Poking Fun at *CINDERELLA*

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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i am not a botonist
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Witsqa Před 11 minutami
dude i laughed so hard HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Cora Henderson
Cora Henderson Před 15 hodinami
war mice,
lavanya i
lavanya i Před dnem
Dylan's imagination is too aggressive for Disney😂
Jeeviga Kapilan
Jeeviga Kapilan Před dnem
Why did think that he had a backpack 😭😭
Zahrah Ahmed
Zahrah Ahmed Před dnem
Dylan: she’s a good choice to be a queen Me: yes because she’s kind- Dylan: because she can control animals and give you war hippos
Szonja Nagy
Szonja Nagy Před 2 dny
Do u ever just rewatch theese videos when u had a bad day? No.. just me okay..😂
Sumyr Thompson's Art
Sumyr Thompson's Art Před 2 dny
Ella was her real name her step family called her Cindy because she slept by the furnace and they combined both names to make Cinderella
Sumyr Thompson's Art
Sumyr Thompson's Art Před 2 dny
This was from the og story
Oumou Bathily
Oumou Bathily Před 2 dny
How her shoes came off if there the perfect fit
A random bean
A random bean Před dnem
Sweat lmao
Hannah Osowicki
Hannah Osowicki Před 2 dny
omg i didnt even realise that fairy godmother is bellatrix from the harry potter movies until now
Hannah Osowicki
Hannah Osowicki Před 2 dny
12:04 oOoH i love balls -DYLAN
Pola Před 2 dny
I thought he had a backpack on😂 But his chair was the backpack
lindsey cargile
lindsey cargile Před 3 dny
Watch EVER AFTER!!! Best Cinderella rendition ever!
Mackenzie Busby
Mackenzie Busby Před 4 dny
I think he should write a movie It would be funny and amazing
Hanna G
Hanna G Před 4 dny
Please watch zootopia
Sara Arlavi
Sara Arlavi Před 4 dny
"You want a stick" hahaha
Animetion Před 5 dny
fun fact: cinderella meant pooper scooper (since in the olden days, they pooped in chamber pots and she cleaned that. And SINCE she cleaned them, she got covered in cinders, which blocked the smell, and other stuffffff)
Hey I’m bored
Hey I’m bored Před 5 dny
yakub kadir
yakub kadir Před 6 dny
Guard: There is going to be a royal ball Dylan:ooo I love balls... Also Dylan:*😶🙂takes a moment to question his life choices*
Dawniblis s
Dawniblis s Před 6 dny
what do u not have the alladin movie on cd smh
Exploding Mangos
Exploding Mangos Před 6 dny
1:25 Dylan that is THE Cinderella castle
mir Před 7 dny
every single time i watch this commentary i cant but laugh at the “cuteness overload” part it’s so random and he was so unhinged for saying something this funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
you know i'm surprised that dylan hasn't watched into the woods before. Welp when he finds it he'll be in a strom.
Lainie Medina
Lainie Medina Před 7 dny
His reaction to seeing Cate Blanchett tho, same Dylan, sameeee!
Roseanne Saldivar-Fournier
Roseanne Saldivar-Fournier Před 7 dny
Anyone else worried that he had not known about disney+.. it launched a few months after this upload. Disney was in the process of buying rights and pulling their property from all other platforms.
A 0 K
A 0 K Před 8 dny
You heard the girl, she wants a stick!
Lívia Coêlho
Lívia Coêlho Před 8 dny
Love how you talk to the movie like it will change itself for you
Lyla Wellens
Lyla Wellens Před 9 dny
I just got flashbacks from when i got a picture next to the real glass slipper and carriage
kasey quinlan
kasey quinlan Před 9 dny
War chickens
kasey quinlan
kasey quinlan Před 9 dny
The one thing I hate about this movie is the fact that the step mother breaks the slipper but my favorite part in the original is when the shoe drops and breaks and all hope is lost and then Cinderella is like but I have to other slipper and it’s great and they didn’t do that in this movie
karyluv_ Před 9 dny
Y'know in the original animated movie the prince's father is more energetic than a child 😆..... And in the live action he's dying 😐😐😐
Celine Praveeni
Celine Praveeni Před 9 dny
Arianna Caderao
Arianna Caderao Před 10 dny
“There shall be held a royal ball” dylan: *ouhhhh I love balls..* 💀
Loclyn LaBorde
Loclyn LaBorde Před 10 dny
The _bric-à-brac_ is _bric-à-'back'_ & it's _bric-à-,'wick'-à-,'wack'!_
Maria Souchet
Maria Souchet Před 10 dny
“Ooh I love balls” Instant realization and regret😂😂😂
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira Před 10 dny
Dylan reminds me of Doctor Mike o.o
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira Před 10 dny
7:53 that scared the shit out of me
Hafsa Hussain
Hafsa Hussain Před 10 dny
You should react to the Cinderella 3 A Twist In Time it’s actually pretty good
Skylabear And Lilfoxy
Skylabear And Lilfoxy Před 10 dny
Cinderellas glass slipper only fits her foot why did it fall off in the first place
Trisectional Fool
Trisectional Fool Před 11 dny
“Oh I love balls” followed by instant regret.
Dishari Barua
Dishari Barua Před 12 dny
This movie is about foot fetish
bee lll
bee lll Před 12 dny
Dylan those are probably pet mice.
Jana Eloff
Jana Eloff Před 12 dny
tHaT iS a LaRgE hAt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eliana Cohen
Eliana Cohen Před 12 dny
So cool I’ve met the actress that plays Cinderella’s mum because she used to go to my school in London. I was part of the film club there was 5 of us and she came to see us I’ve got a very awkward photo with her and the only film I saw her in is The Duchess 😆
Vidhu Cheriyan
Vidhu Cheriyan Před 14 dny
I remember watching this movie and seeing her mother and screaming PEGGY CARTER
31 Anna Sonboonta
31 Anna Sonboonta Před 14 dny
Dylan : I'm a professional movie watcher! Also Dylan : HAS NEVER WATCH ANY MOVIES
Ina Dada
Ina Dada Před 15 dny
Abby Hill
Abby Hill Před 15 dny
Cook: thank you miss Ella Dylan: Oh come on stop with the ella thing😒 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎
Autumn31 Před 16 dny
Let’s take a moment to appreciate Dylan’s edits 👏👏👏👏👏
From Jolien
From Jolien Před 16 dny
You should react to Into The Woods. That should be fun
Pan Lim
Pan Lim Před 17 dny
"ooh I love balls."
Karoline Před 17 dny
Lil Cindy is her street name
Meowf Meowf
Meowf Meowf Před 18 dny
Rowan Delevingne
Rowan Delevingne Před 19 dny
18:22 WHAT!!! ok hahahahahahahaha idk i gonna ignore it.
Wendy U
Wendy U Před 19 dny
but the costumes in this movie were so good specially the evil stepmother 😍
Green Soul Goddess
Green Soul Goddess Před 20 dny
I can’t stop laughing, you’re so funny!!
Lana Salhab
Lana Salhab Před 20 dny
Wouldn’t the glass heels transform back into her slippers at midnight..?
Lana Salhab
Lana Salhab Před dnem
@A random bean ohh
A random bean
A random bean Před dnem
No they were a gift
Frieda Stangl
Frieda Stangl Před 20 dny
It's the way she constantly breathes heavily and sighs for me
Molly Shackleton
Molly Shackleton Před 20 dny
11:36 To all the British people who laugh when they saw uncle Brins character and laughed just cause it’s uncle Brin
Elisa Mozo
Elisa Mozo Před 20 dny
Hayley Atwell was Ella’s mom! I cannot believe I just realized it. She looks so different in blonde
Eliana Cohen
Eliana Cohen Před 12 dny
I met her she went to my school!
Rose T
Rose T Před 20 dny
A botanist 😂
heehoo Před 20 dny
11:38 all i could think about was chris from parks and rec lol
Frieda Stangl
Frieda Stangl Před 20 dny
I missed Ceasar
tyler canada
tyler canada Před 20 dny
Can you please react to Cinderella 3 a twist in time thank you
OTDLD Před 21 dnem
They don't call her Cindy because her actual name is ELLA. Cinderella is what her stepmother and sisters called her to taunt her which is INSANE that we all are basically taunting this girl by embracing the name Cinderella. Walt did not think that through.
Victoria Crowder
Victoria Crowder Před 21 dnem
Cinderella is the only bitch with a size 6 😂😂😂 HOWWW????
A random bean
A random bean Před dnem
People had small feet back then human evolution and all
Curly Snail
Curly Snail Před 21 dnem
“I don’t know animals. What do I look like? A botanist?” -Dylan 2019
Talia Laflamme
Talia Laflamme Před 21 dnem
the color should be blue
Elena H.
Elena H. Před 21 dnem
no one: literally not a soul: dylan: YOU COULD HAVE WAR HIPPOS
vaidehi navghare
vaidehi navghare Před 21 dnem
why did entire dress and the carriage go away after 12 but not the slippers?
samantha m
samantha m Před 21 dnem
everything else was something to begin with, example: pumpkin into carriage. but, when the fairy godmother gave her the glass slippers, her feet were bare. there was nothing for them to turn back into, therefore they remained glass slippers.
Hannah Před 21 dnem
Walt Disney got the inspiration for the castle from the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany :)
Mara Reynolds
Mara Reynolds Před 22 dny
dylan: i love balls also dylan: INSTANT REGRET
LPS Warrior
LPS Warrior Před 22 dny
Dylan you forgot Spy Mice
Karabo Molalathoko
Karabo Molalathoko Před 22 dny
Since the glass hill was part of the magic why did it not ware off
aarini Před 22 dny
the movie :said something with the ball dylan: uuuu i love the ball~~ realize it in diff meaning~regrets~sight
Nerdy Bookworm85
Nerdy Bookworm85 Před 24 dny
I cant tell if your being sarcastic, but a botanist is someone who studies plants and plant anatomy and not animals
K M Před 25 dny
no one: dylan: i’m smart and logical also dylan: looks at goose and and calls it a dog “ i don’t know animals, what do i look like a botanist”
Ronek Piple
Ronek Piple Před 25 dny
No one: Literally no one: 12:03 Dylan: i lOvE baLLs
Isabel Jean
Isabel Jean Před 25 dny
The castle is the beginning is Cinderella's castle in case anyone is wondering
Enolp Před 25 dny
Movie: let’s keep the people alive in this story Dylan: GIMME DEATH Movie: ok let’s kill some dudes Dylan: *WHY IS EVERYONE DYING*
linaea walsh
linaea walsh Před 26 dny
as a real kid, i can confirm: i am a little shit
Jesielynn Wills
Jesielynn Wills Před 27 dny
I have spit my Coke out like 40 times of you just saying the plague
Officially Precious
Officially Precious Před 27 dny
Is it just me or does Dylan kidda look like Chris Wood
A random bean
A random bean Před dnem
Omgggg yes
aya kya
aya kya Před 27 dny
chill dude, that's just a fairy tale for kids, stop showing off as if ur smart by stating the fact that the prince can't marry her just because they know each other only few days, ya'll are weird
Teesha Debnath
Teesha Debnath Před 27 dny
The reason the prince didn't remember what Cinderella looked like because she had a spell put on her, remember? To not let her stepmother and step sisters recognise her?
Mo Nete
Mo Nete Před 28 dny
to my own surprise, this is the only live action disney movie I actually enjoyed, even though it's not perfect. I wish the ending (Cinderella having the second shoe and revealing it in front of the duke) and the destroying of the dress were the same as the animated movie. Both scenes didn't have the same impact as they had in the animated version. When they destroyed the dress and Cinderella gave up and bursted into tears, you could feel that pain and absolute hopelessness, like she felt she was stuck in that devastating and abusive situation forever. In the movie it just felt like another bad day of mistreatment.
Delicia Salsabila - Adhel
Delicia Salsabila - Adhel Před 29 dny
The only thing i hate abt this movie is that they didnt sing so this is love:(
aj here
aj here Před měsícem
Why did I think he was wearing a backpack???
Ksenya Smith
Ksenya Smith Před měsícem
Damn I’ve always wanted to name my cat Lucifer
Thalia Tabbara
Thalia Tabbara Před měsícem
Okay but I don't get how everything changed back to normal but her shoes didn't?
A random bean
A random bean Před dnem
They were a gift
Shira Trokman
Shira Trokman Před měsícem
Can you please do one on Godmothered¿
Noor Arjmand
Noor Arjmand Před měsícem
so he said he's never seen a protagonist wear a hat that big when the step mom walked in the house. but...isn;t the step mom the antagonist??? 🤔🤔🤔 did i hear that wrong??
Noor Arjmand
Noor Arjmand Před měsícem
@Tia Sea I feel silly. I usually pick up on those kind of jokes lol. Thank you!
Tia Sea
Tia Sea Před měsícem
You heard it correctly. What he meant is that giant hat is a clear sign that the character is evil.
Soso StOnge
Soso StOnge Před měsícem
why did he not put blue?
Angela Bingham
Angela Bingham Před měsícem
tell me why i JUST went back to this video and realized that the same person who played the fairy god mother (Helena Bonham Carter) is also bellatrix...OH MY GOD
Sonya Siteny
Sonya Siteny Před měsícem
I don't think Dylan understands the motifs of this movie. I cannot believe he thought Beauty and the Beast remake is better than Cinderella remake. All the remakes, besides this one, are copies of the animation which is really boring and annoying. Idk man.
Kitty O
Kitty O Před měsícem
Dylan: DISGUSTING RATS. Me: *feeds them to my snake*
Brooklyn Barfield
Brooklyn Barfield Před měsícem
Did he say trouble bakers
EllaGamingxx Před měsícem
Ella Ella
Jack Marshal
Jack Marshal Před měsícem
I think Dylan would appreciate in the original story this was adapted from Cinderella's step sisters cut off their toes to try and fit the glass slipper
Rim Wehbé
Rim Wehbé Před měsícem
When he first entered the screen I though he was wearing a backpack.
Miraculous Ladybug Fangirl 07
Miraculous Ladybug Fangirl 07 Před měsícem
Dylan: “I love balls.” *instant regret*
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