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Cody Ko

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Rate My Dating Profile??
Cody Ko

Emily Ferguson
Emily Ferguson Před hodinou
Ofc most of them are fuskies
Emily Ferguson
Emily Ferguson Před hodinou
They find these people ~in Seattle~
Emily Ferguson
Emily Ferguson Před hodinou
*picks the guy wearing a bright yellow shirt for being color blind*
Ethan Garcia
Ethan Garcia Před 14 hodinami
Appreciate the info at the beginning!
Ethan Ungerbuehler
Ethan Ungerbuehler Před 2 dny
he got me when he said "okay ethan" i was shook
Ethan Coulter
Ethan Coulter Před 3 dny
I was half asleep and you yelled Ethan and scared the living shit out of me...
Brah Před 3 dny
What about Hank Moody? 😂
X32_22A [Successor]
X32_22A [Successor] Před 3 dny
"I have a star-shaped birthmark". **insert jojoke here**
Killa Mike
Killa Mike Před 4 dny
10:08 😂😂😂😂😂
riokad Před 4 dny
surprisingly, there are alot of people who own birds in washington. even emus
Kyle Royston
Kyle Royston Před 6 dny
ToastMan Před 6 dny
I hope the guy with a star shaped birthday won't experience bizarre adventures 😳
Maggot Meatballz
Maggot Meatballz Před 7 dny
A huge risk dating during covid? Maybe iv you're an 80 year old with terminal cancer and you live at an understaffed care home.
YUYU Před 8 dny
I know he didn’t mean Ethan Dolan, but how funny is it that Ethan dropped a video on how bad his skin looked at that time.
Shannon D
Shannon D Před 10 dny
Why the fuck did she read irony like i ree knee at 12:03?
Dustin Caballero
Dustin Caballero Před 12 dny
I dont trust anyone who wears a ripped suit jacket
Teo Fremont-Smith
Teo Fremont-Smith Před 12 dny
anyone notice the underarm slits in her jacket?
Radhika chander
Radhika chander Před 13 dny
That one dude thought a girl would go "OH YES! I WON" when he shows her the candid he took of her laughing
Margee Před 13 dny
"take care of your skin... ETHAN" crankgameplays fans: ...
Joe O'Quinn
Joe O'Quinn Před 14 dny
12:02 The ireenie is pronouncing irony wrong
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man Před 14 dny
"Coach my balls." yep.
Cereal Před 14 dny
The three E’s of online dating: Effective, Efficient and Gary Vee
Ethan Wright
Ethan Wright Před 16 dny
I feel targeted haha
Izaak D'haemer
Izaak D'haemer Před 16 dny
Mark Wahlberg?
Amercya Před 16 dny
Your boy clean up nice ! 😎
Uncool Keanu
Uncool Keanu Před 16 dny
So nobody is going to talk about him not realizing "Gary V" is the name they used to substitute their names
Benjamin Short
Benjamin Short Před 18 dny
Wait cris won the button what happened
Ethan Krassenstein
Ethan Krassenstein Před 18 dny
Scared the shit out of me when he said my name at 0:26 😂😂
Mr Danger Bunny Plays
Mr Danger Bunny Plays Před 19 dny
I would rather watch the vid without the reaction
LattleToast Před 19 dny
the dog joke was the pinnacle of my life
Justin Hundt
Justin Hundt Před 19 dny
Cody, deodorant stops the smell, anti-perspirant stops sweating. They need anti-perspirant. yea, i totally became that guy
Loser Win
Loser Win Před 19 dny
I read Gary Vee as gravy
c1000 Před 16 dny
Gray Vee
TommyFresh Před 20 dny
Wooster✈️✈️Cuyahoga Falls
Zareen Nishat
Zareen Nishat Před 20 dny
garfield Před 20 dny
dude cody the green in ur shirt rlly brings out ur eyes
Skye Crabill
Skye Crabill Před 20 dny
I Never swiped right on the "I'm Jim looking for my Pam" lines
Danehh Před 21 dnem
Big boy stands like an NPC still loading in post t pose
Jason Před 21 dnem
Ya boy clean up nice, I can put on clothes
ArduinoBen Před 21 dnem
Is that how you pronounce irony?
YASM33N .M Před 21 dnem
Ok why did she wear the jacket like that, don't button it up leave it open with a nice shirt 😤
Caitanya-Lila Před 22 dny
The Android joke got you a like from me Cody. lolll
Random Bystanders
Random Bystanders Před 22 dny
Cody has immaculate facial recognition; I could never
SpliSS Před 24 dny
Cody can u show us your hair care? Day one of asking
Bella Flower
Bella Flower Před 25 dny
People named Ethan :😐
Cierra O'Connell
Cierra O'Connell Před 25 dny
taking skin of your care
call me qt
call me qt Před 25 dny
He protec... He attac... But most important... He clean up *NICE*
eren yeagar
eren yeagar Před 26 dny
waiT the dude in 9:31 is chris!! the one that hit it off w emma lol
The Maus
The Maus Před 26 dny
The song you use in the background at around 8:24 sounds extremely similar to “The ballad of Chasey Lain” by “The bloodhound hang” and I find that absolutely hilarious.
deez nutz
deez nutz Před 26 dny
you need to react to the one where that dating coach guesses who has slept w who. im. i can't-
Madison Mikita
Madison Mikita Před 26 dny
Cody: *burps* Me: bless you 🙏
Ethan boii
Ethan boii Před 26 dny
I felt very attacked this video
That Candian_guy
That Candian_guy Před 26 dny
Im sorry , but was that kinobody body's? Damn
Isabela Jann de Jesus
Isabela Jann de Jesus Před 27 dny
she looks like the principal talking to me bc she found out about my tinder
yenz M.
yenz M. Před 27 dny
Song Sweet
Song Sweet Před 28 dny
I have owned a total of 4 ferrets.. I live in Kentucky tho lol
Hunter Selkow
Hunter Selkow Před 28 dny
4:03 id help you with my dating what
Huimang희망 Před 28 dny
I do disagree with the “knowing you are a thing means you can’t/don’t say that you are” thing. Depends on the situation I suppose
Amber Před 29 dny
Cody should react to the siblings or dating Instagram page.
Aaliyah Cruz
Aaliyah Cruz Před 29 dny
What the fuck Cody, I own a ferret ( ˘︹˘ )
Life of a Cait
Life of a Cait Před 29 dny
I'm not gonna lie, knowing they film in Seattle and most of them are from that area, I'm always looking to see if I know these people or have passed them.
Ethan_ Před 29 dny
Am I supposed to be ashamed of my name?
Logan Smithers
Logan Smithers Před 29 dny
I don’t even know who Gary Vee is, yet he’s all these peoples’ favorite person
XTesT15X Před měsícem
Bruh, Women need this help more than dudes most times. Their shit is tragic.
Kaws Expo
Kaws Expo Před měsícem
The hurt farmer nouzilly empty because volcano naturalistically sip apud a demonic children. joyous, quiet cross
Wang Lang
Wang Lang Před měsícem
I was a fan until you started dissing ferrets. UNSUBSCRIBE
Ethen Day
Ethen Day Před měsícem
I got so confused when he said my name😂
Ethan Jantzi
Ethan Jantzi Před měsícem
You can’t just call my name out like that wtf
Emma Amort
Emma Amort Před měsícem
Me watching this with wired headphones on an android 🧍‍♀️14:22
IRanOutOfPhrases Před měsícem
I forget the finer details of it, but being verified in Bumble means you took a live picture of yourself and they matched it to your lead profile pic as actually you, I think. Has nothing to do with clout/popularity. She's absolutely right that its kind of bad to not not take that step
Joseph Arias
Joseph Arias Před měsícem
Cody, man these vids help me when I feel low
Mali Tabori
Mali Tabori Před měsícem
"Are you the dog" will forever be the best joke Cody has made
Abigail Zamores
Abigail Zamores Před měsícem
Cuz farrets are fucking dope and funny lil critters
Ellie French
Ellie French Před měsícem
armpit suit
Lead1121 Před měsícem
Okay I hate to be that person, but I'll never take dating advice from a female. I hate games and they love playing games. Thank God my girlfriend isn't like most girls
Sawson Před měsícem
i know this is an old video but are we not going to talk about how her suit jacket has the armpit cut out
Maxpowerhi Před měsícem
I say im fucking short but I actually am
Ngo Tuyet Nga
Ngo Tuyet Nga Před měsícem
The complete stone enthrallingly tremble because sky preliminarily fold regarding a roomy beautician. dear, same lunge
Ethan Touhey
Ethan Touhey Před měsícem
KT GE Před měsícem
Casually smoking weed? As opposed to formally smoking it?
joseph clarke
joseph clarke Před měsícem
Why is lonzo ball in this video
Marissa Spoto
Marissa Spoto Před měsícem
wait this is weird me and my teacher were talking about grad quotes td and then i watched this😟maybe i should use it
David Diaz
David Diaz Před měsícem
10:00 greatest joke 😭😭
SKRTStudios Před měsícem
Cody’s sweatshirt strings are annoying me...
Oscar Reisch
Oscar Reisch Před měsícem
every time cody says “the cut” i’m made just that little bit happier
Kat Bird
Kat Bird Před měsícem
This started playing while I was signing up for hinge and it freaked me out so bad
Ethan Knight
Ethan Knight Před měsícem
Really had to call me out
John Fonua
John Fonua Před měsícem
wade you don't even BURN
Omar Othman
Omar Othman Před měsícem
why haven't any said anything about her sleeves! that shit is nasty
:D계란 보이
:D계란 보이 Před měsícem
I feel bad for the people who aren't romans and rorys
mike santini
mike santini Před měsícem
There's nothing but chunkies and junkies on those apps
Ethan Zaragoza
Ethan Zaragoza Před měsícem
My name is Ethan, why you do
Zezo Před měsícem
I'm ugly and not funny!
Aaron Messner
Aaron Messner Před měsícem
Online dating is cancer.
cassidysbiggestfan Před měsícem
damn my boy do clean up nice
kallista moody
kallista moody Před měsícem
anyone else disturbed that she said “eye-reen-ee”.....
Claymore Před měsícem
Je(sus) 😭
Julianna Beckman
Julianna Beckman Před měsícem
Skin of your care Man of a face What are you Borat
Kaitlyn Cruz
Kaitlyn Cruz Před měsícem
cody's profile pic doesn't even look like him anymore like wot
Grace Pisano
Grace Pisano Před měsícem
who the fuck is gary vee
alex rodriguez
alex rodriguez Před měsícem
deadass ur not funny at all anymore like what the hell happened ?
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