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Dylan Is In Trouble

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we're heading back to hogwarts! What's better than a two hour commentary on all eight harry potter films?
Twitter: theDMatthews
Instagram: dylanwillnotparticipate

Shital Shukla
Shital Shukla Před hodinou
Molly owned Bellatrix because the Voldemort follower went after her child, she had already lost Fred and she can be pretty fierce when she's angry. The Weasleys are actually quite good at magic - just look at Bill, Charlie, Percy and the twins. Even Ginny was very powerful in the books. Honestly, it wasn't that surprising. Edit - The mudblood comment was in poor taste man. How could you?
Randi Sybo
Randi Sybo Před 2 hodinami
The entire time I watched this I just kept yelling at the screen; read the book, it'll answer that.... it's in the book.... read the book READ THE DAMNNNN BOOOK.
Alyssa Meraki
Alyssa Meraki Před 2 hodinami
No one gonna talk about "dobby has a kink" I DIED🤣😂
Alyssa Meraki
Alyssa Meraki Před 2 hodinami
Bruh, the first ad was a "what's your patronus" 😭
Sofia Scarpellini
Sofia Scarpellini Před 3 hodinami
Dylan's brains slowly linking Moody and Barty Crouch Junior....I'm living for it
Sofia Scarpellini
Sofia Scarpellini Před 3 hodinami
My favourite movies are the 2nd and the 4th one, although I just like the 4th one as like an independent movie, like not linked to the books, because the 4th had so much more depth and DUMBLEDORE WASN'T FUCKING CRAZY
Commander1SUV Před 4 hodinami
This was better to watch than the actual movies.
Commander1SUV Před 4 hodinami
5th one is easily the best one.
Superpommes Před 5 hodinami
Dylan: I love the fourth part. Everybody must love it. Me: Does not everybody hates the fourth part? It's like Episode 3 of Star Wars.
Štěpánka Šilhanová
Štěpánka Šilhanová Před 6 hodinami
did Dylan just "Malfoy, you little shit" us? Starkid? anyone?
Cloudy Před 7 hodinami
Hagrid is definitely one of my top 3 favorite characters.
kaito with no brim
kaito with no brim Před 9 hodinami
ur average teen
ur average teen Před 10 hodinami
I was here for two hours thanks for the applause lol
Zariya Richards
Zariya Richards Před 11 hodinami
dylan paid 30 dollars for 8 movies when he could of just got hbo for 15 and have other movies too
Leigh Skarzynski
Leigh Skarzynski Před 16 hodinami
1:13:47 I got scared because I thought someone was walking around in my apartment wtf lol
Kayla Giglio
Kayla Giglio Před 18 hodinami
Fourth movie is my all time favorite!
Clarissa Před 20 hodinami
Sadly the movies don't do justice to the books. Yes the movies on their own are alright, but even the ending fight scene in the last book between Harry and Voldemort is so much more epic... please just read this scene, it is so much better than in the movie.
LD Royal
LD Royal Před 22 hodinami
Play bully scholarship edition please
dara7896 Před 23 hodinami
seamus- me mum all im saying is sorry dylan- middle finger legend
Tre White
Tre White Před dnem
I'm a big DH pt 1 fan and that might just be b/c of how much I love Harry and Hermione.
Ravenpuff Proud
Ravenpuff Proud Před dnem
Dylan: there’s not that much room for story if everyone’s dead. TV show Lost: Allow me to introduce myself
Tjen Broun
Tjen Broun Před dnem
I can’t believe I watched this whole way through 😂 I think 3 was my favourite and 2 my least idk
vante Před dnem
chamber of secrets is the best out of the movies imo
Rina Dubey
Rina Dubey Před dnem
4th movie is considered the worst by a lot of book fans cause they fail to adddress 4/7 main plot points and mysteries. Search up why Harry Potter and the goblet of fire is the worst movie by movieflame
Rina Dubey
Rina Dubey Před dnem
Your videos never fail to make me laugh
Maëva Bouton
Maëva Bouton Před dnem
the franchise during 3 movies : you need to destroy the horcrux to kill voldemort dylan : why can't you just kill voldemort ?
unnati upadhyay
unnati upadhyay Před dnem
Any godamn question on earth: Dylan: it's silver
Jessica Schmidt
Jessica Schmidt Před dnem
Love it
Tessa van Dijke
Tessa van Dijke Před dnem
A big part of me really love this video. The other part wants to tell Dylan all the details from the books, he is missing now.
Romilda Miranda
Romilda Miranda Před dnem
Sonia Khansa
Sonia Khansa Před dnem
__Megs__ Před dnem
I remember the first time you watched Harry Potter, and you went to get the burger. Found memories
tr1f1ght3r Před dnem
Fun Fact: Peacock is owned by NBC, thus the name. Turns out it's not just some random start up, but actually a platform run by a multi-million dollar company.
GodlySketcher21 Před dnem
Chamber of secrets is the best one for both the movies and books
Ok but I'm with misha .......SIRIUS BLACK IS DADDY
Mila Dimitrovska
Mila Dimitrovska Před dnem
You can rent movies on CSposts??? Since when?? God, I feel like such a boomer.
smooth395 Před dnem
My favorite is Chamber of Secrets which is pretty much everyone's least favorite. My least favorite is Prisoner of Azkaban which is pretty much everyone's favorite.
gekke ik
gekke ik Před dnem
Dylan: "I should've been in the Harry Potter universe" Me: *Knows about shifting* "Yeah i wish i could go there"
Isabel Matthews
Isabel Matthews Před dnem
1:05:31 okay,but why do you like the son of a priest. lmaooo
Isabel Matthews
Isabel Matthews Před dnem
52:37 reference to twilight??? lmaoo
randomgirlxrulz Před 2 dny
3:16 hold up that's actually a great premise, anyone know a fanfic like this??
Isabel Matthews
Isabel Matthews Před 2 dny
3:33 ohhhh,someone should write that fanfic,that would be so good.
Isabel Matthews
Isabel Matthews Před 2 dny
i just realized that harry potter is like the male version of cinderella (first few scenes of the first movie,not the entire series)
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels Před 2 dny
The "don't worry I will be" was adlibbed by Radcliffe
Ceren VANLI Před 2 dny
Fun fact: in the books Fred and George threw a snowball to Quirell's head's back... so Voldemort's face. Sorry for the weird English.
Mossy Před 2 dny
The HP movies in order of my most to least favourite: 1) 4th (don’t have twitter but can already hear them shitting on me for this one*) 2) 3rd 3) 1st 4) 2nd 5) 6th 6) 5th (*they’re definitely shitting on me for that one😂😬 and the main reason for this is because not only did Sirius die but that pleb in pink pisses me off!😂) 7)DH part 2 8)DH part 1 (solely because I felt it dragged on for ages and it felt very slow?) And also a tosser is just an extremely British word for jerk or idiot or prat- it can replace a lot of mean things to call people really😂😂
Megan Webb
Megan Webb Před 2 dny
Zakia Hassan
Zakia Hassan Před 2 dny
Most enjoyable 2 hours in my life. The Harry potter movies can't get any better❤❤
Cayleen Bonneville
Cayleen Bonneville Před 2 dny
Hey Dylan! I gotta tell you I’m honestly beginning to watch your videos about movies I have NO interest in seeing. I just love watching your videos so much I don’t particularly care what movie you are reviewing. Obviously it’s fun when I have watched the movie for better or for worse. I just can’t believe I’m about to sit down and watch your almost 2 hour commentary on a movie series I have spent my entire life avoiding like the plague. So I’m here for you buddy keep up the good work!
Shani Amibar
Shani Amibar Před 2 dny
the forth one is good as a movie, but doesn't hold up compared to the book. the book had a more complex plot, and although a big part of the book covers the tournament, it is not the main plot. the book has a few subplots, all of them are interesting and add a lot to the story as a whole; there is even a subplot where Dobby plays an important role (that wasn't even included in the movie). the movie is cool and all- there are dragons and mermaids and all the cool CGI, but the storyline isn't as good, so people don't like it as much as the other ones.
Brechtje Kleine
Brechtje Kleine Před 2 dny
dramione confirmed
noxfior Před 2 dny
'I don't know where they got the capital' from Harry. They even mention it. "You don't pay here... you gave us our start-up loan, we haven't forgotten. Take whatever you like, and just remember to tell people where you got it, if they ask." You should know that Harry is loaded with the money left from his parents (and now probably even from Sirius, I don't remember if that's the case but it's possible)
trxgician Před 2 dny
when you asked at the very end of the last movie if anyone could just kill voldemort if they wanted to i had the biggest facepalm of my life 😭😭
Brandon Tappen
Brandon Tappen Před 2 dny
Peacock (NBC's streaming service) is owned by Universal which also owns the theme park rights for Harry Potter, so it's not much of a stretch that they have access to the movies.
Mrk Rys
Mrk Rys Před 2 dny
Intro / 00:01 Peacock / 01:07 Movie 1 / 01:26 Movie 2 / 15:12 Movie 3 / 26:05 Movie 4 / 39:50 Movie 5 / 54:25 Movie 6 / 01:05:21 Movie 7 / 01:19:13 Movie 8 / 01:32:18
Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner Před 2 dny
Dylan: It's like in every movie, the teacher leaves and they get a new one Me: yeah, that's kind of the point
042 Shreya Chekkala
042 Shreya Chekkala Před dnem
Yess I was waiting for this comment
portadecastelo Před 2 dny
1:26:33 thank you, I knew there was a reason I liked you, Dylan.
Disney Day Dreaming
Disney Day Dreaming Před 2 dny
How is it not HBO Max they have all the other universal shit
Nessie Jr
Nessie Jr Před 2 dny
The prisoner of Azkaban is definitely my favorite Harry Potter movie. Alfonzo Cuaron directed it, it really is the most well-crafted one imo and I love the way they implemented time travel.
Jude Connor-Macintyre
Jude Connor-Macintyre Před 2 dny
in defense of Snape in the first movie. when he kept on ignoring Hermione who had her hand up for the questions in that potion class scene. you can't have one kid answering all the questions in your class, and Harry wasn't paying attention so of course he asked him.
Tanya Casey
Tanya Casey Před 3 dny
6’5 beefcake Harry Potter kicking the shit out of Voldemort is now cannon
Jeanette W
Jeanette W Před 3 dny
First movie: Love it because it's nostalgic and leading into the world of magic. Second movie: Pretty good, not a fav. Just kinda thought Gilderoy was boring. Third movie: Loved it a lot when I first saw it, but as I've watched the movies again and again it's kinda lost it a little for me because of repetitiveness (I mean it does replay scenes within the movie itself so). Fourth movie: Very high on my fav list, the book is even better as it holds a lot more scenes that got lost in the movie. But not a fav because of all the love drama taking over a little too much of the movie. Fifth movie: I'm a sucker for darkness and sadness. So this might be my favorite over all. Have to say that the book beat this movie out of the ballpark for me. The book was just too good and dark. Sixth movie: Loved the halfblood prince story, but this movie was just ok in regards to the series. Not a fav, and we're losing more and more of the playfullness of the first movies. seventh & eight movie: Again the playfullness is lost, and while i love darkness, there's quite a bit of whining (wood scenes with ron) that just makes the movies drag on as you say. They're not the movies most memorable. I love the Harry Potter world, and this does not showcase how much I appreciate the world of HP, nor the books nor the movies. I loved all of them and this is just a short judgement on the order I love them less. I guess my favorite might just be the first movie, but the fifth book. That's where I stand. Oh, and just want to say what others have said before me. Ron is much cooler in the books, along with Ginny. In the movie Ron is too annoying, and Ginny and Harry has no chemistry.
liv Před 3 dny
never actually read harry potter fanfic, but enough time on tumblr to for this: dylan: what if xyz happened me: there is absolutely fic for that
Nikola Kapellere
Nikola Kapellere Před 3 dny
3:16 fanfic writers: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN
Irene Před 3 dny
The best one is the 3rd movie :)))
Hailey Turner
Hailey Turner Před 3 dny
I think that if you read the novels that you would have a different opinion and harry and ginny's relationship. The movies really glossed over the development.
I have random playlists Jordan
I have random playlists Jordan Před 3 dny
Fourth movie is my favorite fifth book is my favorite
Tabi Boase
Tabi Boase Před 3 dny
my favourites gotta be 3 and 4
Deborah Anggi
Deborah Anggi Před 3 dny
i love harry potter series the most when its not getting dark
Shaila Patricia Ramirez Vientós
Shaila Patricia Ramirez Vientós Před 3 dny
Favorite to Least Favorite: 1. Prisoner of Azkaban 2. Order of the Phoenix 3. Goblet of Fire 4. Half-Blood Prince 5. Deathly Hallow 1 6. Sorcerer Stone 7. Deathly Hallow 2 8. Chamber of secrets
Beatrice Speranza
Beatrice Speranza Před 3 dny
Dylan: She's a mud blood Me: offended for Hermione
Artzilla Před 3 dny
Dylan talking about theirs got to be fanfics about draco and hermione...oh boy only if you knew🌚😂
R.M.S Mauretania
R.M.S Mauretania Před 3 dny
R.M.S Mauretania
R.M.S Mauretania Před 3 dny
Dylan: I feel like the third one and the fourth one has to be everybody’s favorite. The fandom: PFFFFFFFFFT NOPE.
1:15:30 Yes u are correct... the books
ItsLina Před 3 dny
Why is it funny and at the same time so frustrating to watch someone who hasn’t read the books watch the films 😂
J3on_Xook Před 4 dny
Oh dang
B3llaBambin4 Před 4 dny
38:15 Misoa's a real fan of this movie 😅
Kiera Collins
Kiera Collins Před 4 dny
Okay so, context that isn’t in the film but isn’t in the book for OOTP: Hermione makes everyone sign a paper sheet because she’s charmed it. If someone exposes the DA then it becomes obvious who it was because they will have boils and pustules all over their face. Cho Chang’s friend does it in the book and that’s how they’re found out; they know it’s her because of her skin. So the paper copy actually was very important but the script writers obviously didn’t think about giving it context
hunnyflash Před 4 dny
Elise Rudy
Elise Rudy Před 4 dny
I have I favorite movie is the 8 movie And my least favorite is the 5 movie
Neave Loren
Neave Loren Před 4 dny
skittle breath hahahaha
subhangi dey
subhangi dey Před 4 dny
Dylan is lowkey shipping harmione the whole video , and honestly I ship them too
Maaike Knol
Maaike Knol Před 4 dny
Not me who have watched it in total 6 times, in a month I have watched it 4 times😂
Turid Almqvist
Turid Almqvist Před 4 dny
Dylan you have so many questions, read the books. You will have answers 👌🏻
Hannah Diaz
Hannah Diaz Před 5 dny
Goblet of fire is my favorite
Turid Almqvist
Turid Almqvist Před 5 dny
I actually hates the fourth movie... don’t have a favorite but hate the fourth, so much that’s missing, characters, moments, backstory and just the small funny things 😔
Hannah Diaz
Hannah Diaz Před 5 dny
Did you purposely where circular glasses for Harry Potter
grondstein Před 5 dny
*Man is holding the body of his dead son in his arms* Dylan: 52:39
AspieFanatic1 Před 5 dny
Umbridge is worse than Gothel from Tangled
Anya grn
Anya grn Před 5 dny
Does Dylan know that the actor who plays kid Voldemort (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) is the same one who plays Hardin in After??!!!😅
B Snowroad
B Snowroad Před 3 dny
wait what the fuck
Britney Hemmings
Britney Hemmings Před 5 dny
The jobless flight unlikely decay because invoice worrisomely boil notwithstanding a abiding fish. offbeat, straight book
Eloise Johansson
Eloise Johansson Před 5 dny
Harry actually is half-blooded since his mother was muggle-born
Anya grn
Anya grn Před 5 dny
YES fave movies: 3rd and 4th ones Least faves 6th !
Anya grn
Anya grn Před 5 dny
YES fave movies: 3rd and 4th ones !!
Amreen Bedi
Amreen Bedi Před 5 dny
Veell Seamus
Veell Seamus Před 5 dny
7:00 'Yeah? Try me.'
just a random person
just a random person Před 5 dny
the moment pjo was mentioned, I knew I was in the right place
Alara Falay
Alara Falay Před 5 dny
27:08 "SIRIUS BLACK WAS MY daddy..." we all felt that misoa
Вита Голофаст
Вита Голофаст Před 5 dny
Love third part just because there was Lupin feeding everyone chocolate🍫
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