Pickup artists in the wild

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Cody Ko

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Mckenzie Shoaf
Mckenzie Shoaf Před 22 hodinami
this is straight up narcissistic manipulative behavior. so creepy. i feel bad for all these women
ben shabibo
ben shabibo Před 3 dny
cody looks like he gives good hugs
Killa Mike
Killa Mike Před 3 dny
All I see is a bunch of beta men trying to be Alpha And Cody you are far from Beta
Alexia Jones
Alexia Jones Před 4 dny
“Can i impregnate you...?” Wtf. Who says things like that
Jenaya vision
Jenaya vision Před 4 dny
This was in one of Larry's play lists lol
Matt Hortop
Matt Hortop Před 5 dny
I made it to 1.53 and had to leave. Sorry KO!! Will double watch a less painful one to make up for it!
Jelena Bajić
Jelena Bajić Před 6 dny
Bisby Croutons
Bisby Croutons Před 6 dny
I want what Cody and Kelsey have
Lance Keller
Lance Keller Před 7 dny
By saying crazy shit like that to women you show that you don't need their approval. As counter intuitive as that is, it actually works. I know from experience.
Lance Keller
Lance Keller Před 7 dny
So you're a virgin?.......,......crickets.
Angel Frankie Emerson
Angel Frankie Emerson Před 8 dny
i’m at minute 1:45 and i hope he asks a lesbian if they’re dating a man to make an ass out of himself😂like i’m positive he is heteronormative.
Julia Gritzbach
Julia Gritzbach Před 9 dny
misssnicole Před 9 dny
I love your shit Cody! You make me laugh every time without fail!
Korrey Courts
Korrey Courts Před 9 dny
Love ya Cody but cannot watch
azooz doss
azooz doss Před 9 dny
im sorry yall but i watch these vids its fun
Exxy Před 9 dny
I don't understand how someone could find the sexual harassment of women funny - it's exploitive, predatory, and it reminds a woman of everything she has to go through.
Will Hanken
Will Hanken Před 10 dny
Ravi turned into a prick
ADMIN_ Před 10 dny
I have to give you a like and sub for sifting through that cesspool of a community
Arnav Karray
Arnav Karray Před 10 dny
The first guy is Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec
B Kilgore
B Kilgore Před 11 dny
this is what i’m scared of, i’ve never been out drinking because i turned 21 in quarantine. i’m small, and i’m not very strong at all because after becoming an adult i just sat at home, just like everyone through the pandemic. i’m a lightweight and i could get fucked up in public easily, i’m sure. i would be the perfect target honestly. this is what i’m scared of.
Kauzik saha
Kauzik saha Před 11 dny
Na man can't watch this cringe, but I'll comment for the bump , next video pls Cody
soph Před 12 dny
new episode of: nasty men who can’t get sober girls go to bars, stick a camera in their faces, and take advantage of drunk girls
yo Owen
yo Owen Před 13 dny
This is a great video cody but i have yo click off this is just soo uncomfortable. Im sorry
Sky B
Sky B Před 13 dny
I got robbed once and the guy asked “What do you have for me?” It worked when the gun was pointing at me so it GOTTA work for that guy.
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown Před 14 dny
This is annoying
Tiago Mesquita
Tiago Mesquita Před 14 dny
My Kiss??
light dax
light dax Před 14 dny
in my tum tum i felt dat shit
xXIncomingSqueaksXx Před 14 dny
The first guy was so cringe
Aleena Solomon
Aleena Solomon Před 14 dny
Asian dude was pretty funny imo
HalfBoiIed Před 14 dny
13:17 But... they go to the hospital for that.
Molecular MageXD
Molecular MageXD Před 14 dny
The real cringe is the outro music
unknown unknown
unknown unknown Před 14 dny
Don't mind me. Just aging like yogurt🤷🏻‍♀️
Lewis Hore
Lewis Hore Před 15 dny
9:40 prank invasion has returned
Ration Před 15 dny
6:57 right about here is when I realized if she didn't have that, bro would be fighting harassment charges rn . Holy 5hit.
baylee classe
baylee classe Před 15 dny
If a guy asked me “what do u have to offer me” i would physically eat my foot
Yugyeom's wife
Yugyeom's wife Před 15 dny
i am having war flashbacks to my ex boyfriends that would say "where my hug at?"
DisappointmentsAnd Disgrace
DisappointmentsAnd Disgrace Před 16 dny
Lock them all up. Just. All of them. Put them. In a basement, throw away the key. Ew. Ewwww. Sexual fucking predators.
courtneli Před 16 dny
If you read this I died of cringe overload
Kyle Lawrence
Kyle Lawrence Před 16 dny
This wasn't cringey at all 😐.... Hot girls being asked sexual questions is Entertainment buddy 🤩....
wolfchilli Před 16 dny
this video came out a day before my birthday XD
Lui Bando
Lui Bando Před 17 dny
super rape-y vibes
KATSU V0N Před 17 dny
Predatory behavior especially with girls being drunk.
Stephanie Guerena
Stephanie Guerena Před 17 dny
Cody this is my second time trying to watch this video... I once again can’t finish it thanks to the guy at 6:40... the first time I stopped at that part and I- I just can’t do it
some guy
some guy Před 18 dny
Stephanie Yousif
Stephanie Yousif Před 18 dny
I love you
love Před 19 dny
I didn’t know girls waiting until marriage automatically labeled them as being “the girl defined type” lol. This may come as a surprise Cody but not everyone that waits till marriage does it for religious reasons. And even if they are why are u labeling them after two girls who u publicly made fun of multiple times. Oh and this video kinda sucked, pls call sexual assault what it is. I like ur vids a lot but pls do better :/
Kay Před 19 dny
Besides the fact that no one should be asking these questions, the even more messed up thing is that most of these women are drunk and the interviewers are not. And that’s the whole plan. It’s sickening.
gabriel hernandez
gabriel hernandez Před 19 dny
"I dont know, I dont know, you know?"-cody 2021
Axel Niyonzima
Axel Niyonzima Před 19 dny
the girl who gave her drink to the guy then sucked on a straw... im hoping this was before covid.
Sam S
Sam S Před 19 dny
Alex J Tanguay
Alex J Tanguay Před 20 dny
These guys are all of the guys on social media who ask girls they don’t know for nudes, and then when turned down will insult the girl, tell her she’s ugly end worthless.
Lacey Smith
Lacey Smith Před 20 dny
"Can I impregnate you" I feel sick to my stomach, I'm not even cringing at this point I'm just pissed and nauseas
Dylan Paine
Dylan Paine Před 20 dny
I’m not even 2 minutes in and I’m already suicidal
Rachit Srivastava
Rachit Srivastava Před 21 dnem
FlameL8812 Před 21 dnem
ive made it but at what cost😔
Symone X
Symone X Před 21 dnem
How is this even legal???🥴🥴
Anon Anon
Anon Anon Před 23 dny
This comment section is why that 90s sitcom where two guys pretend to be gay so women will let them touch their butts comes with a warning now. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccch snowflakes omg
Read More
Read More Před 21 dnem
what are you talking about
Anon Anon
Anon Anon Před 23 dny
3rd one was not bad
S1renz Prod
S1renz Prod Před 24 dny
the cringe is unreal
Rolando Sanchez
Rolando Sanchez Před 25 dny
How do these guys not get their ass beat on the spot? Haha
Thomas Wegmann
Thomas Wegmann Před 26 dny
Girls be like SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Nah it’s not, it’s just them being cringe
lilstaargirl Před 23 dny
That is sexual harassment.
Sasha Berkman
Sasha Berkman Před 26 dny
3 set hopper kid needed some airhorns my man out here tryin' so hard, upstaged cringelord Chad so effortlessly
Katherine Michailides
Katherine Michailides Před 26 dny
omg it really is Wayne Campbell
Jackenape Před 26 dny
9:03 “i only date teenagers”
Steve C.
Steve C. Před 26 dny
the last one he was super skeeved out by was the one of the tamest ones
Borat Topaz
Borat Topaz Před 26 dny
You must have never been out to clubs or bars. Arm around her is not a big deal, especially when you're doing a fun, wild night life interview. Its just fun vibes and the girls enjoy it. By midnight or 1am ppl who just met that night are deep tongue kissing each other lmao, these videos are NOTHING compared to what actually goes down in scottsdale or any nightlife city. You seem like a jealous incel sjw tbh
Addy Před 11 dny
Ok Mr. Pickup Artist
Cameron Monks
Cameron Monks Před 26 dny
“If there was 3 chicks then we could get married cause we could have 3 sum all the time but if there was a 4th chick one would get jealous.” Lmao 😂 you would have the same problem with 3 girls as you do with 4. If your part of the 3 sum then there cannot be 3 other girls.
Lill Durk600
Lill Durk600 Před 22 dny
Lauriston Smith
Lauriston Smith Před 26 dny
I saw one video where a guy chatted a woman up at a rally (possibly BLM) and ended up making out at the back of his beat up old car. It SEEMED consensual, but it also seemed gross and predatory at the same time. Of course he was a hero in the comment section.
Borat Topaz
Borat Topaz Před 26 dny
Cause he is. That video was great, i met my ex because of just francis
Henry Barron
Henry Barron Před 27 dny
3 plus 1 is 4
Henry Barron
Henry Barron Před 27 dny
Stfu Henry
TalkSports Před 27 dny
it’s content for ppl & they’re getting paid from it. Apparently a lot of ppl that watch it and like it
bosh Před 28 dny
WTF there's ppl like dis out there 💀 my nutz shriveled back into my body
TwoOreosOneCup Před 28 dny
Yo girl looking like a dood
Aaron Houghton
Aaron Houghton Před 28 dny
That last one was the most disarming thing I have ever seen. I feel violated.
Lill Durk600
Lill Durk600 Před 22 dny
Jaden Sukova
Jaden Sukova Před 28 dny
this is so hard to watch these guys are the definition of sexual assault
jef minem
jef minem Před 29 dny
you said this was cringe but there was no way I could have been prepared for this. I am 45 seconds in.
Lill Durk600
Lill Durk600 Před 22 dny
Daniel Aguilar.
Daniel Aguilar. Před 29 dny
2:18 the sound of cringe Also 14:21
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs Před 29 dny
Omg that last one is so cringe
Carolina Ingram
Carolina Ingram Před měsícem
This makes me so uncomfortable on so many levels. Why do boys like this think sexual harassment is cool???
Yness !
Yness ! Před měsícem
I just realized we call them "pick up ARTISTS" omg they don't deserve it
Rachel Montgomery
Rachel Montgomery Před měsícem
we have suffered
Rotten Cat
Rotten Cat Před měsícem
These guys make girls night out unbearable. They just show a camera to your face ,grab your arm/put their hand on your shoulder to make you feel pressured and ask you very personal questions. There is nothing wrong with approaching someone you like and ask them if they want to hang out but it's another thing to make someone uncomfortable with your dumb shit.
3dg3lord Před měsícem
A guy literally used "What have you got to offer me" on me before aklsdjfalkjdsf
chris granado
chris granado Před měsícem
imagine the only way you get attention from women being by shoving a camera in their face when they're out getting drunk
Harbinger Před měsícem
That Indian dude is an embarrassing to my people
Courtney Christofferson
Courtney Christofferson Před měsícem
These pick up artist videos show every woman battling between her impulse to be kind and her instinct to do whatever necessary to keep herself safe. PS I agree with Cody that guys should take risks and be bold and approach women but the whole having a camera and being touchy and pushy with drunk girls is too much. These guys must have all been rejected in high school and now are on a 'I"ll show women who's boss' tirade.
Boomdiota Před měsícem
Bro did you pull music from a lineage ost
Boomdiota Před měsícem
I swear I heard the Giran theme there for a second
Fanny Terán
Fanny Terán Před měsícem
that guy drunk justin and his australian friend Brad were harrassing girls in mexico and recording them having sex, fucking disgusting
Kate Nolan
Kate Nolan Před měsícem
This shows just how an night out for girls is. Cant even have fun without getting harrassed 🥳 i want to punch every single one of them 🥰
Conner Chaisson
Conner Chaisson Před měsícem
ok cool thankf
ImKosie Před měsícem
this man wakes up every day and chooses cringe
Tj Jerendazy
Tj Jerendazy Před měsícem
Where’s Noel
Leonardo Pereira
Leonardo Pereira Před měsícem
Its too much cringe for my soul, sorry Cody
hahaha hahahaha
hahaha hahahaha Před měsícem
I bet a lot of the girls they ask literally just walk away or just say something that those boys didn't like.
Lill Durk600
Lill Durk600 Před 22 dny
thach nguyen
thach nguyen Před měsícem
Fuck it, i leaned in when cody asked where is his kiss ! :/
dad dad
dad dad Před měsícem
the last one was literally just sexual harassment, and so many others
Kirsten Abraham-Egbert
Kirsten Abraham-Egbert Před měsícem
Cody you can say what it is-- it's sexual harassment.
Renee Bullock
Renee Bullock Před měsícem
This was awful. These guys are trash and this is not entertainment. It’s straight up harrassment toward women who are intoxicated clearly. Edit: But hey- love your vids as always Cody
japanesecinema Před měsícem
I was confused why noone's watch was getting stolen and then I realized...
Ella Hedger
Ella Hedger Před měsícem
Ella Hedger
Ella Hedger Před měsícem
I love MEGAN
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