OK, let's talk about Redo of a Healer...

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IMRandom Před hodinou
Weird to see all the hate, It's actually a really amazing series!
ALBA KINGZ tv Před 9 hodinami
Can we all agree that we would fuck those girls to if we were him Redo of healer is basically what I think when a villian hot girl shows up against the MC
Sora Kh2
Sora Kh2 Před 17 hodinami
He knew the shit storm would come but it would not happen till April
Soul Mahajan
Soul Mahajan Před dnem
I am still bamboozled about HOW THE FUCK IS THIS SHOW STILL AIRING
randomtotallyrandom Před dnem
I've heard very little about Redo of a Healer, so I really only know the premise. I guess I was right to avoid it.
Nekosushi Otakus
Nekosushi Otakus Před dnem
redo of a healer honestly isnt even that bad tho?????? If anything, its just a little annoying tbh -a berserk fan
Gonzo 473
Gonzo 473 Před 2 dny
(ノ´ з `)ノ
Jacob Novotny
Jacob Novotny Před 3 dny
Great show
Daisy Ten
Daisy Ten Před 3 dny
MInd you....that Chapter 14 in anime....just hurt.
Bald Sakuma
Bald Sakuma Před 3 dny
Eih redo of healer is a 10/10 anime
Daisy Ten
Daisy Ten Před 3 dny
I like it
Donald Dump
Donald Dump Před 4 dny
It's manga is still better than most ecchi manhwas.
{Hanakonzakashi The Lyrical.}
{Hanakonzakashi The Lyrical.} Před 4 dny
Before: Huh? Whatcha said? Oh ok, I'll go watch and possibly read ROAH! After:
E Před 5 dny
I stopped watching it after episode 3 uncensored when keyaru god r@ped by a man
Kyl barry
Kyl barry Před 5 dny
Megaboom1085 Před 5 dny
And he said chapter 14 was bad when he didn't know how bad chapter 25 was....
Master Mace
Master Mace Před 5 dny
I just finished ep 3 and im about to puke
Sapphir Před 7 dny
What, its adorable show about little kid learning from his past mistakes and taking his destiny into his hands.
Sierra_116 S116
Sierra_116 S116 Před 7 dny
Say aside from Redo of Healer will you talk about Parallel Paradise???? @The Anime Man
Mr. Snake
Mr. Snake Před 7 dny
Thanks for the video.
orson_seven Před 7 dny
The best (and at the same time most depressing) thing that came from this were all the edgy incel reviews on MAL
Sanat Sanjeev
Sanat Sanjeev Před 7 dny
4:43 he explained the feeling I was having
RonnyMegaMilk Před 7 dny
I fucking loved this anime so much, i am not kidding when i say i rewatched it as soon as i finished it
Defender of justice 707
Defender of justice 707 Před 7 dny
I just watched redo of healer and I honestly don’t see where the prob is like the mc had the right to seek revenge and I’m kinda happy to see that its finally real revenge instead of the „let the universe give them karma“ saying. Idk maybe im the only one I just wanna say it is a good anime tho the story overlapped so much. Anyways this is my personal opinion pls don’t cancel me.
RorytheRomulan Před 8 dny
I've looked into this one before, read a few chapters, and decided I didn't want it. But because of the reaction some people have had to this and the higher-than-average female viewership, I've decided that I'll take a look at the show, uncensored. I can bear a brutal world, IF it makes sense, unlike Goblin Slayer - the premise for that show results in Priestess handing in a literal DnD sheet at the Adventurer's Guild in the first chapter of the manga. Nobody's asking, "where are the guards? is there a war happening?" Important details are left out to focus on Goblin Slayer's life, details which sucker punch my suspense of disbelief in their absence. But, I'm going on a tangent. Maybe I'll find something in Redo of Healer that the ladies are desperate for in the bedroom. I will be taking notes.
Jovolynn Gragasin
Jovolynn Gragasin Před 8 dny
I heard “Berserk” and “second season” and had flashbacks. The pain... I couldn’t get past the first episode. I refused. NO.
Sir Dillalot
Sir Dillalot Před 10 dny
Love the plot of this such a good show in my opinion
ozzy Před 10 dny
Not to sound sadistic, but as a person who enjoys berserk I don't mind redo of healer. It's actually an interesting plot, I can understand the revenge aspect but I can agree it is taken to a very, extreme level at times. Not trying to compare Berserk to Redo, but they both have fucked up shit. (BERSERK HOWEVER IS AN AMAZING SERIES WITH MUCH MORE THAN DISTURBING MOMENTS.)
AramKaizer Před 10 dny
Rename yourself to the Anime Prophet. DO IT
Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas Před 11 dny
Redo of a healer is a menace to society
Seel Před 11 dny
I watched the uncensored version 😂😂😂
Ali San
Ali San Před 11 dny
I feel you bro I was watching censored version too at first.
Jassie Spassie
Jassie Spassie Před 11 dny
My roommate genuinely thinks this show is good
NavySealsAttack Před 12 dny
This is the definition of curiosity killed the cat I was curious and I looked it up and started watching and now I might go read the manga cus I'm also curious about that
Miles Gwatidzo
Miles Gwatidzo Před 12 dny
And then you found out it's more popular amoung women 🤣
Gabriele Tolomeo
Gabriele Tolomeo Před 12 dny
Plot twist: I watched the full uncensored version of Redo of Healer and actually enjoyed it
JMT Před 11 dny
Me too
zachary opoku
zachary opoku Před 12 dny
isn't using a vpn for crunchyroll illegal
Living Epicness
Living Epicness Před 13 dny
I don't like anime with abuse. Which is why I avoid anime like Hell Girl and Redo of a Healer. I prefer Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun.
Rafael Rito
Rafael Rito Před 13 dny
Good thing, i didn't watch Redo of a Healer.😅
Jay'Veon Russell
Jay'Veon Russell Před 14 dny
the thing is its not actully bad its really good it has a good story its just the sex which also isnt bad butt im also down bad
Kent Baula
Kent Baula Před 14 dny
Please don't read chapter 14, he's not joking
Jerome Bua
Jerome Bua Před 14 dny
I enjoyed the anime ......... 😅 too bad it got canceled
Luca Grey
Luca Grey Před 15 dny
The only funny thing about redo is healer is how the mc is op in the fucking 1st episode-
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Před 16 dny
The fact that YBC gets cancelled after 2 episodes and this show has a whole season with a whole bunch of support ain’t it 😐 I either want a whole season of YBC or they just delete this whole series
Inquisitor Shepard
Inquisitor Shepard Před 16 dny
Everyone focus on what he did, but not on why, what they did to him. In a vacuum sure he is a horrible monster. When you know what he gone through, you can't say you wouldn't do the same in the exact same circumstance.
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones Před 13 dny
I wouldnt
Fat Cat The Mecha Builder
Fat Cat The Mecha Builder Před 17 dny
Atleast keyaru was 100x gender equality advocate than kazuma lol
Grid Před 18 dny
I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why this anime would be aired by an animation studdio... the I saw that this anime also created the “school days” anime. Now everything makes sense
Boo Boo C
Boo Boo C Před 18 dny
From the previews and other media that has been shown for Redo of a Healer, I want to watch it. Younger generations don't have the stomach to embrace new styles and stories. I have an eye for an eye type personality, and I play healers often in MMORPG's and favor them in RPGs. So for a healer to finally get revenge for being mistreated appeals to me. It's an anime, so its not real, and I like when they take risks. I will watch this show from start to finish. I would say this falls along the lines of Overlord where its from the perspective of a villain. I am glad you brought up this. It reminds me highly of Madoka Magica where you think its going to be cutesy, and instead it slaps you into a new realm that is satirical and fascinating.
Ungegurkt Před 18 dny
good trash anime
kumori Před 19 dny
After reading mai chans daily life I feel like nothing could be worse than that Angels of death is really good tho. Gonna play the game soon. ^ ^
Spook SpwkSpwk
Spook SpwkSpwk Před 20 dny
I'll save this video to watch later so everytime I start believing in humanity, I can read the comment section and start hating people again
A_dead_bread Před 20 dny
This good anime
Orange Soda
Orange Soda Před 20 dny
So....where's that shitstorm?
Paul Steward
Paul Steward Před 20 dny
For me, Redo of Healer is basically Jakuen Jikan to Tomare but slightly legal to TV, *slightly* because it get banned on some media. Since in both series, both MC use bulls*it magic power to start their revenge and they use....smex as well for the revenge.
RoyalNexx Před 21 dnem
How does SAO get more hate then redo of healer like WTF!
Snas Dance
Snas Dance Před 21 dnem
Me: tryna find a RoH is good yt clip so I can feel happiness CSposts: haha no.
Guille Hummel
Guille Hummel Před 21 dnem
Redo of a healer is the TASTIEST of the trash
Gally Před 22 dny
This anime is probably popular in Japan. Because you can't imagine the Japanese without weird things
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin Před 22 dny
Can't wait for them to make an anime adaptation on Parallel Paradise 😏
J i R O
J i R O Před 22 dny
I agree that the anime is disgusting and I don't like it, but I'll be waiting for the next season.
5ilver42 Před 22 dny
it's weird... its garbo... but strangely enjoyable at the same time... I kind of want another season just to see the story unfold more on screen
Andrew Magnet
Andrew Magnet Před 23 dny
What’s crazier than it getting a season? It’s getting another season
Bradley Před 24 dny
i remember when joey talked about redo of the healer and how people would lose their shit and he was 100% right i read it myself and i was shocked when i found out it was getting animated but its funny though
hi Před 24 dny
It's like watching a monkey swallowing a hand grenade it's terrible but you cant stop
Dun Hilda
Dun Hilda Před 24 dny
I'll never admit I like this show, fact is I will never admit I even watched or know what it is. When is next season?
TigerTT Před 25 dny
I thought it was beautiful madness lmao. I didn't even feel triggered by it and I binge watched every uncensored episode.
Marshall L.
Marshall L. Před 25 dny
Honestly, I expected redo of a healer to be much worse based on thsi reaction, I just came back after watching it all and honestly, it's not even that explicit, and the "omg" scenes aren't that long. And he completely deserved his revenge. It's just a bland show really. I mean you're not attached to the characters you can't really feel anything for them and none of them are that deep to begin with.
RPGShadowmorn Před 25 dny
Twitter: redo of a healer? Eh who cares Also twitter: dragon maid has a fat tit short stack?!?!? Get the bombs, get the dictators, get the machetes, to war!
RPGShadowmorn Před 24 dny
@aliengutz666 thats the joke lol they somehow care more about a short stack dragon than literal rape XD
Muhammad Soleh
Muhammad Soleh Před 24 dny
@aliengutz666 Twitter sees Shield Hero: *OMG, RAPE IS BAD* Twitter sees Redo Healer: This is fine
aliengutz666 Před 24 dny
Redo Of Healer is just straight up rape.
Corpse Před 26 dny
i thought the show was great, great story, cool characters. If you are not under 18 and a special snowflake, you can cope with the sex scenes.
Corpse Před 26 dny
whos going to buy the redo of healer figures?
Kaizze C
Kaizze C Před 26 dny
ITS GOBLIN SLAYER WITH ATTITUDE XD RANCE WITH EXTRA STEPS sorry needed to get my trash taste meme in
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple Před 26 dny
Redo of a healer was pretty crap tbh
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple Před 26 dny
Marian Demetter
Marian Demetter Před 26 dny
The best funny wank i had watching this series😂😂
Xavy Rivera
Xavy Rivera Před 27 dny
did i just see.......................................... MY NEIHGBOR TOTORO?!?!?
Xavy Rivera
Xavy Rivera Před 27 dny
and others
Jared Conner
Jared Conner Před 27 dny
Ayo redo of a healer is a great romantic comedy. Jk
Dont Say it
Dont Say it Před 28 dny
Oh no that’s disgusting Where ?
Azuma G
Azuma G Před 28 dny
I didn't watched AoT...it's that good?...the art style just didn't work for me...
Kevin King
Kevin King Před 28 dny
Story was trash, but the torture and sex scenes were amusing.
Forever GG
Forever GG Před 29 dny
Redo of a healer is gruesome as fuck. esp the finger breaking if you know what im sayin
Michi Games
Michi Games Před 29 dny
He warned us but we didn’t listen
Anime Savage
Anime Savage Před měsícem
Redo has best plot i really liked anime becoz of the story
Diako Unknown 12
Diako Unknown 12 Před 29 dny
Hehehe "plot"
MonstaNerd Před měsícem
Yeah I'm over here wondering where season two is coming from. And uncensored version you must watch and then fall into a deep thought of wtf is going on.
killer ww2
killer ww2 Před měsícem
Yeah we know that redo of healer is a bad but I know you'll watch the new episode.........you pervs
Halcon Serrano
Halcon Serrano Před měsícem
That is the trashiest of trash anime.
Michael Sc
Michael Sc Před měsícem
The is cursed anime!!! Lmao
Comic Sans
Comic Sans Před měsícem
You have people you despise, right? Let's go on a journey to get revenge! At first your goals are simple, but you slowly descend into insanity. You start viewing people as tools to help you reach your goal. You begin looking for any excuse to kill even more people. You go on a long journey to find then while avoiding death and try to stick to your morals, but it becomes increasingly harder. You begin to realize that your only fear is losing the hatred that is keeping you going. Hatred continues until you finally get revenge on the last person who you hated. Was it worth it? What do you do now? Maybe some thoughts are left as thoughts and unacted upon after all... And now look where you are now. When possible, fight evil with kindness. Don't let this anime become reality.
The Awesome Dreb
The Awesome Dreb Před měsícem
Still will watch, Guilty Pleasure is a thing lol
mirasga Před měsícem
Read the manga before I saw your warning. 😂
Matias Sanita
Matias Sanita Před měsícem
and here am i, after marathoning the whole thing uncensored... something about revenge plots just gets me. i am well aware that it's no masterpiece, but still hope for a season 2.
Kristóf Kovács
Kristóf Kovács Před měsícem
My friends told me to watch Redo of Healer. I decided to check it out yesterday. . . . . . . At this point I may be immune to anything my friends will ever show me.
caretaker cat
caretaker cat Před měsícem
If people think redo of the healer is f*cked up, can't wait until you hear a wn tittled "pure love x insult complex".
Natalia Hernadez
Natalia Hernadez Před měsícem
Honestly, after watching the first episode of this bullshit I can only think...How THE FUCK do Otakus expect to attract a loving partner while watching this? I hope all the Otakus that enjoy this shit die alone. Please take all of your anger and frustration on 2D anime and leave 3D woman to good men who have empathy! Please? 🥺
Thomas Heiberg
Thomas Heiberg Před měsícem
Trash taste
Foxically Před měsícem
The last episode just aired. We need an update!!
JRS Před měsícem
i checked this out out cos it showed up the the main page of the entirely legitimate anime streaming service i use. nearly didn't watch ep 2 just because ep 1 was so meh. the only thing worse than ep2 of this show is the people in the comments section under it. what a bunch of sideshow freaks! i can see 1,500 of them have also watched this video....
WitheRosE Před měsícem
I am from the future, and Chapter 14 is censored in the uncensored version.
Suthan Fathir
Suthan Fathir Před měsícem
i watched the warning video and still watch the anime and falling in love with it, and yeah I know I'm late I'm a batch watcher, and i think I'm not the only one who adores this anime
Suthan Fathir
Suthan Fathir Před měsícem
@Dylan Isaac it's always nice meeting other cultured individuals
Dylan Isaac
Dylan Isaac Před měsícem
Your not
FEM.B0T .1.0.1
FEM.B0T .1.0.1 Před měsícem
*I'm so glad they made a prequel for Rance.* *I finally get Rance's personality and dynamic with his Silave Freia.*
Hot Rod
Hot Rod Před měsícem
Serious question, in the final episode was that a dog made to look like flare or flare turned to like kind of a dog
Shaivik Warang
Shaivik Warang Před měsícem
It was flare
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