Dan Nelson Před dnem
I did this in 3rd grade and I’m a girl
PrivateTester Před dnem
Wow flower in a jar i tryed it it dont work the tape broke..
Olivia Rahmann
Olivia Rahmann Před dnem
The pencil one works only with colored pencils and you aren't supposed to be aggressive with it
Purple_ Dragon
Purple_ Dragon Před dnem
the door is magic
Mely Perez
Mely Perez Před dnem
I think SSSniperWolf hit the bag to hard that’s why it didn’t work
Ella adventure Channel
Ella adventure Channel Před dnem
Sylvia kangjam
Sylvia kangjam Před dnem
Ala Pupu
Ala Pupu Před dnem
Dude why you put dogfood only two:,,,) (so funny)
azen liziee
azen liziee Před dnem
Thanos vibi'n ahhaha
Sire Vea
Sire Vea Před dnem
you good at tik toks
•ᖇᗩᑎiᗩ ᑭᒪᗩyᘔ yt•
•ᖇᗩᑎiᗩ ᑭᒪᗩyᘔ yt• Před dnem
I feel like she at least trys and um a sloppy person ♡
Zabreen Gayo
Zabreen Gayo Před 2 dny
The pencil trick you did it wrong i now ok
Zabreen Gayo
Zabreen Gayo Před 2 dny
Its not sopos to fo it hard
Liane Thornton
Liane Thornton Před 2 dny
Sandy So
Sandy So Před 2 dny
Hayley Killelea
Hayley Killelea Před 2 dny
I followed you on TikTok
GABBY Wirtz Před 2 dny
Did anyone notice when her dogs were fighting one of them tried to pee on the other basically the dog saying to the other dog I OWN YOU I GET THE TWO KIBBLE
Sad Blaze
Sad Blaze Před 2 dny
Sniper you need to be slow with the pencil trick
Big Toad Boy
Big Toad Boy Před 2 dny
Sssniperwolf: my dogs with be grateful and humble with what I give them Her dogs: start fighting over the 2 pieces of kibble
Elias Martinez
Elias Martinez Před dnem
I like how her dog Kaz is just staring at her 😆
Roo Greene
Roo Greene Před 2 dny
I just tried it with a book and it work the friction thing
Graciela Gonzalez
Graciela Gonzalez Před 2 dny
The dogs are so cute
Monica Oneal
Monica Oneal Před 2 dny
for the pencil thingy you have to put vasilen on it
Mary Hathcoat
Mary Hathcoat Před 2 dny
Robert Parnell
Robert Parnell Před 2 dny
I love your videos
Edona Shabani
Edona Shabani Před 2 dny
The pecnil is not true im a girl and it did not leak
Arianna Mendoza
Arianna Mendoza Před 2 dny
How do you get on Instagram like on the Snapchat thing
😹🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thes is so funny
susan mcdonagh
susan mcdonagh Před 2 dny
I don’t post either
Ok, the second one was so funny that I can't stop laughing
janovia Geffney
janovia Geffney Před 2 dny
Too hard😁
Emma J
Emma J Před 2 dny
Nishika Joshi
Nishika Joshi Před 2 dny
Hey ma'am big fan from india
Dominique Torres
Dominique Torres Před 2 dny
So cute
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