Olivia Faces Her Fear of Butterflies

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We helped Olivia confront her worst fear- Lepidopterophobia: the fear of butterflies.
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Elijah Purry
Elijah Purry Před 3 hodinami
Olivia just ain’t having it
Jk Howknot
Jk Howknot Před 4 hodinami
I love how shayne helped Olivia through it all when Olivia didn’t for shayne
Abii Reyes
Abii Reyes Před 13 hodinami
I love that butterflies are one of my favorite animals, so I’m on the other side of this conversation.😂
zach gombosky
zach gombosky Před 2 dny
I don't like moths and my girlfriend loves them. She wants to own one. They freak me tf out.
BeastieBear Před 3 dny
You know they had to bring daddy Shane to encourage Olivia to face her fear. I bet he made sure he was there.
Beast from The East
Beast from The East Před 3 dny
This reminds me of the episode of SpongeBob where a butterfly lands on his fish bowl and you see a super zoomed in face of a butterfly and bikini bottom burns down
Jason Ertl
Jason Ertl Před 3 dny
Olivia comforting the butterfly in the box might just be the most precious thing ever
Mr.E T.V.
Mr.E T.V. Před 4 dny
Good job Olivia 👏👍 yaaaaay
sue pierce
sue pierce Před 6 dny
I thought it was so sweet once olivia faced her fear ,how she was imediatly worried about the butterfli that would not leave the box.
Mogy Před 7 dny
I love Shayne being an amazing psychologist friend
writing dreamer
writing dreamer Před 8 dny
Shayne being a big brother
beelzebubub Před 9 dny
daddy Ian mommy sarah and big brother shayne supporting baby olivia's fear 💕💕 My family could never
MaddyMae Před 10 dny
I want a Shane! I need a friend like him!🥺😅👉🏼👈🏼
Dark Moon Playzs
Dark Moon Playzs Před 11 dny
I also have Lepidopterophobia
Ethan Blanchette
Ethan Blanchette Před 14 dny
Shane is the best person. So compassionate.
Michael Pagnotta
Michael Pagnotta Před 15 dny
Shayne is so sweet
x0gucx Před 15 dny
I love the big brother shayne moments more than anything.
GodTierLee Před 16 dny
How tf are you scared of butterflies
RiseAsTheDawn -
RiseAsTheDawn - Před 17 dny
i went to butterfly park in malaysia and m dad forced me to go in the butterfly enclosure and i had a total breakdown
Thor LaFrance
Thor LaFrance Před 19 dny
Damh, Shane would make a great therapist.
Luke Amparo
Luke Amparo Před 19 dny
The origin of Butterwoman Shayne: Why butterflies miss? Olivia: Butterflies frighten me. It’s time they faced my dread! *throws* *butterang*
Mr.TopBottom Před 19 dny
Okay but Shayne handled this so well. You just know he'd make a good S/O and father tbh
LeLe Skoob
LeLe Skoob Před 20 dny
Awwww they were all so supportive especially Shayne! 😭😭🥺🥺 She has such a bad phobia and ugh I wanted to hug her so bad! Way to be for facing your fears babe! 💕💕💕💕🥺
VapeGoat Před 20 dny
Cant help but notice how very different the vibe is in this one, seems like they might have realised it was a little harsh turning it into a full on horror experience and more like exposure therapy. Much respect to how Shayne stepped in and helped her get past the embarrassment or shame part she seemed to be dealing with, facing a phobia is a big thing
Pineapple Man
Pineapple Man Před 21 dnem
Do Keith and Courtney next
Alexandra Lynn
Alexandra Lynn Před 21 dnem
10:05 Olivia: This is actually not that bad Also Olivia: Stink-eyeing the butterfly circling around her
Didgeree Media
Didgeree Media Před 21 dnem
I can fully understand her fear. I'm the same way with snakes. I don't care if they're non venomous or not, fake or real, big or small, I and very afraid of snakes
cheez Před 17 dny
Frogs are my worst nightmare, i would never let anyone do this to me lol
Kelly Golden
Kelly Golden Před 22 dny
ngl this made me cry, you guys are such great friends to each other and i’m so proud of olivia!!!!!!!!!❤️
LisaundSiriTV Před 22 dny
I have this fear but with moths lol
BlueJay GamingVids
BlueJay GamingVids Před 23 dny
Everyone: * Cares for Olivia and feels sad and starts comforting her * Shayne: * Walk into a dark hell-like chamber with dolls everywhere including a professional mime * Shayne's Mind: Bruh really.
Tony Harrenstein
Tony Harrenstein Před 24 dny
Poor Olivia she's scared of the butterflies
Tony Harrenstein
Tony Harrenstein Před 24 dny
I'm scared of chickens depression levels
RØZ3 Gaming
RØZ3 Gaming Před 24 dny
Olivia, you're my favorite. You're such a cutie and we're all super proud of you for facing your fears
Retr0 Před 24 dny
I have trypnophobia
Mary Před 24 dny
Shayne comforting Olivia is everything! 💖💖💖
alyssaisstartinsomethin U-U
alyssaisstartinsomethin U-U Před 25 dny
I’m so proud of Olivia :D
Smug Weavile
Smug Weavile Před 25 dny
I'm scared of thunder, as much as I've tried to push past it, I erupt into tears if the power goes out and thunder shakes the glass in my house.
Moon Heart
Moon Heart Před 27 dny
That’s the same exact skeleton sweater I have 💀☠️
Olivia is like that episode of sponge bob in the form of a person
Back To Blue Side
Back To Blue Side Před 27 dny
Can we like give it to Olivia! She was really brave! If anyone did this to me with spiders I would die!
Whiteroses1616 Před 27 dny
Shaun is so sweet I can’t ❤️❤️👑👑
Whiteroses1616 Před 27 dny
Abba Marquez
Abba Marquez Před 29 dny
If this happened to me with my worst fear, I -- honestly, I don't know how I would react.
Jayron Van L Arizo
Jayron Van L Arizo Před 29 dny
My biggest fears are heights and dogs (even puppies)
issac clark
issac clark Před 29 dny
I think this one wont leave daawwwww innocent olivia
issac clark
issac clark Před 29 dny
7:47 lol😂😂😂😂😂😂 my friends thought I was watchin fuckin hellraiser
Nikita Desjardins
Nikita Desjardins Před měsícem
Olivia is so cute🥺
Alexandru Mihail
Alexandru Mihail Před měsícem
Humans in the paleolithic would hunt mamooths with sticks and now we re scared of butterflies I dont think its evolution
Trey M
Trey M Před měsícem
There so nice to Olivia
Va_Ha Hartl
Va_Ha Hartl Před měsícem
I love that the Video is about Olivia but the comments are all about Shayne
Angel da noob
Angel da noob Před měsícem
Olivia it's OK,last time i let out butterflys at my school and i screamed so loud i think the 5th floor could hear
ElijahGaming ✅
ElijahGaming ✅ Před měsícem
10:08 Im proud of her. She lost her fears.
hh in
hh in Před měsícem
She doesn't have a real phobia. If she did, it wouldn't be resolved that easily. I'm terrified of butterflies and moths, if one comes near me, I get hysterical to the point where I get physically sick.
cheez Před 17 dny
Not everyones the same, I don’t think it was completely resolved.
Little Lonely
Little Lonely Před měsícem
i’m so afraid of moths and i think this made me afraid of butterflies too
Beau Triche
Beau Triche Před měsícem
Does Noah have a fear. We should get him next
ZJMiller Před měsícem
Olivia’s fear room: butterflies, well lit, decorated Shayne’s fear room: *HELL*
DarkCircle 13
DarkCircle 13 Před měsícem
5:00 this is LITERLY a on point scale when you go through a scare attraction with ur most scared friend lol.
Krad Před měsícem
25 million? I'm seein 7.
An Ri Ko
An Ri Ko Před měsícem
On the main smosh channel
Goddess Oerba
Goddess Oerba Před měsícem
I felt this so hard im so scared of moths
Xd Gaming
Xd Gaming Před měsícem
I really wanted to catch a butterfly but i can’t
Jessica Woodbury
Jessica Woodbury Před měsícem
Well shit... now I have a crush on Shane.
-Haru was Taken-
-Haru was Taken- Před měsícem
i know this vid was 2years ago but in this oct. wit courtney!
Xivadd Před měsícem
3:00 this is definitely Olivia's superhero Origin story
Paulo John Lambating
Paulo John Lambating Před měsícem
8:07 "imagine them as bees" 🐝 no, that's much worse.
Berzl Simon
Berzl Simon Před měsícem
Phobias are so strange
Jaishree Singh
Jaishree Singh Před měsícem
this made me cry, it's so sweet
RunikVarze Před měsícem
Olivia is adorable. It really is impressive to face a fear like that. Not only did she deal with it, she actually picked up the box and tried to help the butterfly take off. But, to be fair... That scream tho! 3 seconds! Lol
Akako Moon
Akako Moon Před měsícem
Shayne was straight up messing with her and just teasing her in the last video but when he actually saw her freaking out he tried to comfort her which shows how much he cares
•Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•
•Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ• Před měsícem
Molly Huffman
Molly Huffman Před měsícem
I love how even though olivia hates butterflies shes worried about what will happen to them
Ember Před měsícem
I cried through this vid. I feel the same way about butterflies.
Gamer Ratz
Gamer Ratz Před měsícem
i have lepidopterophobia
mads_ c
mads_ c Před měsícem
I'm also afraid of butterflies so this scared the living hell out of me
Aidan Salasin-Deane
Aidan Salasin-Deane Před měsícem
Shayne has a fear: terrify him with a murder room and a mime. Olivia has a fear: normal room full of the thing.
ellierae Před měsícem
Olivia is soo chill with the butterfly getting that close to her especially when they offered her to hold the butterfly, I have Lepidopterophobia and i live in a Country that's very tropical so theres many insects here including butterflies and if a butterfly comes near me in like 5 feet distances I would flinch right away
mittens71199 Před měsícem
You might say she had some butterflies in her stomach. I'll see myself out, now.
lilloveskitties Před měsícem
Olivia: their so colorful Her jacket: I-
Snorlaxfan 3000
Snorlaxfan 3000 Před měsícem
You killed it Olivia! Fears are really hard to over come!
Snorlaxfan 3000
Snorlaxfan 3000 Před měsícem
Would make* lol
Snorlaxfan 3000
Snorlaxfan 3000 Před měsícem
Shayne you make such a good father he’s such a nice person! This vid was great! Congrats on 25mill subs!
Toleh Před měsícem
"I got put in a hellbox and I nearly tried to fight a professional mime." -Shayne 2019
vanessa ong
vanessa ong Před měsícem
Olivia i love happiness me aren't butterflys like happy. Also shayne was put in a hell scape
Gabby Goode
Gabby Goode Před měsícem
Butterflies love me, just saying
A Peanut Is Here
A Peanut Is Here Před měsícem
Okay but there’s such a family dynamic-
Dennis McMillan
Dennis McMillan Před měsícem
Don’t worry my friend is scared worms
Mhe Ann
Mhe Ann Před měsícem
Shayne is so sweet..
Drewbleborski Před měsícem
shayne was serious the whole video and didn't make any jokes until she had started to be okay alone
Unironic Irony
Unironic Irony Před měsícem
I cant help my laughter but its the most guilty laughter ive ever felt
Splat Koopa
Splat Koopa Před měsícem
This is like a family. Ian and Sarah being the parents. Olivia the daughter and Shayne, her older brother
LT HoneyBee
LT HoneyBee Před měsícem
Ian when it was Shayne's turn: THEY ARE GOING TO FOLLOW YOU HOME AND KILL YOU Ian when it was Olivia's turn: Yaaaay good job Liv Liv!! You did Awesome! That was a really big step!
Not_Alice Před měsícem
Nobody: Olivia: crying Shane: butterfly whisperer
Miss. Tosser
Miss. Tosser Před měsícem
Ki-rbarlo Před měsícem
8:38 shayne tries to get a butterfly and gets sad when he fails
Beth H
Beth H Před měsícem
I'd probably get pissed if someone tried to make me face my greatest fear because I have abstract fears but my physical phobia is arachnophobia. Put me in a room of snakes and I'm good, I love snakes they're funky friends. Spiders terrify me so much
Sacarou Karoshnin
Sacarou Karoshnin Před měsícem
My new favorite line “ I got put into a hell box, and nearly tried to fight a professional mime.”
Wireless Před měsícem
Ian and Sarah being wholesome parents and Shayne being the nice older brother is so nice oh my god
Issa loy
Issa loy Před měsícem
i'm claustrophobic and i will start crying and get really pissed if I'm in a small dark space i can't leave
w a k o e y 愛して
w a k o e y 愛して Před měsícem
I do believe Olivia has Lepidopterophobia. (I have Lepidopterophobia)
Shane House
Shane House Před měsícem
Smosh has changed alot in the past 11 years
Peedaa Před měsícem
What a baby
Lesly Rom
Lesly Rom Před měsícem
They literally kinda remind of a family
Hard Rock Forever !!!
Hard Rock Forever !!! Před měsícem
Honestly,i suffer from a HUGE arachnophobia,and honestly,i wouldn't even be able to enter a room like that,no matter who's around,so biiiiig congrats to Olivia
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