Our Newest Employee Remasters our Oldest VFX

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In an attempt to benchmark his new RTX3090, and dunk on Sam's 2012 VFX skills, Peter sets out to completely remaster his favorite shot from a classic corridor video: "The Glitch." But first he will have to search the Corridor Archives to access the original project files... if they still exist.
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Astro Playz
Astro Playz Před 15 hodinami
I love Corridor Crew's silly dramatizations like the beginning of this video
Louie Folch
Louie Folch Před 20 hodinami
15:04 made me laugh so freaking hard
Henery 67
Henery 67 Před 20 hodinami
Lag is no excuse the lag: 15:04
GamingwithAlexis Před 2 dny
15:37 HeEeEEeeE
Atin'la Ordo
Atin'la Ordo Před 2 dny
I wish I could do special effects
Jester Před 3 dny
Wow mad respect to them
Abhinand K
Abhinand K Před 3 dny
Fix old scooby doo movie monster ,and the incredible bulk
jacobhunter2005 Před 3 dny
mom: Why don't you go play with the neighbor's kid? the neighbor's kid: 16:03
Brian Hanna
Brian Hanna Před 3 dny
If peter was 3 in 2011 he would be like 12 now
Blakk_Foxe Před 4 dny
My brother: *kicks and punches me so hard I can't breathe* Me: *gently pushes him to the side* My brother: 16:04
Julie Vautour
Julie Vautour Před 4 dny
Don’t hug me I’m scared 7
jolene lovett
jolene lovett Před 4 dny
Make Captain Underpants But Live Action
Gracielle Daoust
Gracielle Daoust Před 5 dny
Oops I met 11 or 12😅
Gracielle Daoust
Gracielle Daoust Před 5 dny
Peter said he was 3 or 4 in 2012 so he is 15 or 16😂🤔
Megalon9631 Před 5 dny
The old one’s better
NoobSploder Před 5 dny
16:03 for people who wanna see the animation alone
Avery Jones
Avery Jones Před 6 dny
Ok Peter if you where born when it came out and it came out in 2012 and I'm 10 and I was born in 2010 your like 8
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz Před 7 dny
I hope they can find the video and remake it with this new equipment
The Scout
The Scout Před 7 dny
Remember when the fbe kids were a little scared when they saw the original? I think they would have got a heart attack if they saw this
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Před 7 dny
What's the old and new video called
Ricardo Javillonar
Ricardo Javillonar Před 7 dny
*Before I start my funeral let’s thank today’s sponsor. RAID SHADOW LEGENDS*
Archgumbo Před 8 dny
December 2011 I was born
Ballisticzombie7 Před 8 dny
Remember when the puget system with 4 1080s was powerful
Silent Shadow
Silent Shadow Před 8 dny
Master cheif is better now
Ricky107 Před 9 dny
Let's go blender
Jaron Před 9 dny
If anyone wants to know the music at 9:19 it's the Radetzky March
Ben Před 9 dny
I’m picking up some Gus Johnson vibes on that ad
Hudson Little
Hudson Little Před 10 dny
What did they used to insert the character
Slimey Před 10 dny
The concerned face of the minecraft guy tho...
Baldwin Před 10 dny
Samuel Cole
Samuel Cole Před 10 dny
0:49 This gave me nightmares
RiverKinn Před 11 dny
reminded me of the rubber johnny video
bruh momment
bruh momment Před 11 dny
Hear me out watch every 90s childrens commercial uncensored they used utterly realistic puppets but i hope u make a remastered version
Zorian DeSousa Baptista
Zorian DeSousa Baptista Před 11 dny
thanks for remaking this
gildaley's in lockdown
gildaley's in lockdown Před 12 dny
can u use cycles with out the annoying 4 seconds of blurriness before u see the actual thing u made
My last name is Jeff
My last name is Jeff Před 12 dny
*Mario screaming in pain* Captions: (Applause)
Normarktv Normarktv
Normarktv Normarktv Před 12 dny
2000 12 octover i was bornd
♛ Huffdaddy™
♛ Huffdaddy™ Před 13 dny
I really wanna try triple x vitamin water with 5 hour energy now
_𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪__𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪_a Před 13 dny
0:29 cyberpunk 2077 be like
PaniniPirate96 Před 14 dny
15:03 when I Touch the food in the sink after washing the dishes
ANDROMGAMS Před 14 dny
Worst script ever 😑😑😑
Ben Ballard
Ben Ballard Před 14 dny
me: is mario okay? mario: Y E S
Morgan Kasper
Morgan Kasper Před 16 dny
the old mario from the glitch actualy looks suppirior cause they look videogamelike
Marvel rebirth verse Studios
Marvel rebirth verse Studios Před 16 dny
the old Mario from the glitch looks way scarier but now the new mario from the glitch is super scarier
ButterKing -28
ButterKing -28 Před 16 dny
I am a OG. I remember that video! :S
Stranger Man
Stranger Man Před 16 dny
Meesa wanna sniffa a uhgunga
Akhil chandran
Akhil chandran Před 17 dny
4:12 "ofcourse I know him. He's me..."
Steve 82
Steve 82 Před 17 dny
2011 seems like yesterday. Unless you were a teenager in 2011, then it seems like forever ago (I was 29).
Ultimate Crusader
Ultimate Crusader Před 18 dny
Wait if the vid came out when he was like 4, that means. He is like 12
Sc1-Fi Před 18 dny
Plot Twist: Sam just wanted a free drink and rigged the whole first half of the video so he could get one for free.
ManBoy Před 18 dny
Holy dang that's a sweet redo
Dan Mckenzie
Dan Mckenzie Před 20 dny
My cousin showed me this when I was little and I was terrified
Luca Rizzuto
Luca Rizzuto Před 20 dny
Minuto:12.37 Buongiorno italia
Mr. Keen
Mr. Keen Před 21 dnem
I think that was too long
Kris Kross
Kris Kross Před 22 dny
No, not like this.
Bernardo Pereira
Bernardo Pereira Před 23 dny
Peter, you absolute legend! Edit: holyfuck that rig made me cry.
Lasco Atkins
Lasco Atkins Před 24 dny
Go Peter it made me laugh and cry since I've been following these guys for 10 years so it took me down memory lane of way back when. Man I'm old...
Vincent 2007
Vincent 2007 Před 24 dny
Respecc +++
ofoo Před 25 dny
Don't read my profile pic
Sportyscarb92 Gameplay.
Sportyscarb92 Gameplay. Před 25 dny
I watched the old one a lonnnnnnnnng time ago.
The piggy bacon Man
The piggy bacon Man Před 25 dny
Look I’m stupid so I’m just gonna ask. What were those things that they were looking through to see if it had the footage
stringbean von sexy
stringbean von sexy Před 25 dny
Dude this horrified me when I was 5
Red Před 26 dny
Who else really thought this was the scariest video you watched a long time ago
Joseph Branson
Joseph Branson Před 26 dny
Peter is such a good fit to the crew
The Fam
The Fam Před 26 dny
When the new video come
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker Před 26 dny
Thats talent
Noobie The Animatronic
Noobie The Animatronic Před 26 dny
me : lays on my arm my arm : 15:04
Ei Epix
Ei Epix Před 26 dny
Peter is the extrovert, every Introvert wanna be friends with
Shotgun Gaming310
Shotgun Gaming310 Před 27 dny
Bruh he said he was like just born on the year the glitch came out...... So apparently Peter is a very tall very manly 8 year old.
Ltrl Před 27 dny
3:16 straight up creepypasta material
Farish Return
Farish Return Před 28 dny
16:03 Final Restores
Michael Muniz
Michael Muniz Před 28 dny
Keith Miko Nicart
Keith Miko Nicart Před 28 dny
2012 was the time i had my first birth day
Cole Azevedo
Cole Azevedo Před 28 dny
Props for actually playing the clip twice, great work Peter! Perhaps it's time for a Glitch 2? ;)
Mason Vlahos
Mason Vlahos Před 29 dny
9:26 oh heck no
Luke Stergiou
Luke Stergiou Před 29 dny
I've rewatched this video about 10 times now and I still cry with laughter every time because it's so damn good. Peter you are a gem
Abraar Mohammed
Abraar Mohammed Před 29 dny
1:20 the MU cap 🧢
MOGAYT Před měsícem
“That was so beautiful”
Zdeněk Linhart
Zdeněk Linhart Před měsícem
9:32 this is best
MattPlayz The Spy Ninja
MattPlayz The Spy Ninja Před měsícem
Best Part: 15:04
DogeCheck Před měsícem
This is nostalgic
D͜͡o͜͡d͜͡g͜͡e͜͡ E͜͡x͜͡p͜͡r͜͡e͜͡s͜͡
D͜͡o͜͡d͜͡g͜͡e͜͡ E͜͡x͜͡p͜͡r͜͡e͜͡s͜͡ Před měsícem
What the fuck was tthat lmao
Diana Playz Games
Diana Playz Games Před měsícem
i like the original better tho
NathanMac Před měsícem
16:03 The glich 2
isaac Rawling
isaac Rawling Před měsícem
peters is better for 2 reasons 1.because he used blender. 2. he is better then all of you.
spidernh Před měsícem
Uhh if he was two when it released then he's ten years old now... Your channel should be for kids lol
ProfessorWhooves1 Před měsícem
I'm waiting for a reupload of The Glitch with this fixed footage. XD
Lani Taito
Lani Taito Před měsícem
【BL GAMING】 Před měsícem
I remember laughing at this when i was a child
The Senate
The Senate Před měsícem
this comment might get lost but i got a serious query. I saw a video some time ago where they talked about free ai programs online for 3d animation, but i cant find it again :( which one was it?
Attila TheHUN
Attila TheHUN Před měsícem
Troy Baker Jr.
Attila TheHUN
Attila TheHUN Před měsícem
Use LTO Tapes for archiving my dudes!
Tj5miniop Před měsícem
3:13 you should've used this youtube video csposts.info/cd/video/29yFl4aRiH2rzdU
Lost iDIOt
Lost iDIOt Před měsícem
16:05 gud boye reward for yu this is de start
kevin kurtus
kevin kurtus Před měsícem
you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men
Spongebob the Vlogger
Spongebob the Vlogger Před měsícem
Just a time stamp 4:28
Ntgm Gaming
Ntgm Gaming Před měsícem
did he just say he was four eight years ago he not twelve!!
John ᕕ ᐛ ᕗ
John ᕕ ᐛ ᕗ Před měsícem
Mario disobeyed his strict diet of 1 cigarette by a long shot
Arvi Animates
Arvi Animates Před měsícem
How did i miss this, it was made on my birthday :'v
DseriouS Boi
DseriouS Boi Před měsícem
Basically me when i eat sour food: 16:03
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