Parents Guess What Naughty Items Their Kids Own

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Cody Ko

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max dagle
max dagle Před dnem
Roy's a legend.
Alan Mello
Alan Mello Před dnem
Just imagine if these were Indian parents Oh my god I dont even want to think about it. They will even beat me if they come to know I watch this vedio lol
Sleeping Fox
Sleeping Fox Před 2 dny
Him: 50% ehehehehehehehe 3% naughty? 47% “blah blah blah”
mia Před 2 dny
the way there’s 200k likes and not even 1k dislikes. i love it
maddie Před 4 dny
can we bring up codys sandals and socks
Safi Nasir
Safi Nasir Před 4 dny
Roy a freak freak on G 😩
Angry Biscuit
Angry Biscuit Před 5 dny
"Who are you people" Did this guy like wake up with amnesia
Pope Před 5 dny
we are living in roy and lous world
young holden
young holden Před 5 dny
what if Cut went sinister with it and started putting serial killers’ trophies in the mix and revealed one of the contestants to be a criminal
Eduard M
Eduard M Před 7 dny
Usually watching Cody's videos cheers me up, but this one.... This one made me want to kill myself
Jet Před 8 dny
I think Roy needs a talk.
Michael J. O’Neill
Michael J. O’Neill Před 8 dny
Omg Roy! You’re daughter is never going to be seen in public again because of you 😂
Griffin Kildare
Griffin Kildare Před 8 dny
I love how all of the comments are about Roy Lmaooooo
Gabriela Chivu
Gabriela Chivu Před 8 dny
Walter L
Walter L Před 8 dny
These parents are even more full of surprises than the children...
garbageboy stinkman
garbageboy stinkman Před 10 dny
i don’t think i’ve ever loved anyone as much as i love roy
Katie Reckley
Katie Reckley Před 12 dny
I do the LAWN and I do the LAUNDRY 😂😂😂
Flakesyt Před 13 dny
i love ur videos man keep up the good work
Michael Mesecke
Michael Mesecke Před 13 dny
This is the best lol
Illeana Guzman
Illeana Guzman Před 14 dny
Mariou Magdy
Mariou Magdy Před 14 dny
That was fucking hilarious :"D great video cut and you :"D
Kaira Campbell
Kaira Campbell Před 15 dny
the longer your hair gets the more you look like your girlfriends brother
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez Před 15 dny
i love 7:16 SO much the moment she is laughing at the item & then laughs harder when she sees her hubby's confused expression 😂😂😂😫😫
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez Před 15 dny
oh wow gorgeous set up in the background that lighting v warm
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez Před 15 dny
im 59 seconds in i just had to pause for moment to inhale & exhale slowly before commencing
Karin Před 15 dny
that game would be pretty funny cause my mother knows everything about me and my dad doesnt know where i live
Zeke Daggett
Zeke Daggett Před 15 dny
6:40 those are typically the freakiest types of people
Aditi Yadav
Aditi Yadav Před 16 dny
As a desi person, this scenario is an absolute nightmare. Can't even tell parents about our partner, let alone this
lickthatsweater Před 16 dny
Roy a dilf
Amy K
Amy K Před 16 dny
You are NOT supposed to douche once a month. Oh god.
FBI Před 17 dny
I like how they casually talk about bongs and marijuana like it’s not illegal or could ruin your life 💀
Shrek's#1Fan Před 18 dny
Came back to watch this again for Roy what an absolute legend
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson Před 18 dny
12:27 why did his hand do that lol are they not really next to each other
Spoonses Macz
Spoonses Macz Před 19 dny
Roy wildin
Amanda M.
Amanda M. Před 19 dny
I wanna watch cut videos but I can’t watch them without Mr. Ko’s reviews so honestly subredditors shut the FUCK up!
Logan Sanders
Logan Sanders Před 19 dny
Anybody know what shirt Cody is wearing?
Winter Bonnie
Winter Bonnie Před 19 dny
We stan roy
Noah Před 21 dnem
6:39 lost it
Olivia Langdon
Olivia Langdon Před 21 dnem
4:00 I couldn't tell if he meant a gag as in a joke or a gag ball roy is fucking epic
Franklin Webb
Franklin Webb Před 21 dnem
Bro fuck the subreddit your reactions to cut videos make my day
Jin J
Jin J Před 21 dnem
Okay Roy!
HutchHere Před 21 dnem
Roy is my favorite character is the Cut Cinimatic Universe
Lindsay Bierman
Lindsay Bierman Před 21 dnem
Call for Cut to get the Ko family on and embarass Cody hahahaha
Ava Gray
Ava Gray Před 21 dnem
It’s always the quiet ones (Roy lol)
knifeboots Před 21 dnem
lou and roy absolutely hooked up after this
Jamie Kouris
Jamie Kouris Před 22 dny
Jamie Kouris
Jamie Kouris Před 22 dny
Isn't every girl wearing pearl embedded thongs these days?
Natoshia Ostrander
Natoshia Ostrander Před 24 dny
This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time lmfaoooo
Destiny Mann
Destiny Mann Před 24 dny
i died !! when cody said “nd i be fuckin!!” hahaa
Nevegha Před 25 dny
i laugh soo hard
Kim Van
Kim Van Před 25 dny
We love your show, thank you!
Kate H
Kate H Před 25 dny
Do you think you have a shorter middle finger than the average person?
Sayaka Pomeroy
Sayaka Pomeroy Před 25 dny
Cody, when are we gonna see you on an episode of cut?
Christian Kastoun
Christian Kastoun Před 25 dny
green haired girls dad kinda sounds like unconvincing gay guy from the podcast
A P Před 25 dny
*Age restricted ?*
cold h20
cold h20 Před 25 dny
meth is so awesome like dennis from sunny ...if i could have anything in the world right now it would be meth ...i understand he wanted crack but yee
Young Matt
Young Matt Před 26 dny
the do*che is actually for the 🐱
April Maflo
April Maflo Před 27 dny
Someone knows the song at 1:58?
hec 10 riv
hec 10 riv Před 27 dny
What song is at 1:58?
That Random Guy
That Random Guy Před 28 dny
Roy you sly dog
Blargshark1231 Před 28 dny
These people are so much more open with their parents than me, wow
Grady Franco
Grady Franco Před 28 dny
Roy making me feel some type of way
Cleo Grove
Cleo Grove Před 28 dny
My dad always complains about my thongs
hangnale Před 29 dny
i want the ny dad to adopt me
Noah Welch
Noah Welch Před 29 dny
Roy is a King
John Acura
John Acura Před 29 dny
Two words "sausage party"
♪ Ebony Rose ♪
♪ Ebony Rose ♪ Před 29 dny
god my lungs fuckin hurt from laughing
heather j
heather j Před 29 dny
did you just willingly walk in front of the camera in high waters and socks with slides???
Yo Mama
Yo Mama Před 29 dny
Dude this made me laugh harder than i've laughed in a long time
Josh456 Před 29 dny
Roy is the most alpha Chad ever
r0bpattzfan Před 29 dny
someone tell that mom and daughter not to douche
Christian Garza
Christian Garza Před 29 dny
Yeah he definitely doesn’t burn
Cam Sanders
Cam Sanders Před měsícem
cody has watched so many of the cut videos that he genuinely belly laughs and enjoys them now 😂
Arif Před měsícem
Cody being surprised that a Cut video is at least entertaining is so funny
Arif Před měsícem
A Cody Ko OF account would be lit. He'd be the first(?) CSpostsr to do so
Alyssa S
Alyssa S Před měsícem
Roy going craaazzzyyyy 😭😭😭😭
Emma Baker
Emma Baker Před měsícem
please don't stop the Cut videos
Kineticwizzy Před měsícem
Really repping Alberta with that mullet there Cody
Ntinos Kaza
Ntinos Kaza Před měsícem
Alternative title: Boomer reacts to "naughty" items
Alyssa Romero
Alyssa Romero Před měsícem
8:08 douching is very not healthy for you at all and can lead to messing ur ph up and infection PLZ RESEARCH N DONT DO IT BRUH
jerrod L
jerrod L Před měsícem
Roy is fucking wild dude
Josh Ferguson
Josh Ferguson Před měsícem
With de gag ball
toastmalone Před měsícem
Where is my weirded Middle-easterners at??
FIJIZAYY : Před měsícem
Me and Roy have a lot in common tbh....
Joan Attanasio
Joan Attanasio Před měsícem
Roy's daughter looks like Boo from Monster's Inc.
Rachel Montgomery
Rachel Montgomery Před měsícem
i nearly cried
Rachel Montgomery
Rachel Montgomery Před měsícem
or a bottle like a big mon
Rachel Montgomery
Rachel Montgomery Před měsícem
use a glass
Rachel Montgomery
Rachel Montgomery Před měsícem
Rachel Montgomery
Rachel Montgomery Před měsícem
it’s water in a can it will disintegrate in a billion years
Rachel Montgomery
Rachel Montgomery Před měsícem
you drink liquid death water mon
MIMI KU Před měsícem
Silverxdiamond Před měsícem
I warmed up the douche 😭😭😭😭🤣
Piggy Penelope
Piggy Penelope Před měsícem
DAMN COdy.. wish I could watch the video. but I pass on uploading my id to youtube.. WTF
Akerly Dystic
Akerly Dystic Před měsícem
"I warmed up the douche ! "
Pup Před měsícem
why is nobody talking about the white socks and SLIDERS combo on Cody? not even sandals, sliders.
cadence glick
cadence glick Před měsícem
Tebogo Moatshe
Tebogo Moatshe Před měsícem
Fucking love Roy🤣
Riley Ure
Riley Ure Před měsícem
This video would kill Prince Charles
Hailey Breitenstein
Hailey Breitenstein Před měsícem
i love he's just sippin a brewskie while filming lmfao
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