OK, let's talk about Wonder Egg Priority...

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Alex Thompson
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Mocking Jay
Mocking Jay Před dnem
Wonder priority make me afraid of eggs
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison Před dnem
I like Wonder Egg, but those last two episodes threw me off. I am aware the final episode is coming soon. I hope it solves the problems I had. I don't want this to be another Erased.
Janjan Regencia
Janjan Regencia Před 3 dny
It's simple, I see Wonder Egg Priority, I click.
Greenbull Před 4 dny
Wonder egg priority is stupid. Just stupid. Just tell me this wtf does girl in the first episode knows everything about this new world and girls from then on new nothing about this new world???
dacked Před 6 dny
why do we need 4 minutes for the video to start. such a waste of time
Kyl barry
Kyl barry Před 5 dny
u can just skip
Hell Bounded
Hell Bounded Před 6 dny
Me watching wonder egg priority : escus me wut this did someone slap some art on anime Me watching to your eternity : *CRYING INTENSIFIES*
Abhinav Vishwakarma
Abhinav Vishwakarma Před 6 dny
starts at 4:52
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Před 6 dny
I watched it and it was actually really good
Dennis Janssen
Dennis Janssen Před 7 dny
This is my first time visiting a video from you. And i went through sponsorship ad and patreon info for five minutes. Well.. I hope it's worth it
12jeri Před 7 dny
6:46 Kawaiii Joey♥️
zoogzin nizgooz
zoogzin nizgooz Před 7 dny
That manga is great! Thanks for the recommend! You sold me with the comparison to Gintama!
Ecclectic Sayonce
Ecclectic Sayonce Před 7 dny
Like five minutes of this vid is actually about wonder egg
Jesús Esteban Argumedo Guerra
Jesús Esteban Argumedo Guerra Před 8 dny
If it had an actual ending. :c
Dula Peep
Dula Peep Před 5 dny
@Jesús Esteban Argumedo Guerra yeah unfortunately, I hope the animators and the producers are ok now
Jesús Esteban Argumedo Guerra
Jesús Esteban Argumedo Guerra Před 5 dny
@Dula Peep still, the season was shattered and it was so obvious having a recap episode at the middle of the season lmao
Dula Peep
Dula Peep Před 5 dny
June 30th my friend uwu!
Gem Před 9 dny
really need to check this out, would you say it's like haibane renmei just not as.. hmm not sure the word.
kokichu Před 9 dny
Wonder egg is amazing....so is sk8 the infinity
AnfoFlash Před 10 dny
Wonder Egg intellectual and deep? Don't make me laugh
Teofilus Setia Wahyudi
Teofilus Setia Wahyudi Před 6 dny
Yes, it's deep. But not as intellectually as what you thought. It's kindly easy to be understood, all the symbolisms there, just a plot device that only completes the story.
EMOLGAxSNEASEL64 Před 10 dny
The fact that Joey has the same hair colour as the main character....
Jordan Alan
Jordan Alan Před 10 dny
WEP 10/10
I hate someone
I hate someone Před 10 dny
Honestly this anime is just really boring for me
Gabriel Rodrigues
Gabriel Rodrigues Před 2 dny
I just found it a bit confusing, and some loose ends that the anime doesn't explain
Freja Richardy
Freja Richardy Před 11 dny
Does anyone know where I can watch it?🥺
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 Před 11 dny
I started watching wonder egg for the cute girl and stayed for the depression B)
shooshed Gamer
shooshed Gamer Před 12 dny
This show sucks
D. Bayak Fl Remake
D. Bayak Fl Remake Před 11 dny
Kino_ Wendy
Kino_ Wendy Před 13 dny
Isnt that Kuvshinov Ilya's art
Terran Před 14 dny
fyi, the show hasnt ended. The 1 episode ending will come out in JUNE
Too Hopeful
Too Hopeful Před 16 dny
Look, I love Wonder Egg Priority, but you really should've explained what the show is about, even if it kinda spoils the first episode and a half-ish. Both because the main subject matter of the show can be triggering to some people and because your vague descriptions of the show's vibe and tone don't do it justice.
crowwingwolf Před 16 dny
it's okay, but not as good as penguindrum or even flip flappers
DM Diaries
DM Diaries Před 16 dny
A common criticism I see of Wonder Egg Priority is that the metaphors are way too obtuse and beat you over the head with metaphors/exposition dumps explaining the metaphors in case you happen to miss what they mean. As someone who watched the first 4/12 episodes, I think it's definitely a little blunt and it really doesn't have any sort of nuance to it up to where I am(plus that one line from acca in episode four is really sus), but it's a good starting point for actual conversations regarding trauma and cruelty IRL. As pretentious as it can be, Wonder Egg gets its point across. The show's definitely obvious with its metaphors and it tells you how to interpret them for you, but I think it's worth it if you start watching with a little wariness. It IS pretty violent and blunt, but in fairness, that do be how it do sometimes. So far I'd say it's a 7/10. I love the main cast and the metaphors make sense, even if they are constantly being explained to you. But, uh, TW for transphobia, sexual assault, suicide, depression, self-harm, body dysmorphia, and a few other things I probably haven't seen yet. I have the luxury of being able to watch Wonder Egg without having trauma related to those trigger warnings, but this show is 100% not a comfy watch. I came because Ai is adorable, but I'm still here to see how the show presents mental health. The show doesn't really give much warning and it focuses on trauma rooted in a single person instead of talking about how sOcIEty affects the characters, which feels like it's oversimplifying trauma as a whole, but it covers a lot of different modern "monsters" in 4 episodes. I'm curious how the other 8 go.
Goldstar55 Před 16 dny
y the special episode have to be in june..
شهير حسيني
شهير حسيني Před 16 dny
Can we compare it to Inception?
D. Bayak Fl Remake
D. Bayak Fl Remake Před 11 dny
Yes, exactly.
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage Před 16 dny
Honestly, how do you even watch anime "artistically", I'm pretty dumb so sorry.
Maada Coomber
Maada Coomber Před 17 dny
May need to revisit this thought lol
dubla321 Před 17 dny
So basically a less weird welcome to irabus office? Watching it now. Btw, watch welcome to irabus office. I bought the region 4 BD years ago and am still waiting on ANYONE to pick it up in the states. How a show can just go so Unnoticed for so long is beyond comprehension. But anyway, the only thing I’m not digging is the odd cgi in certain scenes. It just feels unneeded. The audio for the dub is just fantastic. Not the vas, the audio itself.
Sekay Před 18 dny
i just saw ep 12, im fucking lost lol
Sekay Před 17 dny
@Banjomike97 oooh ok thats good to know, thanks man
Banjomike97 Před 17 dny
There will be an episode 13 since episode 8 became a recap because of productions issues. Episode 13 will air june 30th as far as i know
SABBER Před 19 dny
I’d love a light novel section. I’ve never read a light novel before except for some trial pages on Bookwalker but I really want to try to get into them.
Tenshihimo Před 19 dny
As a person that deals with bullying and used to have a friend that had some deep thoughts this anime really hits at home it made me cry seeing them put these horrible events into an anime and it explained how bad it can make anyone feel so I'm really close to this anime lol
ElfWarrior Runaan
ElfWarrior Runaan Před 20 dny
I Haven't Watched The Anime Yet But I Will Soon And This Video Kinda Helped Me, Well Getting More Intel On It Thanks Joey.
Mawimawii Renthlei
Mawimawii Renthlei Před 21 dnem
I just need to know everything that's hidden in that story!!!!
Ramiz Qazi
Ramiz Qazi Před 22 dny
you waste 4 min of mine
Dean Grimshaw
Dean Grimshaw Před 22 dny
why does it sound like a move chansey would use, and its a priority move
Ereh Ackerman
Ereh Ackerman Před 22 dny
Idk why, but i kinda feel like i see a little bit of serial experiment lain like lol
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Před 23 dny
so basically: *cocaina*
Dan Poltinnik
Dan Poltinnik Před 24 dny
I thought it could have used more episodes, it felt like the ending came to fast. Over all I think it had the Charlotte problem, S tier show with a D tier ending.
Banjomike97 Před 17 dny
There will be an episode 13 since episode 8 became a recap because of productions issues. Episode 13 will air june 30th as far as i know
Lan Naga
Lan Naga Před 24 dny
Video starts at 5:00
Gattsu Před 24 dny
Wonder Egg Priority fuckin sucked, what a dissapointment.
Evan Tizdale
Evan Tizdale Před 24 dny
The reason I don't like Wonder Egg Priority is because it sets a dangerous precedent for Japanese manga authors and anime media in general to embrace current western "trends" and appeal to the western audience rather than the traditional Asian one. That would mean the end of anime as we know it. The west has their netflix to produce their animus and great works like Last Airbender, if only they give such stories more room to breath instead of dumbing down the content to Teen Titans Go and Spongebob (later seasons) level. Our Asian sensibilities collide with the choking censorship of the West and compared to them, sexual liberation had been a norm for centuries now! What I mean by sexual liberation is that everyone can live however they want to live, whatever gender or whatever they think they are in their heads, they can do it, as long as it does not damage the public and most importantly the children who yet have to grow and make that choice (after the age of 18). The West on the other hand with their current EXTREMISM ideologies only corrupt young minds and seek an enemy to fight where there is none. Life is hard, nobody likes paying taxes, but that is how it is. We understand it and we do it. Complaining about it and pretending not to understand the world is what the Westerners do. That is highly toxic to the public health. We can see from the Western example how it all goes, we don't want any of that here in Asia. That is why I don't like WEPriority. In an attempt to sell out, they are opening the flood gates for the western terrorists to ruin even more industries in the name of their extremist cult beliefs.
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison Před dnem
@Banjomike97 I think he's just transphobic
Banjomike97 Před 17 dny
Ah yes the western culture is destroying you'd minds and not the Japanese one where the youth suicide rate is higher than anywhere else. Fuck of dude. Letting people be who they want to be isn't extremist trying to stop that is
Hi Im Kagekao
Hi Im Kagekao Před 25 dny
I fucking love this anime
kizuna_ cookie
kizuna_ cookie Před 25 dny
Thé content starts there 5:03
D.O. Esquire
D.O. Esquire Před 25 dny
No matter what weird youtube rabbit hole I'm down I always make my way back to your channel...
Lord Vermire
Lord Vermire Před 25 dny
This is one of those animes where the three rule episode applies. Except episode three is trash like the rest of the show until episode 11. Then episode 12 is just as bad as 3-10. Wonder egg priority somehow convinces the internet its deep despite its plot, characters, and structure being two dimensional like the show itself. Hell. The only reason this heap of garbage has an 8 rating on myanimelist is because of the pretty animations. If anything its as good as the seasonal magical girl show. And not good like Madoka Majica. If you're a casual, you will love the show. If you're a critic, you will hate the show and notice many of its contrivances like I did.
Lord Vermire
Lord Vermire Před 8 dny
@Dula Peep Absolutely
Dula Peep
Dula Peep Před 8 dny
@Lord Vermire omg so quirky !1!!1
Lord Vermire
Lord Vermire Před 8 dny
@Dula Peep Not me
Dula Peep
Dula Peep Před 8 dny
@Lord Vermire a critic person would have waited for the last episode :/. And you don't seem a critic either since you don't know the difference between plot and screenwriting. Also, "one dimensional characters"? Someone has to rewatch episode 7-10 and 12 lol.
Lord Vermire
Lord Vermire Před 8 dny
@Dula Peep yes
eggie Před 25 dny
actual video starts at 4:21
Yaya Před 26 dny
now i have trauma from hearing mouth *pop*
Goktor Před 26 dny
god i wish i had long angelic hair like joey
Otaku From The Moon
Otaku From The Moon Před 27 dny
recon scout
recon scout Před 27 dny
Just noticed he has nujabes perfect circle playing in the background
young rich famous most handsome n wealthy
young rich famous most handsome n wealthy Před 28 dny
I got Flip Flappers vibe from this series
Blake Arius
Blake Arius Před 28 dny
This show turned out to be some in your face on your nose symbolism garbage. The animations great.. but the manipulative way it it talks about mental illness is just shallow fantasy. Shows like lain didn't need to spell out everything to audience.
bado0r W
bado0r W Před 28 dny
start in 5:20
KᗩᖇTIK Před 29 dny
everything up to 4:20 was just him promoting stuff.
Zkleire REVELUV Před měsícem
Hey even though this video is already a month old. Can someone answer if this anime ok to show someone who is depressed? Will it help them or make it worse? I know someone who has depression and I wanted to help. Can someone answer me?
Zkleire REVELUV Před 27 dny
@ockm_max -_- oh thank you for the advice💙🙏
ockm_max -_-
ockm_max -_- Před 28 dny
I think it depends on their mental state. If you think they could handle watching something that deals with extreme topics then I feel it could help them with closure. If you think they would easily be upset by any of it or it could give them suicidal thoughts then I would not
Mantra Dorniert
Mantra Dorniert Před měsícem
episode 1-9: Okey okey nice kind of interesting, a bit of slice of life kind of episode 10-12: Shit just went from zero to one hundred real fkin quick
Discra Huro
Discra Huro Před měsícem
Wonder Egg Priority is the Bojack Horseman of Anime. And that's an amazing thing.
Mikstin Před měsícem
Next time make video on anime after watching it cuz episode 11 (Frill episode) makes you think about everything one more time
Adil Maniyar
Adil Maniyar Před měsícem
The video starts from 4:57
Ugly Bastard Slayer
Ugly Bastard Slayer Před měsícem
"most of you,are sleeping on this show" i dont think you mean it but i hate you for making that pun
Sana Ackerman
Sana Ackerman Před měsícem
I recently finished watching wonder egg priority and i expected it to be a cute anime cuz i decided to finally watch something other than dark or creepy but well....yeah. i really loved the animation and is excited for the 2nd season
Valics Před měsícem
I watched till 4th episode, and I decided that this is too fucked up for me
tanmay bhamre
tanmay bhamre Před měsícem
Just finished ep12. Damn its a masterpiece
Storyteller MHQ
Storyteller MHQ Před měsícem
Wonder Egg Priority has been a monster of the week kind of show
Kayla Newman
Kayla Newman Před měsícem
Please do a light novel section!!! it doesn’t have to be every month but it’d be so cool to get the suggestions!!
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Před měsícem
Finished wonder egg priority last night at like 1 am probably not the best thing to watch at 1 am
Arisen Před měsícem
Can anyone say whose eyes were actually taken at end?(Episode 12) Original or Parallel world?
Arisen Před měsícem
@Drad_ it should be OVA considering they still not shown about Neiru
Drad_ Před měsícem
@Arisen Yeah, I reader he'd it and the one that was left alive was the one with our Ain't hairpin. Thank's for the info! Isn't that going to be an OVA though?
Arisen Před měsícem
@Drad_ it was one from parallel world and also that was actually not last episode... Last episode will be out on 30 June
Drad_ Před měsícem
I have no idea man, just finished watching it if you can tell... Damn, I hope for a season 2
foreveruseless Před měsícem
Bruh I'm so excited for miss kobayashi's dragon maid season 2
lorenzo brady
lorenzo brady Před měsícem
Wonder egg priority is like what that movie Sucker Punch was trying to do. But like less fan service, and more substance.
KᗩᖇᗪᗩᗰOᑎ Před měsícem
I just finished and wow it was so good
Mysticon Jedi
Mysticon Jedi Před měsícem
I just watched it recently. It's so good. I really love the action in the show. But the only thing I don't like about the show is that it made more excited for Chainsaw Man a lot more.
philip ponce
philip ponce Před měsícem
bcus of wonder egg priority,this anime made me get attracted to lolis again...which is a good thing
Shinobu Před měsícem
LastOfADyingBeard Před měsícem
This show is unreal! It's cerebral. Very deep and draws you in with the first episode so fast. I had to watch and rewatch the first episode just b/c I didn't feel I was paying full attention. Turns out that it's just that deep though. I found myself rewinding certain scenes to make sure I heard something correctly or I saw what I thought I saw. I couldn't believe what I was seeing a few times. And I am soo glad that I did that. I was caught up in it. These young girls aren't tackling your regular everyday teenage type of problems. Some of the issues discussed ARE very teenage-esque but, they aren't things you would hear being openly discussed in public. And there was a very real connection to their struggles. You can become emotionally invested. Easily in my top 3 for the year. And the first things that came to mind when watching this were boogiepop and serial experiments lain.
JupiterJumper Před měsícem
Wonder Egg is a 10/10
Shinobu Před měsícem
@Sock yeah true, the show took a fat L No way one episode can answer everything and fix this atrocity 😐 lets not be delusional here just because it had a fairly strong start and looked pretty. Introducing the main villain one episode ago while also diminishing all of their hardships and chalking it up to an evil AI robot. And then all the unanswered questions with one of the biggest being Ai asking her sensei why Koito committed suicide and then just forgetting about that scene. Also all their friends getting saved in like 5 seconds and never brought up again. And lets not even mention the random multiverse plot point 🤦‍♀️ that's just a few problems out of many more
Sock Před měsícem
@Shinobu L
Shinobu Před měsícem
You kidding? It had promise but completely flopped 5/10
Nightcore Light Raiders
Nightcore Light Raiders Před měsícem
U Look Like Indian
Shinobu Před měsícem
This didn't age well 😐
Random Person
Random Person Před měsícem
Bro I just came back from watching the ending and um...
lHy wooD
lHy wooD Před měsícem
@Shinobu Hard to say. I really want it to end up great...
Shinobu Před měsícem
@Ludwig II so? One episode can't fix this atrocity
Random Person
Random Person Před měsícem
Ik it's not the finale yet
Ludwig II
Ludwig II Před měsícem
It's not the ending
Shinobu Před měsícem
Yikes 😬 Such a shame too. It could have been something great
Kenimer Lewis
Kenimer Lewis Před měsícem
Laughs in holy crap what the just happened at the end of WEP
Nacho Před měsícem
Isn't final ep. The final is on June 29th as a 1hr special
Bautista Nicolas Garcia Martinez
Bautista Nicolas Garcia Martinez Před měsícem
It hurts my brain to think that the director of wonder egg also worked on eromanga sensei
Teofilus Setia Wahyudi
Teofilus Setia Wahyudi Před 23 dny
Yes, and also in 22/7.
NeoBunny CatX
NeoBunny CatX Před měsícem
joey has a cool nose
みkyven Před měsícem
What’s that pink hoodie brand
YamiNoTenshi Před měsícem
Episode 11 was traumatising
Kei TKA Před měsícem
This episode marked the return of Answer Me Senpai
stephanie leyva
stephanie leyva Před měsícem
8:41 shout out to my girl emily 😂😂😂 our lovable smooth brain
Kaiden Greer
Kaiden Greer Před měsícem
How do you feel about wonder egg priority after the last couple episodes?
Mṑth Před měsícem
Im getting no no vibes left and right in this anime
FruityTruity Před měsícem
I love this damn anime and I haven't even started it yet.
Dazed:3 Před měsícem
Interesting show for sure
Im Bored
Im Bored Před měsícem
100 girlfriends is on like ten thousands levels of irony.
xd Před měsícem
4 minutes for intro? wtf unsubbed
Maydragon Před měsícem
Even more sad is when you work like a Japanese salaryman & don’t get paid for it 😭 (school do be like that) (Any other extra work do be like that)
Paimon is the devil
Paimon is the devil Před měsícem
Sounds like that egg anime is made for me
RainSong Před měsícem
i love this show, its so cute but dark
Muhge Před měsícem
Video starts at 4:20 btw
kvisty Před měsícem
were can i watch this
Madskulls Před měsícem
Thank you so much Wonder Egg for making the pop sound so creepy.
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